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Chapter 12: Shut up

Reid closed his Netbook and rolled his eyes. The conversation with Caleb had gone exactly as he'd imagined on the way home – Seriously? You're referring to this as 'home' now? – from La Push. Before he'd even said hello, the eldest Son had started his well-rehearsed speech about responsibility, addiction and 'your stupid necessity to constantly show off, Garwin!' The blonde had sat patiently in front of the screen, kept his face trained on a look of concern/regret and waited for Caleb's anger and worry to deflate. At the obvious – and long over-due—question of 'Why the hell would you Use so much Power in only a few hours?' Reid hesitated.

Usually, he would have just told Caleb to fuck off, but arriving in Forks had felt like an opportunity to change. He had started off well, keeping a low profile and his indiscretions to a minimum. He felt relieved, really, not to be forced to fall back into his usual character and it seemed easy in Forks, where no one knew his former reputation. However, talking to Caleb was making it more difficult for him to keep his determination to cut the crap and get real, mostly because Danvers' goody-two-shoes attitude bugged the hell out of him.

This is an opportunity, he reminded himself. Everything happens for a reason.

With Jacob's words ringing in his ears, Reid answered – for once in his life—honestly. He retold the 'accident', Jacob Black's status as a werewolf, and the pack's need to witness the warlock's powers. He'd conveniently left out the part where only Jacob had been at the beach, and watching the Quilliuete phasing.

Honesty had its rewards, though. The look on Caleb's face had changed from angry to concerned to incredulous so fast that Reid almost had to Use in order to keep a straight face.

At long last, Caleb had ended the conversation with the usual warning of "It's addictive, moron" and the blonde was able to take a nap. Well, that's what the idea had been, but as soon as his eyes closed he was invaded by images of Jacob. Jacob watching him perform his magic tricks. Jacob kissing him. Jacob stripping. He never got to Jacob phasing as he decided that freezing the image of a naked Jacob Black was the best way to take care of the bulge in his punts right now. Yeah, right. Like you didn't almost come in your pants when he went from human to wolf in two seconds flat, his mind chuckled.

When he opened his eyes again, Reid saw nothing. Looks like you've over-slept, he told himself, getting his phone out of his pocket. The screen lit up and showed the ungodly hour of 2 a.m.

"Great" he murmured. He turned on his side and felt his stomach rumble.

The trip to the kitchen was tricky. Climbing down the stairs was easy compared to making a sandwich in complete silence so as not to wake Mildred, who lay sound asleep on the fold-out bed a few feet away. Why does everything make more noise in the dark? He asked himself after successfully putting the lid on the mayonnaise jar and closing the door of the fridge. He was half way up the stairs when his phone started blaring with music and he ran the rest of the way up – and without falling on his face, thank you very much! –before the sound woke his sleeping aunt.


"Bad time?" Tyler sounded disappointed and Reid kicked himself mentally for snapping at him like that.

"Nah, baby boy. You just caught me off-guard. Didn't even see the caller ID" he replied smiling. He held his phone between his ear and his shoulder while he picked up the glass of coke and the sandwich he'd left on the desk to answer the call.

"So you weren't sleeping… or worse?"

Reid had to laugh at that. "Or worse? Do I ever answer the phone when I'm having sex?"

"It depends on what you're doing"

This was familiar territory. Reid allowed himself to relax a little and in doing so, he accidentally dropped his phone into the glass of coke.

"Fuck!" Sandwich forgotten on the bed, Reid laughed sarcastically as he tried to dry the device "Yeah, right!"

He'd promised Caleb he wouldn't Use any more that day and he really didn't want to get the eldest Son riled up again. Although, he thought, technically, it's not the same day.

With that, his eyes turned black and his phone went back to its original state. The coke too!

He dialed Tyler's number and shook his head. Only me.

"What happened?"

"Mmm… I dropped the phone into my coke?" it sounded stupid, even to him.

"Only you would do that!" Baby boy laughed.

Reid sighed, relieved. For a moment he'd been worried that Tyler's mood would change, like it had the other day.

"Shut up!" he replied.

With the drink safely on the bedside table, the blonde fell back onto the bed and worked on the zipper of his jeans.

"So, what are you wearing, Baby Boy?"