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Part V


You can't beat biology, Dino thought. He was standing with his hips pressed against the edge of the hospital bed between Kyouya's legs and had his white, exquisite arms wrapped loosely around his neck as their lips met in hot, feverent kisses that each time grew deeper and harder. The palm of his hand still rested on a naked thigh, massaging it with gentle fingers, smearing out the glistening mixture of salve and blood.

Sure, humans didn't exactly live in caves anymore, and Dino personally had more hard earned life experiences on his repertoire than he could have ever wished for – but still, he knew that if someone placed a ball in front of him, he would kick it, when he saw running water, he wanted to stick his hand in, and when he had a willing partner in front of him like now, well, he didn't stand a chance…

He slid one hand underneath the elastic of Hibari's boxer shorts (plain black, unsurprisingly) and leaned over him, climbing up onto the bed so that he was lying on top of him. Hibari gasped, and then he moaned. He wasn't smirking anymore now. He bit his lip, as if to keep all the little sounds his body wanted him to make firmly locked up inside, and made no protest when Dino forced him to lie back on the mattress.
I'm not drunk, thought Dino as he wrapped his other arm around Kyouya's shoulder, burying his fingers in thick black hair, and brushing his lips over the slender neck. I am aware of all the facts, all the consequences – there is no excuse for what I'm doing! But that was the thing about biology, because none of that mattered in the least and he couldn't help but think that none of this was really bad at all. He still knew exactly what he wanted to do…

He kissed Kyouya on the neck, gently biting the skin in places he knew to be sensitive, licked the smooth underside of his jaw and enjoyed the feeling of Kyouya's soft cheek pressing against his upper arm. The rhythm of his breathing had changed, and his breath came in warm, heavy puffs against the nook between Dino's shoulder and neck. Strong, slender hands were clawing at his back, sliding under the T-shirt, pushing it up, up until he could wrench it off Dino's shoulders, and suddenly their upper bodies were separated by nothing at all.

He wanted him, he badly wanted him – his dear, dear beautiful, terrible Kyouya, with his sharp, perfect teeth and skin like white silk, who was getting all too skilled at this game all too quickly.
But still, maybe, just maybe, he would have been able to hold back, do the right thing and pull away. Until Kyouya's hands wandered down his sides, slid down his stomach to the waistband of his pants and deft fingers undid the belt and the zipper and suddenly it was Dino who was gasping…



It had hurt. Though Hibari had made no sounds indicating pain and not once asked Dino to stop, he had clenched his jaw and squeezed his eyes tightly shut when he entered him.
Dino froze immediately. He had never done it with a boy before and became suddenly nervous about whether he was doing it right, or if maybe he was too big. But at the slightest hint of hesitation, Kyouya had glared up at him. "I am not an herbivore," he hissed quietly, his tone of voice dangerous, and Dino had almost laughed, his eyes softening with a sudden rush of affection. Hibari was about to have his first taste of adult intimacy, lying naked on his back with parted legs, and he still managed to look intimidating!

He wrapped his arms tightly around him as he pressed in a little further. Kyouya's sharp little chin was digging into his shoulder, his thighs trembled slightly and it was all Dino could do not to come right there and then because it was so hot and tight and absolutely wonderful!
He wanted to ask if Kyouya was ok, if it hurt very badly, if he wanted to stop – but felt, no, knew, that Hibari would loathe him for it if he did. So instead he began to move, slowly at first, then a little faster, his own jaw tense with the effort of holding back, of holding onto what little was left of his self-control, trying to steady the rhythm of his own bucking hips.
Under him, Kyouya, eyes still tightly shut, was clutching the bed sheets so hard that the fabric was coming apart in his grip.

His entire body had seemed to tense up at first, unable to relax or adjust to the alien sensation – but Dino was careful, as gentle as he dared to be, caressing the exquisite curve of his hips and stroking his palm across the sensitive underside of his thighs, touched him to make his muscles ease and his desire grow.

