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"oh… Akane-chan… it's you"

"I want to ask you something…"


"well… I-um… would you… like to umm… go out with me sometime…"

He sighed "Akane… I told you, if Sakura-san wasn't always on my mind… maybe, but now…"

"b-but Sakura only loves the female you…"

"it's still me though!"

"yeah but…" she hung her head

"I'm sorry Akane-chan… it's not going to…" he paused at a gun cocking "work…"

"Kusoyaro Natsuru! Frickin Teme! My pussy other half is too frickin shy to say it!" she pinned him up against the wall… her face slightly red "I uh… I love you…"

Akane… she didn't listen to his protests and leaned in for a kiss, he shoved her off and ran away, Akane had changed back "N-Natsuru-san?!" well done Akane, you just made the stupidest mistake of your life! She headed for home until she was stopped by a hooded figure who's face was darkened

"Mishima Akane…"


"I have an offer for you you won't refuse…"

"what is it?"

"An item that would give you a chance with any boy you desired…"

"w-why would you do that… what's the catch?"

"well… your normal personality might suffer a little… you would slowly become a lot more… flirty, but that's what you want isn't it? To be like Kaede so that Senou Natsuru will notice you?"

"H-Hai! H-how does it work?" she questioned as the figure produced a necklace in the shape of a heart, it was deep red in colour

"As I said Akane… wear this and they'll be drooling at you're feet…" the shady figure explained, dangling the piece of jewellery in front of her


"yes…" Akane smiled brightly, Finally, I get a chance with Natsuru-san… she thought, reaching out hesitantly for it and slipping the necklace around her neck, it shone with red light which faded as quickly as it came, Akane smiled all the way home. She crashed out on the bed and thought of all the things they could do together…

Tommorow Natsuru-san… I'll give Kaede a run for her money…

Akane felt weird… her vision blurred as she slowly lost consciousness, she would wake to find some severe changes had been made to her body.

"Ahh! M-m-my hair…" it had grown longer, all the way down her back, her vision impared with her glasses on, she removed them to find she could see clearly, her boobs were? And her lips felt so soft as she felt them with her fingers, inhumanly soft… as she slipped on a much shorter skirt than her regular outfit, it was a bit too short really… as she gazed at her new appearance in the mirror, one thought crossed her mind

This is going to be the best time of my life!

Natsuru POV

"man… I wonder if Sakura-san will stop by today… then again I would need Akane-chan to transform… she'd probably shoot me now…"

"Natsuru-san…" Natsuru heard a familiar voice, he turned around and…

His jaw fell through the floor and came out the other end of the earth

"A…A-A-A-A-Akane!" she walked closer to him "W-W-What happened to you?" she walked closer still, Natsuru could smell her hair, he wanted someone to pinch him… Akane was drop dead gorgeous…

"I don't know…" he couldn't draw his eyes from the large heart necklace around her neck… was it… glowing? "but I like it…"

"A-A-Akane-chan… do you wanna umm… walk to school with me?"

"Sure… Natsuru-kun…" she giggled and took his hand She called me kun! Why am I getting so attracted to Akane? How did she get so beautiful in one day?! Natsuru's mind=Blown

"umm… Are you okay Natsuru-kun?" she asked

"Y-yeah…" Natsuru tried to hide the bulge in his pants… stealing a look every now and then, trying to make sure Akane didn't think he was peeping

"Natsuru-kun…" he loved the way his name rolled off her tongue and the way she emphasized the honorific… "Never mind…"


"I'll speak to you about it later…" they arrived at the divide between the boys and girls side

"Ohhh! Who's that with Senou Natsuru!?"

"Is that Mishima Akane? She looks totally different"

"when did she get so hot?"

"lucky guy!"

"a Fourth beauty of seitetsu!" she pecked Natsuru on the cheek and walked away

"J-Ja ne!" I'm surprising myself! This thing is really working! She flicked her hair in front of everyone and walked inside, beaming with delight, creating more ooh's and ahh's as the girls followed her and the boys attempted to do so but thought better of it as boys were banned from the girls side

"Senou! What happened to her?"

"I…don't know…"

Meanwhile, a certain brown haired wonder looked on with envy and stormed off.

