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Hiding Bella

Chapter 34

Edward's POV

Carlisle and Esme went for a short hunt near the property so that if Rose went into labor he could be here in a few minutes. He wanted us all well fed for the birth since there would be some blood and you can never be too careful with its presence. He felt that as long as I was here in case it started, I would be able to handle getting everything into place.

Bella and I had some time to be alone since Alice and Jasper had taken the boys out for some much needed air. Honestly, I think Alice was going through withdrawal and headed to the nearest mall with them in tow. Either way, I had my wife wrapped around me and I wasn't going to waste any time.

Pulling her in tightly to my body, my hands took their liberties and roamed her delightful form. I had her naked as a jaybird in a second flat. In my haste, I might have accidentally ripped off her flimsy, white, lace boy shorts. Latching my lips to hers in a searing kiss, she easily did the same.

"I've missed this," she panted in my ear when I guided her onto the bed.

"Me, too," I groaned, feeling her body wrapping around me.

As I slid into Bella's exquisite core, I moaned. It never failed to amaze me that every time I would feel that spark of fire run through my body when we connected. She always felt hot to me when I was buried inside her. No doubt because she was half human.

"Oh, God! Bella, so…tight…hot…mine," I panted out, moving within her walls.

"Always yours, Edward, forever and a day." I was trying for slow love making, but just hearing her declaration made me increase my speed. I pumped harder and faster, until she was tightening around me.

"I'm too close, Edward," she screamed, meeting my thrusts.

"Let go my love." I thrust in two more times while circling her nub with my thumb, and that was all it took to send us both over the edge screaming in ecstasy.

"I will never tire of hearing you scream my name love."

"Just as I will never tire of screaming it," she giggled.

As we lay there in our bubble, we could hear Emmett and Rose downstairs in the kitchen.

"Shit," Rose exclaimed as a dish hit the floor. I wondered if Emmett was trying to cook again.

"Rosie? Are you okay?" I could hear the panic in his voice. It seemed like he was panicked 24/7 these days. She would blow her nose and he was worried there was something wrong.

"I think Emmett's going to have a nervous breakdown if the baby doesn't come soon." I murmured and nuzzled against Bella's throat.

"Like you're one to talk. Don't think that I didn't see the fear and worry in your face every time I moved an inch or made any sound during my pregnancy. And, let's not forget all those private conversations I know you were having with Carlisle in your head. I know you were freaking out."

"You noticed all that?"

"Of course I did, you're the love of my existence and I have watched your reactions from the very beginning so I would know what's happening with you since you always tried to hold things back to save me. I'm able to pinpoint when there is a real problem or when you're going off the deep end."

"You truly are an amazing woman, my woman." She then flipped up so she was now straddling me and kissing down my chest. I was instantly hard again.

She wrapped her lips around my length and began suckling me hard just the way I liked it. I was in heaven until we heard the scream.

"OWWWWE, MY WATER BROKE!" growled Rose.

Bella immediately stopped her ministrations. Damn, so much for our afternoon delight. We jumped up, dressed and ran downstairs only to be greeted by a crazy Emmett carrying Rose in his arms heading for the front door.

"Out of my way Edward, I'm having a baby and we need to get to the hospital."

"Emmett you can't go to the hospital, you're a vampire and the baby is ¾ vampire."

"What's that got to do with anything, Rose isn't she's only half vampire. Go grab her some underwear Bella, she'll need those. Maybe socks too." He was totally out of his mind. I had to calm him down and get him to take her upstairs. I could tell Bella wasn't going to be of any help since she now had her face buried in my back to stifle her laughs.

"Rose is carrying a hybrid. Don't you think they might notice something's off if the child speaks when it's born?"

"So they will think my child is smart, no big deal. We need to get to the car."

"What if it has an unexplained power? Emmett, take some deep breaths and think about it. You can't go to the hospital. Please take Rose upstairs while I call Carlisle."

