Summary: Sasuke has gone rogue, and on a mission to retrieve him something supernatural occurs. Now, stuck in a world that is not their own Naruto and Hinata try to figure out this strange world. Many strange creatures live here... what the hell... are pokegirls? Struggling to survive this confusion they have to adapt and do things that will shake relationships and morals. They have to find their way home, but entities won't let them, and allies will decide their fate. -"I'll have to do that! What The Fuck?"

Rated M Naruharem x Hinaharem

Naruto x Pokegirl crossover

Warning: Language, blood, humor, adventure, fantasy, violence, graphic sex, gore, cannibalism, rape, betrayal, destruction; Etc...




*Sound Effects*


"Demon Thinking"

"Demon Talking"

... Time skip ...


xX) - An event taking place at a different location or the end of the day and into the next.


Her eyes opened at the sound of her name...

The sight of leaves whirling... voices nearby?

Yesterday...? Nothing but a blur...

Then everything came rushing back to her! Last night's events filled in a matter of seconds!

Sakura shot up from the bench, "Sasuke, No!"

Her exclaim was followed by silence, Sakura blinked, trying to adjust to the light... The cold cement of the bench on the side of the stone road? She was-

Sakura turned to see Tsunade's assistant's, Kotetsu and Izumo carrying two stacks of books. They stared at her as she stared back in confusion, "Uh, Sakura are you-"

"Sasuke!" Sakura was on her feet and sprinted past the two.



Kotetsu and Izumo glanced at each other, blinking simultaneously, before returning to watch Sakura run off.

- - - - xXx - - - -

Sasuke was gone!

Sakura found that she had trouble saying it herself, "Sasuke's gone!" She cried.

"What?" Tsunade whispered, brows raising as she stood up, "Explain, what do you mean!" Tsunade's jaw clenched, her expression hardening, ushering the pink haired genin to explain her outburst.

Sakura paused, stumbling over herself, she shrunk away nervously, "Sasuke... he left the Village last night, he knocked me out." She ground out, almost afraid to have answered.

Her emerald eyes drifted to the window behind the Hokage.

"Shizune!" She barked to her assistant, Shizune nodding her head as she vanished in a swirl of leaves.

The pink-haired teen was frozen in her place, everything around her seemingly unimportant as she began to relive the events that took place last night, the extreme denial that it all actually happened.

And then-


She flinched, coming back into focus, "Y-yes Lady Tsunade?"

"What happened last night? I need you to tell me everything!"

Sakura winced, "E-everything..."

The question caught the Haruno off guard. Memories of last night clouded her head, wondering what exactly it was that she had done to try and stop the Uchiha from leaving.

-"If you leave! I-I'll Scream!"

"Please... if you have to go... Please take me with you!"-

She bit her lip at the memory, "I'm sorry lady Tsunade... I-I tried to talk him out of leaving, but I couldn't... he knocked me out when my guard was down. I never thought he would ever leave. Please forgive me Lady Tsunade." she apologized as she tightened her fists in shame.

All of the adrenaline she gathered when she rushed in here had faded, suddenly feeling like she was becoming smaller.

"Did he say why he left?"

Sakura tripped over her tongue, trying to stay focused, "H-he told me he was going to find Orochimaru."

A vein was beginning to show along the temple of the slug princess, "Thank you for this Sakura... you're dismissed."

Reality came rearing back as the words hit her.

Sakura looked up, "A-ano... Lady Tsunade, I wish to aid in whatever mission your preparing to send out... I believe that I'm capable!"

Silence soon followed her request.

The Godaime looked over the gennin.


The single word carried the weight of an entire mountain.

Sakura was desperate as she stepped forward, "Lady Tsunade I-

*Knock Knock Knock*

Interrupting their conversation, Tsunade looked to the door...


- - - - xXx - - -

Sakura walked aimlessly in the streets, roughly heading for the North Gate.

A few hours ago she had had awoken from unconsciousness, being the responsible person she was, she relayed the news to the Godaime immediately.

The news of Sasuke Uchiha leaving the village of Konoha, in search for a sensei that could help him become stronger... She didn't know why, she thought that he was plenty strong as he was already, Sasuke didn't think so.

When Tsunade had heard of the news, like any ninja she thought out the threat, she calculated, then she acted out by requesting Shikamaru Nara for an A-rank Mission.

Of course the reaction from Sakura was predictable, that sending a newly instated Chuunin on a mission of that particular value seemed risky and highly unorthodox... but it wasn't her place to say.

Sakura lowered her head further, she thought that she was a very good Kunoichi, she passed the Academy with flying colors; her grades being one of the highest in her whole class as she passed even Sasuke in terms of knowledge; she always tried her best to stay on top, to be the smartest as she believed in brains over bronze.

She even listened to her sensei; following all the things that he told her to do. She protected the Bridge Builder, She survived the Chuunin Exams which ninja twice her age had died, She even stood up to the incredible threat that was Gaara the jinchuuriki. She would say that she survived many things that others would not, in her opinion, she was damn-well qualified to participate in that mission.

Apparently the Godaime thought otherwise, she could understand her decision from a certain point of view, but the thought of being underestimated riled her inner self to great heights... and saddened her unbelievably so.

After Shikamaru showed up she was asked to leave, Tsunade needed to discuss the terms of the mission with the teen.

