'It's already been a week...' Myrel thought as she stared at nothing, 'Pretty soon... Naruto and... Hinata, will be leaving.'

Why this strange feeling?

Myrel's expression hardened, a small pout developed, 'He's a freaking kid! Rash and too damn excited all the time. He has that annoying habit of snoring, and his eating habits are horrible. What Tamer would allow their Pokégirls to be crippled by all this special training? In fact he's still just a beginner and is bound to make many more mistakes.' She reminded, scowling at the ceiling stubbornly.

- "I don't want you to suffer Myrel."

"Come on and try it if you'd like, I'll help you!"

"Right behind you Kiya, Yahh!" -

Yet, despite all the flaws he had... a smile was forcing its way across her lips at these memories.

Her wings softly trembled, 'Maybe... maybe I should tell him... Toda-'

Kiya groaned, "Myrrmh, knock it offmm." the Kitsune could feel her wings shake underneath her.

Myrel snapped to reality, glancing to the right, her wings slowly stopped. Kiya in turn nuzzled her muzzle deeper under her right breast as she clung to her, arm draped over her.

Her brow twitched.

She winced- teeth nibbling through fabric- her head lifted to look at the Cheshire lying on her chest, face in her other breast, arms wrapped around her waist, every now and then she'd lick the Dracona's pajamas.

Myrel stared quietly, trying to quell her growing anger... she turned her head to the left, Tashira lied face down. Hair hiding her face, she was on top of the Dracona's left arm, while Tashira's own arm ran across her neck... snoring into her left ear.

The Dracona shut her eyes, *Inhale... Exhale* her arm was numb.

Myrel looked back up at the ceiling, then the Dracona sighed in frustration, "... I have to get out of this goddamn bed."

"Tch... Myrel you mind?.. Tryin to sleep." Tashira grumbled, "Damn." she huffed, turning her head the other way.

... Myrel glared at the ceiling.

*Yaawwnn!...* "Ohh..." Myrel groaned, cracking the cricks in her neck as she walked through the living room, Tashira and Yue already fixed their breakfast.

"What's with that look?" Kiya peered suspiciously.

Myrel snapped up, "What look?" Kiya was looking at her strangely, "Er- Hmph!... I didn't get enough sleep." she grumbled changing her thoughts.

The Kitsune's ears perked, her tail forming a '?' mark, "Why, what's wrong?"

The Dracona deadpanned sarcastically, "It's probably got something to do with you girls burying me this morning. Damn have you guys every heard of giving each other space?" she complained.

Kiya blinked, "Space?... Is that a rare Pokégirl or something?" she faked confusion.

Myrel groaned while rolling her eyes.

"Quit your whining Princess." Tashira cut in, walking by the two on her way toward the dining room.

Myrel's brow twitched, glaring at the Dracass's back, "Yeah, I like being bathed in drool each morning." She huffed angrily, crossing her arms.

"Really?" Nyana mewed from the couch, the Boobcat's ears attentive.

The Dracona sighed exaggeratedly, putting a hand on her forehead, "Mn, I think I'm starting to get a headache~" she groaned, walking away.

Kiya followed at the heels, her suspicion still not giving way, she caught up with the Dracona entering the Kitchen, "Something seems off about you." she observed.

"What are you on about now Kiya?" Myrel questioned, raising a brow at the smaller Kitsune walking around her staring her up and down.

Kiya narrowed her eyes, thumb under her chin in concentration, "I can't put my finger on it, you're walking upright, your expressions are less concerned... Are you happy about something?" she inquired looking up at Myrel with large brown analytical eyes.

Myrel's head softly jerked back in surprise, eyes widening, 'The hell? How does she-...?'

"Infact, now that I think about it," Kiya pondered, looking up to the left in thought, Myrel stayed silent as she watched in internal shock, "You seemed deep in thought when you began to wake us up..."

The Kitsune's ears and tail slowly raised to their length, a large mischievous grin overcoming her features as she leaned in close to the Dracona, "What were you thinking about Myrel?"

"Ah-?" Myrel stared blankly before fidgeting, trying to form the words, "Nothing, i-it wasn't important." she denied.

Kiya stepped closer, invading her 'space', "Really? Then why were your wings fluttering?" she asked, her tail beginning to wag with interest.

Myrel put space between them, "How the hell are you doing that? It's creeping me out damn it! Back off!" she complained as she stepped backwards.

Kiya toddled her head left to right in consideration, "Months of Hinata's "Training" Ooooh~" She stated ominously before letting out a flurry of giggles and yips.

Myrel frowned, and huffed impatiently.

Letting her steam run low, the Kitsune continued, "Hinata dubbed the training 'Reading Facial Movements and Body Posture', something she picked up, it helps to figure things out for yourself."

Myrel's eyes widened as she tilted her head, staring in disbelief, "Wait- wha... How did she learn that? What kind of training did-... Eh?" grunting in surprise she felt herself shrink insecurely as Kiya leaned forward, ignored her and peered at her in concentration.

"Maybe... soon Naruto and Hinata can train you to do it as well," She assumed with a mischievous grin, Myrel's cheeks heated at her hint as Kiya continued to unveil her.

"And from what I can gather," Kiya muttered looking her up and down carefully, "At the mere mention of his name, geez Myrel you're blushing and tingling all over... You were thinking about him this morning weren't you?"

Myrel didn't speak.

Kiya felt herself becoming giddy, "And it makes you happy to think about him to!" she quietly yipped, her stomach filling with butterflies, "You already said you wanted to join him... So what makes today so special to get you like this?" she finished.

Kiya looked upon Myrel in revelation, a genuine smile gracing the Kitsune's muzzle.

Myrel stared at her, perhaps longer than she needed to, as if to see if Kiya would tease or make fun of these strange feelings she hadn't felt in a long long time, or maybe to see if she disapproved, hesitance, disgust, anything at all.

Instead Kiya smiled and stared back happily as she wagged her tail.

Myrel's stubbornness slowly faltered, replaced by hesitance, "I was... planning on telling him... Today." she muttered, resisting eye contact.

Kiya's expression bloomed even larger, ~Squee!~

"I haven't worked up the courage yet," Myrel added seriously, "I just don't know how I'd do it."

Kiya blinked, staring at the Dragon-type she gave it minor thought, "Tell him you wanna fuck his brains out." she suggested simply.

Tashira, Yue, and four other Pokégirl heads perked in on the scene.

"What!?" Myrel snapped at attention, the Dracona's face heated up and turned her golden tinted cheeks red.

"The best thing to do is to just get it over with," The Kitsune grinned, perking up, "Come on let's go tell him! You're way overdue!" she encouraged.

Myrel paled, reluctant, frightened even, "I-I... Kiya I don't want to -erm, it's not the right time, I-I'm not ready.." She excused nervously scratching the back of her head.

The Kitsune stopped in disbelief, then her cheeks puffed out in a pout, "Feh, stop being a baby dragon, lets go." walking behind her she pushed her, "Rrgh- Trust me~ Myrel!" Kiya grunted.

"W-wha! No Kiya- I'm serious! I'm not ready dammit!" her feet slid across the tiles at Kiya's pushing, face full of fear.

Naruto growled to himself, screwing his eyes shut in pain he clenched his teeth.

"Grrgh! Ahh!" Naruto hissed, sitting on his bed he leaned back, and gripped his abdomen, steam arising from his stomach and chest.

The muscles in his abdomen and chest stung, ached, burned like fire as all he could do was sit and wait for it to pass.

Tightening his fist he growled painfully, "Rrgh! Damn it Kyuubi!" He nearly gritted his teeth, leaning forward he writhed for what felt like an hour, but finally after three full minutes the pain and steam ceased.

*Pant! Pant!*

"Hraah!" He grunted, getting to his feet he leaned over the dresser, panting and gasping out of breath, finally relieved, his face was nearly dripping with sweat, "Finally done are you?" he ground out through clenched teeth, staring into the eyes of his reflection.

This had been the fourth day in the row this had happened, immense stinging pain, his muscles tightened so painfully hard that he was left writhing in place for minutes before it finally passed.

It had first started the day he had worked out with Hinata and Kitsuto, before in fact. That morning when he had woken up his hands, and arms stung and ached so bad like he could not believe.

He had thought about telling someone after it had stopped, but then he felt the results... His arms were completely healed.

The next day it had been his legs that time, his calves, thighs and the soles of his feet burned and cramped horribly that night that forced him out of bed afterwards to get a drink of water before finding out that Hinata was still awake.

His legs were fully healed.

The third day it was his back, even after it was healed he was still fairly sore leaving him arching his back to stretch.

And today it had been his abdomen and chest.

He knew that it was the Kyuubi, it had to be, the only question he had was why now!? Why were sections of his body being suddenly painfully and forcefully healed?

Stretching his stomach and chest he sighed, feeling the soreness wear off after about an hour. He would go ask the damn furball what the deal was... He just didn't know how to contact him.

'Hmph, the furball said I usually wind up in my subconscious if I pass out or I'm knocked unconscious... But, other than that I really don't know how to get there.' And right now, knocking himself out, or doing something that would force him to pass out both sounded pretty painful.

"Kuso, what hell is that furball up to..." Rubbing his sore shoulders Naruto pulled on a shirt. With a sigh he ruffled his damp hair to look more natural.

Staring at his reflection in the mirror he frowned, "If there's any upside to this, it's that he's finally healing my body." he muttered.


"Mm?" Naruto glanced at the door, the sound making him raise a brow.


Turning toward the door completely, Naruto tilted his head, his expression growing more curious.


"Let-rrgh- go!"

Naruto stared at the door for a moment, recognizing Kiya and Myrel's voice he walked over, "Eh? What are those two up to?"

"-At least let me get breakfast first!"

"Haarh- You're gonna make me bust a gut Myrel!"

Opening the door Naruto paused awkwardly, he stared at the two Pokégirls just outside of his room, Kiya and Myrel both stopped struggling, their heads snapping to him.

Kiya had Myrel from behind, arms around her waist, Myrel was being lifted up in the air as his Alpha carried her to Naruto's room.

Naruto stared at them, and they stared back, "Uh.. what are you girls doing?" He muttered.

Kiya put her down with a heavy sigh.

*Rumble!* Myrel blushed as the rumble reverberated throughout the fourth floor.

Kiya cleared her throat, "Hey Naruto-*Ahem*-" She shoved a palm into Myrel's back, pushing her forward, "Myrel has something to say."

"Ow-..." she grunted, giving a side-glare at the Kitsune.

Naruto shifted from Kiya to Myrel, "Uh, what's up Myrel?" he asked, rubbing the back of his head.

Returning to focus, she straightened her pajama's, "Erm... Naruto, there's something that I-... I need to say." Myrel muttered, her face reddening.

"Wait a minute." Naruto interrupted suspiciously, freezing the Dracona, "Is this about showing you my Jutsu? 'Cause I already said that I wasn't fully healed." he repeated.

Myrel paused, "Er- no that wasn't it." looking down at the pint-size Tamer, "What I was gonna say was-"

Naruto scratched his head, looking at her attire, "Hold on, do you need more clothes or something?"

Myrel stared at him, "What? No, why would you even-... Look it's not about clothes or your jutsu." beginning to grow irritated.

"Just tell him Myrel!" Kiya urged impatiently, her arms were crossed as she tapped her fingers on her bicep.

"Mind your business Kiya!" She snapped.

"He's my Tamer." Kiya deadpanned.

The Dracona groaned, "You know what I meant."

Naruto waited, both confused and impatient, "Tell me what?"

"I was getting to that!" Myrel ground out.

"Geez, are you mad about something, just calm down the day's just started." Naruto muttered, she seemed to be pretty irritated.

Myrel's eyes widened, "What!? I'm not mad, just stop talking so I can say what I need to say!" she demanded, her wings beginning to flutter.

"You're blowin' it Myrel!" Kiya badgered from behind.

Filling with rage she burst, "I Want To Be Your Pokégirl!" she shouted angrily.

Naruto deafened, "... Wha?" caught dumbfounded, his jaw dropped.

Myrel glared, "Rrgh-!" gripping his shirt she pulled him off his feet and pulled him into a hard stubborn kiss ending it with a loud smooch before pulling him away.

Naruto's mouth was open in disbelief.

Myrel bared her teeth as she glared at him, "I. Want. To. Be. Your. Pokég-grr-irl." she ground out with a growl.

Kiya's fur stood on end, shocked at the outburst.

Still dangling in the air Naruto slowly came to, blushing, he rubbed his head and grinned, "Hahahehee! Of course, I-I'd be happy to be your Pokégirl-er, ah... Tamer."

Myrel's anger vanished, shocked, she stared at Naruto in disbelief, "Huh?... R-really?"

Naruto nodded, "... Yes?"

*Clap! Clap! Clap!* Kiya grinned as she applauded and jumped up and down, "See that wasn't so hard right Myrel?"

Myrel blushed as she put him down.

Naruto began to fill with emotions, "Uhm... This is great and all...but I don't understand, where did this come from all of a sudden?" He asked as he looked at them questioningly.

"Ah who cares it's not important!" Kiya interrupted, walking forward she wrapped an arm around both Myrel and Naruto's head and brought'em in for a hug, a large grin on her furred face, "All that matters now is that Myrel has decided to join us." winking at Myrel as if she was a prize to be won.

Leaning up she kissed Myrel on the cheek, leaning down she kissed Naruto on the head, "Welcome to the Harem Myrel!"


"... This is awkward." Myrel muttered

Naruto looked over, "Hey, Myrel?"

"What?" she grunted.

"So you're my Pokégirl officially? I mean do we have ourselves a bond?" Naruto inquired, both still in a headlock, Myrel and Kiya looked at him curiously.

Myrel rolled her eyes, "Yeah. I'm your Pokégirl... Mn, can you let go now Kiya." The Dracona grumbled.

Kiya and Naruto grinned, "Come on let's go tell Hinata and the girls!" Naruto cheered.


"That's fantastic news Naruto! Congratulations Myrel!" Hinata chirped.

"Called it." Tashira muttered between bites, seemingly uninterested from the couch.

"I thought it'd be right before we left." Yue added from Hinata's lap.

"Well don't all of you jump up at once." Myrel huffed, glancing at the snickering Kitsune, "I'm gonna go eat." she grumbled.

... Three Hours Later ...

"So basically, since Jiroshi is world famous and everyone knows he can do Chakra techniques along with magic and those other energy types, then we could technically use our techniques in too." Naruto concluded.

Hinata looked somewhat doubtful, "Even so Naruto, it's still risky to do such a thing just on a hunch."

"Well sure people would be surprised and shocked, but there's no reason for them to be suspicious of anything that relates to us being from a different Universe or anything." Naruto argued.

Myrel rubbed her head, "I still don't know what he's saying!" she complained, glaring at Kiya who sat with her at the couch, nothing he said made sense to her.

Kiya snickered, "Don't worry about it right now, Naruto said he'd tell you tonight didn't he?"

Myrel huffed, crossing her arms she continued to glare in confusion.

Hinata seemed to consider it, "I suppose." she mumbled.

The front door flung open catching everyone in the living room's attention.

"Here you go guys, your new and improved Pokédexes!" Kitsuto exclaimed as he came into the mansion with a box-package in his hands.

Naruto and Hinata walked over with a delighted expression, Tashira, Yue, Kiya and Myrel peered curiously from the living room couch.

As Naruto and Hinata pulled out their Pokédex's, their faces bloomed at the metallic new shine of their dark blue and deep blood red dexes.

Naruto grinned, "Hahaa! This is so cool!" he giddily squealed as he grabbed it, admiring it and comparing it to his old plastic cased one.

"Beautiful." Hinata marveled.

Kitsuto grinned, "Oho! The color isn't even the best part!" he enticed gaining their attention, "With these new updated dexes you can receive much clearer access to the satellite's even in the most barren of areas, it has all the updated maps of new areas and includes the data on all the recently discovered Pokégirls from last year to now and it even gets videos! The dex itself has metallic casing opposed to your old ones, forged and reinforced with chi to increase durability and hardness, heh! You would practically have to blow it with a hyperbeam to break it." he exaggerated to emphasize it's unique qualities.

Naruto stared at his dex in awe, "Whoa, awesome." he whispered.

Hinata nodded, "We are extremely grateful Kitsuto." she thanked.

"Haha don't mention it, it was the least I could do for breaking your old ones." he waved off even though he puffed out his chest, shut his eyes, blushed and grinned big-headedly.

Glancing to their Pokégirls, they each watched the exchange in amusement, Naruto and Hinata turned on their Pokédex, and pointed it at them:

DRACASS, The Dragon Guardian Pokégirl- Lvl: 23

CHESHIRE, The Mischievous Cat Pokégirl- Lvl: 16

KITSUNE, The Vexing Vulpine Pokégirl- Lvl: 17

DRACONA, The Gliding Dragon Warrior Pokégirl - Lvl: 23

Naruto and Hinata's brows raised in surprise, Tashira, Yue and Kiya's levels all went up by two.

Tashira grinned confidently, "What's it say?"

"Tashira: 23; Yue: 16. Both of your levels increased by two!" Hinata congratulated, making Yue and Tashira beam in interest.

"Kiya: 17. Your level increased as well." Naruto informed with a smile.

Kiya shot a fist into the air with a yip, "Oh yeah! I'm the Fox!" she gloated happily as Myrel rolled her eyes with a shake of her head.

Hinata giggled, pulling the dex close to her chest she looked to her two Pokégirls, "What do you say we go down to the park and do some battling ne? Tashira-chan, Yue-chan?" she suggested.

Tashira got up with a loud cocky chuckle, "Sure, I think pounding some Pokégirls in battle sounds like fun! My first ever Pokébattle." Tashira accepted, smirking with a gleam in her eye.

Yue stood up with a determined nod, "I would like to see how I'd do as well Hinata." she agreed.

"Okay come on get ready!"

"Right!" Yue teleported, and Tashira hopped off the sofa and headed upstairs.

"Ooh! Me too, come on Naruto let's go!" Kiya exclaimed hopping the couch to bound over to him.

"Whoa-whoa I don't think so." Naruto denied seriously.

Kiya's tail lost life as her happy expression dropped in surprise, then slowly offending, "What? Why not!" She whined.

"You're still not up to full strength like those two are, I don't want you injuring yourself."

"What about me Naruto?" Myrel questioned as she stood up and turned to him, "I'm apart of your harem now and I'm perfectly fit for battle." she reasoned.

Kiya whined even further.

Naruto shook his head, "Sorry Myrel, but I'd rather you spend some time under our training and learned how we do things before I put you in a Pokébattle." he apologized, "Let's just go out and watch Tashira and Yue in action." he proposed.

Myrel nodded understandably.

Kiya huffed childishly, stomping her foot, "This is so unfair!" She complained, Pokébattles for them were rare.

Kitsuto laughed as he scratched the back of his head, "I'll show you guys the way."

It was near the entrance of town, beside a Hotel was a large park full of Pokégirls and their Tamers. Stretching their legs, playing, flying or swimming in the pond, and Tamers either walked or sat on the benches and watched.

Surely enough, at the other side of the pond was a sparring area. Bare dirt outlined by chalk to show the area for the arena, Pokégirls currently in light friendly spars or Pokébattles.

Hinata, Naruto, Kitsuto and their four Pokégirls headed over. Tashira couldn't help but tremble anxiously, her first ever Pokébattle.

"A 1,000 credits?" He optioned.

Money was no longer an issue at the moment.

"No thank you." Hinata declined.

The eighteen year old rubbed his chin thoughtfully on what he could do without. He really needed that Great Ball and Ultra Ball she was offering for the much rarer breeds in this league. Brightly he snapped his fingers, "I have some T2 Machines, What do you say to five?" He offered presenting a hand-sized metallic 'gem' looking device. He had pretty much exploited all of its uses on his Pokégirls.

Hinata, along with Naruto and the four Pokégirls by them perked with interest. The Technique Training (T2) Machine: A subliminal ingraining recording method used to teach a Pokégirl a technique outside of her natural skillset.

And he was offering five?

Hinata smiled, "Okay you've got yourself a wager." she accepted.

He grinned in response, "Alright!" Pulling off one of the Pokéballs at his waist he chucked it into the air, releasing a gray-skinned muscular Pokégirl.

A glint came to life in Tashira's eyes.

Hinata pulled out her dex and automatically it began scanning the Pokégirl, 'High-tech indeed.' she smiled.

AMACHOKE (aka WRESTLER), the Muscle-Bound Pokégirl
Lvl: 25
Type: Humanoid
Element: Fighting
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Human style with mineral supplements
Role: Physical Labor, Particularly in construction
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Ice, Rock, Normal, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic
Special Weaknesses: Can't swim, prone to narcissistic behavior
Attacks: Body Slam, Toss, Crushing Punch, Takedown, Tackle, Pose, Headbutt, Focus
Enhancements: Enhanced density (x2), Enhanced Strength (x16), Armored Skin
Disadvantages: Low speed
Evolves: Amachamp(normal)
Evolves From: Amachop (normal)

When the Amachop evolves into an Amachoke, she gains roughly three to four feet in height, more muscle mass and has an increase of one to two breast sizes. Their increased muscle mass keeps them from being able to swim, meaning they should avoid deep water at all costs. Because of her massive increase in height and muscle, she is actually slower as an Amachoke than when she was an Amachop, though overtime, as she adjusts to the massive difference in height, she will slowly regain some of her speed, but she will remain slower because of her new size.

An Amachoke is often very arrogant. Most feel that her great strength and hard body make her superior to all other Pokégirls. Some may even feel that those weaker than themselves are unworthy of taming them. Because of this incredible arrogance, it's during this evolution that many tamers will abandon or try to trade away the Amachoke. Others will push their Amachokes along in an attempt to get her to evolve into her final form. Some tamers have tried to bring the Amachoke's arrogance down by denying them the ability to work out, but this is considered a very hazardous technique to try and is likely one of the major reasons why those tamers wind up in intensive care.

In fact, some researchers have postulated that the reason an Amachoke requires so little taming is because working out may be a form of masturbation for them. Of course, a tamer who knows massage techniques and has strong enough fingers may find their Amachokes more willing than others.
Amachokes are less dangerous than most other feral Pokégirls, as they have a very mild feral state, which only lowers their intelligence a bit. Otherwise, their personality is almost completely unaffected.

Of course, there is a loophole to this arrogance: if her tamer gained her trust when she was an Amachop, an Amachoke is far more likely to respect them and allow them to continue taming her. And if the tamer was training alongside her, she's also going to be just as loyal as she was before.

Amachokes have big appetites. Not as monstrous as a Snorlass, but large nonetheless. This is because an Amachoke's body burns through calories at an accelerated rate. In fact, it's quite possible that an Amachoke cannot actually become fat, regardless of how little she trains, even though she loves training so much that such an occurrence is an impossibility.

Unless a tamer knows that they have a comparable strength, restraints are a MUST when taming an Amachoke.


"Hmhm." She hummed with a smirk, walking ahead of Hinata to stand before the Amachoke, the two of them sized the other up, one with arrogance, the other with superiority.

The gray-skinned girl was cocky as she crossed her arms and 'hmphed'.

Bystanders felt themselves tense up at the exciting match-up, "Hey check it out! A Dracass against an Amachoke!" they whispered amongst each other.

Hinata pocketed her Pokédex, "Alright Tashira, you ready?"

"Tch, aren't I always?" She smirked.


She hmphed, "Not a problem master."

"Okay! 1... 2... Battle!" Hinata started.

Tashira dashed forward, Adira in response let her arms fall to her sides and calmly walked.

Toughening her stance, Adira waited as Tashira very quickly closed the distance.

Tashira smirked, seeing what was going through her head just by the arrogant expression on her face, 'She doesn't think I'm strong enough to hurt her.'

Draconic energy flowed to her hands, focusing most of it just underneath her knuckles. Pulling back her fist, it morphed twice as large, covered in scales and now thrust with a lot more muscle.

Her eyes widened a split-second before her head snapped backwards and her body was sent corkscrewing through the air, nearby Pokégirls pulled their tamers to the ground just before Adira soared above them and crashed into a tree.

Tashira felt her body fill with butterflies, it felt good, now in her true Dracass form, she walked to close the distance. Pokégirls and Tamers made way and cleared the battle area.

Adira's tamer stared slack jawed, "Adira, what was with that!?"

Sitting up the Amachoke rubbed her jaw with a shocked wince of pain. Specks of her spit had dripped onto the dirt as she looked up at the dragon-type in sour dismay and surprise, "You're... a dragon-type?"

Her Tamer facepalmed with a sigh.

Tashira couldn't help but chuckle, "I take it you didn't think I could change my form?" She asked sarcastically.

Adira spat out her saliva and glared, "Whatever, not like it's gonna do any good!" she jumped forward, on her feet and fist launched.

She was again taken by surprise when the Dracass shrunk under her fist, then grew again whilst performing an uppercut lifting her off ten feet into the air.

Tashira gripped her leg with both hands and swung her in an downward arc toward the ground. Face down, her own immense weight doing the job of knocking the air out of her.

"Kahk!" She gasped, staring at the ground in shock at being hit twice, and for the first time since her evolution, it hurt!

Tashira grinned, she raised a draconic foot.

Myrel winced.

Then drove it in the middle of her back indenting the ground further, and forcing her to grunt.

"Hm?" Tashira raised a brow, noticing the Amachoke growling as she pushed up against her foot in anger.

With an arm she swiped at her feet making Tashira jump back to evade. Standing up with a vengeance, Adira wiped the edge of her mouth, now taking Tashira seriously.

She charged the Dracass who morphed back into her human form. Tashira ducked beneath the punch, sidestepped another, glided in close, transformed and brought a knee to her abdomen forcing out a grunt.

Adira growled, throwing an uppercut, backhand, spinning punch, but no matter what she evaded them.

Tashira smirked and bared her teeth tauntingly, Side-step left - Side-step right, transform, then she brought a powerful fist into the side of Adira's face forcing her to stumble. She didn't let up, bringing a haymaker to the other side of her face forced the Amachoke to step back. Tashira pressed on, a hard upward elbow to the jaw, then she brought her leg around to the back of her knees forcing her to kneel, and once she did Tashira brought up a knee into her jaw again forcing her onto her back.

