Booth & Wendell

Wendell Bray was looking for his keys in his shoulder bag. He was tired of all the work he has been given at the Jeffersonian, during all the day. It was now 10:00 pm and he was beginning to get worked up, because he couldn't find his keys in the very dephts of his bag. He suddenly remembered he had put it in a front pocket. He caught it and opened his flat's door. He slipped his jacket off that he put down in the hall and walked toward the kitchen, opened a cupboard and grabbed a cup along with a herbal tea bag. He hoped a specail herbal tea "Peaceful Night" would help him toward sleeping. He made some water heat up in a little pan and went to the living-room where he switched on the TV, then sat in the couch.

He had catched the remote control and was flicking through the TV channels, inconscious of his gestures. Indeed, he was lost in thought. He was thinking too much about Seeley Booth, the most handsome agent of FBI. He couldn't help thinking about him, except when he was working on something, when Dr. Brennan asked him to look for an anomaly on a skeleton.

His mind wandered thus during about two minutes when he realized he was flicking through TV channels foolishly. He stood up and went and see what temperature was the water at. It was heated up at the right temperature to drink it. Then he poured it in the cup and headed not for the living-room once again but for his office. He sat down in front of it and turned on his laptop. He was just going to check his e-mails then take a shower and finally go to bed. He had already eaten at the Royal Diner with Angela and Hodgins. Angela. His self-styled lover. He slept with her once. Yes, Wendell was bisexual and loved that. But at this time he wasn't interested in girls. He had only one person in sight : Booth.

He began to get excited, thinking about him. So, he drank his herbal tea straight and hastened to take a cold shower. When he fished out of it, he put a t-shirt on and also sports pants that served as night-clothes. He collapsed onto the bed and fell asleep immediately.

"And now here is Russian Roulette from Rihanna, good wakening" He turned off his radio. He liked this song but wasn't in a musical mood that morning. It was 7:00 am and Wendell headed for the kitchen to have breakfast, in front of TV. He liked watching cartoons, as he did when he was young. He freshened up and put some deodorant on, and some parfume, after having dressed with a white shirt and a faded denim. He headed for the hall, put his green jacket and his shoulder bag on and went out

Once arrived at the Jeffersonian, he took his badge out, waved it in front of the post, heard the usual switch went upstairs. Dr. Brennan was already bend over a clean skeleton (this time), examining it meticulously.

- Good morning, Mr Bray, she greeted him.

- Good morning, Dr. Brennan. Where does it come from, this one ? he asked, indicating the skeleton, after having placed his bag on a chair, taken his jacket off and put a white coat on instead.

- On a building site. He had been buried hastily and flippantly. He is a thirty or forty year-old man, blond hair, hazel eyes, five feet nine inches. His name is Ben Manner, he was a carpenter and worked on that building site in which he has been found. If you want more informations, his identity file is puted up on the computer.

- Alright, will you need my help ?

- Well, somehow, yes. But it has nothing to do with anthropology. Would it bother you to go and pick agent Booth up at his place, I have to announce him the case, he hadn't come with me when I have been told for the corpse.

Wendell got a lump in his throat, as he heard Booth's name.

- Yes, yeah, of course, I... I'm going there, he mumbled.

- Why are you mumbling ?

- Well, I'm surprised you entrusted me to do that. Normally, you do your best to be able to do it yourself.

- Yes, indeed. But I don't really have time, this morning. I have several tasks in progress.

- I see. I'm going to pick him up, then.

- Thank you, Mr Bray.

He took his white coat off, and put his jacket and his bag back on. He got out of the Jeffersonian, started his car and headed for Booth's flat.

He knocked three times at his door. He was hearing some music from the inside, the sound level was very high. No reply. He knocked once more but didn't get any reply either. He tried to turn the handle and realized the door was open. He shrank from entering, aware that the agent might not appreciate. He opened the door up and the music escalated, so he closed the door in a hurry to prevent the neighbors from coming out grumbling to ask them to lower the volume. A stereo system obviously was playing a morceau from Avril Lavigne, Hot.

- Booth ? Booth ? he called, penetrating increasingly in the flat.

He wasn't in the kitchen, neither in the bathroom. He arrived in the living-room.