"Okay, but if he isn't here in two minutes, we're going to the hospital." He quickly raced upstairs as I was dialing my phone. Carlisle picked up on the first ring.

"Edward? Is everything okay?"

"No, you need to get back here right away. Rose has gone into labor and Emmett has gone crazy. He wants to take her to the hospital."

"Well, that sounds just about right for Emmett," he snickered. What was with everyone laughing?

"This is serious."

"Edward, calm down. You're starting to sound like Emmett, everything will be fine. We'll be home in a minute, just make Rose comfortable."

"Okay, Okay, just hurry up and get here."

Carlisle's POV

Esme and I had just finished taking down two bucks and I had her wrapped firmly in my arms kissing her sweet lips when my phone rang. It was Edward telling me that Rose went into labor, Emmett had gone crazy and that I needed to get back immediately. I couldn't help but laugh at the fact that he wanted to take her to a hospital. It sounded just like him. Of course, Edward was in full panic mode himself, but he would never admit it.

"Love, we have to get back. Rose has gone into labor and Emmett wants to take her to the hospital. Also, Edward is…let's just say not handling it well."

"My poor babies," she laughed.

"Let's go Grandma." And we took off in a dead run towards the house.

We arrived just in time to hear the commotion going on upstairs. Emmett was arguing with Edward.

"We need to wait for Carlisle."

"No we have to leave, NOW!"

I quickly entered the room and told everyone, "Okay, you all need to take a deep breath and calm down. All this arguing is not good for Rose or the baby."

"But Carlisle we need to get to a doctor," Emmett insisted.

"Emmy, honey, Carlisle is a doctor and he delivered Bella's babies. I want him to deliver our little one too." She pouted while reaching out and rubbing his arm. He instantly calmed down from her touch. Thank goodness.

"Anything you say my sweetness."

"All right, now that that is settled, we need to get Rose undressed." Edward and I proceeded to begin ripping her leggings off when we both heard a fierce growl come from Emmett.

"What now Emmett?"

"There is no way you are all going to see her girlie parts, that is for me and me alone."

"Emmett, I'm a doctor, it's not like that and we can't deliver the baby through her pants. We will put a sheet over her so she isn't so exposed, but I'm going to have to be able to see down there like it or not."

I took one look at Edward and I knew he was about to say something incredibly stupid and unknowingly rile his brother up, so I thought to him, 'don't say it, keep it to yourself and yes you were this bad, even worse. Ask Bella.' He looked at me with a shocked expression. 'Things look quite different when it is not you going through it.'

"Emmy, it's okay, I trust Carlisle." She soothed his frazzled nerves.

"Okay, but no looking any more than is necessary." I couldn't help but roll my eyes at him.

"Carlisle, maybe Be…," I cut him off immediately.

"No, Edward, you need to be here just in case and you can stay above the sheet line until it becomes necessary." 'You are not having Bella come in here, the pain of childbirth is still too fresh in her mind and she'd be of no help. You have the training.'

When we had her all set up, I inquired, "So does anyone know how far apart the contractions are coming?"

The two of them looked at me blankly. Oh for heaven's sake they were too busy arguing to pay attention to the important things.

"It's been five minutes Carlisle," Bella whispered from the downstairs.

"Thank you Bella, glad someone was paying attention."

"Rose, you remember the breathing we practiced for when a contraction hits."

"Yes, OWWWWE."

"Breathe Rose, quick short breaths."

The contractions progressed rather quickly, and within thirty minutes, they were now coming two minutes apart.

"Okay, everyone, I'm going to have to check to see if she is dilated enough, so no growling Emmett."

"Yeah, but I don't have to like it," he snipped.

As I checked Rose, I could see that Emmett was having a hard time holding himself back. It was a good thing that Rose was holding his hand. It seems that all the men in this house were easily calmed by their wives' touches, something that always amazed me since it was not the norm in the vampire world.

"All right, it's time. Emmett, get behind Rose to help her and Rose, on the next contraction you need to push."