- Snarling Myrel tried to retailiate, swinging her fist. Tashira grinned and caught it within the palm of her hand. Pulling her forward, Tashira smashed her head into Myrel's face, her legs buckled forcing her onto her knees and without hesitance Tashira brought her knee into Myrel's jaw forcing her onto her back. -

Myrel watched bitterly in memory, how is she toying with her? The Amachoke was stronger and yet Tashira was humiliating her like play, was there that much of a difference between one who trained in combat compared to one who only weight-lifted?

"She's not familiar with the term 'mercy' is she?" Kitsuto mumbled sarcastically.

"It never came up during class." Hinata replied.

"Unfortunately not even for us." Kiya muttered.

Standing over the grounded Amachoke, feet on each side she kneeled on one knee, she straddled the Amachoke and remained draconic. Grinning, her fists peeled back to punch across her left side, one across her right, over and over she struck across the sides of her face pummeling her head deeper into the ground.

"Adira!" He cried worriedly.

Glaring up at the Dracass she caught her left fist, then her right, "Rrgh!" mustering up her strength she rolled over to reverse their positions.

Bringing back her fist angrily she shouted and used all the strength she could muster into that punch and struck Tashira across the face! The ground rumbled and the Dracass's head snapped to the right as specks of blood hit the dirt.

"Yeah!" Adira's Tamer shot a fist ino the air.

Observing Pokégirls and Tamers cringed, surely a punch like that would be a one hit K.O.

Kiya bit her lip nervously, "Shouldn't have done that." she muttered.

'... Fucking... Hell!' Tashira groaned, clearing her blurry vision she slowly turned her head up to look at the smirking Amachoke, her head in load of pain.

"Tch!" A glare sparked to life, and Adira's smirk disappeared, she frowned, raising her fist for another punch.

Opening her mouth, draconic energy channeled to her throat, and with an inhale released a loud energy enhanced Roar!

Adira's teeth clenched shut, covering her ears she hissed through her teeth, getting off she stumbled back.

Getting to her feet Tashira ceased the technique as she rubbed her jaw, aching with pain as blood trembled from her lip to her chin.

Fire in her eyes she charged at the stunned Pokégirl and struck a powerful blow to the right side her face forcing her to stumble to the left, then she struck the left forcing her to stumble to the right.

Gripping her left shoulder with one hand Tashira unleashed her right fist dead center into her face forcing her to step back, the Dracass repeated this again, again, and again as all the Amachoke could do was stumble back, blood leaking from her nose, stunned and unaware of her surroundings.

Tashira's tail began to glow and with a harsh spin she used her Tail Slap attack sending the muscled Pokégirl tumbling across the grass.

Observing Pokégirls and Tamers swallowed saliva at the intensity.

The Amachoke was slow to recover, hand over her face she slowly got up, shocked, and extremely angry as she realized what happened.

Her fists tightened and she grit her teeth, looking up at the smirking Dracass, "Kk! H-How dare you!"

"Adira use Takedown!"

Gathering her bearings the Amachoke bull-rushed the Dracass. She in return rushed back at her in her human form.

Quickly closing the gap Tashira jumped -transformed- and dug her draconic foot into the Amachoke's chest throwing her backwards as if her feet had been swept out from under her, they crashed to the ground with a shake!

Adira grunted, coughing and the air knocked out of her.

Grinning and teeth bared, excitement in her eyes, Tashira bent her knees and jumped with a large flap of her wings high into the air. The Dracass brought in her wings to quickly descend, and with a few winces from the crowd, fell onto the Amachoke.

"Aargh!" The ground gave way and indented her body within it, Tashira jumped again... again, again, and again!

The ground shook and the crater grew as the Amachoke finally began to cough up blood, not even her tough body could handle four hundred pounds landing on her from five stories up continuously

Hinata couldn't help but feel disappointed, the muscled Pokégirl had no control over her massive strength that her large muscles and weight could easily be used against her.

She looked over at the beginner Tamer who didn't know what to do or command to help the Amachoke in this battle, in fact he probably didn't know how to actually train his Pokégirls for combat.

He was just a beginner tamer who didn't see the bigger picture. Curiously Hinata pulled out her Pokédex, '32 wins and 19 losses.' Did he just battle people to get her experience level up? Did he think that would help against any half-decent tamer?

Tashira continued stomping on the Amachoke. She frowned, his Pokégirls were paying for his incompetence.

Tashira couldn't help but chuckle as she landed on the Pokégirl over and over. Not caring that Pokégirls watching looked with grimaces at her beating someone who was obviously finished.

Bringing her wings to her back she descended once again.

*Rumble!- Crack!*

"Ulgk!... RrrraaaaAAAGGGHH!" She roared, blood spurting from her mouth, her voice hoarse and eyes wide as Tashira slowly stepped off the twitching Pokégirl.

Then she went limp.

"Adira!" he cried out.

Myrel couldn't help but flick her wings to shake off the shivers at the merciless win.

Yue remained silent, eyes narrowed. Tashira knew that the Amachoke's weakness was Flying Pokégirls and yet she had refrained from doing just that, even more so, she hadn't been serious. Tashira could've made more use of her Form-Switching style along with her tail and wings.

The Amachoke was obviously stronger, had a higher experience level than her own by a whole two points and yet through sheer use of her fighting style, and combat prowess she had took her down quite easily.

She had purposefully restrained herself.

Hinata pushed her fingers together in thought, perhaps she should of stopped her a few blows short.

Tashira walked over, arms crossed, a satisfied smirk on her human formed face, "How was that for my first Pokébattle master?" she asked, seeking approval.

Hinata smiled, "I'd expect nothing less from my alpha... Only a little too mean." she mumbled tapping her chin.

Tashira blinked, glancing back to the bleeding Amachoke passed out in a six foot crater, then shrugged, "She's a tough Pokégirl. She'll get over it."

With a nod Tashira stood next to her haremsisters.

Myrel rubbed her neck, "Er-... Nice job."

Kiya shivered, "Brutal as always, nice of you to knock her out so she wouldn't feel anymore pain, usually you do everything but." she noted seriously.

"I felt sorry for her." Tashira muttered.

Myrel blinked.

"How did she manage to land a hit on you?" Yue cut in curiously, peering up at the prideful Dracass, "In fact you're still bleeding."

Tashira's grin faltered slightly, reminded of the pain she grunted stubbornly, "Tch, I wanted to feel what a Pokégirl as strong as her could do." she spat the last of her blood onto the grass, a large bruise would surely build if she didn't get that healed.

"What did it feel like?" Kiya inquired.

"Kind of like taking on a wrecking ball face first." Tashira considered.

"I'll finish my fight without a scratch." Yue challenged.

Kiya and Myrel in turn raised a brow in slight surprise.

Tashira smirked competitively, "Oh yeah? You're on, the one who gets the least hits in all of our battles wins." she wagered.

"Deal." Yue nodded, then paused, "What are the stakes?"

Tashira grinned, "If I win, you get to be my little experiment for the all the fun toys Naruto and Kiya got me. One time, but at the time I choose." she tapped the Cheshire's nose.

Kiya shivered, and just by the sound of it Myrel's nose scrunched.

Yue blinked, then blushed horribly, "... Fine. And if I win you do anything I say for a whole day on the day I choose."

The determined Cheshire walked from the line of her haremsisters over to Hinata collecting the reward for the win. Yue tapped Hinata on the shoulder gaining her attention.

"Hm? Yes Yue-chan?" Hinata asked, pocketing the T2 chips.

"I am ready for my battle now." She relayed anxiously.

Hinata stared at her before closing her eyes, she smiled and nodded, "Okay Yue-chan." the Cheshire was always impatient but even this was a little quick, not even a full five minutes passed and Yue already wanted to go.

Kitsuto, Naruto, Hinata and their Pokégirls weren't the only ones who seemed to have noticed that Adira and her Tamer hadn't the skill or experience than most in this line of work, which is why some still felt confident they could beat Hinata, it didn't take long for another contender to step forward.

With a command, the twenty year old man released the Pokégirl of his choice, Yue stood behind Hinata with peeking interest.

Materializing from her Pokéball, she revealed to be a monkey-type Pokégirl with a tan-ish fur coat.

Intrigued, Yue tilted her head curiously, ears perked.

PRI-MATE the Little Monkey Pokégirl
Lvl: 19
Type: Near Human Animorph (Primate)
Element: Fighting
Frequency: Common (Forrest and Slot) Rare (Every where else)
Diet: Omnivorous
Role: Forest Messengers and Raiders
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Ice, Steel, Rock, Normal, Dark, Bug
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic
Attacks: Quick Attack, Tail Slap, Fury Swipes, Quickturn, Taunt, Headbutt, Focus Energy
Enhancements: Enhanced Senses (x2), Enhanced Agility, Reflexes, Flexibility, and Balance (x2), Prehensile Tail, Dexterous Hand-like Feet
Evolves: Babeoon (Leaf Stone), Lemura (Dusk Stone), Atelesia (Battle Stress)
Evolves From: None

The Pri-Mate is a short Pokégirl. The average height for the breed is somewhere between 4'6" and 5' even. There are cases where the girl is shorter or taller, but these are very rare. Pri-Mates can range anywhere from Near Human to Very Near Human, the difference depends on how she was born. Ferals are usually covered with a short coat of soft brown fur, while a Domesticated and Threshold cases can have extra hair ranging from full body fur to having only slightly more pronounced hair growing on their arms and legs. All Pri-Mates have a prehensile tail that is about half as long as their body. They can use their tail almost as well as their hands and feet, the tail is strong enough to support the girl's weight if they decide to hang by it.

Pri-Mates have a thin body with a maximum breast size of a B-cup. They, like the Ocelolita, tend to resemble young girls between the ages of 13 to 16. Pri-Mates all have a curious and playful personality, one that usually leads them into trouble. They like exploring new places and meeting new people, each one wanting to learn about the entire world around them. Pri-Mates can be decent starting 'girls, but their personalities tend to make them a bit hard for new tamers to handle. They do, however, make an excellent opponent for beginning tamers to try their Pokégirls out against. Because of their curious nature they don't make very good Alphas or Betas, preferring to know what's going on rather than trying to help with what's going on.

Their curious nature extends to the bedroom as well. Pri-Mates are willing to try any and all sexual acts at least once. If they're being forced to partake of acts that they don't like they'll make sure that they're heard. They have a tendency to screech loudly when excited, angry, or upset. Tamers tend to stop what they're doing when their Pri-Mate starts chattering in order to get them to stop.

During the War Pri-Mates were used as message carriers in dense jungle and forest settings. When not moving through the treetops delivering messages, a simple task when taking into account their hand like feet and tail, they would amuse themselves by raiding jungle cargo lines.

These 'troops' were often accompanied by other jungle assault Pokégirls. In battle they tend to strike in waves. When the first wave retreats a second wave rushes in to continue the assault and so on. Ferals use this method to their advantage, usually rushing in with a small group to attack with Fury Swipes.

The Feral state of Pri-Mates is interesting. They tend to group together in packs, or 'troops', anywhere from ten to fifty or more. Researchers find it interesting because these troops are set up almost like small communities. There are social groups inside of the troop much like those that would be found in any community. The researchers were able to study the behavior for a little more than a week before the troop, annoyed by their presence, chased them away by flinging sticks, stones, and feces at them.

On the rare occasions that they are found by themselves Pri-Mates have shown to be much more aggressive than they are when with a group or harem. When introduced into a harem most of the Pri-Mates that were living solitary lives tend to show that they are unable to addapt, trying to do everything by themselves and shunning others, even their tamer.

Threshold cases are well known if the girl's family has a strong history of simian Pokégirl ancestry. The first thing that girls undergoing find is that they start growing more hair on their arms and legs that no amount of shaving can take care of. Around the middle of the transformation is the most painful, they begin growing their tails and their feet start to reshape themselves.

The Pri-mate looked around before spotting Yue on the other side of the area, glancing to her Tamer he gave her nod.

Hinata glanced at the Cheshire, "Yue?"

Yue nodded, walking forward she prepared herself, 'She's not really much to look at, but still I shouldn't underestimate her, predict any and all possibilities.' Tightening her fists she lowered her stance, 'I have to prove myself.'

The Pri-Mate's posture shifted from curious to competitive, stance widening, curling her wrists, arms up, hands beside her head, her fists only curled half-way.

"Go!" He announced.

Yue didn't move, she glanced at the Kitsune for a moment, then breathed to calm her anxiousness as she looked back at her opponent.

The Pri-Mate set off straight at her. Closing the distance until she was three feet from her she bounced on the balls of her feet and jabbed at the Cheshire.

Yue's body shifted to the right, then to the left at another jab, then ducking followed by a back step after the fourth attempt, the Pri-Mate moved at her, picking up the strength of her punches, the Cheshire backpeddled continuing to dodge left and right.

Suddenly the monkey-type punched her, a smile lighting her up at her fist meeting Yue's cheek... and then through it, the monkey-type blinked as her opponent's body slowly faded.

Yue appeared on her left, the Pri-Mate could only stare, her defense lowered, Yue unleashed a quick but strength-packed fist into her left cheek.

Her head snapped to the right, her body turned as her left leg buckled forcing her to kneel, her left fist went out to the ground to help her keep steady.

The Pri-Mate swiped at her but Yue was already out of reach. Pouting, the primate Pokégirl wiped her mouth before charging her, picking up her ferocity she let loose a flurry of punches.

Evading her assault Yue brushed her right hand off, moved in and brought a knee into the Pokégirl's gut.

"Hruk!" The air knocked from her she leaned forward cradling her stomach, only comprehending enough to step backwards to gather space as she tried to breathe.

Yue paused, glancing at her own tail for a determined second she waited for the Pri-Mate to recover.

Gasping, the Pokégirl looked up with a scowl, "Grr!" running at her she let loose a haymaker.

Yue's tail raised to brush off the attack with slight struggle, before it lashed forward at the Pokégirl's stomach with a flick, pushing the primate back five feet.

Tashira raised a brow, 'Is she testing the strength of her tail?'

The Pri-Mate's other fist came up for her jaw. Yue leaned back just enough for her to miss, then fell back onto her left hand to bring up her right leg, kicking her in the jaw forcing her to stumble back in surprise.

Yue went forward at the stunned Pokégirl and delivered a shot to the center of her face, then to her left, before finally bringing her right leg around to meet the Pri-Mate's left knee, forcing her to leg to bend and kneel again with a screech of pain.

Spinning, Yue's tail came out and struck her across the chest sending her skidding on her back across the grass fifteen feet before she rolled backwards onto her hands and knees.

The purple Cheshire performed three quick backward somersaults to put some distance between them.

Panting gruffly, the Pri-Mate chased after her, continuing on the offensive Yue proceeded to avoid and evade the monkey-type's assault.

Yue stared intently at the Pri-Mate who glared at her with an ever-increasing anger. With a shout she aimed for the middle of her gut, Yue didn't move to block which brought a smile to the Pokégirl's face.

Instead of her fist burying deep in her stomach, her fist soared through her body as her body faded again.

*Pant... Pant* Her head snapped left, then right, growing angrier as she looked around in confusion.

Suddenly she could hear foot steps sprinting across grass.

"Behind you!" Her Tamer yelled.

Her eyes widened as she spun around, "Whoa what the-!"


Yue sprinted at her, her hand delving into the holster at her thigh before flinging three ninja stars at her, the Pri-Mate flinched as she tried to move to the right as the three projectiles whizzed passed her, her left cheek, shoulder and forearm were sliced moderately for such little weapons, even through the fabric, a small amount of blood began to seep from wounds, "Ughk! Damn those things sting!" she hissed.

She was distracted and finally when she came back to focus on the Cheshire it was already too late as she looked just as Yue jumped, her left fist striking the side of her face hard enough to sweep her feet from under her, twisting her body she spun three times in the air in place before crashing to the ground on her side.

Almost immediately Yue fell back to put distance between them, leaving the Pri-Mate writhing on the ground in pain.

Spectating Tamers and Pokégirls each had a brow or two raised, "That was smart, using the shuriken as a decoy."

"Well she is an evolved kunoichi mixed with the feline branch."

"What an accurate throw, damaging her no matter which way she went."

"Master look! Each of those two Tamers's Pokégirls have weapon holsters."

"Are they training them to use such weapons and to throw like that?"

Kiya had her arms crossed and her head tilted, watching in confusion at the foreign fighting method Yue was using, "Why's she fighting like that?"

Myrel raised a brow, "Like what?"

Kiya's tail waved in interest, "She keeps falling back to the defensive, usually she likes to keep her opponent on the heels with her teleporting."

"Well isn't that the usual way of fighting during a spar?" Myrel questioned.

"Even still, it's not her usual tactic." Kiya muttered.

The Pri-Mate slowly pulled herself to her hands and knees, staring at the ground she spied blood on the grass, dripping from the side of her lips.

Her palms tightened into fists as she gripped the grass, slowly she pushed herself to her feet.

"She's letting the Pokégirl wear herself out." Tashira answered, "Afterall we still have a few more battles ahead, so she has to manage her energy carefully." nonetheless, the Dracass narrowed her eyes analytically, 'And it seems that she's also... Gauging herself.'

The Pr-Mate took deep ragged breaths, glaring at the Cheshire she took her fighting stance.

Yue tensed at the ready once she sped off toward her, the purple-furred feline couldn't help but feel something amiss as she glanced at the Pri-Mate's Tamer, he who hadn't called out a single command for his Pokégirl.

Focusing back on the Pri-Mate she prepared herself for another series of punches. Yue dodged the first strike, then the second before drawing back twenty yards after the third swing.

Suddenly the monkey's hands started glowing white, shooting off she used Quick Attack, zig-zagging like a blur she quickly closed the distance. Yue's eyes widened, being caught off guard her stance faltered, 'What!'

The Pri-Mate came at her with a vengeance, hands glowing at the call of her Fury Swipes technique, she unleashed an onslaught of strikes and slashes.

Yue ducked and struggled to evade, staggering backwards in a panic just out of her reach, the edges of Yue's clothes tore away from the speed of her attacks that she narrowly managed to dodge.

Her footing was off, nearly stumbling back off her feet she felt a shot to her stomach, two to her face, then three swipes and scratches to her mid-section knocking the air from her.

Finally her tail began to glow, quickly spinning to the right her tail lashed out with a Tail Slap.

Yue shut her eyes at the stinging pain as she was caught in the stomach, her body sent tumbling across the grass till she was a full fifteen yards away.

Rolling onto all fours she skidded three more feet before shakily coming to a stop.

The Pri-Mate stared, as if slightly surprised herself, then she stood upright with a primatal grin, "Hah! Didn't like that didja!" she screeched, her tail waving excitedly.

She didn't say anything, only staring at the ground with a slight wince before gathering her bearings.

Rubbing the middle of her stomach Yue slowly stood up, she gave a quick glance to the Tamer.

'He's... Trained her to fight on her own.' From the looks of it she seemed fairly decent at it to, she waited, wasn't too careless with her techniques, but she was still very amateur. The Pri-Mate's strength, speed, experience and overall combat prowess were typical for the average Pokégirl at level nineteen.

Yue's expression hardened calculatedly, but not at all angry at the Pri-Mate as she realized, 'I'm... such a fool. Of course we wouldn't be the only ones to be trained like that. Damn it.'

Here she was experimenting in the middle of a battle, doing the opposite of what she committed to, she had underestimated her and now she was made a fool because of it.

Suddenly a chord struck the Cheshire at the hypocrisy, dealing with Tashira that she wouldn't get a scratch, then mentally noting to be prepared for all possibilities, to not underestimate her.

A glare struggled to be restrained came forth, she was hit seven times compared to Tashira's one, at this rate she would be Tashira's- her heartbeat increased.

'No,' Yue inwardly breathed, she couldn't lose control of herself, 'We still have more battles, I can still win.' she convinced, her expression hardened, coming to a decision, 'Not anymore, I won't allow her another chance, I won't underestimate them anymore.'

With the difference in experience levels: The only gap that separated her from the Pri-Mate was her strength and speed, aside from enhancements. Yue estimated that she surpassed the monkey in terms of nearly every other aspect. The few hits she got in dealt a fair amount of sting, as long as she avoided being hit again, she would win.

Staring inquisitively at the Cheshire who hadn't done anything for a few moments, the Pri-Mate smirked as she felt a wave of confidence flow into her, "Heh, what's wrong, am I too much to handl-*Crack!*"




"Gyyyaaaahh!-Ooowww!-Fucking! Damn It!" The Pri-Mate cried out, staggering backwards she cradled her face and hissed through her teeth, blood quickly filling the lower part of her face and her hands.

She lashed out with an angry fist, Yue teleported to her right- a swift punch across her face. The Pokégirl swung her forearm, she teleported to her left- bringing her right leg back she kicked the back of her knees forcing her legs to buckle to a kneel.

"Gah!" she grunted, palms reaching out for the ground to stready her body, eyes searching as Yue disappeared again, becoming confused she began to wonder where she wen-

The purple-furred feline descended on the Pri-Mate two stories above, left leg extended she met her back- the Pri-Mate cried out and the dirt left the indent of her body. Yue was gone the next moment.

*Pant! Pant!*

The tan-furred primate groaned as she felt someone lifting her up and shoving her to her feet, she stood dizzily and stumbled, struggling to stand.

Yue's brow twitched, her left hand nails extended, gathering energy to use Scratch, her nails began emitting a white glow. Running at her opponent she brought up her left hand diagonally.

"KAAAHHH-! Hruk!" She screamed, her T-shirt tearing into a vest of sorts as five claw marks trailed from her right hip-between her breasts-to her left shoulder.

Her scream cut off once Yue dug her right fist into her stomach- a punch dead center to her face, Yue's form flickered for a mere moment, now leaned back with her right hand planted on the ground, her left leg extended to catch the Pri-Mate in the jaw lifting her off the ground by six feet.

Yue flickered again, kicking her in the center of her back she raised eight more feet.

A final teleportation from above, she brought out Naruto's familiar heel drop dead into her stomach, shooting her back down to the grass with an exasperated gasp of pain, she bounced a foot before settling.

Yue disappeared from the air-to three feet in front of Hinata.

There was a doubting somewhat disappointed expression in her face, standing slightly slacked with her shoulders lowered, she sighed.


"Where the hell did that come from?" A bystander's Pokégirl muttered.


As Hinata went to collect the prize, Yue tensed as she took her place beside the smirking Dracass.

"Hey nice job there Yue," Tashira congratulated with a smile.

Blinking, Yue glanced up in slight surprise, caught off guard by the compliment.

The Dragon-type grinned, "If I'd known that you wanted to win my part of the bet for me I would've rooted for you sooner." she teased.

Yue's curious, hopeful expression died into a deadpan, "Mn." she mumbled.

Tashira pinched her bruised furred cheek, "What was that -like six-seven blows?" she wondered.

Smacking her fingers away, the Cheshire pouted, "Okay I get it, I underestimated her, that's my own fault," Yue admitted, then turned to her, "But still, it doesn't mean I've lost!" she declared stubbornly, raising in determination.

Tashira began to chuckle, pushing the smaller Pokégirl's buttons further, "Tch, you're starting to sound like Naruto and Hinata."

Naruto waited with his arms crossed, tapping his fingers on his bicep impatiently curious as Hinata walked back, pocketing the prize as she did.

He could see the Hyuuga's face light up, "I think they did pretty good for their first battle."

Naruto blinked, then gave a smile and a happy shrug, "Yeah they're coming along."

Walking over to the four Pokégirls, Hinata looked over at the two bantering Pokégirls in her harem, dying down at the sight of Naruto and Hinata walking over.

"So, how do you girls feel? Should we stop for a rest?" Hinata asked.

Tashira smirked teasingly at the Cheshire as she rested a hand on her hip, "Hm, I'm actually feeling pretty good about being done for the-"

"More battles, please Hinata, give us more battles." Yue pleaded, cutting the Dracass off as she looked at Hinata with a face she could hardly ignore.

Hinata paused at the anxiousness. The fourteen year old Tamer peeked at Tashira's side-smirk, then at Yue's begging expression, "Well, okay if you girls feel up to it." Hinata mumbled cluelessly.

'Tch! Jumpy little bastard!'

Tashira bared her teeth in aggravation, she faded to the right- then ducked under her haymaker.

As her back turned the AmazonLee landed a swift kick to the right side of her ribs.

"Grr." Tashira spun, over a foot taller now, her tail lashed toward her catching her in the side she was sent skidding across the dirt before her opponent rolled back onto her feet, a little winded, the Pokégirl took a quick five second rest before she came at her again.

Tashira watched the recovery just after she switched back to her human form.

A little under half of the hits that the AmazonLee managed to land on her had been when she was human, and her sides were beginning to bruise.

Tashira re-transformed into her Draconic form and charged back at her, bull-rushing her.

The AmazonLee came to a stop, bent her legs and waited.

Tashira's eyes narrowed, 'Oh hell no! Naruto and Hinata fooling me more than once with that is enough!'

She jumped up into a mid-air spin as she aimed to arch over the charging Dracass.

Tashira reached out and gripped her wrist, "No you don't!" she pulled- hard- on her arm toward the ground in front of her.

Shaky and clumsily the kicking-specialist landed on her feet, stumbling she looked up at Tashira in surprise.

Tashira grinned, "Let's see you try to hop around no-*Thud!*

Tashira blinked, then moved her jaw, feeling the small sting where the AmazonLee had kicked her. The Dracass growled- her fist crashed into the side of the AmazonLee's face sending her against the ground.

The 'Lee's wrist still in a vice-grip, Tashira knelt down on one knee. Pulling her fist back she dealt two more harsh blows to her face before pausing, then a third before she let go.

The AmazonLee's hand hit the ground without struggle.

Tashira stood up, rubbing her right rib-section in annoyance, "Tch, annoying pest." she muttered irritated at how many hits she got in.

The Dracass inwardly groaned at Yue's slightly concealed smirk, "I think watching that fight gave me more motivation. What is that, eleven total?" she asked checking over her ribs.

The Dracona crossed her arms stubbornly, "Tch, so you got seven to my eleven, good luck trying to keep it that way." she muttered, taking her spot beside the Cheshire she pushed her forward, "Good luck."

Hinata stared curiously as she had managed to take note of their banter, "Hm... what are those girls up to?" She mumbled, raising a curious brow.

"Huh? Wha'd ya say Hinata?" Naruto squinted over.

Hinata shook her head, "It's nothing."