He wanted Kyouya to enjoy this.

And slowly Kyouya's eyelids lowered and he began rubbing the back of his head against the mattress and his toes curled with pleasure against the backside of Dino's calves. He bit his lips, then parted them again, unselfconsciously adjusting his breathing to the movement of their bodies and when Dino pushed himself in deeper, he was rewarded by a high, sharp gasp. "Ah!"
The bad thing was how much he enjoyed the sight of Kyouya like this, with his eyes screwed shut, head thrown back, moaning, biting his lip like that, it was almost too much. Proud, arrogant, spiteful Kyouya, beautiful, beautiful Kyouya with his piercing eyes and his lovely predator face, lost in the throes of passion.

But even like this, Kyouya was a study in self-control. Dino had never tried but he knew that it supposedly hurt like crazy, doing it like this. A girl he'd once met had told him that it felt like being torn in half with a thousand knives – but Kyouya took every bit of it, took every inch of him, because to that guy, pain was only a vague concept.
Kyouya was the kind of person who should be gay, Dino thought vaguely, considering his high threshold for pain.

With that knowledge in mind there was no twinge of guilt as Dino wrenched him onto his side and held him down with the palm of his hands as he let his own body take full control, abandoning all coherent thought in favor of that delicious, shuddering pleasure. Kyouya arched his back, making the muscles and bones flex in smooth ripples under the surface of that perfect skin, and his pale lips parted to let out a soft moan.
His eyes were hazy and glittering and the only clear thought in Dino's head just then was that he would gladly spend the rest of his life exploring the personal Heavens and Hells of Hibari Kyouya's beautiful body.

He stroked his hands over the exquisite back, lightly groping a rounded buttock and squeezing it before moving his fingers over the smooth stomach, the chest, as if trying to memorize its warmth and texture. He leaned over the boy and their fingers twined in a locked embrace and Dino felt a desperate urge to merge together with him, to get even further into him, to climb into him and taste the magic inside. And as he sucked on his lips, he realized with a surge of elation that Kyouya was looking up at him with the same hungry stare and he suddenly loved him terribly.

"Does it feel good?" he whispered. Kyouya responded by twisting his body under him, wrapping his arms around his back and his legs around his waist. "You talk too much, Bronco," he said, as plainly as if they'd just been discussing a movie, and he clung tightly to him, his small, sharp fingernails digging into his back as they moved together.
Dino reached behind him and cradled his head in his hands, gently, lovingly, felt the soft, smooth inside of Hibari's thighs brush against his sides with each thrust. The sensation was wildly satisfying and drove his movements to become faster and more violent.

Their bodies seemed to be melting together now, their skin warm against each other, slick with sweat, his pleasure became Kyouya's, and Kyouya's his.
Warmth was spreading through his body in a crackling, electric current, like hot water being pouring over ice cubes. He sensed that he was nearing the end. He felt a wave of pure pleasure rise and break over him and he cried out. As he pressed his lips to Kyouya's he realized how desperately he wanted him.
They were doing it together now, driving each other further into a wild haze of desire towards a climax that would surely kill him.

He pushed himself in harder, forced himself in as deep as he could and used the palm of his hand on the back of Hibari's knee, pressing it down so that it almost touched his chest, shifting angle to get better access. Hibari's breath came in high, sharp gasps now. Little black motes danced before Dino's vision, he had a sense of infinity that threatened to burn him up from the inside of his stomach and then he came with Kyouya's toes curled in his hair and Kyouya's fingers buried in his skin.

He practically collapsed on top of him, as if all his strength had just suddenly vanished, nuzzling the black mop of hair with his nose and panting hard into Kyouya's perfect neck curve.
"That was interesting..." murmured Kyouya, his lips a mere inch away from Dino's air. He sounded winded and Dino could practically hear the little smirk in his voice. He almost wanted to laugh, but he still hadn't regained his breath and all he managed was a small "heh", which sounded more like a sigh than anything else.