If not being allowed on the mission... then to at least see them off. She just hoped everything would work out in the end...


... Two Days Later ...

*Chirp chirp chirp*

"Gaaah... rrgh!" Naruto looked up at the tree, pulling himself to his feet after ten minutes.




"Hellooo!" Naruto yelled "Is anyone out there!" hands cupped around his mouth he waited for a reply, but nothing.

Panicked blue eyes shifted confused, worried and so very much in pain.

"Gah! Damn it!" Naruto cursed, pushing his hands into his hair as he stared out into the large forest.

He bared his teeth "Grraah! Hey! Can anyone hear me!" just more whirring of the wind and the leaves, and animals chirping!

*Sigh* "Man! Oh man! Oh man!" He panicked, hands ready to pull his hair out. Looking left to right, he couldn't understand any of this!

He remembered Sasuke- then the clash, next thing he knew he was in pain- a whole lot of it!

He awoke that day to find himself lying in a crater, like he'd fallen from the sky. His clothes were in rags with gashes and blood decorating his body.

His shinobi training wasn't doing much for him at the moment, he trying and failing to evaluate his situation: why, how and when? Unfortunately to no avail.

What the hell was happening!?

Naruto grunted, trying to calm his anxiety and confusion... The last thing he remembered was fighting Sasuke... him and Sasuke both using their strongest techniques against each other

A person at the corner of his vision screaming his name with an outstretched hand? He had no idea who that other person was...

Naruto looked around, "So then... how did I get out here?" deep in this damn forest! The trees were too high to see the top of, hardly any sunlight passed through them, and what lied beyond his surroundings remained unknown.

His arms, his legs, his whole body was just stinging. The blond ninja gritted his teeth, as he looked up... he was lost.

"Great..." He sighed, shoulders dropping as he looked at the ground.

The memory of Sasuke stopped him in his tracks, his attention turned to his best friend... almost a brother to him.

His stood still as he thought about how the Uchiha drove that chidori through his chest... how he released his second stage curse mark on him.

"... Sasuke!" Naruto harshly snapped, his fists tightening. In a state of denial, how could Sasuke be capable of such hatred and malice?

He glanced at the crater he crawled from "Okay, uhh- let's see."

"After our Jutsu clashed... there was that huge black ball." Naruto mumbled holding his head as he did. Struggling to remember the slightest of details, the huge black orb seemed to expand and swallow them up.

"And now I'm here?" He surmised.

He observed the darkness beyond the trees "If only I knew where here was."

That was all he could remember.

Standing in the rags of his orange jumpsuit he stared into the forest... where the hell was he? where was Sasuke? And who was the person that tried to jump between them?

He couldn't afford to think on it "In any case-"


He flinched, violently shoved out of his head by the scream.

Listening to the echoes, he stopped in shock. Could someone else be out here? They could lead him to the nearest village!

"Someone's out there!" Disappearing he jumped tree to tree to find out where the scream came from.

Landing on a branch near the area he peered down at the spectacle, only for his jaw to drop in shock and his brows to rise "Kk! What the hell!-" before slapping a hand over his mouth.

That woman, that lady? It seemed to be a lady because of her large chest and slender figure, whatever the thing was it was covered in fur? He couldn't see who the girl was under this woman but from the looks of it she was being attacked, "-what is that thing...?"

He saw blood.

Snapping out of it, he couldn't waste any more time, the girl was being attacked by the creature! Shaking his head he crossed his fingers.

"Kage Bunshin No Jutsu!" He yelled, the surrounding area burst in smoke with thirty clones now at his side.

"HEY! FUR-LADY!" he yelled, gaining its attention as he glared at the creature.

They charged the creature once the thing looked up in surprise before jumping out of his target zone.

Quickly the clones coming at the girl each created another clone, throwing them in the creatures direction. The thing raised it's arms in defense before an unknown force crashed into the clones causing them to dispel.

Naruto landed in front of the girl that was crying in pain.

He stared at the thing covered in black fur, a long black skinny tail and... large Tsunade-like breasts? It was naked!

The blond teen froze "What the- She... it's..."

*SNARL!* The creature roared.

Naruto shook his head back to reality, blood was dripping down it's hands, she must've hurt the girl behind him. This thing was able to kill!


The weird creature seemed mixed between a human and an animal, it's growling sounding... oddly feline.

It crouched low and disappeared!

Naruto blinked, shinobi training kicking in as he went on full alert.

"Huh-awah! -Hruk! Dah!- what the?" Clones from all around him began going up in smoke!

Naruto narrowed his eyes "GAH!" the cloth on his back ripped away leaving four claw marks engraved in his skin!

Crying out he turned and swung his fist.

She ducked- catching him off guard it pounced on him, pinning him to the ground.

"Ggrrgh! Damn it!"

The pair tumbled and rolled to a stop, the creature coming out on top with her hands pinning him to the ground with surprising strength.

What was he fighting? Where the heck was he! Why was this thing so strong!

The black furred animal leaned down to growl at him, mouth opening about a foot from his face and bared it's large sharp teeth.

Suddenly it lunged at his shoulder digging it's teeth into his skin, blood quickly spurted from the bite! Grass splattered with red.

Reeling out in pain his hand shot to his left leg searching for a weapon holster that wasn't there.