WOODMOUSE, the Wilderness Survival Pokégirl
Lvl: 28
Type: Animorphic Mouse
Element: Plant/Ground
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Mainly nuts, fruit, roots. Can also eat meat and fish, but prefer not to.
Role: Forager and scout
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Rock, Steel, Electric
Weak Vs: Flying, Ice, Bug
Attacks: Drill Strike, Agility, Seed Bomb, Leech Seed, Dodge
Enhancements: Enhanced Hearing (*6), Enhanced Smell (*2), Good Night Vision, Enhanced Speed (*3), Efficient Digestive system, Concealment (See text)
Disadvantages: Low Pain Threshold
Evolves: None
Evolves From:Titmouse (Leaf Stone+ Diamond Stone)

The Woodmouse changes little from the Titmouse, physically. They can gain an average of 4 to 6 centimeters in height and retain their animorphic mouse appearance, but tend to become a little huskier adding on some weight in muscle and their fur darkens to a combination of blacks and browns. This is sometimes accented by the Woodmouse who will optionally dye patches of their fur in various shades of color depending on the season.

Mentally, the Woodmouse changes drastically from their Titmouse cousins. They become slightly more aggressive and their intelligence is boosted to more along human norms, loosing their 'Ditzy' mindsets. Complex tasks are more easily understood, but they still cannot master many technical skills. The Woodmouse also loses much of the fear associated with Cat, Bird and Snake Pokégirls, instead becomes an intense wariness. Only constant association can lower this to a reasonable level of acceptance, but they will always be more alert around them, even if they're Harem sisters.

A Woodmouse tends to prefer clothing that would act as camouflage, sometimes having several sets available depending on the terrain. She will also try and get a hold of a belt or bandoleer that she can attach multiple pouches and small sack to store her findings. One last touch is the acquisition or making of a knife for more utilitarian uses, but she loathes using it for combat, not liking getting that close to threats.

Although a stronger battler than the Titmouse, they are still quite weak compared to other combat oriented Pokégirls. Their main use is as a forager and a scout. They're naturals at collecting various nuts, fruits and roots for food, and can even hunt out and collect small game and fish, possessing the knowledge of how to preserve the food for long term use…just don't expect them to cook anything.

Combat wise, they only marginally effective and tend to opt to retreat from combat using their natural stealth skills and concealment ability, their low pain threshold making the concept of putting oneself in danger very unappealing to them. However if forced into combat, they prefer to utilize hit and run strikes, acting more as a skirmisher then an outright combatant. To this end, many Woodmice tend to prefer the use of muscle powered ranged weapons such throwing knives, bows and such for their simplicity and silence (firearms are too complex for them to properly maintain). The main tactic for them is to find an area of heavy concealment, hopefully with lots of plants or trees, and use their Concealment ability, which increase their ability to blend into the foliage. This power is only truly effective if they are completely motionless, or moving at an extremely slow pace. Anything faster than a slow walk will break the Concealment and reveal the Woodmouse.

From their hiding place, the Woodmouse will then either lay in wait or snipe at the target when they are not looking, moving to another location using their agility when necessary to quickly cover ground and find a new location and avoid retaliatory attack. If need be, she can resort to her Drill Strike attack, but usually as a last resort…being that close to a potential source of pain is not something she will like.

Despite the lack of combat ability, most Tamers who possess a Woodmouse say their foraging and path finding skills outweigh the negatives, especially if the Tamer travels mainly through a lot of wilderness.

Yue's left brow twitched as she recited the data she had seen from Hinata's dex the moment this Woodmouse had been released.

Now she was already ten minutes into the fight and she was beginning to grow increasingly agitated.

It was annoying having to fight a Pokégirl who wasn't good at fighting. She didn't so much as train in combat as she did smartly planning her attacks. Reflecting on her thoughts ten minutes ago, it seemed silly that she had been intimidated when she had first seen her experience level before the start of the battle.

However, this Woodmouse admittedly had skill, Yue assumed she spent her time training to dodge and up her agility more than anything else, her enhanced hearing helped in knowing where she'd appear when she teleported in order to flee, along with the fact that when she managed to land a hit against her, the mouse-types hits counted, her opponent was still a level twenty-eight after all, while she was still a level sixteen.

Yue smiled -rubbing her cheek- she even dared to say that the Woodmouse's strength almost rivaled her own.


Yue tilted her head casually, three finger-sized throwing knives whipped past her. Coming back into focus she saw the very-concentrated Woodmouse sixty yards from her.

The Cheshire disappeared- The mouse-type narrowed her eyes -*Fwoosh!*- whirling around she ducked Yue's swipe- side-stepped to the left- quickly she brought a fist up into the feline's ribs forcing her to grunt before she retorted with a high kick, ducking again she jumped back to put space between them.

*Pant... Pant*

The Mouse-type calmed herself, her body trembling with anticipation and adrenaline as she remained focused, stance at the ready for a repeat.

Yue frowned, standing upright out of her stance she fingered her rib section in contemplation, 'No point in that kind of tactic, her hearing is far too heightened for me to catch her unaware.'

Not even Tashira was as adept in applying her senses during combat like this Woodmouse seemed to be, who relied purely on them. Even if Tashira's senses were enhanced eight times more than average, in hindsight her Alpha's hearing was two levels higher than this Woodmouse.

It truly showed how advantageous using your senses could be in combat. In fact the only Pokégirl who was actively familiar with this method was Kiya with her Hyper Sensitivity technique.

She glanced over to Tashira who watched with a bored expression, turning back to her opponent she stopped feeling her side, 'And that's the eleventh hit she got in.' inwardly hissing once she thought it, the purple-furred Cheshire made a mental note to hone her training in terms of heightening and paying more attention to her senses.

Shifting her stance to the right, a dagger burrowed into the ground inches from where her left foot was, Yue narrowed her eyes at the Woodmouse, 'Hand-to-hand combat won't be enough for this fight... Not if I want to win.' It wasn't the battle she meant either.

Yue exhaled, calming her growing irritation, she began to rouse her energy. Flexing her fists she quickly sprouted her nails and teleported.

Swiping at her head the Woodmouse ducked, Yue let loose three strikes only for her to evade as usual, at the next opening the Woodmouse shot a fist across the left side of her face.

She began to flee like the many times before.

Yue's brow twitched, rushing at her she brought her right fist up from under -The Mouse-type jumped to the left in surprise- simultaneously Yue's left leg came around to successfully strike her knee eliciting a yelp of pain.

Yue followed up with a flurry of strikes, the Woodmouse gritted her teeth in fear, staggering she back-peddled.

The Woodmouse came around, bringing a fist up into Yue's stomach before dodging her next attack, then tossed two quick punches to her face in succession.

Yue brought her right leg up quickly, decisively, her high kick caught her at the side of her head sending her tumbling across the grass.

Yue's eyes began to pulse with a blue glow as she quickly rushed at the Woodmouse rolling onto her feet, she reached at the back of her heel and let three daggers fly.

The Cheshire weaved left to right, the daggers merely nicking her clothes, grunting, the Woodmouse began falling back, reaching behind her to throw more throwing knives and daggers.

Yue reached into her weapon pouch, flinging four shuriken with her right and pulling out a kunai in her left, the shuriken deflected a few of the daggers and knives, one making it through to cut the Woodmouse's shoulder, using the kunai Yue blocked the rest of the daggers and knives coming at her.

Cradling her cut shoulder, her opponent pushed out her palm and shot three Leech Seeds at her in hope of drawing some of the Cheshire's energy back to her.

Narrowing her eyes Yue flung three senbon needles in quick precision, stabbing the seeds and pinning them to the bark of trees.

Stumbling the mouse raised her hand again to reuse the technique.

Yue's eyes glowed blue with psychic energy, "Disable." she whispered, staring into the Woodmouse's eyes her psychic energy did the job of blocking her brain's command to use of her technique.

"... Confusion." Waving her hand toward her opponent a wave of psychic energy shot forth in a blur at the surprised plant Pokégirl, enveloping the Woodmouse.

Slowly her body slackened, her eyes widened, expression changing into confusion, the Woodmouse blinked and staggered, her senses dulled by the psychic interference.

*Pant... Pant*

Yue shut her left eye as she began to breath harder, "Double Team!" another Cheshire appeared running beside her.

Closing the distance in seconds with a teleportation, both Cheshire's readied themselves, the Woodmouse swung as hard as she could through the illusionary Cheshire. Yue shot a harsh punch across the face of the confused and disoriented Woodmouse, her illusionary clone fading through the Woodmouse.

Yue's fist came up for an uppercut into her jaw -snapping her head back- then a knee deep into her stomach forcing her opponent to lean forward gasping.

Raising her leg up high she brought down a heel drop to the back of her head sending her crashing against the ground with grunt, knocked unconscious.

Yue grunted, standing still for a moment to gather herself, not use to using so much psychic energy at once.

She began to feel a little light-headed, collapsing to one knee she pushed a fist to the ground and panted.

"Yue!" Hinata called out, going to her side.


Myrel and Kiya sweatdropped as Tashira continued to tease Yue about her twenty-five hit count compared to her eleven, despite her psychic breakthrough.

Myrel crossed her arms, narrowing her eyes at the pouting and hissing Cheshire, "That was pretty smart of her." she mumbled.

Kiya peeped at her, "Yeah, she's pretty focused." she nodded, "Realizing that her usual fighting method wouldn't be as effective against her opponent, and using her psychic techniques to make up for it. She managed to figure out that her senses were her strong suit, and that by using her psychic techniques she could render them useless giving her the window to take her down... Yep that's smart." she agreed.

Myrel stared at her.

Kiya looked back curiously, her tail swished awkwardly, "What?" she blinked at the Dracona.

Myrel crossed her arms realizing Kiya had analyzed the fight just as severely as Yue had, "Mind telling how she got that way? Most Pokégirls just fight looking to win," Myrel looked from Kiya to the other two, "But you guys analyze, concentrate and plan ahead." she muttered.

Kiya smiled at the compliment, "Well the Masters would expect nothing less, with the meditation, running, the sparring, the kage bushin and henge scenario training. I'd be surprised if we didn't learn how to fight our own battle without help by now."

Myrel blinked, "Wait, whats a kage bunshin? Scenario training?" she questioned, turning to her Alpha.

"Huh?" Kiya looked at her surprised, "Oh yeah, you still haven't been told." she remembered nodding to herself.

Myrel narrowed her brows, "Told what?"

Kiya waved her away, "Don't worry, Naruto said he'd tell you tonight didn't he?"

Angrily, Myrel crossed her arms and huffed.

GRAVELGAL, the Rock-Solid Pokégirl
Lvl: 26
Type: Near Human
Element: Rock
Frequency: Common
Diet: some human foods, Pokéchow, rocks & pebbles with high mineral content
Role: mining
Libido: Low initially, but can be higher with a tough Tamer
Strong Vs: Bug, Electric, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison, Rock
Weak Vs: Fighting, Ground, Plant, Steel, Water
Attacks: Harden, Takedown, Stone Punch, Seismic Smash, Quake, Stone Spray, Rock Slide, Tackle
Enhancements: High Density and Toughness (x10), Earth Affinity, Mineral Finding, Enhanced Strength (x8),
Evolves: Galem (battle stress)
Evolves From: Geogal (normal)

Geogal is one of those types that doesn't change a whole when it evolves. When she becomes Gravelgal with enough battle experience, she becomes tougher and stronger, gaining access to a few more techniques. She also loses all of the pink tint of her normal skin, becoming completely covered in the camouflage-like patterns of tan, brown, and/or gray. In this way, her type is easily identifiable by sight alone.

The most notable change after their skin color, is that she becomes a bit larger. While Geogals top out at about 5'5" Gravelgal can gain anywhere from 3-8 inches in height, though Gravelgals above 5'10" are quite unusual. Gravelgal is also even weaker against water depending on the mineral concentrations of her body, unsurprisingly she doesn't swim very well. Her increased mass also leads to a general reduction in speed though Gravelgal can move quickly in short bursts when she needs to.

One of the more potent techniques she gains is Stone Spray, in which she fires off different size pieces of her hardened skin. This can be shot off in a concentrated spray, or in all directions at once. However, this uses up her internal mineral supply at a much quicker rate, and when it is depleted, her skin reverts to it's normal state, leaving her without her greatest advantage. While this also reduces the mass of her body making a depleted Stone Spray Gravelgal a little bit more nimble, the speed increase is slight, on the low end of average at best. Because they are more dependant on their skin, Gravelgals usually fight naked, as clothing merely hinders them-but as their skins are quite tough even "soft" a Gravelgal does not worry about getting cut outside of battle.

A Gravelgal's primary use is in mining. While they have a general Earth Affinity, most Gravelgals also are able to have a vague sense of where concentrations of minerals are when those minerals are present in enough quantities in their bodies. While this usually manifests as shards, or more conventional minerals like those in the sulfate and silicate families, in theory if you feed a Gravelgal enough evolutionary stones they would be able to find an area where the same stones are located. However the imprecise nature of the ability, combined with the value of the stones makes such a use wasteful. They can however, prove useful to mining companies in a dowser-type capacity.

Because of their experience mining, most Gravelgals also learn the Rock Slide move fairly quickly as they learn to judge which rocks are likely to come loose with enough force. While in certain areas this is used as an avalanche against a Gravelgal's enemies, a Gravelgal can also "slide" over the falling rocks to achieve fairly high speeds in limited situations. Feral Gravelgal usually do not have this move unless they were once domesticated as it requires an energy and precision they often lack-something that like Geogal, Gravelgal does not have, being just as rock-like in her feral mode as her more base form.

Like Geogal before her, Gravelgal generally has a lower-level libido but a tough tamer (meaning physical endurance as opposed to attitude) can often bring out Gravelgal's more earthy instincts especially after her skin is softened after depleting Stone Spray. This comes into play when encountering feral Gravelgals who often use the move as a defense mechanism triggered by proximity. A Tamer will use this behavior to exhaust and weaken the Gravelgal making them more easy to tame and dominate though care should be taken due to their great strength and density regardless.

During the War, Gravelgals lacking the power of later evolutions were used mainly in mining, or defensive and tactical roles. They were often deployed in groups at key points on the battlefield to create obstacles for enemy infantry most likely as battlefield obstructions (boulders) forcing enemy forces to go around them and straight into the teeth of a Pokégirl onslaught. With their tough skin, and ability to stand still even shooting at them didn't give them away. After enemy forces had been defeated or demoralized, the Gravelgals would move in from the flanks cutting off escape themselves or by creating more rugged terrain.

While less common than Thresholding into a Geogal, Thresholding into a Gravelgal is not considered unusual, especially in towns located near large mineral deposits such as those found in mountains or quarries. While only a few of these girls ever ate dirt while growing up, prevailing theory indicates that the minerals are ingested via their presence in the local water supply. Most threshold girls who do become Gravelgals initially show a marked preference for hanging around areas with large amounts of exposed gravel, sand and rocks, claiming it makes them feel peaceful and they often experience a reduction in the intensity of emotional responses becoming naturally stoic.

Tashira released a shot across her face- the Gravelgal reciprocated.

Growling, the dragon-formed Dracass drove a knee into her stomach lifting her a foot off the ground, then two hard punches across the sides of her face- The Gravelgal interrupted her onslaught with an uppercut to her bruised jaw snapping Tashira's head back.

Tashira grunted, fire igniting in her eyes, out of pride she refused to fall back, she gave a shout as she gripped the Gravelgal's mouth and jaw with her draconic hand and picked her up -she flapped her wings and jumped- then slammed the rock-type into the ground sending tremors around the area.

"Grah!" She grunted, merely knocked out of breath, she kicked Tashira off her sending her skidding back.

*Pant... Pant!* Reverting to her human form the Dracass was left short of breath, having been trading blows with the Gravelgal for about five minutes now, she took a moment to catch her breath.

The Gravelgal slowly got up and dusted herself off, she looked annoyed and just slightly bruised more than anything else, looking up at Tashira.

'Tch!' Tashira grunted irritably, jumping to put distance between her and her opponent, 'Never met a Pokégirl that could just take the brunt of my attacks like that. Not even that Amachoke could take my Draconic punches like this Gravelgal.' Staring at the Pokégirl who looked back at her.

And because she could take her punches she could retaliate while her guard was down, her tough skin was enhanced enough to take her full Draconic strength and shrug it off as if the strike had been a human's. She was also smart not to show any hesitance or pain when struck, if she actually felt pain from her punches that is, it left Tashira wondering if she was dealing any damage or not, well that was familiar.

Tashira massaged her shoulder, 'Why do I have to get the rock-types?' it pissed her off enough to know that she had gotten seventeen hits in already which put three more against her than Yue's count, but to add to that her opponent still looked ready for more.

As for herself, with her armored scales, and the fact that the rock-type's strength was lower than her's, she could handle her punches, in fact she too was still ready for more.

However... Tashira hated to admit it, but at the rate it's been going, the Gravelgal had dealt more damage to her than she did to the rock-type... she was being hurt while the Gravelgal seemed not to be.

Tashira entertained the thought of blowing her to pieces with her enhanced Hyper Beam, 'Tch, if I could control it.' ... She unconsciously tightened her fist... there was also the fact that it was illegal to kill someone else's Pokégirl in a battle, also seeing as how she couldn't control it she'd probably kill a lot more people and Pokégirls than just the Gravelgal, '... Damn.'

She wasn't allowed to go any faster than her regular running speed either because she couldn't utilize that crippling speed.

Her flying maneuverability could use honing and... The dragon-type huffed at how much she still couldn't do, on the bright side she was still full of energy, physically and energy-wise.

Tashira slowly considered a thought... rock-types weren't exactly known for their intelligence, maybe she could use that to her advantage. She then sweat-dropped, 'Then again... Neither are Dragon-types.' She remembered, it made her curious, was she literally as dumb as a rock?

Tashira smiled to herself at the little pun, 'Alright enough, you're getting off topic.' shaking her head she returned to the battle.

Looks like she wouldn't be able to rely purely on strength for this match. Rushing off, the Gravelgal rushed back at her.

Tashira narrowed her brows as she thought of all the key factors: Rock-types weren't the smartest out of the all the Pokégirls, she wasn't a good fighter now that she thought about it, nor was she a fighting type... Which meant she had low endurance.

'Hm... I got a plan.' Transforming into her dragon form she looked at her opponent with a strange kind of determination, a smirk coming to, she just had to fight smart was all.

Dodging the Pokégirl's Takedown Tashira shot a strong punch to the side of her face, she returned with a back arm swing to Tashira's left shoulder forcing her to skid a few feet, but Tashira didn't relent.

Bringing around a haymaker the Gravelgal's body twisted right due to the impact on the left side of her face, grunting in irritation, she grew angrier.

"Grgh." Tashira huffed, glancing at the fist digging into her stomach.

Tashira's lips slowly formed a dark smirk before she swung a harsh elbow into the center of the Rock-Type's face.

The Gravelgal staggered back, rubbing her nose as it began to hurt, Tashira dealt three more elbows to her face.

Interrupted with a fist to the stomach again, Tashira grunted a little harder, taking three more bodyshots before reverting back to human form and dodging two haymakers and an uppercut from her.

Tashira jumped forth and shot a Draconic fist dead center into the Gravelgal's nose forcing a grunt out of the Pokégirl as she visibly winced.

The Gravelgal swung her arm to force Tashira to flee but instead she took the swing to her chest with a grunt and slight wince.

Tashira quickly dealt two more hard punches to her face.

Growling in annoyance she swung for Tashira's head, the Dracass ducked in return.

The Rock-type did a front kick - Reverting to human form the Dracass spun to the right, her leg coming around as she did so to the back of the Gravelgal's knee's forcing her to bend her legs and falter.

Tashira's stature shot up, body covered in scales again as her tail glowed with a Tail Whip, spinning back to the left her tail came around straight into the rock-type's face, sending her tumbling across the grass with a cry of pain.

Grinning, Tashira ran at her and channeled energy to her foot.

Coming to- the Gravelgal's eye's widened as Tashira put all her strength into her punt into her face, forcing her body to harshly spin and skid across the dirt.

"Raahh!" she finally cried out loud, cradling her face as she came to a stop, trembling at the extreme amount of pain as her nose finally began to bleed after so much abuse had been dealt to it.

Bored Tamers and Pokégirls perked up at this in renewed interest. Naruto and Hinata also watching in surprise.

Myrel observed the fight in confusion, 'What is she doing?' She questioned, wondering what her objective was as she saw the Gravelgal stare at her blood in shock and extreme anger, 'She's only making her more pissed off-...'

Myrel paused in thought, 'Unless... That was Tashira's plan from the beginning.' tilting her head in consideration.

The Gravelgal stared at the blood in shock, she looked back and forth from the Dracass to her palm, realizing she'd underestimated the Dracass's durability and strength.

Anger quickly replaced her shock, an extreme amount of it, at the sight of Tashira's taunting grin... That was it! Punching a fist-sized dent into the ground she grated her teeth, from now on she would no longer take chances.

Tashira watched as the Gravelgal staggered to her feet pissed off, the human formed Dracass smirked, 'About damn time, bring it on rocky.' briefly her lip twitched at the bad pun -That she thought was funny- before focusing again.

The Gravelgal bent both legs in preparation as she gathered her energy, leaping into the air she performed a double-foot stop, using Quake the earth tremor that resulted knocked surrounding Tamers and even some of the weaker Pokégirls off their feet.

Tashira raised a brow as she jumped into the air and morphed into her dragon form, taking to the air, she flew at her.

Baring her teeth in fear the Gravelgal hardened her stance, faced the flying Dracass's direction and used Stone Spray focusing her hardened skin to shoot off in a concentrated spray of rocks at the Dragon.

Tashira's eyes widened, 'Shit, gotta move!' Slowly flapping her wings to lift her higher out of the range of fire, the Gravelgal merely aimed with her chest, leaning back to follow her position.

Tashira stared, '... Fuck.' still too much of an amateur to maneuver herself through the air efficiently she raised her arms and took the barrage of fist-sized rocks head on, mimicking bullets, she was shot from head to toe, 'Damn it this stings.' Clenching her teeth in pain, blood spat from her lips as what felt like punches to her gut forced her to grunt, being blasted backwards she spun out of control.

"Watch out, she's coming this way!"

"Get out of the way!" Tamers yelled as they ran from her path of crash-landing, Pokégirls grabbing their Tamers and jumping out of the way.

Crashing into the foliage of the tree's she broke through the branches before smashing into the trunk of another tree, tipping the tree over with her as the ground trembled with a roar.

*... Groan*

Quickly coming to: Tashira sat up and rubbed her head as she hissed in annoyance, "Fuuck... That hurt." she complained, slightly more than irritated.


Narrowing her eyes she stared at her arm, "That bitch knocked me out of my dragon form." she realized.

Standing up she cracked her neck, then rotated her shoulder, looking around to inspect the damage she did to the area. The tree she took down was split in half at the trunk, and the trees she crashed through had fucked up branches.

Frowning at the problem before her she crossed her arms in thought, 'Goddamn it... I don't care what Yue says, that still only counts as one hit.' Shaking her head in disappointment she walked back to the fighting area.

Spitting out the last of the blood in her mouth Tashira eyed the Gravelgal as she came out from the trees, ignoring the concerned questions from the Tamers and Pokégirls she focused on analyzing her plan.

'Looks like I managed to get her paranoid, she won't let me near her,' The Gravelgal was panting, watching Tashira cautiously.

Tashira looked her up and down, 'Hm... She looks skinnier all of a sudden? Her complexion... It's lighter.' she noticed, her body was not as stocky as before, nor was it as hard-looking and dark-gray compared to three minutes ago.

Tashira looked on in curiosity: That rock technique used the density of her hard skin to shoot off those rocks, and now her skin was less dense and layered.

That was a pleasant relief. A smirk sprung to Tashira's lips, eyes lighting up with intrigue. With her bleeding mussed hair and ignited eyes and dark grin, Tashira looked insane.

Her walking sped up to a jog, before turning into a full sprint.

Stepping back in intimidation, the Gravelgirl raised her arms, sweating and panting but nevertheless she gathered her energy.

Rocks burst from the ground between the two, pushing them at Tashira the pillers of rock rushed at her.

Tashira chuckled to herself, "Bring it on then." she challenged, "Quick Attack." with a sudden burst of speed she shot off toward the pillars coming at her.

Dodging to the left, she stopped-

Quickly she backflipped out of a pillar's path from her left just as it crashed into the one on her right.

Shooting forward she zig-zagged left to right.

Around and backwards, she dodged these rock pillars as they moved like they were alive.

Jumping through the air she flipped over another.

The Gravelgal controlling these rock pillars gasped and shut an eye in exhaustion, her technique growing weak as the pillars slowly ceased to move.

Tashira smirked as she dashed toward her.

Breathing raggedly, she growled in frustration, hardening her stance for a second time she gathered the last of her hardened skin and used Stone Spray again, but instead of a concentrated stream, she scattered the rocks in Tashira's general direction this time.

Tashira grinned, morphing into her draconic form she brought her wings around as a shield. Now on the ground this time, she didn't have to worry about trying to stay airborne.

The rock-type's eyes shot open, "W-what!" barreling through the barrage of rocks ricocheting off Tashira's wings she quickly closed the distance with her Quick Attack still in use and bull-rushed her head on.

Cutting off her technique the rock Pokégirl was sent soaring through the air, crashing to the ground with a scream, she tumbled across the grass to a stop.

Sighing, Tashira stood upright, shaking the numbing from her wings before bringing them in, and proceeded to walk to the downed Gravelgal struggling to get up.

Tashira grinned as she stopped before the rock-type and waited as she slowly got to her feet looking up in shock and fear at the towering Dracass.

With a panicked shout, she threw a punch up at her.

Tashira flinchlessly caught her fist with a grin.

The Gravelgal stared speechless.


Her unoccupied fist struck the Rock Pokégirl across the face, The Gravelgal's head snapped to the right and blood spurt from her mouth as she staggered.

It took a moment to register, her expression slowly filling with pain as she shut her eyes and opened her mouth into a silent scream.

Bringing a knee up hard and deep into the Gravelgal's stomach she squelched. The air was knocked out of her as she lifted off her feet.

She put her leg back down to allow the Gravelgal's feet to touch ground. Tashira let go of her hand and let the Gravelgal collapse to the ground coughing, gasping and cradling her stomach, eyes wide in pain.