They lay like that for about 2 seconds, and Dino felt oddly, inexplicably happy, before Kyouya said in his normal voice, "you're heavy."




When he opened his eyes again the nurse's office of Namimori middle school was filled with sunlight and the single hospital bed was empty but for him. In front of him stood two very red-faced girls who explained in stuttering English that one of them had a headache and kind of needed to lie down for a bit. Dino blinked.

It was, in a way, the second time they had spent the night together in the same bed.




The Sky Battle




If biology is what controls our impulses, evolution is surely the outspring of reflection, and the next morning while he was on his way to the hospital, Dino's evolved mind was struggling.

He'd never meant for it to happen. Really, truly, honestly… it wasn't supposed to go the way it did. Crap! Of all the stupid, idiotic fucking ridiculous things to do…! A kid, a minor, his student, this delicate little creature that wasn't delicate at all and had been entrusted to him… He was the worst, lowliest person in the entire world! He dragged the palm of his hand over his face – he had slept with Kyouya. He'd slept with a kid!

But at the same time, he couldn't honestly say that he regretted it and he grinned stupidly at the memory. It had been amazing. They had both wanted it and, if truth be told, Dino didn't think he had ever truly looked at Kyouya as a 'kid'.
Maybe it would have felt more wrong if it had been someone else, considering the circumstances and Kyouya's condition; but the mere thought of Kyouya letting someone take advantage of him was just plain ridiculous. There was nothing vulnerable or impulsive about that guy – and while Dino was morally inclined to feel like the big bad wolf, his most prominent realization was that he had just been seduced by a 16 year old boy.
So much for self-control…

His mind was completely numb when he once again slumped down next to Squalo's bed, relieving a yawning Romario who thankfully excused himself and went to get some proper sleep. He was just thinking that whatever he did from now on in his life it could never be enough to make up for what he had done, and wondering at the same time if he would get to do it again – when he realized that Squalo was staring back up at him.

"Vrooooi…" he said in a low, hoarse rasp. "If you're gonna cry you can go jump off a bridge, pretty-boy."
"Ah, so you finally came to, Squalo." Happily embracing this opportunity to think about something other than Kyouya for a while, Dino smiled and explained, "in case you're wondering, I snuck in my sub-ordinates during the Rain battle. I was prepared to fish Yamamoto out of the water, but… the battle didn't end quite as I expected."
He thought Squalo would be upset, but there was something genuine in his voice when he asked, "why did you save me, Bronco? You should've just left me."

"Of course not," Dino's gaze softened. He remembered everything when he looked at Squalo – how many times hadn't this guy made him cry when they were kids!
"If you died, we'd be in trouble too. My little bro' would've done the same thing without thinking, even for an enemy." Then he gave Squalo a direct look and turned suddenly dead serious. "I really think Tsuna's worthy of becoming the 10th," he said, almost accusingly. "What is it that makes you follow Xanxus? You, who's only ever cared about your own skills?"

But 'Xanxus' was apparently the Magic Word, because at that Squalo pressed his lips together and he refused to speak another word that day.



When he arrived on school grounds many hours later with Squalo in a wheel chair, Dino realized he was glad that he hadn't been there from the start. Everything that was happening inside was being shown on a huge screen, and things were looking bad. There was so much blood that it was hard to tell who was winning, and Dino couldn't see Kyouya anywhere.
He hadn't been in touch with the boy all day (it had been difficult enough after they'd kissed – and then there was Squalo) and it wasn't until Reborn told him about the battle afterwards that he realized he should have been. Dino hadn't known that all the Guardians were required to participate in the Sky battle, and why Hibari had let himself be bothered into going at all he could only guess.

Somehow, he could imagine Kyouya's reasoning going something like: hmm, I'm bored, I wanna kill someone, and then decide on the Sky battle simply because it was nearest. However it was it seemed Hibari had actually turned out to be quite the Ace Card in the battle so far.