Pushing on it's chest, he tried to heave it off him and all else: choking it, kneeing it, punching. They were all useless, it had a good hold on him and it wasn't going to let go until he stopped struggling.

He could feel warm liquid run down the side of his arm and down his chest, and falling to the side it colored the grass a shiny red slowly becoming a pool of blood around him.

Looking at this thing, it's large breasts rubbed against his chest. He shook his head rapidly and tried to break free, it's weight... Was heavier than he could process, surely over three hundred pounds!

His efforts of fighting back proved vain, his kneeing at her stomach begun to slow. He could tell that the animal knew this because its hold began to loosen with every decrease of movement.

It wasn't long after that he stopped, no longer having the strength to fight back anymore, his twisting and turning ceased and his eyes began to droop. His breathing began to grew ragged.

He glanced down and lifted ahand covered in his own blood.

Naruto blinked, then again to clear the blur from his vision "Y-you've gotta be... kidding m..." He mumbled, his vision starting to fade as he gripped the dirt with his other hand.

He still had to bring Sasuke back to Konoha... he still had to get back home.

"Sasuke." He muttered, his eyes beginning to open, he couldn't here... surely the girl would see and run off... but if he didn't?

Growling rumbled in the back of his throat.

The animal paused as she sensed an oddity in her prey, then grunted in confusion as she looked into the human's eyes.

Naruto's eyes shot open, now brandishing red blood filled irises with a black slit down the middle.

Opening his mouth his canine teeth began to grow.

He lunged at the creature's own throat as his teeth dug into soft fragile fur- blood quickly spurt out.

The furred female gave a cry as it released it's hold on him.

Quickly he released her! Naruto's hands shot up to grip her head before twisting it harshly to the right- *Snap!* The creature's body went limp.

"Haah! Haa... aaahgk!" Naruto gasped, rolling the large body off him as he got up with steam rising from his shoulder as it quickly regenerated... his wound soon completely healed.

Adrenaline faded... Killer intent ceased... and his eyes returned to normal.




"N-Naruto!?" the woman cried in the distance, Naruto's eyebrows went up in surprise.

The girl knew his name? He erupted in shock once he finally saw the girl.

He didn't believe it.

"... Hinata!" He yelped checking to see if it was actually her.

He was up! Still covered in blood and ragged clothes he ran toward her!

She looked just as beaten up as he was, the Hyuuga propped her form up on her left arm, her right was limp and bleeding. Eyes were wide as she stared in disbelief.

He wasn't alone.

"Hinata! I'm so glad to see you -dattebayo~!" He closed the distance and by that time had her wrapped in a hug making her flinch in surprise.

Unconsciously Hinata wrapped her arms around the blond.

Struggling to find her words Hinata gave a pathetically grateful smile "N-Naruto, you're really here!" Hinata tightened her grip, hoping beyond hope that he wasn't a dream.

"Hinata...?" He whispered.

The two stared at each other for a moment.

Hinata stuttered incoherently for a moment "Naruto, how- why-" She stumbled.

Naruto put his hands on her shoulders "Calm down Hinata... I-I don't know what's going on either- I woke up not too far from here like this, then I heard you scream- Kami, I'm glad I wasn't too late."

Hinata would've smiled, cried even, but found her eyes drifting to his bloodied shoulder. She didn't reply as her eyes focused on his healed shoulder that had been torn open and bleeding only a few seconds ago.

Naruto tensed, she must have seen what happened.

'Damn it, she's going to freak, what do I do?' He thought to himself, he didn't want to tell her, he wasn't ready... turning to her she stared at him.

"N-Naruto? How did- but your shoulder..." She whispered.

Naruto gave a nervous smile.

"Hinata... it's- Um... well you see- it's... a bloodline thing." Naruto answered quietly.

She looked confused, at least that's what it looked to him when she blinked at him. She sat up further to position herself, but her clothes couldn't take any more movement as it fell from her shoulders.


Hinata stared at him in surprise, his face changed and it was growing red.

"Naruto? What's w-wrong?" she asked quickly as she brought her hand to her chin in worry.

Hinata paused, her brows creased before moving left to right experimentally 'My... my chest feels...' she thought, the pain in her right arm suddenly didn't matter, even if her arm sported large claw marks, she had slowly come to the realization that her breasts were exposed... and very... attentive.

She had never felt so embarrassed!

Hinata bent and covered her chest, Naruto fell back at the sudden cry, knocked out of his mind he yelped in return.

"I'm so sorry! Hinata, I didn't mean- It wasn't-" He stuttered as he faced the other way.

Hinata whimpered, eyes closed she merely shook her head left to right and found her tongue "Never mind Naruto I... I'm sorry."

Hinata looked away, her face growing even more red. Quickly she ripped off her sleeve from her ripped blue long sleeved shirt and wrapped the cloth around her chest, she was glad that it was over and that Naruto hadn't said anything other than 'I'm sorry!' It was just too embarrassing.

"Ne, Hinata?" Naruto mumbled nervously after Hinata had covered herself decently, he had his head rested on his arms looking at the sky as he said this, a small blush on his cheeks.

Standing up she turned to him "H-hai?"

"Do you know what this place is...?" Naruto asked, his head tilting toward her in seriousness, he glanced at the black furred animal that lay only a few feet from the two of them.