"OH GOD," she screamed.

"Push, Rose, Push."

She was pushing for fifteen minutes and there was no progress. I was going to have to insert my hand to see if the baby was having trouble. This was not going to bode well with Emmett since I was going to have to ask Edward to help.

"Rose, honey, I'm going to have to check on the baby internally. Edward, come down here and be ready, you might have to press down on her stomach." 'If Emmett growls ignore him.'

I inserted my hand and found that the child was breech. "Breathe normally, Rose, you're doing great. I just need to make an adjustment and then it'll be here in no time."

"NO, I can't do this. I give up. I don't want to have a baby anymore," she whimpered.

"You'll be fine. You're strong Rose, stronger than any of us." What the heck was with these two, not saying a word to Rose?

I glared at them and whispered, "You two, encourage her, she needs encouragement. If she gives up the baby will die."

"Rose, who was the one that worried and protected Bella at every turn? It was you." Edward cooed.

"My Rosie, you are one tough cookie. Remember that time when Tanya tried to seduce me, you stepped right in and knocked her ass to the ground. I had no idea that was what she was doing until you told me. The shock on her face was priceless."

"I am aren't I. I can do this?"

"Yes, my sweetness, you can do anything you put your mind to. I have faith in you. I love you."

"Yes, I can. I know it. I love you too Em."

"Now with the next contraction, I want you to push with everything you have and Edward is going to press down on your stomach to help the little one along."


"PUSH ROSE! THAT'S IT PUSH AGAIN. The head's coming. AGAIN."

"I AM, I AM." She snarled like a momma grizzly.

"Push, Rose, listen to Carlisle," Emmett said and I knew that statement wasn't going to go over well.

"PUSH, PUSH? How about you try to pass a watermelon through your dick!"

I looked over to see Edward smirking, obviously remembering when Bella was yelling at him.

"One more time, Rose, PUSH." And out slid my new grandchild.

"Congratulations, you have a beautiful little girl," I cheered.

Rose's POV

Finally after what seemed like days of pushing, my little girl was born. She was absolutely beautiful, with my golden locks and Em's curl to it, but nothing prepared us for when she looked at us. It was as if she could see straight into our souls. Her eyes were as blue as the sea.

"My precious little one, you are so lovely," I cooed.

"Rosie, I can't believe she has my human eyes, I never would have thought that could happen."

"You're not disappointed that it's not a boy?" I feared Emmett really wanted a boy.

"Are you kidding? There is nothing better than having a little girl. She'll be daddy's little girl. Isn't that right my sweetie. Besides I have Edward's three boys. After all someone needs to teach them how to fight and pick up chicks. You don't think Edward has enough experience for that. The man waited a century to find Bella," Emmett chuckled.

I was so relieved and yet, I knew he was going to be an overprotective fool as well, but I wouldn't want him any other way with our little girl.

"So what's my granddaughter's name going to be?"

"I was thinking Emily Esme Cullen. Emily is sort of a girl's version of Emmett and Esme since she has been such a great mom to us. What do you think Em?"

"I think it's perfect. Everyone, meet my daughter Emily Esme Cullen. And, Edward, you better keep your boys away from my little girl."

"Seriously, I think you have that one wrong. If she has inherited any of her parents' sex drive genes, my boys will be fighting her off with a stick."

"Are you saying my Emily is promiscuous?" he growled and I couldn't' help but giggle at his over protectiveness.

"Enough you two, stop fighting, you'll have time for that later. Edward, clean the baby and Emmett give me a hand with getting Rose cleaned up."

Just as they tried to move me, I let out a gut-wrenching scream, "OWWWWE."

"Carlisle, what's wrong?"

"It seems the baby must have torn something and she's bleeding internally. Esme, we need you." Was the last thing I heard before I blacked out.