Tashira leaned down with a grin, "What's that?" she turned an ear to her, "You're in a tremendous amount of pain?" she asked.

She grew a large cocky grin, "It's probably because your skin isn't as tough anymore." she answered.

"Rrrggh!" Shooting to her feet with rage in the Gavelgal's eyes, the Rock-Type pulled back a fist and swung as hard as possible- Sliding under her swing, Tashira wrapped her arms around the Gravelgal's midsection from behind, bending her legs she jumped as high as she could with the help of her wings and shot up five stories.

Slowly leaning back, Tashira looped in the air and headed back toward ground, arms around her in vice-grip.

At the last three stories she let go of the Gravelgal, launching her at the ground as Tashira spread out her wings to slow her descent.

Crashing into the ground head first it caved inward into a crater as the area shook, and rumbled, debris springing up into the air.

"Amelia!" Her Tamer cried, running out toward the crater.


Wiping the last bit of blood off her cheek, Tashira grunted, berating herself at the total number of hits now counted against: Thirty.

"That was really something Tashira." Yue admired, teleporting next to her.

Tashira looked at her skeptically, "Is that suppose to be sarcasm?" asking bitterly, not knowing if the Cheshire was only emphasizing the score of their wager.

Instead Yue looked at her genuinely, true respect. She smiled and shook her head, "No, honestly my Alpha. It was a pleasure watching my Pokésister fight." she praised, seeing how strong and powerful Tashira was filled her with pride, it fed a small need to gloat to other Pokégirls that her Alpha and her Tamer were better than their's.

Tashira paused as she blinked awkwardly at the awed Cheshire, slowly the Dracass smiled, her cheeks heating up, "Yeah well, thanks. Good luck on your match."

Yue nodded with a smile, "I'll try my best."

The Jigglyslut mumbled in exhaustion. Panting and straggling, the pink-toned Pokégirl slowly began to fall back, swirls strangely showing on her eyes as she passed out and hit the dirt with a final sigh in defeat.

Yue stared for a few extra seconds, determining whether the Jigglyslut would get back up or not.

Kiya shrugged, "That didn't take long." she muttered glancing over at the Dracass.

Tashira stood rigid, her crossed arms tensed, "... Son of a bitch." she grunted sorely, "That's just not fair." she complained under her breath.

'Damn it all, that's twenty-five to my thirty.' the Alpha cursed, pursing her lips as she realized this.

What kind of idiot sends a Jigglyslut out to battle? Tashira glared at the Tamer across the field!

Yue was ecstatic as her tail flung up, expression filling into a cat-grin.

Tashira's eyes widened, her fingers digging into her biceps when Yue turned to her predatorily, "... Fuck."

Walking back to Naruto after collecting her opponent's wager, Hinata thought about her two Pokégirls and their fights.

Naruto raised a brow, "What's up Hinata?"

Hinata was contemplative as she watched her two Pokégirls talk, "I'm just thinking,"

"Hm? About what?"

She turned to him, "Their training... Yue needs some work on her psychic abilities, and Tashira could always use some extra pointers about flying."

Naruto considered it, "Maybe we can ask Jiroshi's Misses', they can give Tashira some ariel combat and training methods... The same with Yue, Kitsuto can use Psychic powers too can't he?" he suggested, turning to look at their Pokégirls.

Hinata thought on it in surprise, "Why yes, I can ask them as soon as we get back to the mansion." she decided, smiling.

Naruto nodded with a smirk, "Then that's that."

"Tashira, I think I'll have you fix me lunch first once we get back." Yue teased, her tail wagging in amusement.

Tashira crossed her arms and huffed, "It wasn't even a fair fight, it should be determined by how strong each Pokégirl was."

Myrel chuckled, "Ha, sounds to me like you're just a sore loser."

Naruto rested his hands on his hips, an intrigued smile on his face as he and Hinata watched Yue reap the satisfaction of winning the little bet they had going on.

"Ya know, we should make our own bets sometime, keeps things interesting." Naruto suggested with a grin.

Hinata blinked, and then she smirked, "I'd like that Naruto-kun."

Naruto squinted suspiciously as she returned to their Pokégirls.


"First-to-say-not-it-wins: Not it-"

"Not-..." Naruto froze as his eyes widened, then snapped to her in shock, "H-hey that's cheating! I wasn't ready!" he complained, pointing a finger at her.

Hinata set off in giggles as she leaned her head back. ~Ohahahaa!~ She faced him in mock pout, "Daww, maybe next time Naruto-kun~"

His face quickly turned pink, "Grr-! I want a rematch! I meant like for ramen, or dares." he grumbled.

Hinata brightened, "Well I dare you to say I won Naru-kun!" She chirped cheerily.

Naruto choked on his retort, crossing his arms he shut his eyes, "Hmph, that's so unfair!" His cheeks burning.

Hinata giggled even harder, her eyes closing and her arms wrapped around her stomach before finally dying down to a final sigh of amusement.

"Hey guys I'm back." Kitsuto waved, holding an ice cream cone, "What'd I miss?"

"Hm?" Hinata and Naruto both snapped to him in surprise.

"You left?" Naruto asked, looking genuinely surprised, Hinata mirroring his curiosity.

Kitsuto slowly deadpanned, "Glad to see the spiritual link is still working." He muttered sarcastically.

Naruto grinned sheepishly.

"We were just about to head back to the Mansion." Hinata answered, spying her and Naruto's Pokégirls walking over, she smiled happily, "Ne? Are you girls ready to go?"

"Yes."/"No." Yue and Tashira answered.

Hinata blinked.

"Please let us have one more battle Hinata." Tashira pleaded.

Hinata looked dubious by the suggestion, "Another battle? But you two already fought three battles, you girls must be exhausted and doing another battle would be too much." she dissuaded.

Kiya and Myrel watched silently in amusement.

Tashira looked determined, "Pfft! Still as ready as when I started. Also, these are Pokébattles Hinata. The worse that can happen is getting knocked out, we aren't in any serious danger."

"Eh?" Hinata perked in surprise, "You aren't tired at all? Sore or low on energy? Anything?"

Tashira considered it, then shook her head with a side-smirk, "Nope, still fine."

"Um," Yue quirked a light smile, "Pokébattles were created as a form of entertainment, trade, and training. Just another way for Tamers to further their Pokégirls, supplies and popularity." She added subjectively, not like she was encouraging Tashira or anything.

Naruto stared at the dragon-type and rested his hands behind his head, "Jeez, gimme a break." He muttered.

Tashira reminded, "Rare-type; genetically enhanced super warrior remember?" smiling tauntingly.

Naruto's brow twitched, "Half of that's because of our training, ya knoow~!"

Tashira and Yue glanced at each other, "Well... Super genetically enhanced super warriors?" Yue corrected.

"That doesn't count." Kiya interrupted.

Yue turned, "Why not?"

"You can't use two supers' in the same title, it sounds silly and not-awesome."

Tashira huffed and waved a hand, turning back to her Tamer, "Well?"

Hinata's reluctance began to falter as she nervously pushed her fingers together, "I dunno... There may not be anyone else who wants to challenge you." she replied.

"Tch, leave that to me." Tashira scoffed, overlooking the flinching crowd, "There's bound to be someone."

"Ah, Jiroshi-sama. This is a pleasantry," The Warrior Nun greeted, hugging the famed Pokégirl master, Jiroshi returning it.

"You seem anxious this evening." she noted.

Jiroshi blinked and then chuckled, "Perceptive as always Hitsuko."

She walked over to her desk, "Then, it's something important I'm assuming?" She asked curiously, he didn't often visit with this kind of impatience.

He paused in thought, "In a way... sorry to bother you, but one of my pupil's...- er- ah relatives is visiting and we got around to talking about summonings-"

The Warrior Nun slowed her actions and raised a brow, "Kitsuto has a relative?"

"They're cousins." He mocked an outline of whiskers on his cheeks.

"And the girl accompanying him?"

Jiroshi tilted his head.

Hitsuko gestured to the window behind her, "In fact, the two have accompanied your pupil for three hours now."

Jiroshi huffed under his breath, looking at the park behind her from a good eye's distance through the window.

The Warrior Nun crossed her arms and peered through her window, "The young girl has been battling Tamers with her Dracass and... Cheshire. They appear to possess a developing potential."

"His girlfriend." He replied, waving her off, "They're familiar with our kind of training. Don't look too deep into it." He assured.

She didn't look convinced, "I have... heard things about those who wished to learn the art of summoning. Even more dangerous, the ones that go out of their way to summon Espers."

"Rumors tend to get out of hand."

The Warrior Nun turned to him, "Jiroshi, you're aware that humans and even Pokégirls have... 'Failed' to handle just their requirements."

"Yeah, some Espers have quite an exciting list." Jiroshi considered.

"... You believe they are capable of a successful summon?" she calmly re-assessed.

Jiroshi grinned, "That of which I hold no doubt."

Hitsuko narrowed her brows, "You must forgive my hesitance to praise these youths' talent then. If I am not misinformed. Are there not any irritable Espers' who may decide to simply eliminate them even then?" She inquired.

Lightly placing a hand on his scarred abdomen in memory he smiled, "Trust me Hitsuko, those two can handle more than the average Tamer, they're almost as strong as my student."

The Warrior Nun sighed at his perseverance, "Jiroshi, I pray to be mistaken. However they seem to be novice Tamers. Surely, even you have evaluated the risks?" Gesturing to his scar, she began to fear for these young lives, "I had almost deceived myself. That perhaps you had visited for another reason."

Jiroshi narrowed an eye, "And such a reason being?"

Hitsuko slowly sat down, "The Cheshire attending the young girl's side. My sighting of her and your pupil in the park enabled me to make the connections. She and young Yuku asked a favor of me not long ago. I'd assumed you knew and came with inquiry?"

Jiroshi's tension visibly relaxed, "Whatever the favor is, the faithful little Shrine Maiden vouched for the Cheshire. Then I'm sure it doesn't involve anything sinister." he humored.

The Warrior Nun sighed, "Well, no. I suppose my interpretation erred on the side of caution... never mind it."

Jiroshi nodded, holding out a hand, "Well?"

She looked at him apologetically, "Forgive my foresight. If I had expected to be beckoned for Esper summoning scrolls I would have issued an order weeks ago." she apologized.

The black-haired Frog-sage grunted, "They don't intend to stay long enough for another shipment."

Hitsuko blushed in embarrassment, "We do have scrolls of Chandra of course, for the young practitioners here at the church. Otherwise, for all of the others I would suggest Edo League."

Jiroshi toddled his head, "Chandra will have to do. After all, they are still beginning Tamers." he reasoned, seeing the worry on the Warrior Nun's gentle soul relax.

As Jiroshi left the Head Nun's office, he smiled gratefully, "Thank you Hitsuko, may Kami bless you two-fold for your good graces."

Hitsuko bowed her head, "And may the Gods bless you and your crazy risk-taking family Jiroshi." She returned.

"Gaaah~ Daammn it~" Tashira sulked. She glanced at the chipper Cheshire baring a cat-smile. There had been no one else that wanted to battle!

"I think I'm going to save this wager," Yue giggled as she rubbed up against Tashira, "For when you start to get cocky again, it shouldn't take long." she teased, rubbing her tail alongside the frowning Dracass's face.

If not for the Pokégirl restaurant Hinata treated the group to with the eating money earned from the last battle, her disappointment would not have been as alleviated. The wager that came with the Jigglyslut was 5,600 SLC ($560) and every bit went to Hinata, Naruto, and Kitsuto and their harems all now with full stomachs.

It's amazing that Naruto and Hinata spent that money within less than an hour. Tashira sometimes questioned whether they had a grasp on the concept of money... I mean, they were only fourteen.


"Hm?" Tashira and Yue turned their attention to the dining room table.

"Jaa~ Shall we go over our winnings?" Hinata asked, unsealing the prizes they've earned. Tashira perked up, Yue leaning closer as her eyes began to sparkle.

"Okay, Yue," Hinata called as she tossed her the Thunder Stone that she won from the mouse-type.

Yue caught it with an ever-growing grin, inspecting the emerald colored stone excitedly.

Tashira rubbed her hands in rising anticipation.

Hinata held up the next evolutionary prize, remembering what she had read from her new dex, "Tashira-chan, here's your Steel Vest." worth the trouble of that Gravelgal.

The steel vest known as: Heavy Metal which was a rare and popular trade and evolutionary item. The reason why Tashira liked the vest so much was because it was a lightweight steel vest that added a level of protection, without detracting from speed... and it was silver, the gray's beloved cousin.

The Dracass swiped it from the air expectantly, "Now that's what I'm talking about." she smirked, putting on the vest she raised her arms, twisted left to right, then grinned... Perfect.

Next, Hinata held up a Pokéball that resembled the ones she started out with, only on the top was a yellow lightning bolt, two yellow circles decorated the sides: The Fast Pokéball. Supposedly to catch fast and teleporting Pokégirls.

Hinata's smiled gratefully as she compressed the ball and tucked it into her pouch with the others, "Thank you Yue." won from the Pri-Mate Pokégirl. Yue nodded in return, her posture rising just a little more.

Next, the Euphoric Elixir. Hinata picked up a glass bottle with shiny and sparkling green liquid. From it's description, Hinata compared it to the similarity of fine wine. It didn't hold any healing properties, no temporary enhancements, just an expensive brand of drink.

Yue flickered, then passed three wine glasses for her Tamer, Tashira, and herself. With a steady serving hand, the three then raised their filled glasses.

Hinata quirked the side of her mouth, "Well, bottoms up." simultaneously they drank the elixir, and simultaneously they all had a different yet an all so similar reaction.

Yue's tail, with each sip, raised higher and higher until it was fully erected and visibly trembling, her cheeks beginning to burn.

Hinata's face blushed a hard red, her head getting dizzy as her body began to feel hot, electricity seemingly running through her where it almost became a struggle not to moan.

Tashira's left eye widened, her brow raising she almost spurt her drink out from it's sudden effect. Her hand shook embarrassingly as she tried not to spill it, instinctively she began to chug it as the butterflies in her body began to multiply.

~Aahh!~ They gasped, eyes shut as they finished and put their glasses on the table. The Cheshire twitching sensitively, Hinata panting trying not to moan, and Tashira grunted with a dirty growing smirk.

If it could be put into words... It was an orgasm in a bottle.

"... We need to buy more of that. Soon." Tashira grunted.

The Cheshire still had her eyes closed, smiling as a growing sensual meow elicited from her lips in agreement.

Hinata blushed, "It tasted like green apple." she idly wondered if they had other flavors.

Tashira clapped, "Alright, now the T2 Chips, which goes to who?" she urged greedily.

Hinata giggled, "Let's see," picking up one of the five metallic sized gems, she pressed the button on the hood of it. A projection popped up detailing it's contents:

T2: Sonic Break
Type: Attack/Status Effect Technique
Element: Wind/Flying
Frequency: Uncommon

Description: By flapping her wings together (or summoning her elemental power of wind) a Pokégirl can create a gust of wind powerful enough to create a Sonic Boom. This doesn't deal much damage, but deafens her opponent for a few minutes.

"This is you Tashira, make sure to share it with Myrel," Tashira caught it reflexively, eyeing the chip. Pressing the button again it beeped, a red scanning light flashed into the Dracass's eyes causing her to hiss. In seconds the T2 Chip beeped and stopped.

Yue and Hinata looked up in surprise.

"Gack! Rrgh, why this little!" Tashira growled, rubbing at her eyes. Then she paused, blinking for a second her brows slowly raised, "... Huh." she muttered.

Hinata blinked in slight awe, "Was that it?"

Tashira rubbed her head, "Uh-... Yeah. I know it now." she replied, still not knowing how to react.

"Did it hurt?" The Cheshire pried, her fur beginning to rise. Tashira simply shook her head, shrugging as she tossed the T2 on the table, "Well, that was easy."

Yue snapped to Hinata, "Me next! Pick one for me please Hinata?" She pleaded as Hinata pushed the Sonic Break T2 away from the others.

"Okay uhm-" Hinata looked through the T2's:

T2: Electric Cage
Type: Attack Technique
Element: Electric
Frequency: Rare/Uncommon in Crimson League
Description: Using all of her electric energy, an Electric-Type Pokégirl cn sweep the area around her opponent in electricity for as long as the Pokégirl can continue to power it. This technique has a tendency to make weak electric types faint.

"I'll save this one for later." Hinata muttered, sealing it back into the scroll.

T2: Flame Bite
Type: Attack Technique
Element: Fire/Normal
Frequency: Uncommon
Description: A variation of the Bite attack. By concentrating her fire and/or body heat to her mouth, a Pokégirl can heat up her Bite attack. This allows the Pokégirl to deal Fire Damage to her opponent.

"Oh, this will be great for Kiya, I'll keep this to the side." Pushing that T2 away from the others alongside the Sonic Break T2.

T2: Cook
Type: Skill
Element: All
Frequency: Uncommon
Description: This is a special T2, designed to give Pokégirls a bit of cooking knowledge, allowing even the clutziest of Bunnies, the most inane/stubborn Tomboys, and Feral Pokégirls the ability to prepare simple dishes for their Tamer.

"This you can all use." Hinata stated, sliding it Tashira's way.

"Tch," Grabbing the T2 the Dracass engrained it's cooking skills into her.

T2: Psy-Charge
Type: Status Effect Technique
Element: Psychic
Frequency: Uncommon
Description: Allows her to tap into her mental capabilities to enable her next psychic-powered technique to increase two-fold.

"Aha, here you go Yue-chan." Hinata tossed it to her.

The Cheshire eagerly pressed the button, and like before a red light scanner ran up and down her eyes for a moment before it beeped.

Tashira and Hinata peered closer.

The Cheshire's eyes enlarged, "Ohaha! Wow that's amazing!" she mewed with a open smile. Tashira slid the Cook T2 over to her, and the Cheshire proceeded to ingest it's contents as well.

Night had finally consumed the day.

Naruto mused to himself ironically at how fast time seemed to be going. The fourteen year old blonde walked with his hands in his pockets across the grass in the mansion's front yard. His focus finding its way to the stars, merely admiring the vast amount of sparkling white dots glittered over the night sky.

He heard the calm sprinkling from the fountain behind him, the sound of a cricket in the distance, and light footsteps atop the stone lining around the fountain. Kiya trying to steady herself as she walked around the fountain to amuse herself.

Naruto sighed anxiously, "Man, only a few more days before we leave Kiya." he whispered in disbelief.

Kiya had her arms out to her sides, focused on making careful steps to remain balanced, "Believe me. I'm trying to contain my joy."

Naruto chuckled as he turned away from the stars, "Oh come on, it won't be all that bad."

Kiya pursed her lips into a pout, "Mmnn..." The sound of another's footsteps gained her ears attention.

"Hey half-pint."

Naruto turned, reflexively catching the object on route to his face. A Pokéball? Staring at it for a moment, the Tamer raised a curious brow.

Lowering her arms, Kiya perked up with newfound curiosity, unable to stop the tingles rising along her tail

"Be careful with that." Myrel warned.

He looked up at her with a growing confidence until it burst into a cheeky grin, "Like my life depended on it." he promised.

Myrel smiled at the hopeless blonde, before hardening into a more serious look as she walked over, "All right Naruto: what's up, get the Catgirl out of the bag already."

The blonde Tamer just huffed with a smile, he knew where this path was headed from past experiences, and it always had him feeling at a loss for words at first.

Kiya's tail swayed in amusement as she held in a yip. Having seen this familiar scenario so many times before. She doubted she could stand still to hear it a fifth time. Myrel was in for the biggest mind-fuck of her life.

Naruto bounced Myrel's Pokéball in and out of his palm in thought before nodding, "Alright Myrel. I'll tell you everything."

The Dracona smirked in triumph.

"Yeah, you two have fun with that," Kiya jumped off the fountain and walked over to Naruto, "I have better things to do." she calmly picked her Pokéball from the blond and enlarged it.

Walking back to the house she bounced it in and out of her hand, "I'm gonna go train,"

She smirked at Myrel as she walked past, "Try not to hack it when everything starts to spin."

Naruto shook his head, "She's not gonna hack it!" he called back.

The Dracona's look of victory turned confused, looking from Kiya to her Tamer, "What is she talking about?"

"You're not going to hack it." Naruto assured.

~Huahahahaa!~ "Yeah she will!" She closed the front door as her laughter echoed.

Another Universe? The Dracona had no idea just how deep the rabbit hole went.

"When she's proud of us, did you see the way her face lit up?... I gotta say she looks pretty damn cute." Tashira muttered as she dried her hair.

Yue nodded happily as she pulled on her pajamas for the night. Hinata had bid them good night and a kiss before she left to her and Naruto's room.

Tashira looked at the Pokéball. Still attached to the healing unit like when they had left it when they left to shower. They still had to watch over Kiya.

They still had time.

*Sniff* "So, something on your mind Yue?" Tashira directed expectantly.

The Cheshire jumped, surprised at the sudden attention, "Hm? What do you mean?"

Tashira raised a brow, "For the past few days you've had this face," Her brows scrunched as her eyes looked down into a thinking expression, before returning to normal, "It's an annoying looking face."

Yue back tracked, shifting her gaze to the corner of her eyes she bit her lip nervously.

Tashira headed to the bed, sitting cross-legged, she waited, "Don't make me have to pull rank on you." she threatened.

Yue lowered her head, her tail swished anxiously "How do you make the decisions you do?"

The Dracass stared at her "Mostly instinct."

The Cheshire shook her head, "No, I mean- I meant like going against Hinata and Naruto's orders. Like training atop of that mountain." she clarified, her expression hardening wanting to know, "What drove you to do that? Despite what they said?"

Tashira wasn't as quick to answer this time, taking time to consider the actual reason behind it.

"... Mostly instinct."

Yue's tail fell to the floor, her desiring expression turning bitter, "Are you not going to be honest with me?" she muttered.

Tashira observed her, "That was a serious answer," she retorted, "I don't think I need to spell it out for you. Every decision I make is because of Hinata and Naruto."

The Dracass then bit the inside of her cheek, "Even if they aren't the right ones." looking at Yue's eyes steadily.

Yue stepped forward, "But why then? Attacking Myrel went completely against their interests." she argued, why would Tashira take that risk?

Tashira rubbed her head, "Tch. Hinata and Naruto aren't perfect. Even with my draconic instincts clouding my mind, at the time... Myrel posed a risk to Hinata and Naruto," she explained, "Even if they thought that they had things under control. It was my job to protect them from what they weren't willing to admit, Myrel would've left and could've unveiled their secret. She needed to know that I would kill her if she thought of doing so."

Then she returned to Yue, "It's as simple as that. I might might have been wrong or I might have been right. Either way I made that decision because I wanted the best for Hinata and Naruto."

Her cheeks began to burn because of the guilt that followed, "And that means willing to accept the consequences for my actions." Tashira finished, clicking her teeth in thought, "Hell, I still think that I might've been wrong. I still doubt myself."

A fire ignited in Tashira's eyes as she remembered the basis for that decision nonetheless, "But that's my way. Hinata and Naruto are always in the back of my mind, so even if it goes against what they want, I'm going to protect them." she stated determinedly.

Yue was silent, her eyes widening for a split-second before she took a step back, "I see."

Tashira peered at her suspiciously, "You're up to something aren't you?"

The Cheshire's fur slowly began to stand up at the accusation.

Yue looked away, "I... find myself continuously thinking 'What would Hinata say?' before doing anything rash." she mumbled.

The Dracass got off the bed, crossing her arms, "Tch. Yue, from one harem sister to another," the Cheshire looked up, "You can't have Hinata holding your hand through everything. Sometimes you're going to have to make decisions for yourself."

Yue listened intently and carefully.

"You do what you think is best for the harem, for our Tamer. For Naruto and his harem. Our group." she advised, walking over to her.

The Cheshire looked to the Dracass for guidance, "What if it changes me?" she asked reluctantly, "What if Hinata decides to-"

"Stop." The Dracass cut off.

Yue's fur stood on end in fear, looking up to her Alpha.

The Dracass put a hand on her shoulder, "No matter what happens," Tashira's hardened expression lightened, a smile gracing her lips, "I think what she would care about most: Is whether or not you still remain the same loyal Yue she took in." she assured, pushing a finger into her chest.

The feline's eyes began to water in understanding. The Cheshire hugged her alpha, wrapping arms around her waist, "Thank you Tashira."

Tashira petted her head with a chuckle, "Always here for you, little cry-baby."

It felt like they were forgetting something. Tashira and Yue both perked up in memory, snapping to the clock.

It had been an hour and fifteen minutes!

*Gasp* "Kiya!" Yue mewed.

... One Hour Later ...

Kiya exited the front door in pajamas. Her fur was damp, a tub of ice cream in one hand and spoon in the other, "Forget me in the Pokéball," she muttered bitterly, "*Grrr* Next time I'll-... Hm?"

The Kitsune snapped up to see Naruto and Myrel still by the fountain... And unfortunately she seemed to be a breath short of full-blown hyperventilation.

"A-Are you serious?-! A- Legendary? Team Trauma? Bounty Hunters, The League G-Governments?-! They're all after you?" Myrel panicked

Oh... He just got done with the second half of the story. Kiya had been gone for two hours too.

Naruto grunted nervously, "Well we don't know about all that for sure. Hey, hey calm down, they don't even know what we look like, everything's gonna be fine." the fourteen year old comforted.

Kiya took a spoonful of ice cream as she walked down the stairs, "You think it's bad just hearing this? Imagine being in the thick of it." Kiya commented as she took a bite of vanilla.

Myrel covered her mouth as Naruto turned in surprise at Kiya's voice.

"She's gonna hack it." The Kitsune predicted.

Naruto shook his head, "No she's not! Myrel, look at me, everything's going to be all-"


Kiya gave an awry smile, "Yeah she hacked it." she confirmed, now poking at her less appetizing vanilla ice cream with her spoon.

The Dracona's wings trembled as she took one hand off her knee and raised it, "I-I'm *Ulgk* okay."



The Dracass stood upright and arched her back. Steady and calm. She took a deep inhale and closed her eyes in concentration.

"Good, now transform so we can get these basics underway." The Sayjin ordered standing alongside the Whorizard, both rising up into the air.

Tashira nodded as she felt her wings slide through the openings in the back of her clothing and extend. With a few flaps of her wings she ascended after them.

