Assigned To What?!

"Let me get this straight," Cuddy says. She frowns slightly and pierces House with a look. "You somehow managed to get the two of us assigned to a section of the FBI dealing with unsolved cases involving the supernatural."

"Yep." House grins.

"Why?" Deadpan.

"Why not?"

Cuddy looks at him, incredulously. "Why not? House!"

"What?" He smirks.

"We are medical doctors. I'm a hospital administrator. What good can come of us working for the FBI – and on these types of cases of all things?" Stepping out of the elevator, she moves down the narrow hallway towards the room allocated to be their office for their time on the FBI.

Book cases strewn with an assortment of books, papers, files and other odd clippings make the journey a hazard; she is glad when a door comes into sight. Turning the knob, she pushes it open. There is a musty smell about the place and it is dark. She flicks on the light.

Stepping gingerly inside, she hesitates and glances back over her shoulder at House. "You're seriously suggesting we go along with this?"

"It's the legendary X Files," House says. "Of course I'm suggesting we do this! It would be foolish not to."

"Oh, you have got to be..." She shakes her head and doesn't finish the sentence.

House pushes past her and beelines to the long desk sitting amongst a cluster of cabinets and cupboards and even more newspaper clippings and books and other junk. He retrieves a manilla folder from the desk and holds it up, waving it about in her face.

"What's that?" Cuddy asks, reluctant to put the question out in the open like that.

"This," House says, "is our first case." He grins and flips it open; Cuddy watches as he shuffles through the papers inside. "Nope! Wait. That's just a collection of what looks like all the local and some not quite as local restaurants and fast food joints that deliver. Must be left from whoever worked here before us."

"Oh boy."

Searching the contents on the desk, House finally holds up another folder. "Now this one is our case," he tells her. "Wanna hear what we got ourselves?" He grins and jumps back into the desk chair. The chair protests gently under his weight.

Cuddy sighs and crosses her arms across her chest. "What, House? What insanity have you gotten us into now?"

House straightens up in the chair, clears his throat and then pauses for effect. He grins. "Spontaneous human combustion."