Hinata crossed and twiddled her fingers mumbling an apology.

"I mean... where are we? And what is that thing?" Naruto gestured to the dead animal baring close resemblance to a human.

Naruto inspected the body. The abilities, her speed and strength, this was something else!

"The last thing I remember was fighting Sasuke and-and..." he drifted off, he was confused, tired and just wanted his questions answered!

The only person who could possibly understand what he was talking about right now was Hinata.


"I don't know." Hinata replied sadly "When I woke up I was being attacked by her... then you saved me." her arms moved to cover her stomach, unfortunately the cloth on her upper body only covered her chest.

Hinata looked at him. Naruto turned to look at her before he paused, she found Naruto's eyes looked to her bare arms and down to her bare stomach.

It forced a blush.

Naruto's expression hardened as he walked over to her, ripping a small piece of clothing from his orange jumpsuit, Hinata blinked thinking she said something wrong for a moment as her body tensed.

"We should wrap that before it gets any worse Hinata." his voice was filled with concerned.

Hinata looked down to be reminded of her open wounds still bleeding and looking mighty painful "Oh... I guess you're right." She lifted her arm for Naruto to wrap, staring at him the whole time during.

She winced as he tightened the cloth "O-ow!" she whimpered.

"Sorry." Naruto apologized as he finished, looking up at her.

They stared at each other for a moment

Naruto turned away nervously "Hinata, come here and look at this... thing." He muttered, waiting for her.

They both stared at the curvy lifeless predator, it was on it's side.

Hinata moved to lay it on it's back to look at it's face, grabbing the creatures shoulder she flipped it onto it's back.

*Thud* ~Jiggle Jiggle~

Both Naruto and Hinata's faces turned bright red.

"It looks feline." She diverted.

Naruto scratched his head "Well we both know it's a girl." he stated awkwardly.

Hinata lowered her head and nodded in agreement "What is she...?"

"Byakugan!" She looked the girl up and down "Her body looks like a mix of a human and a feline, like an anthropomorphic ... Black Jaguar?" She thought out loud as she deactivated her kekkei genkai, her eyes captivated by the felines muscle structure and form... as well her well-developed Tsunade-sized assets.

"An... anthro?" Naruto asked.

Hinata blinked, not sure of any other suitable title "Well... it seems that way Naruto." She replied softly.

"But where did she come from? Why is it that this is the only... anthro we've seen until now?" He asked.

"Maybe it's not just her? There might be more..."

Naruto didn't like the sound of it "So then... where did we end up?" He asked reluctantly.

Sadly Hinata turned to him and shrugged "I don't know Naruto... sorry I'm not much help." They were in the middle of Kami-knows-where with no food, water, and only had on bloodied rags!

Hinata was trying to say something, Naruto felt himself frown as he stepped closer to her and stared at her.

"Ehh? What is it Hinata?"

"A-ano... maybe it had something to do with that bright flash?" Hinata whispered as she slowly backed up a bit.

Naruto began to think about it before he slowly nodded.

"Yeah! That was probably it! Hinata that bright flash was what caused us to be where we are!" Naruto shouted. Hinata took a few moments to interpret what Naruto said realizing it was pretty much the same thing she said, but knowing the blond she nodded her head.

Naruto raised his finger in order to explain, what seemed to Hinata, their predicament but after five seconds of silence, Naruto gave out a sigh at the hopelessness of the situation.

"Hinata..." Naruto muttered dejectedly.

Hinata looked up "Yes Naruto?"

Turning to the forest, the sun was ready to go down and that was one of the worst things that could happen to a shinobi if they did not have the equipment to survive in the environment, they had no food or water, no shelter or even a weapon.

They had no idea where they were, or what kind of dangers were out here; completely unprepared for this. They had nothing.

"Where are we?" He whispered once again, watching the sun proceeding to hide away.

- - - - xXx - - -

She was with him? Not the best situation, but... She was alone with Naruto.

She knew that she shouldn't have been thinking about such meaningless things but the young Hyuuga couldn't help it.

Hinata released a depressed sigh staring at what remained of her clothes; so torn and tattered that all that was left of her shirt was used to cover up her chest, her spandex pants now reduced to short, short... shorts, not even reaching halfway down her thighs.

'It's pretty much panties now.' she realized.

Hinata blushed, she didn't like how exposed her stomach and thighs were, she could practically feel imaginary wandering eyes.

This wasn't the time for such thoughts, she was a Kunoichi! Right now they both needed to find a solution to this and after that then she could let her mind travel.

She looked up at one of the many large tree's "Ano Naruto, it'll be dark soon, don't you think we should find a place to rest?" She asked, without shelter, without food, they needed to look around and quick.

Naruto shook out of his droned like state, turning away from the falling sun to Hinata.

Coming to, he nodded "Right... are there any other 'anthro's' out here Hinata?"

Activating her Byakugan she scanned the area. She didn't see any more anthro's, but she did spy a large tree trunk at the base of a huge tree in the distance, large enough to take shelter in for the night.

"There's nothing Naruto-kun. I see a place we can rest, and a small stream near-by." She replied.

Naruto smiled, and clenched his fists, "That's great!" Looking up he continued "I'll scale one of these tree's, see if I can scout out anything out there."

"And if there's nothing?"