Her eyes drifted down below and spied the familiar Kitsune. Standing at a different area of the courtyard before Kitsuto's Kyubi and Kunimitsu. Form and intent at the ready. The eager young fox-type has been following their every advice and lesson for a good four hours since seven.

Hardening her expression, she scanned over to Yue sitting lotus-style in front of Kitsuto mirroring her position as she followed his input to effectively channel psychic energy. Their psychic energy could be seen even from up here, simply some sort of psychic arm-wrestle to get a feel of control. They've been cycling through psychic exercises since eight this morning.

Tashira shut her eyes and tried to repress her smirk as she glimpsed out of the corner of her eye at Myrel with Naruto and Hinata at the far-side of the courtyard undergoing the basics... and struggling. She was the most behind. They started their training at six sharp. ~Tmnhmhm~

"Something funny over there?" Suya snapped, a tick beginning to show on her forehead.

The Dracass's eyes opened, "Hnm?... -er, no." Shutting her mouth Tashira shook her head. She was just beginning to start her form of training.

Tashira sweatdropped bitterly. The only reason she was training so late in the morning was because she had to wait until these two misses woke up. Then showered, had breakfast, and finally their stupid hour anger repression meditation as Jiroshi called it.

"Are you listening!" Riza roared, now a tick mark was sporting both of their foreheads.

"Ggnn," Tashira grunted, back straightening almost nervously. She felt a bead of sweat run down her face, "Yeah, sorry. I'm listening." She grunted.

The Whorizard crossed her arms and huffed, "Maneuverability and Speed! Learning to use the wind as your ally to dodge and to your advantage! Not fighting against it!" She stated definitely.

Tashira narrowed her brows with an anxious nod, "Right."

"Afterwards, getting to the basics of aerial combat! Hand-to-Hand combat with other flying types!" The Sayjin followed up with a smirk, gesturing to herself.

The Dracass nodded determinedly, "Alright."

She was anxious. Aside from using techniques in the air, these were her weakest areas.

Hm? Wasn't that Kitsuto's Shrine Maiden Yuku? She whispered something into Yue's ear before the Cheshire stood up. Bowing and thanking Kitsuto for the three hour training session she then left with Yuku.

'What is she up to now.' Tashira mused to herself. A nibble at the back of her mind brought back their discussion from last night. The Dracass slowly smiled for the Cheshire.

"That's it!" The Sayjin snapped shooting off a ki blast from her hand.

Tashira broke out of her musing once she took an energy blast to the face and it exploded.

"TCH-Aaah! Damn it!" She hissed covering her face as she shook it back and forth, "Kk! Fine- I'm sorry!" Tashira grunted, her scales didn't seem to help much as she squinted at them through the smoke emitting from her face.

"Pay Attention!"

Yue waited on baited breath. Her back arched almost painfully in anticipation as she watched the head Nun place the package on her desk.


The Shrine Maiden jumped up, "Yes miss Hitsuko?" Stepping forward curiously.

The Warrior nun began undoing the restraints on the package, "Your Tamer's teacher: Jiroshi. I spoke briefly with him yesterday. Unfortunately it escaped me to bring something to his attention before he left," she said flustered. The young maiden listening intently, "I'm sorry to trouble you, but can you relay a favor of mine to him and young Kitsuto?"

Yuku nodded immediately, "I would be delighted to."

A smile couldn't help but cross Hitsuko's lips as she brightened, "four new young practitioners will be joining us. Ariya will be bringing them in tomorrow and I may need some help with them. Can you ask Jiroshi and Kitsuto if I may borrow you, the student, and a few of his Pokégirls tomorrow? I know you and Kitsuto's training schedule must hectic and all-"

The young Shrine Maiden was eager to stop her reasoning, already agreeing to carry out the Head Nun's request, "Of course, it's no trouble at all. I'll ask them as soon as I get back." After all, other than herself and Miss Hitsuko, there were only seven others who assisted with daily responsibilities. Taking into account the other Maidens' being too busy to assist with four new young practitioners tomorrow, the Warrior Nun could use a few extra helpers.

Hitsuko nodded, "Thank you Yuku." opening the package she presented the stone within. The Warrior Nun observed the feline, "I assume your Tamer... Hinata, is well aware of this? And has given her blessing for this peculiar request young Cheshire?" seeing her eyes lighting up at the Dark Stone pulsing in her palm.

Yue snapped away from the stone in the Nun's palm, surprised that she even knew the name of her master. Still, she dare not show any doubt to this powerful Pokégirl. With a nod of her head, she glanced down, "Yes." She muttered, then looked up at her, "It is in my Master's best interests Miss Hitsuko."

Her fur began to rise at her gaze. Yuku quietly glanced between the two.

The Cheshire stepped forward nervously, reaching out her hand humbly as she smiled hopefully.

The Warrior Nun raised an amused brow, quirking a smile as she held out the Dark Stone, "Very well." dropping it into her hand.

Yuku's shoulders lowered even more in concern, "I pray that everything goes well in accord with your decision Yue." The Shrine Maiden wasn't much for keeping unwanted secrets.

The Cheshire glimpsed down to the Dark stone in her furred hand. She rested a hand on the Shrine Maiden's shoulder, "Don't worry. Everything's going to turn out for the best."

Yuku gave a simple nod, with a message to relay to her superiors, she went off to find the horned sage.

The Cheshire's tail waved precariously as she observed the departing Shrine Maiden fondly, 'If not for her...' the feline's eyes drifted to the front yard around her before she finally turned back to the Dark evolution stone within her palm.

Was there any turning back? No, this was for Hinata, for Naruto, and her sisters. Still, she couldn't help but feel her fur begin to prickle, air catch in her throat, and feel her anticipation rising.

Yue peered into the black pulsing rock, if she so much as drew on it's energy. Why this small amount of hesitation? Then again, 'I don't know just how much I'll change.' She mulled over.

A different appearance, different abilities... but a different personality? -"I think what Hinata would care about most is whether you still remain the same loyal Yue she took in." -

Was she strong enough to handle the change? To remain the same in mind as she did now? The Cheshire idly wondered how this would effect the overall dynamics, how Hinata and Naruto would react.

'Stop,' Yue froze, almost in disbelief at how Tashira had aptly described this feeling, 'I might be wrong... or I might be right. That means accepting it's consequences.' She finished, a smile gracing her lips. As long as it was the best for Hinata and Naruto.

She couldn't allow herself to draw back now.

~Exhale~ Yue's tail stopped waving as she shut her eyes... and finally she nodded.

The stone lit up and in turn it's light illuminated the Cheshire's frame as well. Yue bit back the need to hiss. This feeling, the power she could feel coursing through her veins felt like liquid fire coursing throughout her body.

As her body began to glow, she whispered, "I... Promise to never change." and teleported.


She needed to be someplace quiet.

... One Hour Later ...

"Kyuuu!...? Mikaaa~!" The two fox-types in question jumped, fur standing on end and a sweatdrop dropping on their heads at the familiar voice.

Hinata observed the two Pokégirls as she tried to restrain a smile.

The Kunimitsu sighed in aggravation, "I swear that Kitsune- Coming!" She called back, crossing her arms as she nodded to the Hyuuga.

The Kyubi smiled wryly, "Don't be so hard on her, they're leaving soon and she wants to learn all she can from us." She reasoned.

"Come on! I'm up to full strength again~!" Kiya called out through the halls.

Mika rolled her eyes, "Doesn't mean that I have to like it." She muttered standing alongside her alpha, her tail swishing irritably.

Kyu simply smiled, turning back to Hinata, "Sorry Hinata."

Hinata perked up, she smiled understandingly and waved a hand, "It's no trouble, I can finish setting the table on my own." She replied as they began leaving the dining room for another training session with the Kitsune. Kiya just finished training in her Pokéball for an hour. Now up to full strength she wanted to train with her two idols again for the second time.

Hinata pressed a hand to her lips as she giggled.

"Hmph," Myrel grunted, arms crossed as she entered the dining room, looking out into the living room to see Kiya leaving with the two other fox-types.

"Afternoon Myrel." Hinata greeted.

"Hm?" The Dracona almost flinched at the sight of one of her torturers, she nodded her way, "Hey Hinata." she returned, slowly walking over to her.

The lavender-eyed girl smiled, "I see you're healing well from the training." She noted. Myrel's lip twitched, she had just spent time with Kiya as they both watched over the other for an hour in their Pokéball to heal, stretch, and in Kiya's case, train. Even still, she was sore... god.

"Hnn, right," Myrel grunted, "Is every training session like that?" She muttered, she was just getting introduced to the concept after all.

Hinata placed the silverware neatly on the table in front of the next chair, "Sorry," She apologized, Myrel almost readied to accept it, "It was slow today. Naruto and I promise we'll carry out a fair and average day of training tomorrow."

The Dragon-type's eyes widened, "S-slow-!" then bit her tongue at Hinata turning in confusion, "Er-... right, I mean- I was... *Ahem* can I help with anything?" Myrel changed, rubbing the back of her head, her cheeks burning in embarrassment. Slow? That was easy?

Hinata brightened, "I'm glad you asked. I was just setting the table. Kitsuto and his harem said they wanted to cook us something," gesturing to the table she half-finished for Naruto, her, Kitsuto, and their harems.

"Since we're leaving in a couple of days." Hinata explained, "And Jiroshi's taking his girls out to a new restaurant tonight."

Myrel quirked a brow, "Alright." She agreed, going over to grab some napkins, salt and pepper for the table.

As Hinata and Myrel finished setting the table for Kitsuto's cooking, Tashira slid open the glass door twenty minutes later. Kitsuto's Avariel followed closely behind her.

"Aaah, tch- figured she would at least hold off for a beginner." Tashira grunted massaging her left shoulder as she rotated it.

Bringing in her wings as she entered the dining room, the winged elf shook her head, "If you're looking for teachers with sympathy, Miss Suya and Riza are not the ones you look for." She replied, glancing at her wings that were still trembling in exhaustion.

Tashira rolled her eyes, "Tch, should've figured," nodding to the Avariel, "Good Spar Ariel."

Airel nodded in return, "Likewise Dracass."

"Tashira, is your training done for now?" Hinata wondered since they were coming inside, almost feeling sorry for how she kept rubbing her sore shoulders, she also had a bleeding lip and a few scratches and bruises here and there.

The two glanced over, "No," Tashira grumbled, "Riza gave a small break, we go back into it in thirty minutes." she answered.

Hinata walked over in worry, "Are you alright? Do you want the healing unit?" She asked.

Tashira paused, looking at the winged elf out of the corner of her eye who had a quirked smile. Blushing, Tashira grinned, "Tch, for these little scratches? Hmph, I'll be fine Hinata." She denied as she rubbed the blood off her lip.

Myrel nudged the Dracass, a glass of water offered from her hand, already passing one to Ariel.

Tashira thanked her, "Besides," She began, taking a drink, "It's just flying." She declared, continuing to drink from her glass.

"I heard that Dracass! Second half won't be so easy!" The Whorizard roared from outside.

~Ulgk!~ Tashira's eyes widened as she spit out her water back into the glass.

The Dracona smirked at her expense as Hinata raised a brow.

Ariel shook her head, placing the glass on the counter, she pat Tashira on the shoulder, "I'll see you back in the courtyard." she bid, heading back outside.

Standing in silence, Myrel crossed her arms. Tashira glared at her, "Shut it Myrel."

"I didn't say anything." Myrel chuckled prematurely.

Tashira knew better, "I know you were thinking it." She growled.

Myrel's smirk widened, "Oh I definitely was." she quipped

"-In any case," Hinata stepped in sternly, gaining both of their attention as they looked down at her, "Don't underestimate it Tashira. You can always learn more." She reasoned with a definite nod.

Tashira paused, then looked away, "I know that." placing the glass back on the counter she took the subject off of her horrible flying abilities, "So, where's Yue? Haven't seen her for two hours now." it was nearing one in the afternoon.

Myrel raised a brow, turning to Hinata expectantly.

Hinata didn't have an answer however, "I'm not sure. I did see her leave with Yuku though. I'll need to ask her." Myrel and Tashira seemed to have frozen over, but Hinata continued to muse to herself.

"What do you girls think?"

Hinata blinked at the lack of responses, "Girls?" she looked up to see them looking behind her, eyes wide and jaws slowly opening.

- - - - xXx - - - -


Opening her eyes, she slowly stood to her full length. Her eyes scanned her surrounding with familiarity. The top of the steps inside the mansion.

A smirk began to unveil in anticipation.

She had gone through with it... and she liked it. Despite the physical changes she knew for certain her personality had evolved as well. Never mind it, it was over and done with. Her ears flickered at the sounds of familiar voices in the living room and dining room. Now she was ready to face the consequences.

Soundlessly and precariously she traveled down the steps staring into the palms of her hands, flexing and relaxing. The feel of her soft fur, but underneath it felt the new powers she now wielded react even under the slightest movements.

*Creak* The front door shut.

The voices in the living room. Naruto, followed quickly by Kiya. As she descended the stairs she listened in and peered down at them in amusement. Naruto interrupting her training to bring her in to help find Kitsuto, the predictable blonde wanted to speak with Kitsuto concerning his Kyubi and Kunimitsu, and wanted Kiya present.

"Moue~ Couldn't it have waited until I finished training!" Kiya whined, her tail flicking in irritation as she pouted.

Naruto chuckled nervously, "Forget about that already, you'll be back to your training in no time after we talk to Kitsuto. Hm?"

Movement at the stairs?

"Afternoon Naruto, Kiya." A voice greeted.

Naruto and Kiya perked up. It sounded like Yue… only deeper, mature, and more alluring.

"Hey." Naruto muttered, glancing to her before turning back to their conversation.

"... Eh?" For a moment he blinked in confusion, questioning what he saw. At Kiya's jaw dropping his head whirled back around.

The beautiful creature standing at the bottom of the stairs couldn't help but peer curiously for feedback, "Isn't it wonderful?" She mused with a subtle smirk, already turning and heading into the dining room.

Naruto and Kiya stared. Their eyes slowly widening at length, "Y-Yue...?" Naruto grunted in confusion. They both glanced at the other before quickly following after her to make sure they saw what they had.

All of this sudden shock. Yue couldn't help but feel tingly all over, amusement began to rise forth at the shocked expressions. Stopping at the Dining room entrance she found who she was looking for.

Tashira and Myrel accompanying Hinata peeped up, then back to Hinata, then snapped back up to her in reconsideration.

~Giggle~ Yue's fun ceased as her amused expression sobered.

'Finally...' Yue walked into the room, "Hinata."

The Hyuuga turned curiously. Naruto and Kiya caught up to the entrance of the dining room.

Hinata froze in slight confusion... then her eyes widened, "Yue?"

The feline that stood before her looked similar to the young Cheshire she knew of, only now much different. She had grown three inches to a five foot and nine inch frame. Her large purple eyes changed to an enticing magenta, and perhaps the most exaggerated transformation of all was the color scheme of her fur. The ranging colors of purple and dark purple were discarded. Intense and alluring black fur now took hold of her body.

Hinata's shocked expression reluctantly shifted to double-checking amazement.

~Owahahaa!~ "Damn, you look so different!" Kiya burst as her tail started wagging, ears attentive as she couldn't help but feel excited at Yue's evolution.

Yue glanced over, a small smile coming to life at the compliment.

"You got a hold of a dark stone." Myrel realized, "You really changed." She said aloud.

Tashira slowly crossed her arms in comprehension, 'This is what she meant.' the contemplative expressions and concerns. Tashira wiped her thumb across her chin as she couldn't help but consider what this change all entailed for their group.

Kiya yipped excitedly, "So what did you turn into!" suddenly next to Yue as she looked her up and down.

Yue quirked her smile, at least she knew that her harem sisters were receptive to the change, "I'm a Shadow Cat." She answered.

Still, Hinata and Naruto weren't so transparent.

'Stop shaking... just explain yourself.' Yue coached.

Stepping forward she looked at Hinata, "I know that this may not have been what you wanted." she began, turning back to Naruto, "And I'm sorry that I went behind your backs. I didn't mean any disrespect-"

Yue's ears went flat as she continued to take steps. Naruto watching her curiously.

The reborn feline kept eye contact with Hinata as she closed the distance, still trying to justify her actions, "... I-"

"Yue," Hinata put a hand on her shoulder.

Yue raised a brow at the contact, looking down at Hinata in worry and confusion.

"None of that matters now," She stated, giving a look to Naruto and the Pokégirls around before returning to Yue, "You look amazing." she breathed, a widening smile gracing the female Tamer, "Hmhm! You've really come into your own Yue-chan. I'm really proud of you."

It took seconds to fully understand. Yue felt her cheeks heat up as a stupid and big feline smirk sprung to life, tears quickly threatening to spill from her eyes as she grinned stupidly and glomped her Tamer, "Hinata~" the Hyuuga giggled, petting her.

Naruto grinned, scratching the back of his head as Kiya began jumping up and down clapping.

Tashira and Myrel shared a look and returned to the scene with a satisfied smile.

SHADOWCAT, the Fickle Feline Pokégirl

Lvl: 21
Type: Near Human (Feline Animorph)
Element: Psychic/Dark
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Human style foods
Role: Espionage, spying
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Poison, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug
Attacks *Previous Evolution*: Confusion, Double Team, Dream Time, *New* Psy-Charge (AN: Attacks that carried over)
Attacks: Fade, Teleport (x3), Fury Swipes, Lick, Disable, Sabre Claw, Sand Attack, Nightshade, Agility, Quick Attack, Backstab, Shell Shield, Spank, Go Down
Enhancements: Psychic Talents, Enhanced Sense Hearing (x3 – x5), Enhanced Sight (x3 – x4), Enhanced Agility (x4), Enhanced Speed (x2 – x5), Aura Sight, Darkvision, Flexibility
(AN: Enhancements such as Enhanced sight being 3x is a general ShadowCat, going up to 4x is where Yue's Enchancements were increased to due to previous training)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Cheshire (Dark Stone)

When a Cheshire, already strong with her mental powers, is given a Dark Stone, she evolves into a Shadowcat.
Shadowcats are stronger psychics than their previous forms, and can fight other psychic Pokégirls much more easily, using their new Dark-type status to help protect them from mental attack. Most Shadowcats have deep colors, with blacks and dark purples being the most common, but burnt tan and silver being known, albeit rarely. They prefer subtlety to open confrontation, using their Aura Sight to determine who is the easiest for them to play off of. They can see, albeit in black and white vision only, in the complete absence of light somehow, thanks to their Darkvision enhancement.

Shadowcats are strong fighters, not because of any sheer might, but because they are incredibly sneaky. They prefer to focus on defense first, and try to use Quick as soon as possible in a fight, or before fighting if possible. Once they can act on their Quick, they will use both Armor and Fade. On the next round of combat they will let the Fade do its job, and use Agility to help them dodge any incoming attacks. With her Armor and Agility raised in addition to being hidden by the Fade, it becomes virtually impossible to detect the Shadowcat, let alone hit her. Once these defenses are up, a Shadowcat will usually circle behind her opponent and attempt to use Backstab for a quick finish. Alternately, they'll use Go Down to bring their surprised opponent to orgasm, or use Spank, taunting their foe.

Shadowcats are vain creatures, and love attention. They'll often act arrogant, being so confident in their own abilities, but they are usually playful in this, never meaning to hurt another's feelings. If treated badly, she is standoffish and uncooperative, usually using Fade to disappear right when she's needed the most. Her favorite activity is to just lay still while her Tamer strokes her body, giving her compliments. A few minutes of this will usually work a Shadowcat into a playful mood, shifting her libido to High, and she'll pull her Tamer down onto her so she can be Tamed.

Feral Shadowcats are playful hunters, stalking around under their Fade power and pouncing on chosen prey. They never hurt whoever they stalk though, instead just using Lick and lightly pawing them after pouncing them to show she won, and then bounding away to the next "victim" using Teleport to escape if pursued. Capturing a Feral Shadowcat is thusly quite hard. Threshold girls almost never become Shadowcats directly, but those who do enjoy using their newfound powers to tease people a little, and tend to act very haughty when shipped to a Pokégirl ranch, as though she couldn't care less, no matter how much she's hurting inside.

"Five levels." Hinata said, eyes brightening in ever-growing amazement. Yue's tail wagged back and forth as she couldn't help but beam with joy.

Myrel's smile slowly faded, "Shit... she's right behind me." she realized.

Tashira grunted in agreement, "Tch, tell me about it. Free level up points. It isn't fair."

Kiya stopped jumping at the news, her happiness slowly began to become overshadowed in a growing despair at what this meant, "Aw man I'm in last place." She was supposed to be Naruto's alpha.

Naruto simply shook his head at their concerns.

With Kiya returning to her training with the Kyubi and Kunimitsu. Tashira following suit with the Whorizard and Sayjin. Yue felt it almost necessary to do something similar and encouraged both Hinata and Naruto to enact an evaluation on the reborn Shadow Cat.

The first and perhaps the most pressing essential to evaluate was her apparent change in personality and mental state. They wanted to see just how significant that change had been.

Suffice to say: More dominating in nature, challenging, and general greater comfortability and outgoing. A tendency to tease and taunt others, and a rise in confidence... -mnn over-confidence bordering on arrogance.

Still, she was still just as loyal as ever, more cooperative, dedicated, determined, diligent, caring almost arching toward over-protective, and most importantly: patient.

Beneficially speaking, a heightened sense of awareness, alert, deceptive capabilities, increased intelligence which extended to smart strategic planning and logical thinking. So she was sensible, wouldn't let her personality get the better of her.

That about summed up her mental shift. Hinata and Naruto pondered whether her heightened mentality would help increase her defensive and offensive capabilities in battle.

The Shadow Cat was glad, managing to translate all of that into a 'good thing'.

The next in line was the physical conditioning. Substantial and surprising improvements included strength, endurance, stamina, recovery, durability and toughness which were obvious at first sighting. The weight seal which restricted half of her enhancements to an insulting "D" or "F" scoring all jumped to "C+'s" and "B's".

Her energy reserves and energy control also showed an increase from the evolution. Coupled with the increase of her senses for hearing and sight and in addition to the fact that there was no longer any weight seal to slow her down enabled her to better control her speed and agility even further much like how Tashira used her high senses to regain control of herself and her capabilities faster than average.

The Shadow Cat was now at least five times faster than an average human. In comparison to Hinata and Naruto's friend Lee who clocked in at two hundred miles per hour, eleven times faster than average. She was halfway there.

More refined enhancements from all of these factors extended to a high increase in her balance, reflexes, dexterity with weapon handling and hand-skill coordination also helping to hone her accuracy and precision.

Yue couldn't help but shake her head, 'Tashira was right. Those weight seals really did hold us back,' Raising her furred hand and staring at it, 'But at least I've recovered from it and reaped its benefits.'

Oh but there was more good news. Yue's tail began to come alive again. Finally, her techniques. Her psychic prowess had jumped higher, beyond her capabilities as a Cheshire who never practiced her psychic capabilities.

While not mastered and certainly far from perfect, it was a vast improvement. Hinata noted something interesting as well when having her execute her psychic arsenal of attacks. Few selected techniques carried over from her previous evolution, this included her recent learned techniques Psy-Charge.

As long as her next evolved state held the same element of her preceding attacks, her previous same-elemental attacks could be carried over it seemed.

Other techniques that any Pokégirl could learn like Kitty Litter and Scratch appeared to have been replaced or upgraded to a stronger version of the technique, or at least a stronger variation it seemed. Sabre Claw and Sand Attack were those in upgrades question.

The black furred feline started to smirk. Speaking of variation, maybe she could even start creating her own Psychic techniques. Or perhaps even create stronger and more refined variations of pre-existing techniques that already detailed the working of the technique out for her to make it easier? Ooh that would be fun.

Yue was feeling giddy all over. To top it all off Kiya said that tomorrow she would teach her how to do the Psychic Illusion, fairly basic for Psychic types.

Her Overall Skill Rank had raised from an "F" to a "C+"! Hinata had been flustered that they had made such a big miscalculation on those weight seals and Naruto resulted to calling himself an idiot while scratching his head with a bashful grin. Well Yue wouldn't stand for it! She clamped a furry hand over both their mouth and with a definite shake of her head, decided that there wasn't anything to apologize for.

Now it was finally time to relax... ~Mmnn~ Yue moaned. The feel of hot water wetting her fur helped raise her excitement.

"Tell me you've at least learned something?"

Her ear twitched. Yue glanced out of the corner of her eye.

"Tch, that's coming from you? How about focusing on getting back to full strength." Tashira retorted tiredly.

The door opened up and their blurry figures filed in almost impatiently.

"Hn, someone's already here." Myrel noted.

She could see Kiya's fur bush outward, "Yue! Is that you?"

The Shadow Cat smiled to herself, "Why don't you hurry up already?"

The sliding door opened to show Kiya, Tashira, and Myrel all standing there. Their expressions varied, Yue could see an analytic glint in Kiya's eyes, Tashira had a hardened expression, and Myrel merely observed facelessly.

Turning to them completely the Shadow Cat raised a brow, "Well? Do I have something on my whiskers?"

Kiya was in front of her in seconds, "What did it feel like," She peered, lifting Yue's arm with her hands, "Evolving I mean." She clarified, staring holes into her curiously.

The feline giggled to herself,"Stinging... lots of stinging." She answered, then a smirk sprouted, "Hmhmhm! I'm practically you're big sister now wouldn't you say?" Pulling the Kitsune in for a headlock.

"What!" Kiya yelped in denial, pulling on her forearm to get out of the headlock, "Rrgh- Hey, let go!"

"What is it? Am I too strong for you?" Yue giggled.

The Kitsune froze for a second, her wet tail shot up as she yipped, "Mnn! This isn't fair-" Kiya whined.

Myrel's lip twitched, that was her alpha she was taunting, taking a protective step. Tashira palm pressed atop of her shoulder to stop her as they gave each other a look, "Get your harem sister." The Dracona grunted, restraining herself.

Tashira stepped forward, "So, you went through with it." She interrupted, stepping into the shower.

Both of them looked up. With Yue distracted Kiya popped her head loose from the hold, her wet fur drooped as she pouted and mini-glared at the Shadow Cat. The Feline quickly leaned down three inches and clicked her teeth teasingly at the Kitsune's muzzle.

