Series: JONAS

Title: Forget Me, Not

Summary: Macy is struck by lightning and thankfully comes around but, to everyone's horror she's definitely not the same Macy.

Pairing: Macy/Nick, Joe/Stella

Rating: Teen

Other: Swearing.

Disclaimer: Don't own, don't sue.

Chapter One


Nick stuck his tongue out in concentration and carefully joined the red straw to the blue one. Holding his breath he laid it down on the white table and reached for a glass cup. Nick placed the two joined straws in the glass cup, frowning at the green fizzing liquid inside the glass cup. Ever so carefully, Nick reached out and picked up the glass cup. Taking the one long joined straw, he placed it between his lips and was about to—


The cup flew out of Nick hands and the green liquid inside spilled all over the white table. He gaped and glanced up to Macy; who was standing with her arms folded and a confused and angry look on her face.

"It's not a milkshake, Nick" Macy added, going to pick up the cup, and placing in back down. She sighed, sitting down on a chair next to him.

"So, while I distracting Mr Edgar for these" she held out a bag of toothpicks, "You were drinking our science project?".

Nick smiled sheepishly, "I was only gonnah drink a little bit... What's in it anyway?".

"I have no idea" Macy shrugged honestly, "The toothpicks were just for fun".

Nick sighed, "So I guess we're back to square one... No science project".

"We could conduct electricity with a hamster, a hamster wheel and a potato" Macy offered.

Nick chuckled, "Something tells me it would be a waste of time... What about plant growth? Like we take two plants, feed it the same thing, do everything the same and see which one grows the fastest".

Macy smiled, "Kindergarden, but I like it".

"You know, Macy" Nick frowned, "I don't think I've ever seen you this mellow".

"When I told Stella we got paired for this project, she gave me a shot of morphine; it's slowly wearing off" Macy smiled innocently.

Nick nodded, "That explains it".

Macy nodded back, "Yeah, fifteen minutes ago the elephant told the giraffe to lighten up and I like to think I'm the giraffe".

Nick frowned even harder.

"It makes sense in my head" Macy shrugged.



After agreeing to each buy different plant seeds and continuing tomorrow, Nick headed home with Joe and Kevin and Macy sauntered off to her locker, stuffing her books inside. Locking it once again she spun around and to come face to face with Penny.

"Macy" Penny flashed her a grin, "How are you? I haven't seen you in ages!".

"You saw me yesterday, Penny" Macy frowned.

"Right" Penny nodded, "What I meant was, we haven't talked in ages!".

Macy frowned harder, "We talked yes—".

"Okay nevermind" Penny interrupted, "So, how was your day?".

"Fine" Macy nodded back, "You?".

"It was amazing" Penny beamed, "Y'know the song Nick and I produced together? Well, it sold out! And today—" she leaned in, "—Nick totally asked me out!".

Macy's smile faltered a little, "Oh... Cool, I suppose".

"Macy, what's wrong?" Penny frowned, "Nick hasn't asked you out, right?" her voice lowered on the last word.

"No" Macy shook her head, "I'm really happy for you two".

"Cool!" Penny bounced, "Well, see you later, Macy!".

Macy sighed, leaning against the lockers in defeat. She lifted her head up and caught sight of the brewing storm outside. "Shit" Macy growled, watching the rain and wind cause terror outside, "The one day I don't have a ride home!" she walked to the doors and opened them, immediately getting hit with rain and wind.

Macy walked around the corner, starting down the path with caution. She gripped onto the metal bar next to her for support and the next she knew, shooting pains were flying up and down her body, like she was on fire.

Macy screamed, her eyes rolling back into her head as she dropped to the ground unconscious; banging her head hard. Blood trickled from her head and washed itself into the ground with the rain.

Her hand twitched once before her eyes closed shut and she was nothing but a helpless fish in a ravaging sea.


"Stop moving!" Stella growled, trying to measure Joe's arm. She made a couple more marks with her pencil and stepped down to pick up a pink shirt.

"I'm not wearing that, Stella" Joe folded his arms.

"You will wear what I give you!" Stella replied, "Besides, this shirt is expensive! And soft—feel it" she held it out for Joe to touch, which he did and immediately smiled.

"Guys, check the weather" Nick looked through the window to the heavy downpour of rain, wind and newly added thunder and lightning.

"I hate thunder and lightning" Kevin moaned, shaking slightly.

"Don't worry" Stella smiled, "There's a one in three million chance you'll get hit by lightning".

"So?" Kevin shrugged, "It's still scary!".

"So Nick, how was after-school working with Macy?" Stella asked casually.

Nick spun around, "Yeah, it was actually okay".

"Thank god she's getting better around us" Kevin laughed, "She stopped putting 'of JONAS' after our names last week, cool or what?".

"You think that's good?" Joe smirked, "I haven't seen her scream or faint in a month".

"Randolph's asking her out again" Stella slipped in.

"Who?" Nick frowned.

"The guy who dressed up as you" Stella smirked.

Nick smiled back, "Oh yeah. Him".

"Stella" Joe leaned in to whisper; "Don't start meddling, okay? You know what Nick's like, he falls too hard, too fast and then we've all got to pick up the pieces".

Stella mocked-fake-shock, "What? Me, meddle? I'd never do that".

Nick walked by, "Stella, just out of curiosity, where do you get morphine from?".

Joe and Kevin looked up; frowning.

Stella's eyes widened in shock, "I don't know what you're talking about!".

"But—" Nick began.

Stella cut him off with a shriek.

"Okay then" Nick walked towards the firemen poles.