At registration

Akane was the talk of the school now, she could probably have anyone she wanted, but there was only one she would have, she used her pass to get over to the boys side and once outside his class, knocked on the door

"Natsuru-kun… someone is here to see you…"

"oh?" Natsuru pushed past the fanboys and stepped outside, Akane instantly grabbed his hand and pulled him to a currently unused room

"Natsuru-kun… I'm here to see you…" she threw herself into Natsuru's arms…

"Akane…" her breathing was faster now, the look in her eyes said Natsuru… I want you! Natsuru was having a hormone overload as her head was in his chest, he took in the smell of her hair again as he stroked it, she looked up, her gaze meeting his Kiss me! This isn't enough! Is what he guessed she was thinking, that necklace again… what is it? Simply by looking at it filled Natsuru's head of thoughts about kissing her… he fought the urge to kiss his friend, it could ruin their friendship, their faces drew closer together… Natsuru was hesitant still, Akane grabbed his shirt and pulled him into her, crashing his lips into hers, Natsuru was shocked but slowly the kiss consumed him till she was moaning his name out

"Nat-su-ru!" they both stopped, completely out of breath.

"Akane… you…where did you learn to kiss like that?"

"I don't know… probably fate or something…" she moved forward again, her heart beating faster, the bell for class rang, "well… I'll see you at break then, Natsuru-kun…" quickly kissing him on the lips, she walked away, giving him a wink as she left.

A few minutes after Akane and Natsuru left for school

"Natsuru… where are you?" Kaede frowned, I guess he doesn't want to walk with me today… she noticed a boy about her age walking in her direction

"um… excuse me… am I going the right way to seitetsu high school?"

"hmm? Yeah… You're new right? I'll show you if you want…"

"thanks! Uhh…"

"Sakura Kaede" she extended her hand

"Katsuya Minato! Nice to meet ya Sakura-san"

"that's a cool bracelet…" she looked at the blue accessory on his arm you wouldn't say that if you knew what it could do…

They began walking towards the school

"so… what are your hobbies then Katsuya-san?"

"well… the usual things really, then I kinda developed a hobby of… magic… and lightning…. Is that weird?"

"no! sounds cool" Sakura-san is pretty… I bet I don't stand a chance… there are probably loads of guys that fancy her…

"well this is it… I'll see you later then… Katsuya-san" she waved and disappeared from sight

"sugoi…" he entred the boys side.

Natsuru POV: normal time

How did Akane do it!? How did her hair grow so long, how did her eyes get better, how did her… boobs get bigger and how did her…

their faces drew closer together… Natsuru was hesitant still, Akane grabbed his shirt and pulled him into her, crashing his lips into hers, Natsuru was shocked but slowly… the kiss consumed him.

How did her lips… ARGH! One day I reject her the next I'm shoving her onto the table kissing her! I just don't get it… why am I drawn to her suddenly?

"A…A-A-A-A-Akane!" she walked closer to him "W-W-What happened to you?" she walked closer still, Natsuru could smell her hair, he wanted someone to pinch him… Akane was drop dead gorgeous…

"I don't know…" he couldn't draw his eyes from the large heart necklace around her neck… was it… glowing? "but I like it…"

"A-A-Akane-chan… do you wanna umm… walk to school with me?"

"Sure… Natsuru-kun…"

Natsuru-Kun…her voice echoed in his head, making it excruciatingly difficult to pay attention to what was on the board in class…

Akane POV

We kissed! I can't believe it! Natsuru-kun likes me! More than that… he's head over heels in love with me! This is beyond my wildest dreams! Maybe we could go on a date! Not like last time… she remembered the 2 days they spent at the swimming resort… along with Shizuku, Mikoto and Kaede…

her imagination ran wild…

"Akane-chan… I want to ask you something" the blue haired bombshell announced, placing his hands on her waist

"w-what is it Natsuru-kun?"

"Will… will you be my girlfriend?"

"Yes! I will Natsuru-kun!" he brought her chin up as they kissed under the stars, when they broke away, he said

"just call me Natsuru… Akane…" he stroked her long hair…

She snapped back to reality, the bell for break had rung, she giggled to herself Time to go and see Natsuru-kun again! She smiled as she ran to the library.