"I was a little reluctant at first. You know how I was," Yue replied, leaning onto the Kitsune's shoulder. Her tail attempting to wrap around Kiya's behind their backs as she tried to resist.

The feline poked the fox Pokégirl's breast as she tried to shoo away her hand, "But I'm really glad I did." The Shadow Cat finished confidently as she erupted into a small set of giggles at Kiya resisting her attempts and teasing.

Tashira continued walking. Right up to her, only a foot away.

Yue sweatdropped, straightening to her full height and retreating from the Kitsune.

She smiled carefully, "Of... course, you're still my alpha- heheh." The Dracass was still a little taller even in human form and still just as intimidating.

Myrel shook her head as she walked over to Kiya who crossed her arms. Tashira narrowed her eyes at Yue. "Good." a smirk of her own came to life as she chuckled, "Glad you still remember that." She taunted, pushing her.

Yue laughed wryly, "Hahah, yeah." rubbing her shoulder.

As it got silent, the Shadow Cat turned her attention over to the golden glistening Dracona, "You didn't train since this afternoon. What, you haven't showered yet?"

Myrel peeked up, a small amount of wariness within her at the evolved feline. Still unsure of whether she liked this change or not-Tap -Myrel jumped, eyes widening at the tap to her butt, glancing at Kiya.

The Dracona blushed, "I already did," She answered, pointing a thumb to the Kitsune, "She wanted me to take another one."

Yue glided in close, rising up to the tall six foot and one inch dragon-type. The Shadow Cat peered at her as their breasts pushed against each other, the Dracona's almost resting on top of her's.

Myrel raised a brow, "Hn?" slightly surprised and hesitant at the contact.

The feline's eyes stopped shifting, "I'm sorry," She apologized, giving a nod to her, "I didn't like you at first, kinda thought about killing you for a second," as if abashed she shook her head, her tail waving excitedly as she looked back up at her eyes.

Myrel quirked the side of her lips at the moment of truth.

A large mischievous smirk came to life as she pressed harder, "But now, I'm looking forward to working with you."

Tashira's observing expression relaxed, and Kiya's small pout receded to a more satisfied smile.

Myrel shooed away the Shadow Cat's tail trying to come up between her legs, "Great." she muttered.

"Bwah- That was good. I'm completely stuffed." Naruto declared as he rubbed his full stomach.

Hinata giggled, "Anymore and I thought you were gonna pop," continuing to laugh at Naruto's eyes widen and his cheeks heat up at the thought before he burst into an immature laugh and grinned, "It was nice of Kitsuto and his girls to cook us all something." Hinata reminded, she really did appreciate it.

Naruto nodded solemnly, "Yeah, Jiroshi's Iron Chef really did teach him a few good recipes," then he looked up in thought, "I wonder if I can replicate his cooking. I mean it's almost like I know how to make it." Naruto considered, his mouth beginning to water again at the thought of making ramen with some widely-famous spices.

Hinata couldn't help but press her curled forefinger to her lips and giggle even harder as his cheeks turned rosy and he dawned a dreamy and hungry look upon his face.

~Pwip~ "Hinataaa!"

Both of them turned, "Hm?" In the next moment Hinata yelped, her body tackled outside of Naruto's vision before he snapped behind him.

The Shadow Cat purred loudly as she covered Hinata.

"Ah- Yue-chan!" Hinata grunted as Yue grinned.

"Have a good night Hinata, we're going to bed now- Mmnnnn~" Her tongue ran from the side of Hinata's chin up to her temple creating a large saliva trail.

Naruto and Hinata's eyes bugged out simultaneously, "Ackak! Yue that's disgustinggg~!"

"Good night Naruto! Hmhmhm!" ~Pwhip!~ And like that Yue disappeared cackling.

Hinata was frozen. Left staring at the ceiling as her skin crawled, half of her face wet with saliva, the side of her hair stood upward from her tongue.

Naruto's initial reaction died down now that things were silent again, staring down at Hinata, his face slowly began changing.

Hinata pouted at him, "Don't you dare start-" knowing that he'd-

Naruto couldn't suppress a sympathetic chuckle before he burst into a laughing fit, holding his stomach, "Bwahaha! Y-you gotta admit it's kinda funny-Heehehee!"

The teenager's face heated up to a tomato red, "Ewww! Yue!" She whined, taking Naruto's offered hand to slowly get up to her feet, wiping the half of her face off with her other hand, "Why didn't you help me?" Hinata nearly demanded.

"B-because it was funnyeyhee!" Naruto wiped one of his eyes with a thumb and ended his final laugh with a sigh.

Hinata and Naruto stared at each other... then Hinata looked down at her dripping hand.

Naruto's eyes shot open at Hinata's malicious smirk, "Hinata, No. No don't think about-Ah!" He ducked under the saliva dripping hand, turning he just about began to sprint before Hinata tackled him from behind, "No! No please don't I was kidding!" he begged, crawling at the floor with her on his back.

"You want funny, this is funny!" Hinata declared, raising her dripping hand in revenge.

"No!... No!- Hinat!-Mmnphph!"

Naruto and Hinata entered the room forty minutes later after a sanitary shower. Dawning a bathrobe they carried their clothes they had worn for today.

The Blonde teen was still wiping at his cheek, it still felt dirty.

"Need some help with your cheek?" Hinata asked as he glanced over, she licked her thumb and offered it, he quickly stepped away warily as Hinata giggled.

Shaking his head he chuckled, "Man, Yue really changed. She's a lot bolder now," Naruto said in a way of awe.

Hinata agreed as she thought back on the Shadow Cat's now unpredictable behavior, "I think it's going to take a while before we fully get use to Yue's new behavior."

Naruto adorned a grin as he headed to his scroll for some pajamas, "It shouldn't take that long. Yue's gotten even more awesome!"

Hinata felt herself blush, allowing herself to smile stupidly as well, "It is awesome." She concurred.

"Besides," Naruto continued, "She's no longer so closed off and to herself as much. She seems happier, gotta say that's good to see."

Hinata nodded with a smile, "Yeah," she headed to the dresser as well as Naruto pulled up his pajama pants, "It seems like everything is coming together. With Kitsuto and Jiroshi, Blue league, Myrel and Yue also."

Naruto was silent.

Hinata continued musing in the moment, "It makes me really happy." She whispered, feeling good on the inside. Her list of positives included Tsuki as well.


Hinata's eyes opened, "Naruto?" turning to him.

"Kk! Kuso!" He fell down to the floor.

"Naruto!" She immediately knelt next to him in frightened shock, his face was screwed shut in pain as he bared his teeth and held his sides, "What's wrong! Naruto what's happening-"

Naruto shook his head, "Rrgh- D-Don't touch me! Don't!" He ordered as Hinata was about to help him up. Steam was beginning to arise from his sides.

The Hyuuga put a hand to her mouth, watching unable to help for minutes as he writhed in pain.

Hinata couldn't take it, "Naruto..." she whimpered.

Finally the pain stopped. Naruto panted and grunted as the steam slowly dissipated. Rolling onto his back he took large gasps, "Damn it~ That sucked." He grunted into a growl at the pain.

Hinata helped him sit up, hugging him grateful that it was over. Sobering she sat back and created the seal.

Naruto waved a hand, "Don't worry about it."

Hinata continued anyway, "Byakugan!" her kekkei genkai coming to life as she quickly looked him over... and found herself at a loss.

There were no damages of any kind in his body. He was healed.

Hinata helped him to the edge of the bed, "Naruto what just happened?" She urged in confusion.

He peeped at her, "Kyuubi," Seeing her not understand completely just by the word he slowly eased himself onto the bed and sat up, "It was Kyuubi healing me." He sighed out.

Hinata's eyes shifted back and forth, "But why like that? I-I thought that-"

Naruto nodded, "I know. It's a first time for me too." He interrupted.

Realizing the cause for this, Hinata felt her insides go cold, "How long has that been happening?"

He mulled it over, "For the past five days." He grunted, then winced at Hinata, "Five Days?" she shouted in disbelief.

Naruto raised his hands, "Calm down, it only happens once each day," Hinata didn't look satisfied, crossing her arms waiting for an explanation, "Aaahh. Each day is a different section of my body." he explained, massaging his side, "But it looks like I'm all healed now."

"Do you know why the Kyuubi is healing you this way?" She asked

Naruto was silent, before shaking his head, "No I don't. I mean I know it's him doing this. I just don't know how to get in to talk to him," he answered, Hinata was about to say something but he answered her next question, "I mean the only times I see him are when I get knocked out or go unconscious, or if his chakra is about to overrun me or something."

He quirked the sides of his lip in doubt, "I can't consciously do it." He finished.

Hinata's mouth slowly closed, "I see." She mumbled.

He spat bitterly, "Guess I should just be happy that he even healed me." then looking up, "Don't worry about it. What about you? I mean, at least I'm all healed, how's it been going?" He gestured.

Hinata raised her head, "It's fine," Still not past his issue but continued, "Tsuki and I made a deal remember? She's been holding true to that so far. I couldn't properly heal my body without giving into its influences, but she's managed to do it almost perfectly. It's almost similar to how you... had your own automatic healing factor."

He nodded, and even so, Hinata was thinking it over.

"I have an idea."

"Huh?" Naruto looked up, Hinata had her hand raised and already was beginning to draw on her dark chakra, "H-Hinata, it's too danger-"

She snapped to him, "I'm not the one in pain. Do you want to talk to Kyuubi or not?" she asked, "Now shush and sit still."

Naruto was reluctant but kept his mouth shut. Sitting next to him she held his hand, and like the many times before she began to slowly draw on his chakra. Using her youki as a catalyst to bring Kyuubi's out.

Naruto narrowed his eyes, both of them beginning to feel a little affected, before suddenly he felt a tug into his subconscious.

... Gasp...!

Naruto's eyes shot open, breathing for what felt like the first time as he felt his heart skip a beat. Slightly out of it he looked around in surprise, '... It... worked?'

There he was. His eyes were closed as if he didn't even notice his presence. Bringing his breathing under control Naruto's expression hardened into a serious one. He nodded to himself.

He tightened his fists and walked toward him, "Hey! You damn fox!" he called out.

Calmly and piercingly he slowly opened his eyes to peer down at the blonde, "... Naruto. Uzumaki." Narrowing his eyes as his voice carried through the corridors.

Naruto glared at him unflinchingly, "You know why I'm here! I want you to talk!"

The red-furred demon fox hummed to himself indecisively, as if he was musing to himself on whether he should tell him or not.

Naruto growled impatiently, "Tell me!"

He opened his eyes, "... Kage... Bunshin..."

The blonde teen's face screwed into confusion, but before he could utter a word-

The Kyuubi peeled back his large menacing grin, "It's an interesting technique... ne? Naruto Uzumaki." he proposed as he emitted a deep seeded chuckle from the back of his throat.

Naruto stared at him lost on the question, then shook his head in anger, "Rrgh-! What does that have to do with anything!...?" He yelled.

"It's Memories... All go back to the original... When It Disappears."

"Grrrgh- Shut! Up!" He burst, stepping forward on the watered cemented floor, "Don't try and change the subject!" pointing at the damned furball, "Tell me why my healing's changed!"

The nine-tailed fox stared at him silently, "... Merely experimenting... when you're injured..." he riddled. Then simply huffed, shut his eyes, lowered his head and turned away from the blonde dismissively.

Naruto felt uneasy. What did that mean? When he was injured?

'So... I ended up in my own subconscious.' Hinata realized as she looked around pondering to herself, 'I hope Naruto's doing alright.'

Tsuki groaned, "So do I," She muttered appearing beside her, "Having you here is starting to get... annoying." She hissed.

Hinata glanced from her right over to her left, watching her antics as she quickly shrugged off her agitation, "I'm curious. Have you ever been on my side?"

Tsuki snapped to her, "No... I like the dark, cold, windy side~" She grinned, ice sculptures springing up, "It's where all my friends are!"

Hinata quirked a brow as she looked at the buck-toothed Kakashi without his mask, then looked back to her, "I meant down there," She gestured beneath her at the garden, waterfall, and sunshine, "Can you travel to that side?"

The pulsing glowing opposite paused as she peered down at the world underneath them. She knelt down carefully and ran her fingers alongside it... then punched it, "Nope, looks kinda..." she mumbled as she squinted, "Fake."

Before Hinata could question the statement she flinched back at her squatting two inches from her face-to-face, "I mean~ We both know you're not as serene as that garden looks." She hinted, twirling a finger beside her temple as her luminescent eyes rolled around, "Fucking Crazzzy~"

Standing up she turned and walked away confidently.

Hinata quirked her lip in doubt, "Tsuki...-"

"AaaaAAH! Damn it don't call me that!" She cried out, glaring out of the corner of her eye, "Why are you even here! Don't you have- like some training- or taming- or whatever the hell it is you do?"

Hinata gave her a pleasant smile, "I thought you wanted me to give you more attention?"

She bared her teeth at her using her own words against her, she rolled her eyes, "Yeah! But only when I want it!" She retorted, "It's creeping me out how you're visiting now, what is this your fourth time?"

Hinata couldn't help but giggle, "I'm creeping you out? ~Giggle~" She asked before glancing up in thought and smiling, "I guess it is though... isn't it nice?"

Tsuki's right brow twitched irritably, "GyaaaAAAHH!" She screamed.

Finally Tsuki calmed down, her huffing ceasing as she paced back and forth, a thought grabbing her attention.

Hinata raised a brow in curiosity the longer she did it, until finally, "What are you thinking about?"

The mangy and pale girl stopped, arms crossed as she lolled her head sideways to look at her almost maniacally, "Oh, just thinking about the Dark Hinata we released from that strange mirror at Athena's base." suddenly her eyes widened as she covered her mouth, "Oops... Did I say too much?" She asked as a dark mischievous grin slid across her lips, "I should not have said that."

That sentence, Hinata's bemused expression evaporated and hardened, "What do you mean by that?" she questioned, uncrossing her legs.

Tsuki looked over with large pulsing innocent blue eyes, "Noothing." She denied, but her growing smirk said otherwise.

Hinata stood up, "Tsuki. Explain yourself." She ordered, narrowing her eyes.

Tsuki twirled in a circle and raised her arms in confusion, "Well it's nothing too important: Kurai-Hinata is filled to the brim with my chakra and personality." She explained.

The young teen froze at the answer, "... W-wh-"

"Wh-wh-why? Or Wha-wha-what?" Tsuki interrupted, before pointing up a finger, "I can answer both! It's all Kyuubi's fault I swear!"

This was only confusing her even further, "Kyuubi?" Hinata whispered, shaking her head as her face screwed in disbelief, "What does he-"

Tsuki snapped at her, "He has Everything to do with it!" She yelled, two miniature ice sculptures sprouted beside her.

Placing a hand on the small fox she pushed it toward the mini-Tsuki, "Hey, I'm doing this. You'd be an idiot not to do it too." She mimicked a deeper voice, then lightened, "Oh! Okay, why not! ~Chakra focus, chakra focus~" She whispered before two more sculptures mimicking both Hinata and Naruto's features... only... more... influenced. Naruto having a fox tail and ears, and her having mangy hair and elongated nails and teeth.

The taller pulsing look-alike knelt next to them, peering up at Hinata maliciously, "Get it?"

Hinata's eyes widened, her heart skipped a beat in shock, "Y-you guys-"

"Might have just let out dark copies of myself and Kyuubi?... maaaybe~!" She interrupted, leaning into Hinata's ear from behind as she grinned.

"You see, I felt your chakra separating... and I asked: Why is that? But then! I remembered with your memories that Naruto-chan can do that Kage Bunshin!... but... you didn't know the Kage Bunshin at that time... did you?" She whispered into her ear causing Hinata to tense.

Tsuki blurred into existence in front of her, her eyes pulsed even more vigorously, "Then! I felt it! That Kyuubi's Chakra! ~Wahahahaa!~ It burst out and I could feel him channeling all of that demon chakra into that copy that was separating from Naruto! I couldn't help myself! I just Had to do it too! So I forcefully pushed my chakra-I mean Youkai into our copy!" She explained, spinning around jovially to face the horrified Hyuuga.

"I overwhelmed that copy with all I had, your small amount of chakra didn't stand a chance," and then she shook her head, "But! I also felt something else!"

She tip-toed toward her vessel giddily, "Our Personalities!"

Hinata's heart sunk into her gut, "No-"

"Ohhh- yes!" She argued, "Unlike me, taking in your dark emotions! That copy didn't have another entity inside of it... did it?" She pushed a finger to her chin, "I wonder, when our personalities mixed in that clone... overwhelmed with our dark chakra... which side won?" She questioned curiously.

"You... you created," Hinata whispered, shaking her head in fear.

Tsuki spread her arms our and bowed, "Hinataaa! I accidently made Tsuukki 2.0! Heehehahahaa!"

The luminescent glowing entity hugged the stunned Hyuuga from behind and pulled on her cheek, "Ooh! I can't wait to see what that furry demon has planned!"

Hinata shook, breaking loose and she stepped away and snapped to her, "What?"

Tsuki blinked, arms still raised in her lost hug, then smiled, "It wasn't on accident, Pssh~ I may be half a year old, but even I'm smart enough to know that Kyuubi has something planned when he overwhelmed that Naruto clone."

She peered down at her, "He saw a window of opportunity and took it. With Naruto and Kyuubi's personalities mixed... I wonder which side overtook the other?"

*Pant... pant* Trembling, Hinata looked up at her, "What kind of plan." She demanded shakily.

Tsuki looked down at her, her face sobering into a dreaded expression as she stepped closer. Hinata's breathing sped up as she leaned down next to her ear and softly whispered.

"... I have noo idea... And I don't really care." Then she crumbled away into bits of ice.


Hinata flinched as she gasped. She snapped her head left and right before glancing up to see Naruto looking at her with a raised brow, "Hey, snap out of it. You there?" Naruto asked as he snapped his fingers.

Leaning back he leaned back on the bed, "Finally," He sighed, shaking his head in frustration, "The Fox was a dead-end," He relayed shaking his head, "He just kept ignoring me and dodging my questions. Hmph! Damn furball." He grunted annoyed.

He raised a brow when glancing back to Hinata, "Hinata?"

Her breathing wasn't slowing down, in fact it was speeding up, "I- it was-.. the copies are-" she stuttered frightened.

Naruto's brows furrowed as he quickly grabbed her shoulders, "Hinata? Hinata what's wrong with you snap out of it!"

Hinata's eyes stopped shifting as her breathing froze and she locked onto him.

"Naruto..." she whispered with such fear.

Naruto leaned back in slight surprise, "Huh- Uhm... Yeah? What is it Hinata?"

Hinata slowly blinked, softly shaking her head to try and focus before she looked into Naruto's confused eyes.

"Kyuubi... has a plan."



... Two Days After ...


Naruto Sealed the last of his washed and folded clothing into his scroll. His supplies, tools, books and training scrolls all packed and managed in his recent small black back pack he had bought from the market.

Brushing a hand through his hair he nearly struggled to keep his hardened expression strained, he didn't want anyone to think that anything was wrong.

With a trembling hand he placed his last scroll filled with clothes into his back pack.

... However. Ever since Hinata had told him about what Tsuki had said the other day. He hadn't had a good nights rest for these two nights.

'Is that what he meant? My "Ending Days"? That dark copy of me?... Him.' He couldn't grasp it, just what exactly was planned in that demon fox's mind.

Zipping up the back pack he stood upright and straightened his usual combat attire. His face still screwed shut in growing despair.


Naruto tensed as his shoulders raised. Shutting his eyes and forcing a grin he turned to look at her out of the corner of his eye.

"Almost finished Kiya!" He replied.

The impatient Kitsune leaned against the door with her arms crossed and pouted, "Well hurry up, you've been taking forever- Hm?" Her eyes, and ears perked up at the slight strain in his brows.

Unfolding her arms she stared at him, "What are you so worked up about?" It was apparent that he seemed to be thinking about something, something that bothered him.

Naruto tensed further, "Hehh, it's nothing." He grunted.

Kiya raised a brow, not falling for the dismissive grunt, she shook her head. She had an inkling to what it might've been about, "Hold on, let me guess. It's about yesterday isn't it?"

Naruto's hesitance lessened as he opened his eyes, "Huh? -Erm-"

Kiya waved her hands, "Relax. I know you and Hinata don't like showing off your techniques like some antique shop-" She then toddled her head, "Buuut I think they were fairly impressed with all that you guys could do." she proposed, grinning with amusement.

Naruto was at a loss at her guess, "Antique shop?"

Kiya leaned back against the side of the door triumphantly, "That was it? Wasn't it?" She pegged, already sure of herself.

Naruto paused as he blinked, "I-... uh yeah, you got me." he admitted, scratching the back of his head. Hinata and himself were back to normal after all. Yesterday Jiroshi, Kitsuto, their harems, and even Myrel herself said it was worth the wait to see what Naruto and Hinata could truly do.

Naruto walked aimlessly, still deep in thought. His steps were gentle and he was slow when rounding the corner toward the stairs. Placing a hand on the railing on his way down he felt as if he was foreign to everything around him.

There they all were. Stuff packed and ready to go, sitting in the living room. Hinata giggled as the exhilarated Shadow Cat and boisterous Kitsune teased and played, tickled, hissed and yipped. Tashira and Myrel straining to ignore them as they boorishly flipped through meaningless channels.


The blonde teen snapped out of it, looking around at the sound of his name to find out that he had already reached the bottom of the stairs.

"Hey, Naruto." Tashira called after Hinata.

Naruto focused on them, "Huh?" coming to and seeing that all eyes were now fixed on him.

Myrel stared at her Tamer lost in thought, "What's up?" She asked through the awkward silence as they all awaited his answer.

Naruto shut his mouth with a click of his teeth, swallowed, "Oh-... um," stumbled, looking from one to the other, "I was just thinking- er, wondering actually..." he mumbled before pausing, rubbing the back of his neck not actually knowing what to say.

- "Jiroshi set up your departure for eight tonight. When it's time, I'll send Kyu to get you guys. Cool?" Kitsuto asked, offering a fist bump. -

Sudden clarity... He knew what he wanted to do.

"Oi! Naruto!" Kiya whined.

Naruto looked up, a genuine smile on his face as he looked at all of them.


"Let's go play in the grass fields." He suggested.

One at a time each of them blinked before glancing at one another.

~Soft Wind Breeze...~

Hinata glanced behind her, the town at least four miles behind her. The slow and steady rise of the grass fields raised them higher than the tallest building in the distance.

Gentle leaves swirled around and rose high in the sky as the sun reached into the late afternoon.

The gentle teen looked to her side, where Naruto still walked softly and quietly staring at the grass deep in thought.

Hinata was afraid to bring it up, but it had been a full days passing since they talked about what she had heard, "... Naruto?" Resisting the small urge to push her fingers together she looked up at him... was he getting taller?

Naruto looked over with a small smile, "Hm? What is it Hinata?"

They stopped walking, almost leveled with the sun on the curve of the hill, "Well," Hinata started as she shifted, "About the Kyuubi..."

She noticed the slight stiffness in his posture once she said his name.

Naruto looked down at her, damn it he was trying to find a way to handle this-

"We've been through so much," Hinata whispered, gently nibbling at his knuckles with her thumb and forefinger. She had the blonde's full attention, staring at her intently and waiting for her to continue.

Hinata bit back, sadly the news wasn't ideal, "And... it's going to get worse." She admitted regretfully, lowering her head in a small amount of shame at being the one to dash his expectations.

Naruto was quick, a sting of panic at the back of his mind is what urged him to lift her chin up in confusion and concern, "Why do you think that Hinata?"

The teen faltered and avoided his gaze, "Well..." swallowing her spit in growing nervousness, "Just that uneasy feeling... Like a storm is coming." she muttered.

Hinata let out a surprised whimper as a sudden brush of wind picked up and whirled her hair about, pushing her into Naruto's chest.

Why now?

Naruto stared at her, and as Hinata brushed the stray strands of hair out of her face she almost forgot how to breathe once she saw his piercing cerulean eyes.

Disbelief...? No. He had that look, one who didn't accept what everything around them was telling him... one who denied it's existence.

A determination to prove it wrong.

Hinata didn't want to look, it almost felt like it was her that he was rejecting, "I know you feel it too," Hinata couldn't help but say, "Something horrible like a hurricane, or a whirlpool," she murmured as she looked up to see his reaction, saying the word that caused his eyes to narrow, "Ne... Uzumaki-kun?"

Naruto carefully brushed the final strand from her face to the back of her ear allowing her to fully look into his eyes.


Her breath caught in her throat. Despite her concern, she slowly looked into his eyes.

He frowned, "We're treading the borderline of being wanted worldwide... I'd say something much much worse is coming." his eyes shifted in thought before he returned, "But you're right. We've come a long way," he pressed his hands into her shoulders, "And we're going to go even further. Me, you... Tashira, Kiya, Yue, Myrel, and even more." He stated seriously.

Hinata's breathing became shaky at the feeling of Naruto holding her. Trying to convince her.

Naruto suddenly smiled.

That Smile... Hinata's heart fluttered, that damn smile of his that said everything would all work out. She almost flinched at the feeling of his thumb coming to rub alongside her cheek. Her heart beat hard and loud to where she couldn't even hear the breeze.

Naruto narrowed his eyes "I promise you that even if we're headed toward chaos," his voice slowly lowered to a gentle whisper as he caressed her cheek with a growing smile, "I promise Hinata. There will still be days with lots of sunshine... Hinata-chan."

Hinata's cheeks heated to a pink hue, eyes slowly widening as everything seemed to fall dead silent.

'Sunshine...?' Her body tingled in response to his comfort and his touch. He calmly nodded his head, smiling down at her with his lovely blue eyes.

Hinata found herself unconsciously smiling back, "Ano... But what about what Tsuki said?" she brought up cautiously.

He was silent for a moment, and then narrowed his eyes, "I'm not giving up on anything. If Kyuubi has some copycat running loose then I say bring it! We've come too far to be stopped by anything now! Not the Governments, not Criminal organizations, and definitely not Kyuubi." Naruto declared with another sure nod, "I'll beat them down one by one. That! I promise on my life!"

Hinata was mindlessly absent for the first few moments as she let the words flow in and digest for a moment. His sureness, his confidence, it admittedly helped her feel at ease.