He shrugged "Then the least I can do is check which direction is the best way to travel tomorrow morning." proceeding to scale one of the forest tree's.

Hinata turned around, looking back to the feline female.

The Hyuuga occupied herself with collecting leaves from the tree's, she carefully placed the large leaves over the female feline.

It was strange? Hinata found her eyes drifting to observe the bite mark Naruto committed into her shoulder, it hardly seemed anything like a human bite, deep fangs were printed in it's skin.

Could it have possibly been a bloodline ability? Had Naruto hid that from her as well as all of Konoha and not have used it in all the time she had known him? She felt herself blush as she realized that she was doubting Naruto; perhaps he was far more smarter than she'd thought?

Covering the deceased body, Hinata gave a small prayer.

Naruto landed back on the ground with a sigh "Nothing but trees, I guess our best bet would be to head south, the other directions seem to have mountains up ahead, and civilization is usually on plain ground so..." Naruto stopped mid-sentence to see Hinata giving a prayer to the female feline.

Scratching the back of his head he turned away, silent for a minute "... We should go now Hinata."

"Okay." She replied.

Naruto grunted "We need to hurry and collect water, as well as any food we can find before it gets dark, I don't want to run into another one of these things, and I don't think it will be any better when the sun's gone." Naruto said seriously before taking to the trees, shortly turning back to see if she was following.

"Y-yes Naruto." Hinata stuttered before following suit.

- - - - xXx - - - -

Hinata creased her brows, she sat underneath the large tree trunk, a small pile of wood she had gathered before her.

Holding up two small rocks in her hands she pushed chakra into her hands and scratched the rocks together, it sparked and a second time with more chakra caused sparks to fly off and hit the collection of wood.

Some of the smaller pieces of wood began to glow, quickly Hinata leaned down to blow on it and it wasn't long before she had a fire going.

"Hey you got the fire started!" Naruto noted, carrying three leaves, he had folded each human sized leaf into a carrier for water, with an opening at the top, and tied a small strand of his orange cloth around it.

Hinata nodded with a smile "Mmhm."

Naruto grinned as he placed the water gently beside the pile of apples, mango's and peach's they gathered.

He sat down with a sigh, it was dark out, he put his hands out over the fire to warm himself.

Hinata glanced to the blond.

His orange jacket was gone now, and his black shirt was now a sleeveless shirt, his abdomen was exposed for the most part as well, however there were four rips in the back of his shirt from the attack that feline did to his back.

Hinata's cheeks were heating up the longer she looked. His pants were ripped shorts, but although he had blood and mud stains he supported no scratches or wounds from the fight with the anthro Jaguar.

The Hyuuga grunted softly, cradling her right arm, Naruto was gracious enough to tear off a piece of his fabric to wrap the gashes in her arm; aside from that she only bore scrapes and bruises.

"Mmff!" Hinata winced, her arm was stinging, burning even for some strange reason.

Naruto snapped up immediately and shifted to get up if he needed "Are you alright Hinata?"

Hinata forced an apologetic smile "D-don't worry, I'm fine-hhnnmm...!" She whimpered, her stomach suddenly adding to agony, despite her protest Naruto was next to her within a second.

"Naruto- I-I'm fine-" *Wince*

"Hinata, tell me where it hurts." When he touched her shoulder Hinata grunted, the aching in her stomach quickly died down, but now her arm was getting even more hot.

Hinata closed her eyes "A-... my arm, it's burning!" She whimpered.

Naruto narrowed his eyes, slowly he took her arm and unwrapped the cloth. Hinata had her eyes on his face, her cheeks heated up as she analyzed how close he was to her.

"What the?" Naruto mumbled.

Hinata saw his face twist in confusion, looking down at her arm she even found herself at a loss for words!

... Mere Scratches?

In slight confusion Naruto scratched his head "I guess... the wound wasn't that deep." But even as he said it he continued to do a double take.

Hinata stared at the gashes in her arm, they were thinner and now weren't so deep.

They both looked at the other.

Blushing, Hinata averted her gaze and he snapped out of it. Turning, he scooted away a bit and sat back down after he re-wrapped the wound.

She glanced out of the corner of her eyes, briefly thought about talking to him about the feline and his strange ability, she had been really doubting that it was a bloodline limit because... She knew he was lying.

She wanted to find out what he was hiding, it was pretty obvious but yet a small piece of information kept her from connecting the dots. She may not have been as good at reading people as Neji was, but she had skills on reading body and facial movements like any other Hyuuga, but a large side of her didn't want to anger Naruto so she kept quiet.

It felt odd to be alone out here with just him.

Say something, anything would have been good to settle the awkward silence. Hinata moved to say something-

"Hinata?" He had a faraway look as he stared into the fire.

"Y-yes?" Breaking her gaze from the blond she felt her cheeks turn red before she turned to the fire.

He mumbled "I want to know... how exactly you knew about- about the mission, I mean no one told you so how did you..." continuing to stare on ahead as if he was remembering something.

Her eyes widened at the question, something that she should have expected from the hyperactive blond, going quiet she closed her eyes "Oh, right... Mmm." Hinata mused to herself, looking at the fire with a solemn face, thinking back to how things led up to the way they did.

"Well... I- I was walking and I saw you, Shikamaru, and Choji. From your expression you seemed worried, I didn't know what but... I thought that I could have helped."