Basil told him that he had overcome the Death Heater, a potent poison strong enough to kill an elephant, all by himself, and then proceeded to save first Gokudera, then Yamamoto and even found the time and energy in between to face off against Belphegor. Dino couldn't help but grin, feeling oddly proud. That guy was just unbelievable…!
At the same time he wondered absently if Kyouya would be the one to give him his first gray hairs.

He wasn't sure what he'd expected from the Sky battle, except from Squalo finally opening his mouth again. He didn't trust Xanxus, and the intelligence he'd gotten from Sawada Iemitsu and his team in Italy only strengthened his belief that something was very much amiss here, something they had all missed... All except Squalo; or so he hoped, because he wasn't sure if he'd be able to protect him from Xanxus' wrath after this.

And, sure enough, after the point where it seemed obvious that Tsuna had won… well, things went rapidly downhill and completely off-scale!
Xanxus wasn't the real son of the 9th after all. That was the big secret! And Dino didn't know an awful lot about the mysterious Vongola rings, but among all the people present, only two people realized the significance of this information, and Dino was one of them. Because, worthy or not, that meant Xanxus couldn't inherit the Sky ring!
(The other one who knew was, in fact, Rokudo Mukuro, but this remained a well-hidden secret until much, much later)

It should have ended there but, as it turned out, the Varia had taken precautions of their own.

After Belphegor had killed one of the Cervello girls in plain sight and the rules were very clearly off, Dino and the others found they were trapped inside the spectator area. Marmon said he had tampered with it, and that he'd been planning to kill everyone inside anyway. It would explode if they tried to escape or interfere, and, to make matters worse, the Varia had called their troops to Namimori, which meant that even if they did manage to get out they would still be up against at least 50 trained assassins, maybe more.

Dino had more resources than the others and, after he'd finally spotted Hibari, who came sauntering into the area looking bloody and bruised but alive and breathing and as battle-hungry as ever, he began calling for help. But then, suddenly and unexpectedly, help arrived before anyone could do anything, and it arrived in a form that no one had expected… Lancia!

Lancia of the infamous Family Murder Incident. Lancia, the strongest man in Northern Italy, who had been Rokudo Mukuro's decoy and slave for years. And after that, the Varia didn't stand a chance.

The Cervello announced that Xanxus was disqualified and that the Winner and Official Heir to the Vongola was Sawada Tsunayoshi. And up on the big screen Tsuna was smiling and looked for a moment as if he were about to cry, and Gokudera and Yamamoto was there on either side of him, and then, as if someone had simply let the air out of him, he sank slowly to the ground and fainted.

The battle for the Vongola rings was over.



Hibari had turned on his heel the moment Tsuna hit the ground – silence was sometimes the greatest approval he could give, and the tiny little smile that he let nobody see his highest form of praise – and Dino found him wandering along the road on unsteady feet, heading purposefully away from Namimori middle. He was so pale his skin looked almost yellow.
"Ah! Pull over!" he shouted, as soon as he spotted the familiar shape and that school uniform, and he was out of the car before it had even stopped. "Kyouya!"

At the sound of protesting tires, Hibari turned his head around sharply, both his tonfas at the ready, but when he saw who it was his arms fell down his sides.
"There you are!" Dino stopped in front of him, at a respectful and relatively safe distance. A yellow cone from a street lamp above them shone down on the pavement between them and insect wings and dust particles sparkled faintly above their heads.
Hibari's eyes were clear, expectant, and his lashes cast shadows on his high cheek bones. He said nothing.
"We, err – you should probably be at the hospital right now," Dino felt suddenly awkward again. He wasn't entirely sure Hibari would accept his help, and he was very much aware of the warm tug in his stomach when Hibari's eyes met his. But how would Kyouya act towards him now, after they had...?
"Come on," he said gently, interrupting his own thoughts. "I'll drive you."

As they drove it became increasingly obvious that Hibari really needed medical attention. He was dizzy from the blood loss, both from his own Cloud battle and then from his little duel with Prince the Ripper, and his consciousness was dangling from a thin thread. He was swaying in his seat like a rubber noodle.