So... Naruto had no definite idea on how to combat these growing threats. ~Heh~ They didn't even know how many more threats would rise against them in the future... ~Heheh~ In fact they didn't even know how powerful they were... ~Heheheh~ And the funniest thing of all: They didn't have any plans for this.

And Naruto's response to all of this was that he would beat and conquer each of them one by one.

Hinata couldn't hold it back, as a single tear ran down her cheek she began to softly giggle, closing her eyes as she did. She felt Naruto's thumb wipe it from her cheek as he pulled her in for a hug, he couldn't help but chuckle once she began laughing.

... But ... Naruto was right. Whatever had happened, is happening, and nothing was going to change that. Cowering in fear, complaining and asking why, or dreading the day when it finally came to them wasn't going to help. Naruto had decided he was going to face it head on.

If anything was certain, Naruto always kept his promises. That alone made everything better.

He wanted to hug her, pull her in for her to nuzzle against her chest. But Hinata continued giggling, her hands running along his stomach to grip the clothing at his chest and pull him to her.

Then... she would fight along side him as well. As each day passed they each were being accompanied by more and more people that they cared for in this world, and she wanted to help protect them as well.

Naruto grunted in slight confusion, "Hina-?"

Hinata looked up at him, another funny tear running down her cheek at the silly blonde, "Hmhm... Baka." She murmured as she pulled him in and kissed him. Grip tightening, she raised onto her toes to lean into it more.

Naruto was still, his cheeks heating up, and quietly wrapped his arms around her waist.

Hinata sported a rosy blush, she didn't know why she felt the need to kiss him, more romantic than what Naruto was familiar with. She idly wondered if he knew the difference between a lustful approach to a romantic one, or simply shrugged them off all together.

Naruto blushed much worse than she did and strained to keep from chuckling and scratching the back of his head.

The young Hyuuga nodded, "*Ahem*... I'm with you all the way Naruto."

Four Pokéballs were thrown into the air and released four zig-zagging red lights from its spheres.

"Hm?" Kiya blinked as she quickly zipped her head back and forth to take in her surroundings.

Tashira and Myrel quirked a one curious feature or another at the sight of a confident Naruto and a giggling tear-wiping Hinata.

"Hinata?" Yue looked around, curiosity bordering toward concern at the sight of tears, if not for Naruto's determined and satisfied smile and Hinata's giggling she would've pressed further.

"Hn," Myrel was the first to shrug off the ordeal, "So what's this all about Naruto?" silently dreading that the word 'Play' was actually a key term that meant 'Train'.

Glancing at the Dracona, the other three Pokégirls sobered up and followed suite.

"In fact," Tashira followed, "Why did you bring us all the way out here." she asked, looking around.

Naruto and Hinata were quiet, the young Hyuuga herself also finding herself curious as she turned to look at him as well.

"You all want to know why we're here?" The blonde quirked a small smile as he glossed over their face, "Well... the reason is..." he couldn't help but shed into a growing grin, "We're here to just have fun."

The anticipation awkwardly dissipated.

"Fun?" Yue perked up, ears growing attentive.

"That's it?" Tashira grunted, crossing her arms.

Kiya raised a brow in growing amusement and careless confusion.

Somewhat in disbelief, Myrel bit the inside of her cheek, "What do you mean have fun?"

Hinata narrowed a brow as she prodded for explanation, "Naruto?"

The teenage Tamer nodded definitely, "This is our last day here," He stated soberly, gaining their attention, "And you all know what that means."

One feature or another faltered with knowing, "No baths," Kiya mumbled; "Training?" Myrel guessed; "Adventure!" Yue mewled.

"... Danger." Tashira grunted. Her three Pokésisters turned to her.

Naruto gestured a hand to her and nodded solemnly, "She's right," his confirmation turned all of their expressions more serious.

He sighed as he looked out into the distance, "We don't know what's out there." patting a hand on Hinata's shoulder he walked forward, "We don't know what we'll end up facing, and we don't know how strong they are."

Their postures straightened and tensed, their eyes narrowed as each of them listened intently.

Naruto exuded a sense wariness, "We're wanted criminals technically. And criminals don't want us. Dangerous Pokégirls... even a legendary is after us," He muttered, his fist tightened.

He could see understanding and caution dawn their face as he walked up to them, "So," Naruto continued, scratching the back of his head as he let out a simple chuckle and smiled, "Let's just make the most of this."

Hinata let off a simple genuine smile, "He's right." she concurred as she walked over to them, silently growing a sense of mischief as she couldn't help but spring a mischievous smile as she pat Naruto's shoulder, "You're it!"

Naruto's eyes widened as he snapped to the giggling teen sprinting off. Three of the four girls eyes began to widen as the game began to register.

Kiya was the first to get out of reach as she began to giggle. Almost in a panic Naruto attempted to tag Yue before she teleported, then glanced over to see Tashira taking into the air, "W-wh- Hey! That's cheating!" Naruto accused.

"Tcheheh- no it isn't." Tashira simply denied.

"You're just not that quick!" Yue mewed from Hinata's side, sticking out a small taunting tongue.

All that was left was Myrel standing there just as confused as ever as she stared at Naruto almost cautiously now that she was the only one remaining.

Grinning he attacked as Myrel's eyes widened, "H-hey." She grunted as he patted her forearm, glancing from him to it in shock.

"You're it!" Naruto laughed as he quickly backed up.

Glancing back to her arm, she then looked to her Tamer, her Pokésisters, and then Hinata. Her wings began to flutter before she bounded off toward one of them.

They must have played for what felt like hours. As the town became just a little speck in the distance, they must have ran for miles. Playing all sorts of games through the grass, from tickling to tackling, to kissing to spanking, they played games that Myrel wasn't even sure was a game that had ever existed until then.

It was an odd feeling, Tashira felt it, and Kiya felt it. Yue felt it and Myrel felt it. Naruto and Hinata did too and what made them even happier was that they could see their Pokégirls showing this feeling through their actions and laughter. They were all... at peace... happy just with each other's company.

The Dracona wouldn't admit it, but she felt childish in a good sort of way. The kind of way that put a lump in your throat and made your vision blurry because you never wanted it to end. She tried hard to keep from showing it, despite how proud she was of Yue, how much she loved to be around Hinata and Naruto, how much she cherished her Pokésisters.

Tashira teased Myrel when she saw a few or more tears fall down the Dracona's cheeks, hell she didn't even know she was crying until Kiya had pointed it out. The Dracona was confused, not sad, in fact, the happiest that she had ever been in a very long time actually. It was all so foreign to her, this affection, this light atmosphere where small things like sticking out your tongue was a cute taunt that made her laugh.

Yue took advantage of every opening she could to play and tease her Pokésisters, every moment to kiss, spank, or lick Hinata by surprise, to tickle and give a knuckle sandwich to the boy she respected and cared for... to play with her family.

Kiya yipped at the slight tug of her tail, spinning to spy the Shadow Cat trying to get away. The Kitsune felt this playful rivalry, now she was bolder, and much more fun. She encouraged and helped Myrel to keep up with games she wasn't familiar with, teasingly pushed Tashira's buttons, and laughed and yipped alongside her Tamer and Hinata.

Until finally, panting and smiling, they all stopped along the grass, and realized that the sun had disappeared nearly an hour ago.

"Is it night time already?" Yue wondered in slight surprise, huffing as they all stopped running and stopped.

Hinata nodded, "I'm afraid so Yue-chan." She confirmed.

Tashira rested her hands behind her head as she caught a breather, "I'd say we have an hour or so before Jiroshi sends for us."

Naruto silenced his quick breaths with a final sigh as he fell back into the soft grass. His arms and legs were spread wide, eyes full of life and joy as he smiled a wide open smile.

"Naruto?" Myrel grunted, Kiya perking up as her tail shot up. Everyone snapped to him, "Are you alright?" Myrel continued.

"~Hahahahaa!~ Yeah, just tired," Naruto laughed childishly, "We've been running for hours ya know!"

Hinata smiled, kneeling down next to him before lying down on her back, resting her hands on her stomach and looked up at the stars with a sigh of relaxation.

~Teehehe!~ Kiya yipped as she fell flat next to Naruto.

~Pwip!~ The Shadow Cat appeared next to Hinata with a smirk of satisfaction.

By then their circle was almost complete. Tashira glanced at Myrel and she glanced back before Tashira shrugged and lay next to Yue, and finally Myrel next to Kiya.

Sighing one at a time and catching their breath, they lied there and stared up at the stars for ten minutes of what felt timeless.

Naruto glanced over to his right, then to the left. A familiar memory coming back to him, a happy memory that almost left him feeling stunned.

'... Team 7?' He still remembered. That night when they were all sprawled out on the grass looking at the night sky.

Slowly Naruto sat up in what felt like a feeling that Hinata and these Pokégirls were like Team 7? Like home... like family?

Hinata felt him tense when she sat up and placed a concerned hand on his shoulder, "Naruto are you okay? You're crying..." She whispered.

Naruto was quiet for a moment, and then smiled. Rubbing at the edges of his eyes he nodded, "Yeah... *Sniff* everything-... Everything's perfect right now." He answered.

As his tears dripped silently from his face, their Pokégirls simply smiled and continued to gaze upon the stars.

Looking over at her with a grin to assure her that he was really okay, Hinata smiled and took her hand off his shoulder, Naruto finished rubbing away his tears and put his hand down on top of her's unknowingly.

He flinched, the two blushed simultaneously and retracted their hands.

Naruto grunted and bobbed his mouth once or twice, and Hinata murmured and pushed her fingers together, giving up, Naruto scratched his cheek and looked back out into the fields, then at Hinata out of the corner of his eye.

She glanced his way and they shared eye contact for a moment.

Naruto clenched his eyes, "Listen, Hinata," He began, "There's something that I," he stopped himself, not knowing why words were getting caught in his throat as he tried to force it, "Well I mean..."

Simultaneously all four Pokégirls's ears perked and became attentive as they continued to stare at the sky. An expression of curiosity from one, to a slowly growing grin on the next, they all silently eavesdropped.

Hinata put her hands down and raised a brow, "What is it Naruto-kun?" she asked, 'This isn't usually like him. Why is he stumbling so much?' she couldn't help but question, he shifted his eyes, seemed uncomfortable, kept clearing his throat.

The Hyuuga was slowly starting to narrow her eyes unconsciously as she tried to piece together the puzzle, 'Could he be?... No Naruto wouldn't, but then why does his expression read different?'

Hinata's cheeks heated as she looked intently at Naruto's bashful face as he bit his lower lip in doubt, her eyes widened, 'You what Naruto-kun? What?'

Naruto turned to her, taking a big intake of air, "Hinata I kinda-" he interrupted himself, mouth open as he struggled to say something.

'Is he?' Hinata stared at his face for a few seconds before she blinked, "Kinda what Naruto-kun?" 'Just say it Naruto.'

Naruto's bashful expression slowly disappeared, closing his mouth he lowered his head, faced forward and sighed, "Nevermind... It's nothing." he muttered in defeat.

Hinata raised a brow in silent disbelief, 'What? No! You gotta be kidding me.' Hinata grieved, inwardly sweat-dropping, 'If he's feeling what I think he is... then, Naruto isn't use to having those types of feelings... he wouldn't even know where to begin.'

She couldn't help but inwardly giggle, it was actually kind of cute. She hardly ever saw him so bashful and embarrassed, it seemed that she was able to reap the amusement of watching that side of him a lot recently, since they came to this world.

It was so strange, almost like she was witnessing deja vu. He was acting... like how she use to.

- Naruto stared at her, shyly she pushed her fingers together under his gaze as she blushed. -

And now, even just gazing at him brought a small pink hue to his cheeks, and he kept scratching his cheek or his head or rubbing his neck as he shifted his gaze anywhere but her way.

Hinata suddenly looked like she had squeezed an entire lemon into her mouth, 'Oh kami is that how I acted?' She realized.

Still, her bitterness quickly faded away as she came to another realization. Sneakily looking at him out of the corner of her eye, she blushed, 'I'm beginning to grow on Naruto... he actually, likes me.' Maybe not completely like how he liked Sakura, or maybe more than any girl that he's ever known, she wasn't entirely sure.

However she did find out something, right now Naruto liked her in a- ~Heheh~ -in a Hinata kind of way.

A rosy smirk slowly grew on her cheeks as if she had another shot of that orgasmic elixir. 'In that case, It's okay. I've waited this long... I can wait a little longer.'

... God-damn she was so excited.

Tashira, Kiya and Yue sighed in disappointment, figures that he wouldn't have the balls to actually spit out whatever he had wanted to say.

Myrel raised a brow as her eyes shifted from Naruto and Hinata, and then to her three Pokésisters who bore disappointment, 'Hm? What's wrong with all these guys?' still completely clueless despite eavesdropping.

"~Owahaha~ Naruto, you're blushing." Hinata teased as she leaned her shoulder into him.

"Uh-Huh? Ah, no I'm not, I'm just getting a little cold, that's all." He brushed off, sniffing and wiping his thumb off his nose.

Hinata peered at him knowingly with a smirk, "Were you thinking of something Naru-kun?"

Naruto huffed abruptly, "Hmph, I have no idea what you're talking about."

The Hyuuga giggled even more as she pushed her head into the crook of his neck, "You wanted to say something didn't you?" His eyes widened for a split second before she waved his anxiety away, "Don't worry Naruto," she assured, "Talking about your feelings is your first time after all. So I'll be gentle when you come around." Naruto blushed horribly at the virgin joke making her laugh even harder.

"E-eh? Stop being perverted Hinata. It was nothing, really!"

"Hmhm! If you say so Naruto."

Allowing their Tamers to banter and laugh a little while longer, Tashira was the first to sit up, "Alright, we should head back, it's almost time." she grunted.

Yue's cheeks puffed out into a pout, "Moue~ But I don't wanna..." She whined.

Kiya nodded as she curled on the grass, "Mnn, I'm with Yue on this one-A-hey!" She yipped as Myrel picked her up by the scruff of her shirt.

The Shadow Cat teleported at Tashira's side, all awaiting Naruto and Hinata.

The Dracona looked around at the silhouetted clouds and dark grass fields, "This was...nice." Myrel admitted.

Tashira glanced over, "Hm?" considering it, she nodded, "Yeah, I suppose it was... We should do this again." Tashira agreed.

Kiya sighed, "Although, that might not be for a very long time... ne, Naruto, Hinata?"

As Hinata and Naruto got to their feet, they returned their attention and paused. Each and everyone of them sobered up.

Naruto and Hinata shared a look, then Naruto nodded, "Yeah, that's right," He confirmed, "I'm not saying that things will get any easier either," He grunted unfortunately, looking at each of them.

Then he punched Tashira in the shoulder, "But you girls are fighters, all of you," He stated seriously.

Hinata added in, "We've seen you girls, trained you, so we know what you girls can handle. Hmhm, Myrel will know what I mean soon enough."

The other three Pokégirls chuckled as Myrel rolled her eyes.

"You've each come a long way from how you use to be," Naruto patted the Shadow Cat's head as she gave an appreciative nod, "Even you Myrel." He gestured, earning a surprised glance, before she nodded as well.

Stopping in front of Kiya, he smiled genuinely at her, "I trust you guys, each and everyone of you." He said, looking around till he came to Hinata.

He placed a hand on Kiya's shoulder who was extremely tensed, staring at him, "I wouldn't hesitate to put my life in your hands, Kiya."

The Kitsune couldn't help it, her eyes were beginning to water, quickly she wiped at them with her forearm and sniffled, "I will not fail you. I've been by your side this far, I'll be damned if I don't always have your back." she declared shakily.

She was getting hotter, and started to glow a bright gold.

Naruto and Hinata's eyes widened, "What's happening?" Hinata whispered.

Tashira, Yue, and Myrel were all staring in surprise as they each took a step back.

"She's evolving." Tashira grunted.

At the answer, the Shadow Cat couldn't help but burst into a smile, brimming with pride and anticipation. They each waited for a full minute as Kiya transformed.

Until finally the glowing began to dissipate, shimmering off of her like sparkling golden dusts of light to reveal her significant change.

Kiya stood motionless, her face in a state of shock on her own as she slowly looked at her arms and down to her legs. Her reddish-brown fur had changed into a pure white coat, only her arms, legs, tips of her furred ears, and parts of her hair were dipped with an electric yellow. Starting at her lower forearms to cover her hands, same to the lower part of her legs assuredly going down to cover her feet, the tips of her ears were yellow, and finally her hair turned fully white with yellow highlights throughout and at the tips of her hair.

Her eyes changed to piercing yellow, claws tipped black. She grew a few inches to five feet and nine inches, breasts remaining the same, however her figure was tighter and more lithe.

However the biggest change of all involved what waved behind her, her single tail replaced by three white furred and yellow tipped tails swayed behind her.

"A Myobu..." Myrel whispered, "At such a young age."

Naruto drew out his Pokédex in awe.

MYOBU, the Celestial Fox Pokégirl

Lvl: 22
Type: Near Human (Vulpine Animorph)
Element: Electric (Celestial)
Frequency: Rare
Diet: omnivore, preference for fish and meat
Role: Defenders of honor, scouts
Libido: Normal
Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Dragon, Ground, Plant, Rock
Attacks *Previous Evolution*: Scratch, Bite, Pummel Leap, Psychic Illusion (AN: Attacks that carried over)
Attacks: Bite, Fist of Fate, Fox-Lightning, Area Illusion, Pounce, Pleasure Spark, Wonder Guard, Quick Attack, Slash, Takedown, Thunderbolt, Lightning Strike
Enhancements: Enhanced Senses (Hearing) (x5 - x6), Enhanced Senses (Olfactory) (x5), Enhanced Agility (x5) Enhanced Speed (x5), Quickness, Lightning Affinity, Lightning Resistant
Evolves: Kitsune (Breaking code)
Evolves From: Kitsune (Extreme stress, faithful to code)

Not all Kitsune go through a situation like this, but Kitsune who manage to follow their code and overcome the situation evolve into something new, unlike a Kitsune who failed to follow their code and evolve into a Nogitsune. This faithful fox evolution is called a Myobu.

Myobu have the same basic color scheme as their cousins the Hoarfoxx. Their fur is one of the varying shades of white (I.e. Cream, off-white, pure white). Their hands, feet, tails and ears are all tipped in a varying shade of yellow. The yellow fur is where most of the girl's electricity is stored. The amount of fur actually varies, with ferals being fully anthromorphic to having a mostly human girl with fox ears, tails and fur on their hands and legs. Their height varies between 5'4" to 5'8" with their body shapes usually described as lean and lithe with breasts in between low A-cups to low C-cups. Myobu have a random number of tails, usually in between 2-5. Researchers speculate the Myobu's number of tails is dependent on their code and the stress caused by the situation in which their code was tested.

Myobu are honorable girls and deeply follow their personal code, showing dislike for girls who blow off their code, or mock it. There have been instances of more extreme Myobu referring to themselves as 'Defenders of Honor' and promptly struck out against the mocking Pokégirl. Due to this trait, Myobu can sometimes be found working in the police force, especially if their code is to always follow the law. In the opposite side of the spectrum, their have been cases of evil Myobu, many researchers were shocked she was still Celestial and other 'good' Myobu could be around them describing how they could still be celestial in this statement, "As long as a Myobu follows her code, she's doing what she must, being Celestial doesn't mean you're a 'good' guy". With the said statement, researchers considered this aspect of Celestial and Infernal as being defined as 'Good' and 'Bad'. Their speed allows them to stay in pursuit of running targets, subduing them with their Fox-Lightning attack.

Due to their arms and legs being where a majority of their electricity is stored, these girls have a preference for using quick punches and kicks usually resulting in an Impromptu Thunder Punches and Kicks. They usually stick to being up close and personal. Most Myobu have a tendency to actually take up 'soft' martial arts life When they fight from a distance they fire off Thunderbolts and Fox-Lightning to weaken the target before moving in with the punches and kicks.

In a harem setting, Myobu make decent Alphas and Betas, they're not as jumpy and erratic as some of the other electric types, and usually try and keep the harem on the straight and narrow, at least her idea of the straight and narrow. Myobu are one of the few Celestials that Infernals aren't bothered by, vive-versa for the Myobu. It's something about how the Myobu 'Isn't so up her ass like most of the snooty celestials' one Daimon said when questioned. It's been noted that the 'evil' Myobu actually become good friends with the Infernal types, which is an oddity in itself.

It is NOT wise for a tamer to have a Nogitsune and a Myobu in the same harem. The Myobu is extremely disappointed and angry at these girls for failing in sticking to their code, rejecting the Nogitsune and treating her less than trash. Though, if a Myobu manages to get past her hate, she can help speed up the process of getting the Nogitsune to evolve into a Dark Kitsune. A Dark Kitsune instantly has a Myobu's respect for having redeemed herself, and gotten back to following the code.

Incidentally, a Myobu will take a leadership role among Kitsune so as to try her best to keep the Kitsune following their paths and not going against it. The Myobu have an instinctual knowledge of what a Kitsune's code is and will not willingly share it with anybody except the Kitsune. In very rare cases of Myobu who have broken their code of honor to the extent of being irredeemable they are 'evolved' back into Kitsune to start the process again and capable of regaining the evolution again, or evolving into a Nogitsune.

Tamers of Myobu note that they love to use Pleasure Spark during the act, arousing and relaxing the tamer. Myobu also like having their feet massage and their hands held during taming as those areas are highly sensitive to them along as their tails. Most Myobu keep the same taming preferences they had when they were Kitsune, only with an enhanced focus on their hands and feet.

Feral Myobu can be occasionally be seen around Kitsune, taking a motherly leadership role, or if they're alone, always seem to be muttering 'Inari' while seemingly praying at random intervals. When approached they will try and run, shooting back weak thunderbolts to cover their path as they bolt away. The muttering of Inari doesn't happen as often when a Myobu is tamed, though when they manage to get a moment of free time, they can be spotted praying quietly.

There is speculation that a Blessed Kitsune may have an easier time evolving into a Myobu, but this is just a rumor and should be regarded as such. Threshold cases of Myobu have been noticed; these girls usually have the lowest amounts of tails and commonly have electric, celestial or fox ancestry.

Fox-Lightning (ATK 40 + EFT): The tips of a Fox-type's tails glow slightly as they charge. After a turn of charging, the electricity discharges towards the target, forming what appears to be a small fox that races along the ground. When it strikes it causes damage and paralyzes the foe 90% of the time. (Can be used by Fox-types only)

"I'm... a Celestial Fox..." Kiya whispered in awe, she finally looked up at each of them all staring at her, she couldn't help but blush and grin a very fox-like grin, "I feel very good about our future now."

The Shadow Cat instantly teleported next to her, "Oh hell to the fuck yes." Yue grinned as she glomped and nibbled on the Myobu's ear.

~Pwip!~ The group looked over to see Kyu teleport into existence before them, she brightened, "Hey everyone! Kitsuto said that he sensed that you guys were out-" cutting herself off, she snapped to the white three-tailed Myobu nipping back at a Shadow Cat. Getting the Celestial fox's gaze, Kyu stared at her for a moment before she suddenly brightened up again, "Oh, hey Kiya! Kudos on the evolution." she congratulated.

"Thank you Kyu-sama," Kiya nodded her head.

"God, I hope she hasn't turned formal." Tashira muttered to Myrel.

Turning back to the whole group, Kyu held out a hand, "So, are you guys ready for the transport?"

"Soo," Myrel started, gaining Kiya's attention as she leaned over prodding, "What was your code exactly?"

Each of them stood ready, bags packed, scrolls sealed, and awaiting their transport as Naruto and Hinata spoke with Jiroshi and Kitsuto.

Tashira and Yue leaned over to listen.

Kiya glanced out of the corner of her eye and simply smiled, "Well Myrel, it wouldn't be my own personal code if I told everyone who asked now would it?"

The Shadow Cat pestered further, "I mean," she squinted, "What's the point now, you've already evolved."

"You might as well tell us." Tashira affirmed.

Her three tails began to wave mischievously, "What if my code was to successfully not tell anyone my code?" Kiya asked rhetorically.

The Dracona blanched as she looked up at the ceiling, "But... that wouldn't be it?... Because you just told us and it couldn't be your code not to tell us soo-" She tried to figure out.

"Yeah, I think we get the irony." Tashira interrupted with a grunt, crossing her arms, "Tch."

Yue scrunched her nose, "Well you're lame,"

Kiya smiled back, "I love you too Yue." she giggled, pushing at her causing the Shadow Cat to smirk back.

"Be careful. She may be for beginners, but who knows how she is. I don't much trust Espers myself." Jiroshi warned as he handed Naruto the Chandra Esper summoning scroll.

Naruto nodded carefully, "Thanks Jiroshi, I don't know how I can repay you guys for everything you've done."

Kitsuto wrapped his arm around the blonde's neck from behind, "Ahh, from one individual to the same individual from another universe!" He waved off as they both chuckled.

Hinata bowed to Jiroshi, "Nonetheless, thank you guys so much."

"Jiroshi. Everything's ready." Kawana called over, gesturing to the transporters.

Glancing over, the black-haired sage waved at her, before turning back to the two teens, "Sigh~ Well, that's your cue. It was a great pleasure to meet you guys."

They nodded and pointed their Pokéballs back to their Pokégirls, Naruto and Hinata called them back and gently placed the four Pokéballs into the Pokéball transporter.

Walking over to the human transporters, they both nodded to Jiroshi and Kitsuto.

"Take care of yourselves." Hinata bid farewell.

Naruto grinned, "Yeah, it means alo-Uguff!"

The blonde Tamer blinked as Kitsuto hugged him tightly, "Be careful out there brother," he cautioned, pulling back he wiped the edges of his eyes, "You're pretty much the only family I got."

"Little brat, fine then." Jiroshi huffed under his breath before Anya elbowed him.

Naruto stared at him silently in slight shock, before he gave a serious nod, "I can say the same to you," pushing on his shoulder, Naruto felt a strange giddiness inside as he began to grin, "Later... brother."

Kitsuto wiped his nose and grunted as he stepped away.

"And three... two... one."

Naruto couldn't stop grinning, nudging Hinata she raised a brow, "Who knows... maybe things won't be so bad after all." he proposed confidently.

Hinata smiled, "Maybe." She laughed.

~Pwip!~ Then they were gone.



... In The Recesses of The Dark Continent ...

The all stared at her... surrounded by these Goths cloaked in black all sitting and murmuring to each other.