-"Naruto...?" Hinata whispered seeing him jump off toward the west gate accompanied by Shikamaru and Choji. Her gaze followed them until they had disappeared.

They had been talking, and all of their faces were none to happy. What could have happened to make Naruto so serious?

She didn't want to believe that something bad had happened but in the world they lived in there was no doubt that there were literally a million of bad things that could have happened. Standing in the middle of the road she looked at the spot where she had last seen them, maybe she could ask Lady Hokage?

A part of her believed that Naruto was strong enough to handle whatever it was he was facing, but the other part of her wanted to be by his side and help him with his problem and there was only one thing she could do to put her mind at ease, and that was to find out what was going on.

"Byakugan!" She exclaimed, she wasn't surprised when she saw that they were nearly out of her vision considering the size of Konoha but from what she could tell they had stopped before being joined by a fourth member, was it something that important?

She had to find out what was happening jumping up on the nearest building she headed toward their direction even if she couldn't see them she knew they were somewhere at the west gate she just had to hurry before they left to where ever they were going.

'Naruto... what happened?' She thought to herself as her face began to gradually grow more worried and the more she felt guilty that she felt the need to protect someone as strong as Naruto-kun but it was something about her that could not be helped.-

"I didn't know what happened so I chased after you and when I got there."

-Slowing down she saw they all gathered at the gate softly landing on the ground she hid behind the nearest tree around that was close enough to observe them but far enough for her not to hear them and for them to detect her.

She had no idea why she had felt the need to hide from her own comrades but it was the strange feeling she had telling her to do so and she wasn't one to argue with her instincts and so she had watched from afar as Shikamaru knelt down with four surrounding him including Naruto.

It wasn't long before they were accompanied with the crippled Taijutsu gennin Rock Lee and later on Sakura had arrived. She watched in worry when it appeared that Sakura was crying, Naruto staring at her in shock as she hugged herself and cried even more.

"Sakura." She whispered sadly watching Sakura cry before Naruto smiled saying something to her before they had left. Was it really that bad that five of the 12 shinobi that she was friends with had to leave?-

"When I saw Sakura cry I knew something was wrong and I knew that I couldn't just sit back in the dark, not knowing what to do."

"So you chased after us?"

"... Yes."

-She had to find out why this happened and there was no one better than the Hokage herself, she just didn't have the heart to meet Sakura face to face so she decided to leave her alone.

On her way she had ran into someone she hadn't expected.

"Hinata?" Tenten asked after getting up from having Hinata run into her, Hinata apologized before turning fully concentrated on getting to the Hokage before Tenten stopped her and asked her why she was in a rush. After some time Hinata explained to her what she had seen so far.

"I think something bad has happened Tenten-san! I-I need to get to Hokage-sama to see if I can help!" She explained, Tenten's expression hardened as she nodded, they both left to the Hokage tower.

It seemed rude to run past Shizune without an appointment but she had to find out what the problem was. Quickly Tenten knocked on her door, they had waited there for a few seconds before Tsuande had answered for them to come in.

When they had complied Hinata could see Tsunade sending a messenger bird off, she didn't know what that was about, she did not care either but before they could say anything Tsunade seemed to beat them to it.

"What is the meaning of this?" Tsunade asked calmly, but for her that was not that calm a tick mark had come onto her forehead, Hinata sputtered for a short while before Tenten had rescued her from asking anything.

"If I may Lady Hokage, Hinata saw Naruto, Neji, and a few others being dispatched and we would like to know what happened?" She asked, Hinata silently thanking her.

Tsunade let out an aggravated sigh at hearing this.

She didn't have time for Ninja who weren't ready for something, from the reports of the 12 gennin, one now a chuunin, then she assumed that these two girls were Tenten: An orphan without a last name being adopted by the weapon shop owner, and Hinata Hyuuga: Heir to the Hyuuga clan and from what she knew they had both lost their match in the chuunin exams. Sighing she rubbed her temples.

"Everything is being handled, please leave everything will be okay."

"But Hokage-"

"Tenten everything is under control, you two don't need to worry about it." Tsunade cut off with an irritated tone letting the two gennin know that they were not going to be told twice, she had just sent a messenger bird to contact Suna so even if the leaf gennin did need help on the Sasuke retrieval mission then they already had help coming, she did not want to risk anymore of her gennin.

"B-but... Lady Hokage please, I know I can help!" Hinata interrupted, Tsunade raising her left brow.

"Leave, the situation is being handled, Suna has been notified of the situatio-"

"But what if they don't get there in time!" Hinata cried interrupting the Hokage in the middle of her sentence.

She was set with determination, she didn't even know what was going on but she knew that this was important and she wanted to help, she'd argue and more until Tsunade agreed.

Tsunade paused her sentence as she quickly thought this over, she was taking a gamble as much as it was... but usually if you put more on the line then the more the odds are that you'd win. She sighed at this, she was probably going to regret this later though it wasn't like she didn't regret many things already.

"... fine, have it your way brat." Tsunade lightly bashed, Hinata giving a relieved smile Tenten also following suit, Tsunade quickly explained the situation that they had about the Sasuke retrieval mission, to say that Hinata and Tenten were shocked would have been like saying war was peaceful.