His sight was automatically attracted by Booth. He saw the sexiest scene ever. Booth was wearing anything but a boxer. Wendell was seeing him from the profile, and the bump that exceeded by his pelvis was inflaming him horribly. He wrestled at first with the erection that was growing up in his pants, but realized it was useless. Booth was dancing, arms up against the chest, waving it about. He was doing slows paces, advancing then retreating. It was unbelievably sexy and Wendell was observing him in a lust way.

Booth jumped as he noticed Wendell's presence. He looked very embarrassed and surprised. He walked quickly toward the stereo system and turned it off. He turned to face Wendell and opened his mouth, ready to speak. No sound came out of his mouth until a dozen of seconds

- Err, he ended up saying, why are you here ?

Wendell opened his mouth in turn, but didn't manage to emit any sound.

- W... well, she sent me to pick you up, agent Booth. She wants to talk to y... you about a case.

- Oh, okay. Well, I gotta dress me up, then.

"No !" thought Wendell. Booth met Wendell's eyes and was surprised to see some frustration in it. His look went down inadvertently. Then he saw a big bump at pelvis level, that Wendell hastened to hide. What happened the previous day came back to him.

He was standing, arms crossed, at the Jeffersonian in front of a skeleton that Bones was observing. Wendell arrived in the lab and changed right in front of him : he ended up with only a quite transparent tank top on him because his shirt had been blobbed. He could then get an eyeful watching Wendell's perfect body. Then Wendell bent down to put his belongings in his bag, and his buttock was placed right in front of Booth, what immediately made hium have an painful erection. Then, he was very surprised after realizing he enjoyed getting an eyeful, because he had never had sexual desire for men since the end of his teenage years. But Wendell awakened his deepest desires.

His libido totally prevent him from centering on anything but Wendell. He wanted anyone but him. The latter realized Wendell's gesture had changed : a smile split his lips, a beautiful angel smile, with it seemed, a glimmer of lust in his eyes.

He was still only dressed in a boxer when he came up to Wendell.

- Wendell, he murmured, you know you're appealing to me.

Wendell had a fit of desire as he heard those words. Desire was completely overrunning his body now and it became hard to resist any longer to Booth's charm. He was looking at him with his beautiful eyes that would have given to any heterosexual the urge to grab him to kiss him.

Wendell first came slowly closer to Booth, and seeing the latter wasn't moving back, came faster closer to him. Until he put his lips on his vis-a-vis'. He loved their softness, their smoothness. He wasn't expecting better from Booth's body, that was to his mind perfect. The oldest pressed stronger his partner's lips, and ran his hands over his back. He forced his mouth's entrance with his tongue and Wendell opened it and his own tongue ran counter to Booth's. Wendell placed a hand behind his nape and ran his hands over his back too, that was nude. Booth had a thrill, his skin meeting the one he madly desired's. Their kiss was burning and they didn't want to part. Wendell's hand left Booth's back, and went on his hips, and then touched his chest. He was perfectly muscular and Wendell felt like titillating his nipples. Booth groaned as he did it. The agent take Wendell's jacket off and began to unbotton his shirt. Once he has finished, the shirt slid to the ground and Booth ran his hands over his lover's chest. "Perfect" he thought. Booth touched Wendell's pectorals, then his abdominal muscles. They realized they were doing exactly the same. Booth took Wendell's thigh by the hand and lifted it. Wendell got it and jumped into his arms. Right away, the agent pinned the scientist against the wall. They kept kissing passionately and ravenously. They were devouring each other.

