He didn't know I had followed him. I could tell from his body language and the expression on his face that he was in shock. Seeing his home, the Pride Lands in such a state. It was just like I had told him back in the jungle.

" Everything has been destroyed! We have no food, no water"

I knew that he did not believe me and how could I blame him. After all, when he disappeared everything had still been lushy and green. Now everything was, dark, as if the shadows of grief, sorrow and betrayal had consumed the very ground itself.

I watched as he climbed a rock that allowed him a clear view of the now dried out river, the dead plains and in the distance his home, Pride Rock. At that moment I wondered what went through his mind. Was he thinking about what he had lost? Perhaps he thought of Sarabi, his mother who thought he was long gone.

If he only knew how she had mourned him, and Mufasa, her mate. We had all mourned them. Scar had proclaimed himself as the new king and there was nothing we could have done about it, he was the brother of the fallen king and with Simba gone the throne was rightfully his. When he let the hyenas into the Pride Lands we knew he had decived us. But as a pride we had to follow him or we knew we would all perish. Even though I had told Simba this, he couldn't grasp it.

Suddenly his posture became more stiff, determand and I knew that he had made a seemed to be hope after all. That is when I made myself known, calling his name.