Tsunade gave them five hours to get ready, and they were quick to leave seeing as how it was already an hour since she had seen Naruto and his team leave. Tenten told Hinata to meet her at the weapon shop after she had got what she needed.-

Naruto blinked, Hinata continuing to look ahead sadly, Naruto didn't know why she had done something that she knew would have cost her her life, but he was somewhat glad things went down the way they did. That didn't mean that he wasn't concerned about her, for all he knew the rest of his comrades could have been killed.

"So what happened?" Naruto asked as Hinata turned to him.

"We packed and left, a-although before we did we had seen Lee ready to leave... but Tenten was able to convince him otherwise because he was still healing." She explained, thinking back on it.

"Hinata you know that's not what I meant." Naruto frowned, but still that little piece of news gave him a little piece to the puzzle in his head, he awaited Hinata's answer but from her face it seemed as if she was trying to remember.

Hugging her knees she leaned closer to the fire "... Did you run into a girl named Tayuya?" Hinata asked, Naruto was blank at first not knowing whether he had actually known someone by that name.

Staying silent for a moment a faint image of the girl appeared in his mind with a smirk, red-hair and a flute. Naruto turned to her and nodded.

Hinata glanced to him then back to the fire "Well..."

-"Things are far too troublesome..." Shikmaru muttered as he stared at Tayuya, Naruto having just slipped by just a few moments ago, and now he had to deal with someone that was experienced with Genjutsu... yeah things were a real drag, cracking his neck he stared at her with a bored expression.

"You little rat! I'll fucking teach you to mess with me!" She yelled bringing her flute toward her mouth to play a melody, he wasn't completely sure but he could see the sound traveling toward him, and he knew that once that wave reached him he would be enveloped in a Genjutsu, there was no point in running from sound.

He didn't suspect help, he calculated the odds and knew that receiving help was at least one out of five thousand chance among other things. He was pretty much going to be on his own in this one, so he was genuinely surprised when he was pulled back by someone and Hinata landed where he had been.

"ShugoHakke Rokujyuu Yonshou(Guardian of Eight Divination Seals: Sixty Four Strikes)!"

Looking around in confusion he saw Hinata began to spin extending her arms creating some sort of visible dome, it surely wasn't the Kaiten that he'd seen in the Chuunin exams, but she was still exerting chakra creating little visible blue lines at an extremely fast speed that it seemed like it was a large blue ball of chakra.

What happened next shocked him, it seemed she deflected her Genjutsu? No sound had gotten through? Her face was more serious than he had ever seen her in as she soon ceased spinning, Tayuya looked less than pleased.

"What's this! More shit-eating Leaf shinobi?" She cursed but Hinata did not waver, Shikamaru quickly observed what had happened realizing that out of those odds that the 1 had come of victorious.

Shikamaru took a moment to calm down, standing up he turned to his other reinforcement finding out that it was Tenten, only that she was dressed differently as well(Shippuden) with a large scroll on her back, he took a moment to erase the shock from his face.

"Hinata, Tenten, what are you two doing here?" He asked.

"We've come to help Shikamaru." Hinata spoke softly causing Tayuya to scoff.

"Where's Sasuke?" Tenten asked.

"He was grabbed by another one of them and escaped, Naruto went after him." Shikamaru replied, heaving a relieved sigh he wiped a small bit of blood off his mouth.

"Right, Hinata and you will-"

"Don't worry Tenten... I will stay." Hinata interrupted as she stayed in her Hyuuga's Gentle Fist stance, her eyes narrowed at the red-head before her, Tenten seemed shocked by this and with Hinata's Byakugan active she had seen this before turning with a smile.

"Please do not worry about me, I will fight her... we don't have much time please hurry!" She pleaded before turning back to Tayuya.

"Don't you fucking underestimate me you bitch!" She cursed raising her middle finger at her.

"You need not concern yourself with them I shall be your opponent." Hinata retorted Tayuya's face curling into a snarl.

"Hinata-" Shikamaru muttered, knowing the odds of Hinata winning was slim.

"Please Shikamaru hurry before Sasuke is out of our reach!" Hinata yelled as loud as she could, charging the red-head before Tayuya even had time to think Hinata was before her low with her index fingers pointed.

"Jyuukenhou: Hakke Sanjyuuni Shou(Gentle Fist: Eight Trigrams 32 Palms)!" She yelled while Tayuya growled Hinata beginning to strike at her Tenketsu, but even Hinata knew that this wouldn't take her down, she just hoped that she could slow her down enough for Shikamaru and Tenten to get away.

"Come on Let's go!" Tenten urged, grabbing hold of Shikamaru's vest.

"Right" Shikamaru replied before they both bounded off toward Naruto.-

Now that she had time to think about it she had no idea what she'd been thinking.

It was obvious Tayuya was stronger! More experienced.

Yet she'd chose to stay and fight her in order to let Tenten and Shikamaru go on ahead, she had no fear at the time... she had simply just done it without a second thought.

She almost died... mere seconds from it.

In a last effort to win she had to use a technique that was still months away from mastering, she was just lucky their fight had carried on to a small river.

Had that fight lasted just a little longer...

It made her realize how much stronger others were and how weak she actually was.

Hinata couldn't help but repress a shiver in memory of the colorful vocabulary that woman had known along with her scary cursed seal.

