The death eaters' trip to mcdonalds

It all started when voldemort decided he was hungry. He was just watching gossip girl and had already burned through his tub of butter pecan ice cream. He wanted something else. He wanted…….a BIG MAC!

He called an emergency death eater meeting which unconveniently interrupted wormtail's shower and Snape's lip plumping appointment. "I have called this emergency meeting to discuss something very important. Of course, I'm talking about, FOOD." Said Voldemort. "Hey, wheres bellatrix." Suddenly at that moment bellatrix fell through the ceiling landing on voldemort's lap. "hehehe hi" said bellatrix. "get off me" said voldemort pushing her on the floor. "So, back to more important matters. I am hungry and I need something greasy and fried to satify me." "omg, I saw a commercial where you can get a big mac for 1 dollar and mcdonalds!" suggested Wormtail. "HELL YEAH!!! LETS GO!" shouted all the death eaters spontaneously.

They hit the road. Wormtail on his tricycle, bellatrix on her chopper, voldemort on his Vino, Lucius in his pink mustang, Snape in his purple jeep, and Draco in the sidecar attached to bellatrix's chopper. "YOURE DRIVING TOO FAST!" shouted draco. "Shut up im tryin to get the popo off my tail!" replied bellatrix.

(At mcdonalds)

The deatheaters walk in together and everyone stares. Lucius of course loves the attention. Voldemort goes up to the cashier to order. "umm, yes I'll have aaaaaa………….(5 minutes later)…..uhhhhh…….BIG MAC!" "good choice." says the frustrated cashier. "hey wormtail, do you want the fries that come with mine?" "UGH don't you know how many calories are in those things? It's a heart attack dipped in butter. I'll take the salad." Says wormtail. Bellatrix ordered 3 big macs. Draco got chicken nuggets. Lucius and Snape ordered kids meals. "AWwW I already have this toy, which one do you have?" asked snape. "I got the super turtle 3 eyed monkey man," answered lucius.

The death eaters picked out a table in the play area so bellatrix and wormtail could play in the ball pit. "I LOVE the ball pit" announced wormtail. They heard their number and brought their food to the table. "while you're up, could you get me a fork?" whined wormtail. "Go get it yourself you ball of lard!" shouted voldemort. They all dug in, eating their 3000 calorie meals. "UGH how could you eat that?" scoffed wormtail. "LIKE THIS!" shouted bellatrix shoving the big mac in her mouth and swallowing without even chewing. When they were all just about done with their food, they just kinda sat around like fat lard balls and talked about random things for about 7 hours until the manager had to come and kick them out.

They went outside and got in their cars. At top speed they zoomed down the highway leaving wormtail behind of course since he cant go past 2 miles/hour on his trike.

On the way home, bellatrix got pulled over 4 times for speeding, but she got out of all the tickets cuz she AK-ed all the police officers where they stood. Lucius crashed his mustang into a tree because he was listening to lady gaga, texting, and brushing his hair. He was also attempting to reapply his makeup. So Lucius was on his way to the hospital. Snape got home first with enough time to go out and finish his lip plumping appointment. Draco at some point in the ride fell out of his side car and is lost at the moment. Voldemort stopped at walmart to get a new tub of icecream for his late night sugar cravings.

Everyone eventually got home in time for "The Hills" where they had a party.