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7. Bree, Strider, and More Stuff.

"We lost Monkeyman!" wailed Zaphod.

"Arthur can't take care of himself," Ford said decisively, "so it's no use worrying about him."

The hobbits and company were now at the Prancing Pony in the town of Bree. The hobbits were busy stuffing their faces. Ford Prefect was busy ordering drinks Barliman Butterburr had never heard of. Zaphod was busy trying to pick up a girl, but apparently having two heads was not a good asset in Middle-Earth.

Frodo started rummaging through Ford's bag, finally discovering the Hitchhiker's Guide to Middle-Earth. He began reading a passage:

"The town of Bree, population 3000, is composed of both hobbits and humans. Bree is a plesant, if dull, place to stay. Any hitchhiker wishing to get drunk (the only diversion to be found in Bree) should visit the Prancing Pony. Be aware that the Pony is frequented by Rangers, one of whom, Strider/Aragorn, is looking at you RIGHT NOW."

Frodo looked up and saw that a man looking as if his name might be Strider/Aragorn was looking at him. RIGHT NOW. The hobbit gave a yelp and fell backwards in a faint, but was quickly revived by Sam pouring some type of drink down his throat. But this drink was never intended to be consumed by a hobbit. Soon Frodo began to wobble rather unsteadily, and a strange sensation came over him. He had to leap on the table and sing. So he did.

"Zark! I was going to do that!" Zaphod said vehemently.

This was what Frodo sang:

Hey diddle diddle,

The cat and the fiddle,

The jello jumped over the fork;

The little dog laughed to see such sport

And the dish ran away with the spork!

As Frodo finished his song, images blurred and doubled before his drunken eyes, and he toppled off the table with a sickening thud, the Thing slipping onto his finger. He vanished.

"Oopsie!" said Zaphod. "Guess we lost another one!"

A confused Frodo rematerialized and sat up amid shouts and cheers.

"May I present," Trillian said quickly, to save to situation, "the amazing vanishing hobbit!"

Aragorn, meanwhile, inched out of the shadows. He grabbed Frodo by the shoulders and shook him.

"That," he said, "was extremely imprudent… oh, blimey."

Frodo was already asleep.

"We must leave," said Aragorn. "We are in grave danger, and plus I have to see Arwen. You must trust me."

"Can we trust him?" asked Merry.

Pippin held up the Guide, which said, in large letters, TRUST HIM!

"Okay, everything's froody," said Zaphod as they went upstairs. When Butterburr tried to give him the bill he shut the door in his face.