"You fought Tayuya?" Hinata couldn't help but lower her head a little, was it that hard to believe? Did Naruto think that she was lying?

"... I swear, I did." Hinata urged her honesty, glancing at him out of the corner of her eye.

It seemed Naruto had sensed this, he immediately apologized.

"Not like I don't believe you, I mean you're really believable! B-but it's just that she was really strong-eh! Not like you're not strong Hinata you're plenty-" He stumbled over his words.

Hinata smiled at how much he cared knowing full well that he was telling the truth. Blushing at the complements she quietly interrupted him.

"It's okay Naruto-kun, I know what you mean."

Rubbing the back of his neck he blushed in embarrassment, "It's just... just thinking about the two of you made me worry!" Naruto finished still hoping that Hinata wasn't sad, the last thing he wanted was for her to be mad at him "Honestly I'm surprised grandma Tsunade let you guys go, but I'm glad you came."

Hinata whirled to her blond enigma with a shocked expression a light pink tint adorning her cheeks. She turned away with a balled up fist to her chin.

'He was worried...?'

Naruto nervously cleared his throat.

"Er-uh well what happened, did you win?"

The question was foolish since she was obviously still alive, but the fact that Naruto asked the question made it seem cute.

"Y-yeah..." Hinata mumbled, Naruto's face broke out in real genuine amazement, twinkling at Hinata, her face only grew redder.

"I knew you could do it Hinata! You're amazing!"

"N-Nauto." She stuttered turning to him.

His smiling slowly grew into confusion "Ne Hinata, how did you find me?" He asked.

Hinata stared at Naruto carefully before she softly tapped the side of her head.

He became flustered "Oh man I totally forgot about your Byakugan... but how did you know it was me and not Tenten or Shikamaru or something?" Naruto tilted his head.

She didn't know how to explain this. Naruto's chakra was special and she was sure that any Hyuuga could see that about his chakra.

Instead of the usual blue that she saw in others, not to say she still didn't see blue but if she looked hard enough then she would occasionally see an orange or red spark every now and then coming from Naruto's stomach.

Once she'd activated her Byakuan, nearly all her comrades were too far out of her range of vision.

However... there was one chakra signature she could see clearly and it was releasing chakra in waves... but this chakra wasn't blue, nor the occasional orange, instead this chakra was red in the shape of some sort of animal that she could not make out.

At first she'd wondered what it was, but she related it to Naruto due to his special chakra... had it turned red?

She brought two and two together. That was where Naruto was.

She headed for it the moment she figured it out and as she grew closer she could see a purple chakra signature later on releasing large waves as well.

That was when she arrived seeing Naruto covered in some sort of visible red chakra cloak running toward a bat like figure with Naruto's claws grinding into the ground as he ran.

They collided and hit one of the large statues ankle, not long after Naruto was sent flying to the other end!

She'd been frozen in place, hard to believe what she was seeing. That was when Naruto created his Rasengan and the creature used Sasuke's chidori technique, Hinata realized that the creature was Sasuke himself!

The power behind the two attacks... frightening.

Without thinking she'd rushed in, not even caring if she died or not just as long as Naruto lived.


Then she woke up with that creature hovering over her, it's large assets sliding up and down her upper body as it sniffed her, that was when she screamed.

After Naruto had saved her she didn't know what she saw but after Naruto killed the feline she knew that the red chakra was real.

The real Sasuke she had seen back then... His curse mark.

In that small amount of time she finally realized how strong the two were and exactly how she compared to the two... she didn't stand a chance.

'Wouldn't even last a second...' she declared sadly, she idly wondered how far apart she was from comparing to Naruto.

She didn't even know that she'd ignored Naruto's question for a full three minutes.


Snapping out of it Hinata was embarrassed, "I'm sorry Naruto, it's just..." She mumbled.

"Tired?" Naruto assumed, Hinata smiled and nodded shyly, Naruto scratched his cheek, "It is getting late, we should go to bed so we can wake up early. I'll leave a clone to watch over us."

Hinata nodded and thanked him, she laid down on the ground... faced away from Naruto.

Naruto doing the same facing the other way, both simply stared at the roots of the tree they were under.

Slowly they drifted off to sleep.



It had a firm grip on him no matter how hard he kicked, how hard he fought back.

It tossed him, "Gah!" He grunted, his frame thrown against the cave floor. His body covered in scratches and gashes, his ripped and tattered clothes covered in blood, he creaked open his eyes and saw nothing but a blur.

The figure standing above him was snarling, it was taller, much stronger, and as it bent down to smell him the teen cried out, confused and panicked.

"Get away from me!" He yelled, kicking it and he hurried to crawl away, it hissed and snarled in protest, grabbing his ankle and pulling him back, he struggled, he kicked, and cried out but nothing would hear him in the night, in this deep dark cave the creature dragged him to.

The thing grabbed him, it leaned on him, smelled his neck, it was then the teen realized it was some type of female, a female with wings! Glowing eyes!

"What the hell are you!" He yelled.

It swiped at him, and four large gashes imprinted itself in his chest he screamed, it ripped off his shirt and a certain glint sparked inside the female's eyes at the sight of his exposed skin, a hungry look on her as her eyes traveled down his body.

The teen winced, his echo's going out the cave and off the mountain as he screamed.