Stella's phone rang and he gave Kevin the blue shirt she was holding to quickly answer her phone, "Stella Malone speaking" she smiled, her face listening intently, "What!".

The three boys all stopped what they were doing and spun around in worry.

"How? When?" Stella's eyes teared up and Joe subconsciously stepped closer towards her, "Yeah, yes, I'll be there as soon as" she hung up, tears sliding out of her eyes.

"Macy's in hospital" Stella held her face, "They think she was hit by lightening, they found her just lying in the rain!".

"Stella" Joe let Stella bury her head in his chest, her sobs muffled by his arms wrapped around her.

"She's gonnah be okay right?" Nick asked, his voice sounding different, "I mean, she's not gonnah die, right?".

Stella looked back up, "When she fell, she hit her head, so she could have brain damage, not to mention god knows what else from being electrocuted!" she started crying again.

"I'll get the keys" Nick fished around the counter for the keys to their jeep.

"I'll drive!" Kevin caught the keys when Nick threw them to him.

Stella and Joe rushed down the stairs while Nick and Kevin slid down the poles.


Joe glanced down at Stella, who was sleeping soundly on his shoulder. He looked up to Kevin, who was leaning against the wall, his face screwed up in worry and pain and then to Nick, who was pacing the halls like a madman, his fists clenched.

"This is ridiculous" Nick fumed, "We've been waiting here for hours, where is she!?".

"Nick" Joe said softly, "You heard the nurse, she's in theatre; she'll be out when she'll be out".

"I can't believe I'm gonnah say this" Kevin mumbled, "But I'd give anything to have the crazy erratic fan girl Macy screaming in my face right now".

"This is all my fault" Nick slid down against the wall to bury in his face in his knees, "I could have offered her a ride home, this never would have happened—".

"Nick, this wasn't your fault, this wasn't anybody's fault" Joe interrupted him, "It just happened, life happened".

"Come on, bro" Kevin helped Nick up, "Let's go to the cafeteria and get some coffee".

"But Macy—" Nick began.

"Will still be in theatre when we get back" Kevin interrupted, guiding his brother away.

Joe sighed and glanced back down to Stella, who murmured, rolling over into his chest. She blinked her red puffy eyes open and looked around.

"Macy?" Stella immediately asked.

"Still in theatre" Joe replied, "Your phone rang while you were asleep, I answered, it was Macy's parents, I told them what happened and they said they'd call back in a couple hours".

"Oh yeah" Stella rubbed her eyes, "I forgot they were out of town for that presentation".

"Nick and Kevin?" Stella asked, looking around.

"Went for some coffee" Joe sighed.

"I can't lose her, Joe" Stella whispered, "She's my best friend, the one person—besides you—I can tell anything to".

Joe blushed slightly, "You can tell me anything?".

Stella nodded.

"Macy is gonnah be okay" Joe promised her, "She's a fighter, I mean, have you seen her play sports, she's not gonnah give up, she can't".

As Kevin and Nick returned with a cup of coffee each, a woman in a white coat with a clipboard walked towards them.

"Stella Malone?" the woman asked.

Stella jumped up and the boys followed suit, "I'm Stella Malone, is Macy okay?".

"She's stable, for now" the doctor replied, "The operation went well, no internal brain damage, it seems she'll recover, but the next 24 hours are crucial, I have to warn you now, we see no further implications but... on the operating table, Macy died but—".

"What!" they all shouted in unison.

"Macy died for 3 minutes until she was revived" the woman continued, "There's a 20% chance she won't make the night but after bouncing back this quick, we're confident she'll pull through and make a full recovery".

Stella let out a deep sigh, "Can we see her now?".

The doctor nodded, "If you'd like to stay the night, I can make up some beds in a separate room or have sleeping chairs put in beside Macy's bed".

"Sleeping chairs" Nick and Stella said at the same time.

"We'll take the separate—" Joe began but a look from Stella made him stop, "Yeah, we'll take the sleeping chairs too".

The doctor nodded, "Well, Macy's in room 17, that way. The cafeteria closes in an hour, in case any of you wanted dinner".

"Thank you, Doctor" Stella smiled, watching her walk away.

"I'm gonnah phone mom again" Kevin pulled out his cell phone, "Let her know what's going on...".

"We'll be with Macy" Stella began walking, Joe and Nick following after her. They reached door 17 and slowly opened the door, walking inside. Nick's throat caught and Stella's eyes watered again as they were hit with the image of Macy in a hospital bed, tubes and wires attached to her.

"Oh my ..." Joe trailed off.

Macy's hair was lifeless, her skin pale and deathly, her body just barely breathing. Stella sat down on the right of Macy while Nick sat down on the left. Joe sat down on the chair next to Stella.

"I can't believe this is happening" Stella whispered, reaching out to hold Macy's hand.

"You heard the doctor, Stella, 80% chance of surviving..." Joe took Stella's hand, "Macy's strong enough to put in the extra 20%, trust me".

Kevin appeared by the doorway, with a tray full of coffee cups and chocolate bars. He placed it down on the table at the end of Macy's hospital bed and took in Macy's deathly sight.

Kevin closed the door behind him and took a seat next to Nick, glancing up to see a TV in the corner of the room.

"Oh hey look! I don't have to miss my daily Golden Girls!" Kevin smiled.

Joe, Stella and Nick looked at him like he was a retard and shook their heads.

Kevin looked back down, "Oh, sorry".

"But now that you mention it" Joe reached for the remote, "A little TV wouldn't hurt... Maybe the sound would wake Macy up".

Stella leaned back, shaking her head as Joe turned on the TV.

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