"Congratulations on your victory!" Dino was exhausted himself and didn't actually feel much like talking, but he was afraid that Kyouya might have a concussion and knew that it was important he didn't let the boy fall asleep. His voice was falsely upbeat. "I heard what you did for the others, too. You were quite the hero today!"

"Don't know what you're talking about. Stop saying stupid things…" Hibari fell sideways into Dino's lap. "Get off me," he grumbled sourly.
Dino put his palms up in self-defense, "you're doing this yourself, Kyouya!" then, "hey, listen, we should probably call your parents. Let them know where you are and –"
"Go burn, herbivore," muttered Hibari in response through gritted teeth. He attempted to push himself up and away, but his arms were like jell-o and he kept blinking his eyes heavily. Cats came to mind again. He looked very cute and Dino had to concentrate not to think about sex. "Ok, fine, I'll do it after we drop you off at the hospital. Just tell me where I can find them."
"Who knows…?" began Hibari, but fatigue must have overcome him at last, for he slumped forwards and by the time his cheek hit Dino's thigh he was already out cold.

Dino decided to let him sleep. They were almost there anyway. He contemplated the pale and suddenly peaceful visage, and his own carefully constructed 'mildly concerned' smile disappeared.

He let his fingers glide gently through Hibari's hair.

He sighed and closed his eyes. It was hopeless. That self-centered, arrogant, violent little brat…

...tsk! And I'm not even gay, he thought miserably.




A heartfelt goodbye




Kyouya's apartment was on the 3rd floor and he opened on the second knock, as if he'd been standing right behind the door all day just waiting for someone to drop by.

Dino had come straight from the Takeshushi, the restaurant that Yamamoto's father owned. They had been celebrating Tsuna's victory and the remaining light of day was only a purple ribbon over the horizon.

He'd come alone, and even though it couldn't possibly have been more than a couple of kilometers, he had somehow gotten lost at least five times before he finally reached the building where Hibari Kyouya presumably lived. He wasn't normally bad with directions, but occasionally, for no apparent reason at all, his inner compass became about as steadfast as a paper airplane and he could hardly find his own pockets.
Kusakabe had given him the address, and there was a look in his eyes that made Dino think that maybe he knew, that maybe Kusakabe could read his mind a little.

Kyouya was dressed in a small black and white T-shirt for once and there were bandages wrapped around his wrists and upper arms and a band-aid on his cheek where Belphegor's wires had cut him. He'd probably come straight from the hospital. The Cloud half-ring dangled faithfully from a chain around his neck.
However, the tonfa in his hand left visitors in no doubt that there was nothing casual about the lack of reglemented school uniform attire.

"Ah, hey, Kyouya!" Dino waved at him, cheerfully, warily eyening the tonfa. Jesus, does he sleep with those things?

It was strangely pleasant to see Hibari dressed in something else for once. Hibari wasn't the kind of person who fussed a lot about his appearance and even though he was always clean and neatly dressed, it didn't seem to Dino as if he cared much at all.
He studied the profile, the pretty skin, the way he held his head, and he wondered how far someone like Kyouya could go on looks alone if he'd wanted to. He was a bit thin, but the muscle and bones of his body was perfectly balanced and curved delicately in all the right places. His hair had probably barely been brushed that morning, but it still fell down over his smooth, white cheeks in a flattering way, and the straight, perfect lines of his eyebrows set off his eyes nicely. People paid money to be with people who looked like Kyouya.

But then again, he did have the personality of a Wolf Spider to make up for it, plus the people skills of a rock…

He didn't greet Dino, but his lips curled upwards into one of his chilly little smirks when he saw who it was and the raised weapon lowered a fraction of an inch. "Well well, if it isn't Crouching Moron…" he drawled and cocked his head to the side, curiously. Dino thought he looked pleased, but he couldn't be sure. "What're you doing here, reject?" His dark eyes swiped back and forth along the hallway before he added, "and where are your plant-eater pets?"