Emmet's POV

My little girl was so beautiful, a perfect mix of Rose and I. I didn't tell anyone, but I was hoping for a girl. I know they all thought I wanted a boy, but I really had Edward's boys for that because he wasn't going to wrestle and fight with them. I knew that was going to be my job. So when Carlisle said we had a girl, I was elated.

I also knew that I was going to be very protective of her as I was of her mother. Although, I didn't realize how strong it would be because when Edward made that comment, I couldn't help the growl that escaped me.

As I was helping Carlisle move Rosie to clean her up, she let our horrific scream that frightened me to my core. Carlisle called Esme, she was here in a flash and took the baby from Edward.

Carlisle was ordering Edward to do all sorts of things I didn't understand. I didn't even care that now she was fully naked lying on the table for everyone to see.

"Please, you've got to save her. She's my life. Our little girl needs her mommy." I begged and if I could cry, there would be tears streaming down my face.

"I can't stop the bleeding, the stitches don't want to hold."

"What can we do? There has to be something."

"Emmett, we're prepared for this, remember. She will come back to you."

"Edward, get the syringe, inject it directly into her heart." He immediately injected her as Carlisle pressed on her chest.

"Now inject the rest into her ankles while I continue the chest compressions to help move Emmett's venom quicker into her body."

I felt so horribly guilty that my Rosie was going to have to experience the burning again for another three days. To have to do that once is more than any one person should have to do it. Although, I couldn't help but be happy with the fact that it would be my venom in her veins now.

"Okay, we've done everything we can, now it's up to the venom," Carlisle clapped my shoulder for support.

"Don't worry Em, Bella was in worse shape and she was perfectly fine. Well more than fine."

"Thanks Edward. I'm just so scared she's going to hate me."

"She's not going to hate you, she loves you with all her heart. Always has and always will, you two are soul mates, just like Esme and Carlisle, Jasper and Alice and Bell and I."

"Yeah, but it's so hard to watch her go through this, I never really saw her in this type of pain before, it's tough."

"I know what you mean, I had a very difficult time watching Bella too. Everything will be okay and when Alice gets home she'll be able to tell you when she's going to wake up."

"Thanks Edward, for everything."

Alice's POV

We were at the mall with the boys and they were having a blast in the ball pit with Jasper. They needed to get out of the house and have some fun, so I thought this would be perfect. Leave it to Rose to go into labor and have the baby while we were gone. I couldn't understand why they didn't call us sooner to come home.

"So, why didn't anyone call us? We would have come right home."

"Alice, honey, there wasn't anything you could do and we didn't want to spoil your fun." Esme said.

"Oh, thanks, we did have a lot of fun." Just then a vision struck me.

"Alice, Alice, what is it, what do you see?" Jasper was holding and looking at me all worried.

"Nothing bad, but Rose is going to wake up tomorrow at this time."

"That's very interesting, I wonder why so short of a time? I mean it's good for Emmett and Rose."

"Maybe there was residual venom in her system that's being activated by the new venom?" Bella whispered.

"That could be, there is no telling since we've never experienced vampire to hybrid and back to vampire again. It could very well be, Bella, that's a great concept." Carlisle said, Bella smiled and Edward just looked proud as a peacock that his wife was so intuitive.

"Well, all I know is that when she wakes up she is going to be fine, like the Rose we all knew before, expect happier, much, much happier. She now has what she always dreamed of, a child with her loving husband. Even though they'll never grow old, that won't matter. She has her own family and extended family forever."

I wondered if I wanted Bella to change me to a hybrid next, maybe after the fight. Jasper wants a child now that there is a way it can be done, but did I want one? Did I want to go through childbirth? Did I want to give up my visions even if for a little while? Did I want to have Jasper's venom flowing through me instead of some stranger?

"Sweetheart, what has you emotionally all over the place and upset."

"I was just thinking about the possibility of having a child. I just don't know."

"Well, we have plenty of time to think about it. Let's just focus on the fight and after that we can decide. Now come here, my darlin'." He opened his arms to me and I settled myself on his lap into his loving embrace.

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