Kaede had also made her way to the library That boy from before… A Kampfer… it seems Natsuru is going to take forever to turn, he seems pretty nice… I wonder what he's really like… I'll find out soon enough I suppose… she smiled devilishly (AN: if you guys haven't seen all of the Kampfer anime then Kaede's action's probably won't make sense)

Natsuru made it to the library, out of breath, only to see Kaede


"oh Sakura-san… it's you…"

"are you alright?"

"yeah… I'm waiting for someone…"



"huh? Akane-chan!" Kaede watched as Akane embraced Natsuru tightly

"I missed you already…"

"me too… how about we go somewhere more… private…" she lead him to the corner of the library where no one would see them, slammed him into the wall and started kissing his neck

"Akane-chan…" she leant towards his ear and whispered softly

"Natsuru-kun… I fell in love with you the first day I met you… not transformed that is… I wanted you so badly…"

"I know Akane-chan… I was just… so mad about Sakura-san that I… well I… I ignored you… but now…" he hugged her close to his chest "you had me from the moment I saw you this morning…" she pushed harder and smashed her lips into his as Natsuru deepened their kiss… Akane slowly put one arm after the other around his neck… "Akane-chan… we can't stay here, we'll get caught…"

"I don't care if people see… I won't let some rules get in the way of us Natsuru-kun…" Natsuru smiled as he took control

"you know the rules! Please refrain from romance in the library…" it would seem the class president Sengou Shizuku had seen their little "session"

"oops… busted…" Natsuru laughed nervously as everyone turned to see Mishima Akane and a flustered Senou Natsuru

"MISHIMA AKANE MADE OUT WITH SENOU NATSURU!!!" the news spread like wildfire

"see Natsuru-kun… everyone will know now… nothing… to…hide…" her hands in his hair as she slowly closed her eyes, exhaling heavily as she closed in and…

"Natsuru-san! Report to the student council president's office now…"


"I'm sorry Natsuru-kun…" he was going to talk to Akane about how they should probably be a bit more discreet, his attention drawn towards her necklace again, it shone brightly and Natsuru forgot about that thought altogether

"good luck Natsuru-kun…" she gently kissed his cheek as he reluctantly let go of her waist.

Minato POV

"Oh… Sakura-san"


"what's all the shouting about?"

"her…" Kaede pointed towards… Whoa… who's she? He noticed a blue bracelet on her arm as well We're teammates! His gaze returned to Kaede

"what's up? You look a little down…"

"nothing really! Just thinking…"


"well… I'll see you after school then… Katsuya-san…" she smiled at him and walked away.

Natsuru POV

"oh boy…" Natsuru entered the room to find Shizuku



"Why are you with Akane? I thought you loved me!"

"look… my heart was torn between 4 people… and I chose…"

"and I'm guessing Mishima-san's sudden change and you choosing her are related then…"

"I… don't know… she looks amazing! And that necklace she wears… it always seems to shine when I look at it… I can't take my eye's off of her, it's almost impossible for me to believe that yesterday she was the shy bespectacled girl with a crush on me…" Shizuku circled him for a second, the next thing you know she pins him against the wall

"don't you love me? Nat-su-ru…" she pulled his face into a kiss, their lips connect as She practically shoves her tongue down his throat, the door bursts open to reveal Akane, by the point she walked in they were on the floor, rolling around, Natsuru pushed her off of him.

"A-Akane-chan… this isn't what it looks like…"

"I know Natsuru-kun… you still love me don't you?" she says seductively as her necklace glows, Natsuru plants a quick kiss on her cheek

"does that answer your question?" Akane smirks devilishly at Shizuku and shoves Natsuru into the wall

"no…" Her soft lips collide with his as he gazes into her deep, green orbs, he feels like they are in another world as he closes his eyes, and then… right in front of Shizuku… they break away as she whispers "Natsuru… I'm going to make you mine…" her tongue slides up his neck as Natsuru's heart beats faster and faster, he feels Akane's lips close around his neck as she sucked hard IS AKANE GIVING ME A HICKEY!

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