Feeling suddenly embarrassed, Dino scratched his neck, and instead of answering Hibari's question he said, "so, err, this is where you really live, huh." Then, "how does a middle schooler like you end up with a sweet place like this anyway?" The building Hibari lived in was one of those luxurious ones, with small, perfect apartments, clean walls and absolutely no noise from the street.

Kyouya's eyes narrowed. He had gotten that bored expression now that Dino was so familiar with and crossed his arms. "This is pointless," he said. "Did you come here to talk real estate or do you wanna come inside?" There was a sudden impatience in his voice. "'Cause I'm closing the door now, klutz."

"I'm leaving for Italy tonight," Dino blurted. That was the real reason why he had come. To say goodbye…
"Is that why you're here, Dino?" Hibari's eyes were very clear and dark and Dino noticed vaguely that it was the first time he'd called him by only his first name.

I wanted to see you… he wanted to say it so badly that he almost did. Almost. "Ah, you know," he said instead, putting on a valiant grin – what had he really expected, anyway? "I just, err… Take care, ok!"

Hibari's eyes grew cold and dark. He was not the kind of person who was inclined to tolerate ranting. Or lies. "If you're not here to fight," he said in a drawling voice, "I have no interest in you."

He made to close the door, but at the very last possible second Dino made a quick decision and caught it with his hand…



Their clothes were a trail of a desperate and frantic lust, wrenched off one by one and tossed carelessly aside, starting just inside the entrance through the sparsely furnished living room and sparkling clean kitchen ending inside the western-style bathroom with its white tiles, slick and hard as teeth, and its western-style shower stall, where Dino stood with his hands braced on the cold wall and Kyouya's strong, perfect hands digging hard into his shoulders and one pale, smooth knee hooked over each of his arms. Hibari was gasping; his soft, deep moans getting a little higher, a little less controlled with each thrust of Dino's hips.

He sucked on the pretty neck, rubbed his lips against the tender spot under his jaw, where the pulse beat, licked it as if he wanted to taste the life as it coursed through his veins. He bit the ear lobe and thought for one wild, crazy moment that he wanted to rip it off and let it slip down his throat to nestle in his stomach and stay there so that he would always have a piece of Kyouya, flesh and blood, with him.

"Kyouya, Kyouya, Kyouya…!" he murmured, his lips close to Hibari's ear, his voice thick with a wild and desperate and infinitely hopeless affection. He loved him. God but he loved him!

He drove him crazy when he was with him, and everything between them was just wrong, wrong, wrong for a thousand different reasons – and surely none of them as profoundly wrong as this – but he knew that he would die from it if he was not with him. If he could never have Kyouya in all his ice-cold, hellish spite and malice, never taste his flawless skin, touch his vicious mouth, then he would shrivel up like a malnourished plant and eventually the longing in his chest would make his heart explode.

He shifted his arms, stroking them up and around his back, holding him up, never ceasing to move. The movements of his hands were tender and almost gentle, loving. He didn't believe in fucking Kyouya gently – there was no way of predicting what he might do if he became bored at a time like this, and Dino would cringe at the thought – but he would hold him like a lover, at least.

Hibari's fingers scratched across his back, his teeth closing on his shoulder to stifle his own cries of pleasure, his long legs arching pleasantly, curving around Dino's back and pulling them closer together. "If you… stop now," he panted, warm breath on Dino's bruised collarbone, "I'll… kill you!"

But Dino had no intentions of stopping and when they finally came, they had both thrown all concerns of being heard to the wind, and as they collapsed in each other's embrace and slid limply down onto the tiles Dino was breathing hard, licking the clean, salty sweat from Hibari's temples and he almost blurted out the three potentially most dangerous words in the universe right there and then.

But he said nothing, and neither did Kyouya. For what was there to say, really?

So instead he picked Kyouya up in his arms and carried him into the bedroom, where they did it again.




The journey home went by in an incoherent blur and the sky was an appropriate heavy overcast gray.

