Well, Oops...

She'd been waiting for over two hours, just waiting for him to come outside because, ohmigod—he was soooo cute, so smart and he was just soooo built! Not to mention that he seemed to be, just so totally nice.

He rescued kittens out of trees. He helped little old ladies across the street. He volunteered at Head Start and food kitchens and he did stuff for Make A Wish and, ohmigod, he was awesome!

And he was inside right this very minute just when she was visiting her boring cow of an aunt in New York (New York!), doing an interview and gymnastics demonstration for the Today show in New York, drumming up interest and support and money for the US Olympic team.

They had these monitors set up on the street so the crowds could see how amazing he was and Matt Lauer was all kinds of complimentary ooh and aah and Robin was all 'It's no big deal' and modest and, ohmigod!

So like another half hour goes by and she's still waiting, hanging around the stage door where the 'talent' went in and out, past all the stupid security keeping people back but finally—finally!—he walked out, trying to be invisible (as if!) and just get away but fat chance, right?

So she ran right up, just as he was about to get into a Town Car (it wasn't the Batmobile or his motorcycle but whatever) to go wherever he was going and kind of threw her arms around his neck and gave him this really big hug and kiss right on the lips (he has the greatest lips!) and then gave him another while her friend took pictures and Robin tried to pull her off him.

So people were laughing and taking even more pictures with their phones and stuff and Robin looked kind of embarrassed but not like he was mad or anything (he's soooo nice!). Then, ohmigod, he leaned over and kind of whispered to her so that no one else could hear, like it was a private thing between just them (double ohmigod!);

"Yeah, um, it's...yuh, it's like, ah...y'see, I kinda have mono."

Oh...Well, crap.