Booth moved back, Wendell still in his arms. He was moving back to the bedroom. He turned round to see where he was going andpushed the door with the foot. A few steps more and Wendell fell over the bed. His legs were slightly spread and was leaning on the mattress, posture that excited Booth, and he gazed during a dozen of seconds, a beautiful smile stretching out over his mouth. Wendell could admire, whence he was, Booth's musculature. It's at this time that he realized his erection was painful and Booth had to remedy that. It was as if he read his mind. He pounced on him, kissed him, then went down to his neck. Then to his pectorals that he licked and sucked hungrily. Then his abdominal muscles, drawing the outline with the tongue. He unbuttoned the denim button, unziped it and took it off. Wendell's sex formed a huge bump and Booth couldn't trail things along as he would have wanted it : he pulled down the scientist's boxer and took his sex in mouth. Wendell groaned lengthily that conduced Booth to begin the in-and-out, first slow then fast. After one minute, Wendell felt he was going to come. He wanted to pull back but Booth, understanding, kept him from doing it. Wendell was finally fined with that, after all, he was going to spread his seed in Booth's mouth, in his Booth. All his msucles were tensing (for the greater Booth's delight) and he came in Booth's mouth. The latter felt his lover's warm seed being propeled in his mouth, then in his throat, and swallowed it.

Wendell wasn't less excited after that orgasm. What surprised him, besides. Men were normally in a refractory period that annihilate temporarily their libido. They exchanged their places and Wendell pull down Booth's boxer, his sex stuck up from it before, due to his erection. He took the Booth's huge sex in mouth who groaned lengthily. He started the in-and-out and Booth was letting out sighs very sultry and exciting. Wendell didn't take a long time before feeling a painful erection. Booth's breathing sped up, and then stopped when Booth exploded into Wendell's mouth. The latter swallowed all his seed, and got euphoric as he thought he was swallowing Booth's seed, his Booth's seed. He began to believe he wasn't feeling only desire for Booth.

Booth stood up and took him in his arms. They kissed passionately as the agent began to topple him over the bed. The latter spread his legs and Booth positioned himself above him. Their sexes brushed against each other and Wendell wrapped his legs around him. What gave Booth even quicker the urge to penetrate him. He moved his head back and looked Wendell in the eyes, who nodded at me. Booth wetted his fingers into the scientist's mouth and took it to his intimacy. He stuck first one finger, Wendell moaned a bit from pain. He did soft in-and-out and Wendell began to relax. So, Booth inserted a second finger. Wendell wasn't aching anymore. He inserted then a third finger and when he saw Wendell was ready, he took his own sex, but stopped suddenly.

- I haven't any STD, I've been detected and hadn't sex since that, he reeled off, in a hurry.

- Don't worry, me neither, Wendell said, quickly too.

Booth smiled from the smile Wendell loved so much and then kissed him. Booth took his sex into his lover's intimacy. Wendell shouted for pleasure when he had penetrated him entirely. Booth started the in-and-out and Wendell's breathing became more staccato, fitting to Booth's pelvic thrusts. They were both groaning because of pleasure, kissing amorously. Amorously. Yes they were probably in love. They didn't feel that way when they had sex with a one night stand. Booth sped cadence up and Wendell shouted increasingly stronger. Those grunts were exciting Booth to the highest degree. After ten minutes of intense pleasure, Booth heard Wendell's deep voice.

- Booth... hmm... Can't take it anymore...

Booth caught up with orgasm increasingly faster, as he heard his scientist's voice. Just a couple of thrusts more, and... He amorously kissed Wendell, warned him he was going to come, and released himself into him. The most beautiful sensation filled Booth's body, even more beautiful than usually because it was with Wendell. The latter felt Booth's warm seed within him and decided it was the right time to release himself too. He took his sex in the hand and shook it a couple of times. His seed didn't need anything more to be propelled on his chest. Booth then collapsed on Wendell. He stayed a couple of seconds into him, then pulled back. He kissed him and went down to his abs, where he licked his lover's sperm. He got back to his mouth and made him taste his awn seed, in an extremely erotic way. They were still feeling desire for each other, maybe enough to repeat it but they were tired.

Booth smiled and looked at Wendell's eyes. The latter smiled back. Booth went wild seeing it and pressed his lips with his amorously. He stretched out on the bed and Wendell put his head on his chest, fiddling with one of his nipples with the right hand.

- Stop it, he said, laughing, otherwise I'm gonna get too excited and you'll gotta release me again, I won't be able to control myself, I'm warning you.

- It may be what I want, Wendell said, smiling.

He kept fiddling with his nipple, now toughened from pleasure. Booth suddenly sat up and took him in his arms, savagely.

- You've been warned, he said before kissing him passionately.

THE END ? ^^

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