He was aware of being at an airport, inside an airplane, and there were people around him, people talking to him – aware yes, but present? No, not remotely. He wasn't even sure if he answered, or if they were asking him things that required answering, he was too busy looking at anonymous faces that reminded him of Kyouya and turning his head quickly around after voices that he thought sounded like Kyouya's. Everything did, for some reason.


When it was time to board the plane, he realized he was stalling, walking in slow motion on numb feet. And when the plane left the ground, he felt something sting behind his eyes, and a knot twisted inside his stomach and grew thick and heavy and excruciating. His heart was pounding hard against his ribcage. Long, slow heartbeats that threatened to smother him from the inside. Under him, Namimori was disappearing.

It ached.




Of Distance...




It was 4 o'clock in the afternoon and Dino Cavallone had not moved a muscle in over an hour. If it hadn't been for the faint spot of fog that rhythmically disappeared and reappeared on the glass in front of his mouth, one might be lead to believe he was really dead. He wasn't – but he was very drunk and felt very, very sorry for himself and thought that he wished he were.

He sat perched on one of those bar chairs that looks too tall and thin to sit on, and, at first glance, impossible to get up on. His upper body was partly hanging off and partly supporting itself on the wooden counter, his numb arms and shoulders resting uncomfortably in between a small forest of empty glasses – the big unadorned ones used for beer, the elegant ones that were for wine and the little ones that you took in one gulp with a lick of salt before you gagged at the taste and stuffed your mouth with lemon slices.
He tried to imagine Kyouya drinking Tequila – no, no! after drinking Tequila – and grinned dully, stupidly at the thought.

The room spun like a merry-go-round when he moved his eyes and the wood under him was moist and smelled of beer and citrus.

"…'nother one!" he managed. "I want…" what was he trying to say again? Oh, right, "…'nother one!" He meant to lift his hand, but it ended up as a sort of finger wiggling instead.

There was a hand on his shoulder and the smell of cologne, the one Romario liked to use, mingled with the one under his nose. Dino didn't look up. "Boss." the voice was gentle. "You've had enough now. Come on, we're going home."
"…no! One more shot… one." Dino raised a weak finger.
"Boss, you've been drinking since breakfast. Come along now."
"Don't wanna…"

The pub was usually very empty during the day, because only drunkards and heartbroken women are bold enough to get pissed in public before dinner, but today the bartender had nervously welcomed none other than Dino Cavallone and his little crowd of suit-clad cohorts. They had trailed in after him, looking nearly as nervous as the bartender had felt.

That was before noon.

Now, four hours later, the kid was still conscious and still attempting to make it not so…

"Dino…" Romario tried to put his hands under his boss's shoulders, but Dino shrugged him unsteadily off. "Go away," he muttered. "'m fine… just go."
"But you'll be sick," insisted Romario. And then, suddenly, Dino exploded. He sat up straight, so quickly and careless in his movements that he sent empty glasses flying from the counter and crashing loudly on the floor by Romario's feet. "So what?" He shouted angrily. "What does it matter?"



When they finally managed to drag him outside, he childishly refused to go home. His only thought was that he wanted Kyouya – anything at all that had to do with Kyouya! And with fingers that he couldn't feel anymore, he fished his cell out from his pocket. He knew, instinctively, that it would be about 11 in the evening in Japan, almost midnight. A terribly rude hour to call someone at, but Dino didn't even think to care. Kyouya wouldn't be asleep.

And Kyouya wasn't. When his cell started to vibrate beside him the display showed 23:04 and, without thinking, Hibari knew who it was.
He sat outside on the school roof with his chin resting on his knees, watching the rain from a dry spot by the water tower where he usually napped during the day. He looked at the long, foreign number and paused. He glanced around himself, as if to make absolutely sure no one was there to see him, and then finally he took it... and said nothing.
Dino didn't say anything either, but Hibari could hear the sound of his breathing.

It sounded like it was raining in Italy, too.




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