When we were kids Hikaru and I were inseparable.

We were cruel twisted people though.

Our favorite room in our whole house was actually believe it or not the basement.

We first went down there when we were 5.

I was scared and clinging to my brother's arm.

"I'm scared" I quivered. "Its okay kao-kao, your safe with your big brother" he smiled proudly.

He was only older by like 8 seconds. And he was scared to I could feel it.

He led me into the dark room.

The only light was coming from the small rectangular windows at the very top of the blue colored walls.

The floor was tiled white and black.

My brother walked me across the room and flicked on the light.

The room was pretty and full of life in the light.

There was a small white love seat against the wall to the left.

A coffee table we hadn't seen in a while sat in front of it.

On the other side of the room in the corner there was a small twin sized bed.

The sheets were navy blue and the blanket was almost white.

I couldn't think of a time we ever needed such a small bed.

Also there was a piano right across from the bed.

The basement became our play room.

Our special room that no one else not even our parents ever went in.

We loved the room and spent almost all our child hood there.

That was a long time ago.

12 years to be exact.

We still spend a lot of time down there.

Were still the only ones who go down there.

The only thing that's changed really is Hikaru and I are a bit taller I guess.

We never needed anyone else…..we were like one person a single being.

I was sitting down on the white love seat in our special room doing my science home work.

Hikaru got in trouble and had to stay at school for detention.

So I'm just finishing up before he gets home in about 20 minutes.

"How boring" I groaned to myself.

I jotted my last answer down on the blank and put my now finished essay in my folder and put the folder in my bag.

Now I was truly bored.

I walked over to the twin sized bed and laid my head down on the pillow.

Hikaru and I slept down here in this small bed when we were kids and still do.

The beds small and not very comfortable but we always preferred it to our king sized bed for some reason.

I don't know why we just did.

I closed my eyes and remembered our first night down here.


We were still 5 and it was about 3 says after coming down into the room.

It was raining and I was scared.

Hikaru wanted to make me feel better so we went down to the basement to play.

We ran around the room playing hide and seek.

I was hiding and Hikaru was seeking.

He would tap the wall with two fingers and make soft noise when he did.

If the noise was close I'd tap the wall to say he was close.

He taped the wall close to the piano where I was hiding.

I turned and taped the wall behind me.

I giggled a bit.

"Kaoru" he laughed taping my shoulder.

"Your it" he smiled running.

I climbed out from under the piano and chased after him.

The storm was still going outside and we were safe in our own little world.

Safe in our special room.

I yawned and sat down on the small twin sized bed.

Hikaru sat down next to me and smiled.

"I'm tired to kao-kao".

I nodded and went to go back up stairs.

Hikaru caught my small wrist with his hand.

"The storm is still bad kao-kao it's safer down here in our special place" he smiled.

With that we crawled into the twin sized bed and closed our eyes.

And we slept in that small bed ever since.

Flashback over

I opened my eyes when I heard my twin's footsteps on the steps coming down into the basement.

I sat up and smiled.

Hikaru looked ticked off.

"What now" I laughed.

He sat down next to me.

"You cussed out the limo driver again huh?" I smiled knowing he did.

"Yeah" he muttered under his breath.

"Knew it" I smirked.

"Why" I asked.

He gave me a look that said you don't wanna know.

I nodded and let it rest.

"How was detention" I whispered with lack of anything better to ask.

"Suckish, had to spend 2 hours with Tamaki how crappy does that sound" he rested his head against the wall

I nodded that would've been the longest 2 hours of my life.

"How was sitting here" he asked opening one eye to look at me.

"Um….boring" I said dimly.

He nodded.

"School sucks without you brother" Hikaru whispered

I'd been staying home a lot due to mom not feeling well.

"I know but mom will feel better soon and I'll be back" I smiled assuring him it wouldn't be much longer and I'd be back in school.

He just nodded and rested his head on my shoulder.

We just sat like that in silence for a while.

"kao-kao" he whispered.

I hadn't heard that nick name in almost 6 years.

I narrowed my eyes so they stared into his honey colored eyes.

"Hmm" I asked.

"I love you" he whispered.

"I….love you to….I guess" I said awkwardly at his sudden randomness.

I didn't get why he said that all of the sudden.

I didn't mind.

Something I fond over the years about my twin and I is that no matter what we always were together. Everything we did was together.

We didn't need anyone else.

I was enough for him and him for me.

I was always shy alone as a child and now I feel weak alone…..but whenever I was with Hikaru I was strong and could stand up for myself.

It's still the same today.

I wonder if our life will ever change actually I hope it never dose.

I love my life the way it is.

There's nothing wrong with it.

I wouldn't trade any of my life for the world.

I noticed Hikaru was asleep now.

I rolled my honey colored eyes and laughed a bit.

I'd just let him sleep…..odds are I'd fall asleep to.

I rested my head on his and closed my eyes and fell asleep.