Her eyes darted left and right, a raised brow in growing bemusement at all their bickering, "Well?" She hated waiting, her tail wagged back and forth.

They quieted down, and the council before her turned their attention back to her, "You speak the truth... These humans are pure blood... and yet they hold certain abilities?"

"A Universal..."

"Could they be, like Saotome..."

"... Nendo-Kata..."

The furred legendary glanced at the whispers, then quirked the side of her lips, "Of course," Her tail began to wag, "I wouldn't lie to you guys."

They just seemed so suspicious, as if she had some ulterior motive. The council stared at her and narrowed their eyes cautiously.

The middle one leaned on the desk, interlocked her fingers and rested her chin upon them, "We have to ask," the furred Legendary awaited the concern, "Why tell us?"

Her tail wagged in amusement, a grin couldn't stop from showing, "... To spice things up."

XxX End Arc II: More Than One XxX

Tamer Experience Rank

Level 1 - 10 (Novice); Level 11- 20 (Average); Level 21 - 30 (Experienced); Level 31 - 40 (Advanced); Level 41 - 50 (Master)

Types of Security Clearances

Alpha [Civilian Level Clearance]

Alpha Level 1C / Alpha Level 2C / Alpha Level 3C

Beta [Tamer Level Clearance]

Beta Level 1C / Beta Level 2C / Beta Level 3C

Theta [Law Enforcer Clearance]

Theta Level 1C / Theta Level 2C / Theta Level 3C

Delta [Military Level Clearance]

Delta Level 1C / Delta Level 2C / Delta Level 3C

Gamma [Government Level Clearance]

Gamma Level 1C / Gamma Level 2C / Gamma Level 3C

Omega [Top Security Clearance]

Omega Level 1C / Omega Level 2C / Omega Level 3C

Tools and Supplies

Throwing Weapons: Shuriken, Kunai, Senbon

Medicine: Burn Salve, Frost Salve, Poison Salve, Healing Shot, Regeneration Shot

Pokégirl Status: P-Med Burn (Cures burns), P-Med Ice (Cures Frostbite), D-Tox (Cures Poison)

Pokégirl Medicine: P-Med Paralyze (Cures paralysis), P-Med all (Cures all status alignments), P-Med Basic (Minor Injuries, unhealed scars), P-Med Advanced (Major Injuries, Regenerates small pieces of flesh), P-Med Max (Heals Critical injuries, regenerates larger pieces of flesh, and organs)

Pokégirl Supplements: Recover (Restores energy); Recover Max (Heals Medium Injuries, Restores health completely)

Weight Seals

Sealing Scrolls

Training Gi's

Five T2 Chips (Techniques)

PPHU: Portable. Pokégirl. Healing. Unit.

Re-Written Sukebe Journal Entries (Rewritten from memory)

Kenzel's Journal Entries

Books on Chi, Kido, Magic, and Poké-Energy

Book on Training methods, and average techniques to each respective energy

Book on Pokégirl Animalistic Behavior and Instincts

Book on meditation

Book on the basics of understanding energy

Book of data on the known Legendaries

Book on learning to master your olfactory senses

Book on information about each league

Book on yoga and stretching

Scroll on Fire-Type Techniques

Scroll on Psychic-Type Techniques

Scroll on Flying-Type Techniques

Scroll on Dragon-Type Techniques

Esper Summoning Scroll: Chandra

DRACASS, The Dragon Guardian Pokégirl- Lvl: 24

MYOBU, The Celestial Fox Pokégirl- Lvl: 22

SHADOW CAT, The Fickle Feline Pokégirl- Lvl: 21

DRACONA, The Gliding Dragon Warrior Pokégirl - Lvl: 23

Key: x2 (Twice an average human)

Unknown [?]

None [O]

Extremely low [F]

Low [D / D+]

Average [C / C+] (x2)

Above Average [B- / B / B+] (x3 / x4 / x5)

High [A- / A / A+] (x6 / x7 / x8)

Extremely High [S- / S] (x9 / x10)

Mastered/Legendary [S+] (x11+)

Naruto Uzumaki

Overall Skill Rank: [B-]

Age: 14

Date of Birth: October 10th

Height: 5"4 ft

Weight: 120 lbs

Goals: To protect his friends; To find a way back home.

Likes: Hinata; Their Pokégirls; Kitsuto, Jiroshi and their Pokégirls; This new world; Ramen; ... Hinata.

Dislikes: Anyone or anything that conflicts against Hinata, their Pokégirls or his friends; Anything or Anyone standing in the way of achieving his goals.

Element: Wind/Fighting/Normal

Affinity: Wind-Fuuton

Diet: Ramen & Red Bean Soup

Libido: Average

Special: Kyuubi [Nine-Tailed Demon Fox]


- Four Flame Bullets

- Four Wind Bullets

- An Ultra Ball

- A Great Ball

SKILL: [C+] -_-_-_-_- Kyuubi Influenced Rank: [?]

Chakra Revenue: [A] High

Chakra Manipulation: [A] High

Shape Manipulation: [A] High

Offensive: [A-] High

Chakra Control: [B-] Above Average

Ninjutsu: [C+] Average

Fighting Experience: [C+] Average

Taijutsu: [C-] Average

Experience: [C-] Average

Defensive: [F] Extremely Low

Elemental Manipulation: [F] Extremely Low


Energy: Legendary (x10)

Endurance: High (x8)

Stamina: High (x8)

Recovery: High (x7)

Toughness: Above Average (x5)

Durability: Above Average (x5)

Power: Above Average (x4)

Pain Tolerance: Above Average (x4)

Agility: Above Average (x4)

Strength: Above Average (x4)

Speed: Above Average (x4)

Reflex: Above Average (x4)

Reflex: Above Average (x3)

Precision: Above Average (x3)

Accuracy: Above Average (x3)

Stealth: Above Average (x3)

Balance: Average (x2)

Coordination: Average (x2)

Dexterity (Hand Skill-Weapons): Average (x2)


Intuition: High

Deception: Above Average

Awareness/Alert: Above Average

Fragility (Tolerance to Violence): Above Average

Strategy: Average

Intelligence: Average

Dominating: Average

Following Orders: Low

Independence: Low

Patience: Extremely Low


Loyalty: Extremely High

Ambition: Extremely High

Dedication: Extremely High

Perseverance: Extremely High

Dependability: High

Diligence: Average

Seduction: Average

Productivity: Average

Cooperation: Low

Leadership: Extremely Low

(Note: Brash, Ill-Mannered, Easily Amused/Confused, Ambitious, Boisterous, Unpredictable, Very Over-Protective)


Sight: Average (x2)

Hearing: Average (x2)

Olfactory Senses: Average (x2)


[1] E-Rank: Tree-Walking

[2] E-Rank: Water-Walking

[3] E-Rank: Leaf-Floating

[4] D-Rank: Kawarmi (Substitution)

[5] D-Rank: Henge (Transformation)

[6] B-Rank: Oiroke No Jutsu (Sexy Technique)

[7] B-Rank: Kage Bunshin No Jutsu (Shadow Clone Technique)

[8] A-Rank: Haremu No Jutsu (Harem Technique)

[9] A-Rank: Tajuu Kage Bunshin No Jutsu (Multi Shadow Clone Technique)

[10] A-Rank: Rasengan (Spiraling Sphere)

*New* [11] B-Rank: Taifukusei: Kage Bunshin No Jutsu (Object Duplication: Shadow Clone Technique)

Hinata Hyuuga

Overall Skill Rank: [B-]

Age: 14

Date of Birth: December 27th

XxXx 14 - Current - [13 - Beginning of the Story] - (Henge Form) XxXx

Height: 5"3 ft - [4"11 ft] - (5"7 ft)

Weight: 103 lbs - [84.2 lbs] - Note: Avg. 13yr Girl Weighs 117 lbs

Goals: Getting Back Home; Control and Harness her Youkai; Protect Naruto and their Pokégirls

Likes: Naruto and The Pokégirls; Teasing and Playing with Naruto; Playing with Tashira and Yue; Peaceful moments / Being Dominant; Feeling powerful; Naruto's chakra

Dislikes: Being weak; Naruto's doubt; Bad Tamer's; Thinking about her home; Naruto's annoying obliviousness; Killing

Element: Water/Fighting/Normal/[Ice]

Affinity: Water-Suiton

Diet: Zenzai & Cinnamon Rolls

Libido: Above Average

Special: Youkai [Tsuki]


- Black Katana

- Kenjutsu Scrolls: Beginner-Average-Advanced

- A Fast PokéBall

SKILL: [C-] -_-_-_-_- Youkai Influenced Rank: [?]

Chakra Manipulation: [A] High

Shape Manipulation: [A] High

Chakra Revenue: [B+] Above Average

Chakra Control: [B] Above Average

Doujutsu: [B] Above Average

Offensive: [B-] Above Average

Experience: [C+] Average

Ninjutsu: [C+] Average

Taijutsu: [C] Average

Defensive: [C-] Average

Fighting Experience: [C-] Average

Kenjutsu: [F+] Extremely Low

Elemental Manipulation: [D+] Low


Dexterity (Hand Skill-Weapons): Above Average (5x)

Reflex: Above Average (x5)

Recovery: Above Average (x4)

Endurance: Above Average (x4)

Speed: Above Average (x4)

Reflex: Above Average (x4)

Coordination: Above Average (x4)

Precision: Above Average (x4)

Energy: Above Average (4x)

Accuracy: Above Average (4x)

Agility: Above Average (x3)

Strength: Above Average (x3)

Stealth: Above Average (x3)

Balance: Above Average (x3)

Toughness: Above Average (x3)

Stamina: Above Average (x3)

Flexibility: Average (x2)

Durability: Average (x2)

Power: Average (x2)

Pain Tolerance: Average (x2)


Awareness/Alert: Above Average

Strategy: Above Average

Intuition: Above Average

Patience: Above Average

Deception: Above Average

Intelligence: Average

Following Orders: Average

Dominating: Average

Fragility (Tolerance to Violence): Low

Independence: Low


Loyalty: High

Dependability: High

Cooperation: Above Average

Dedication: Above Average

Perseverance: Above Average

Diligence: Average

Seduction: Average

Leadership: Average

Ambition: Low

(Note: Caring, Logical, Listener, Calm, Nervousness and Anxiety)


Sight: High (x8)

Hearing: Average (x2)

Olfactory Senses: Average (x2)


[1] E-Rank: Tree-Walking

[2] E-Rank: Water-Walking

[3] E-Rank: Leaf-Floating

[4] D-Rank: Kawarmi (Substitution)

[5] D-Rank: Henge (Transformation)

[6] D-Rank: Bunshin No Jutsu (Clone Jutsu)

[6] C-Rank: Byakugan (White Eye)

[7] B-Rank: Hakke Shou Kaiten (Heavenly Spin)

[8] B-Rank: Jyuukenhou: Hakke Sanjyuuni Shou (Gentle Fist: Eight Trigrams 32 Palms)

[9] B-Rank: ShuugoHakke Rokujyuu Yonshou (Guardian of Eight Divination Seals: Sixty Four)

[10] B-Rank: Hakke Rokujūyon Shō (Eight Trigrams: Sixty-Four Palms)

[11] A-Rank: Hakke Hyaku Nijuuhachi Shou (Eight Trigrams: One Hundred Twenty Eight Palms)

*New* [12] B-Rank: Kage Bunshin No Jutsu (Shadow Clone Technique)


Naruto Uzumaki Tamer Status

Residence: N/A

Region: Orange League

Status: Active

Rank: Level 5 (Novice)

Security Clearance: Beta Level 1C


Tamer: Y

Master Tamer: N

Researcher: N

Watcher: N

Breeder: N

Badges: Nil

Active Harem

Battles Won: 7

Battles Lost: 0

Pokégirls: 2

MYOBU: The Celestial Fox Pokégirl

DRACONA: The Gliding Dragon Warrior

Naruto's Pokégirls


Kiya - Myobu: The Celestial Pokégirl

Overall Skill Rank: [C+]

Lvl: 22

Age: 16

Date of Birth: August 12th

Height: 5"9

Weight: 150 lbs

Goal: Protect Naruto and Hinata; Protect her Pokésisters; Go back with Naruto and Hinata to their world.

Likes: Naruto, Hinata and her Pokésisters; Bubble baths; Being brushed and played with; Teasing; Becoming stronger.

Dislikes: Mangy and unwashed fur; Losing; Training.

Captured: First Arc [ARC I - The Hidden Base]

Harem: Naruto Uzumaki

Type: Near Human (Vulpine Animorph)

Element: Electric (Celestial)

Frequency: Rare

Diet: omnivore, preference for fish and meat

Role: Defenders of honor, scouts

Libido: Normal

Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Steel, Water

Weak Vs: Dragon, Ground, Plant, Rock

Attacks: Bite, Fist of Fate, Fox-Lightning, Area Illusion, Pounce, Pleasure Spark, Wonder Guard, Quick Attack, Slash, Takedown, Thunderbolt, Lightning Strike

Enhancements: Enhanced Senses (Hearing) (x6), Enhanced Senses (Olfactory) (x5), Enhanced Agility (x5) Enhanced Speed (x5), Quickness, Lightning Affinity, Lightning Resistant

Evolves: Kitsune (Breaking code)

Evolves From: Kitsune (Extreme stress, faithful to code)


- Lust Dust


Energy Control: [B-] Above Average

Energy Reserve: [C+] Average

Taijutsu: [C+] Average

Offensive: [C+]Average

Energy Attacks: [C] Average

Psychic Prowess: [C-] Average

Defensive: [D+] Low

Fighting Experience: [D+] Low

Illusions: [D+] Low


Speed: Above Average (x5)

Agility: Above Average (x5)

Reflex: Above Average (x4)

Dexterity (Hand Skill-Weapons): Above Average (x4)

Precision:Above Average (x4)

Balance: Above Average (x3)

Recovery: Above Average (x3)

Strength: Above Average (x3)

Accuracy: Above Average (x3)

Endurance: Above Average (x3)

Stamina: Above Average (x3)

Flexibility: Average (x2)

Stealth: Average (x2)

Coordination: Average (x2)

Energy: Average (x2)

Durability: Average

Power: Low

Toughness: Low

Pain Tolerance: Low

Defense: Low


Intuition: High

Awareness/Alert: Above Average

Fragility (Tolerance to Violence): Above Average

Intelligence: Average

Deception: Average

Following Orders: Average

Strategy: Average

Dominating: Low

Patience: Extremely Low

Independence: Extremely Low


Loyalty: Extremely High

Seduction: High

Dependability: High

Diligence: Average

Cooperation: Average

Perseverance: Average

Dedication: Average

Productivity: Low

Ambition: Low

Leadership: Extremely Low

(Note: Lazy, Procrastinator, Complainer, Whiner)


Hearing: High (x6)

Taste: Above Average (x5)

Smell: Above Average (x5)

Touch: Above Average (x5)

Sight: Above Average (x5)


[1] Tree-Walking

[2] Water-Walking

[3] Leaf-Floating

[4] Scratch - (ATK) The Pokégirl's nails glow as she scratches opponent which is twice as large than her nails.

[5] Slash - (ATK) With her claws, the Pokégirl gives a standard slash.

[6] Bite - (ATK) The Pokégirl sinks her teeth into her opponent.

[7] Pummel - (ATK) The Pokégirl's hands begin to glow as she punches her opponent mercilessly.

[8] Leap - (ATK) The Pokégirl gathers energy to leap at her opponent, jumping really high and landing on her opponent

[9] Takedown - (ATK 70) The Pokégirl rams herself into her opponent, and then slams herself and her opponent to the ground. Though the opponent acts like a cushion to the fall for the user, she still takes 1/4 to 1/2 of the damage dealt to the victim.

[10] Quick Attack - (ATK 20) The Pokégirl attacks without warning and as quickly as she can, emphasizing speed over attack power.

[11] Psychic Illusion - (DEF) The Pokégirl bends the light around her to make her opponent see her standing there but in actuality she is in another location, like behind the opponent's back or escaping altogether.

*New*[12] Pounce - (ATK 15) The Pokégirl makes a flying jump and knocks her opponent to the ground. The Pokégirl can either stay on top of her opponent and attack her further or leap away.

*New*[13] Fist of Fate - (ATK 35, 70 + EFT) This light-speed punch has a 60% chance of paralyzing any Infernal user.

*New*[14] Fox-Lightning - (ATK 40 + EFT): The tips of a Fox-type's tails glow slightly as they charge. After a turn of charging, the electricity discharges towards the target, forming what appears to be a small fox that races along the ground. When it strikes it causes damage and paralyzes the foe 90% of the time. (Can be used by Fox-types only)

*New*[15] Area Illusion - (EFT) A pokégirl can create an illusion of up to a mile around her to her whim, however, she is incapable of moving or attacking or she will make the illusion fail. The user can control what happens in the illusion as what happens is all her doing.

*New*[16] Pleasure Spark – ( ) The Pokégirl releases a tiny charge of static along her fingertips, designed to stimulate the pleasure nerves of anyone they touch. Banned from many Sex Battle tournaments.

*New* [17] Wonder Guard - (EFT) A very special Celestial Barrier. Once cast, if the opponent uses an attack that is not considered elementally `Strong' against the Pokégirl using this technique for the rest of the Pokébattle, then the Pokégirl takes no damage.

*New* [18] Thunderbolt- (ATK 125) By focusing her electricity into a bolt rather than a ball, the Pokégirl deals more damage to her opponent than she would with Thunder Shock.

*New* [20] Lightning Strike - (ATK 30 + EFT) The Pokégirl coats her limb in electricity and strikes her opponent, causing shock damage.

*New* [21] Hyper Sensitivity - By pushing energy all throughout her body slowly she can feel the things around her to a new extent, her body becoming sensitive to the movements around her through vibrations; Also being able to hear farther and better.

*New* [22] Lightning Barrage - (Taking her element change into consideration, she renamed "Burning Barrage" to Lightning Barrage.) A Variation taken from Lee's Lotus attack, and Naruto's Uzumaki Barrage: Catching opponent by surprise by kicking them into the air and then jumping up above her opponent to beat her opponent back to the ground, with the help of her Electric Fist technique, Kiya is still adding to the technique.

*New* [23] Electric Fist - (Taking her element change into consideration, she renamed "Flaming Fist" to Electric Fist.) Kiya coats her hands in lightning and beats her opponent mercilessly while electrocuting her.

*New*[24] Electric Cage - Using all of her electric energy, an Electric-Type Pokégirl cn sweep the area around her opponent in electricity for as long as the Pokégirl can continue to power it. This technique has a tendency to make weak electric types faint.


Myrel - Dracona: The Dragon Gliding Warrior Pokégirl

Overall Skill Rank: [F]

Lvl: 23

Age: 18

Date of Birth: February 29th

Height: 6'1 ft

Weight: 327 lbs

Goals: Achieving Alpha Position; Dominate Naruto; Protect her New Family; Defeat Tashira in a battle

Likes: Naruto-Kiya; Hinata-Tashira-Yue; Feeling pretty; Being taken care of; Being Dominant; Being Dominated.

Dislikes: Being Mistreated; Horrible Tamers; Being kept out of the loop; Not feeling pretty; Being weak; Being Dominated; ... Mouse-Types.

Captured: Second Arc [ARC II - More Than One]

Harem: Naruto Uzumaki

Type: Near Human

Element: Dragon/Flying

Frequency: Very Rare

Diet: Human like Diet

Role: Multi-Role Fighter, Ambusher

Libido: High (drops to Average if traded, or caught wild)

Strong Vs: Bug, Dragon, Fighting, Fire, Ground, Plant, Water

Weak Vs: Ice, Rock

Enhancements: Wings, Enhanced Strength (x5), Enhanced Speed (x4), Enhanced Endurance (x4), Tough skin

Evolves: Dragoness (Shiny Stone)


- None


Energy Reserve: [B-] Above Average

Energy Attacks: [C+] Average

Defensive: [D+] Low

Offensive: [D] Low

Fighting Experience: [D-] Low

Taijutsu: [F] Extremely Low

Energy Control: [F] Extremely Low

Aerodynamics (Maneuverability): [F] Extremely Low


Strength: Above Average (x5)

Speed: Above Average (x4)

Endurance: Above Average (x4)

Pain Tolerance: Above Average (x4)

Reflex: Above Average (x3)

Toughness: Above Average (x3)

Power: Above Average (x3)

Agility: Average (x2)

Reflex: Average (x2

Durability: Average (x2)

Stamina: Average (x2)

Energy: Average (x2)

Recovery: Average (x2)

Coordination: Average

Accuracy: Average

Balance: Low

Dexterity (Hand Skill-Weapons): Low

Precision: Low

Stealth: Extremely Low

Flexibility: Extremely Low


Awareness/Alert: Above Average

Dominating: Average

Intuition: Above Average

Intelligence: Average

Fragility (Tolerance to Violence): Low

Following Orders: Low

Strategy: Low

Patience: Extremely Low

Deception: Extremely Low

Independency: Extremely Low


Diligence: Average

Cooperation: Average

Loyalty: Low

Dependability: Low

Dedication: Low

Perseverance: Low

Seduction: Low

Ambition: Low

Leadership: Extremely Low

(Note: Confrontational, Nervous, Easily Angered or Confused)


Hearing: Above Average (x4)

Sight: Average (x2)

Olfactory Senses: Average (x2)


[1] Tree-Walking

[2] Water-Walking

[3] Leaf-Floating

[4] Gust - (ATK 30) The Pokégirl uses her wings to create a gust of wind to throw her opponent backwards.

[5] Whirlwind - (ATK) The Pokégirl uses her wings to create a small whirlwind to attack her opponent.

[6] Cut - (ATK) A light scratching technique that darts in and does a little damage

[7] Scratch - (ATK) The Pokégirl's nails glow as she scratches opponent which is twice as large than her nails.

[8] Dragon Breath - (ATK 60) The Pokégirl uses a dragon-elemental breath attack on her enemy. The range is somewhat limited, but it's far less taxing than Hyper Beam.

[9] Empty Daggers - (ATK 80) This attack creates many small blades of wind. These wind blades are then blasted outwards in a gust-like blast; in addition to the blowing force, the cutting winds can severely cut the enemy.

[10] Slash - (ATK) With her claws, the Pokégirl gives a standard slash.

[11] Dragon Rage - (ATK 40) The Pokégirl begins to have an outline glow This strikes all opponents for 40 points of damage, regardless of any and all defenses. She becomes focused on pounding her opponent into unconsciousness. Any damage inflicted on the Pokégirl increases the damage she deals back.

*New* [12] Sonic Break - (ATK/Status Effect) By flapping her wings together (or summoning her elemental power of wind) a Pokégirl can create a gust of wind powerful enough to create a Sonic Boom. This doesn't deal much damage, but deafens her opponent for a few minutes.


Hinata Hyuuga Tamer Status

Residence: N/A

Region: Orange League

Status: Active

Rank: Level 3 (Novice)

Security Clearance: Beta Level 1C


Tamer: Y

Master Tamer: N

Researcher: N

Watcher: N

Breeder: N

Badges: Nil

Active Harem

Battles Won: 6

Battles Lost: 0

Pokégirls: 2

DRACASS: The Dragon Guardian Pokégirl

SHADOWCAT: The Fickle Feline Pokégirl

Hinata's Pokégirls


Tashira - Dracass: The Dragon Guardian Pokégirl

Overall Skill Rank: [C]

Lvl: 24

Age: 17

Date of Birth: March 21st

Human Form: 5"10 ft Dragon Form: 6"11 ft

Weight: 180 lbs Weight: 463 lbs

Goals: Protect and Serve Naruto and Hinata; Destroy Team Trauma; Become Stronger or Equal to Naruto and Hinata... To live with Hinata back in her world-To get away from the Pokégirl world.

Likes: Hinata, Naruto and her Pokésisters; Teasing, Taunting, and Provoking; Feeling strong; Being Called Pretty; Given the Opportunity to make a witty joke

Dislikes: Team Trauma; Weaknesses of any kind; Other and/or Disrespectful Dragon-types; Cuddling; Feeling Vulnerable; Being scolded; Being Called Cute; Losing; ... Needles

Captured: First Arc [ARC I - The Hidden Base]

Harem: Hinata Hyuuga

Enhancements: Teleport, Psychic Talents, Dark Vision, Flexibility

Type: Very Near Human Metamorph

Element: Human Form: Fighting / Dragon Form: Dragon

Frequency: Rare

Diet: Human Food; Preference for meat

Role: Heavy Artillery

Libido: Average

Strong Vs:

Human Form: Bug, Dark, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel

Dragon Form: Dragon, Electric, Fire, Plant, Water

Weak Vs:

Human Form: Flying, Psychic

Dragon Form: Ice


Human Form: Youthful, Enhanced Strength (x2), Enhanced Agility (x2)

Dragon Form: Youthful, Enhanced Strength (x10), Armored, Enhanced Senses (x8), Flight

Evolves: Dronza (hatred of humanity), Warvern (battle stress; special)


- Dragon Style Scrolls: White (Healing and Defense), Black (Tearing and Crushing), Blue (Speed and Balanced Strikes), Red (Strength and Grappling)

- Evolutionary: Heavy Metal Defensive Steel Vest

- Bag of Sex toys


Energy Reserve: [B+] Above Average

Energy Attacks: [B] Above Average

Defensive: [B] Above Average

Offensive: [C+] Average

Taijutsu: [C+] Average

Energy Control: [C-] Average

Fighting Experience: [C-] Average

Aerodynamics (Maneuverability): [D-] Low

Flight Experience: [D+] Low


Human Form -_-_-_-_- Dragon Form

Strength: Above Average (x3) -_-_-_-_- Extremely High (10x)

Toughness: Above Average (x3) -_-_-_-_- High (8x)

Power: Above Average (x3) -_-_-_-_- Extremely High (10x)

Durability: Average (x2) -_-_-_-_- High (6x)

Reflex: Above Average (x5) -_-_-_-_- Above Average (x4)

Precision: Above Average (x5) -_-_-_-_- Above Average (x4)

Coordination: Above Average (x5) -_-_-_-_- Above Average (x3)

Accuracy: Above Average (x5) -_-_-_-_- Above Average (x3)

Dexterity (Hand Skill-Weapons): Above Average (x5) -_-_-_-_- Above Average (x3)

Balance: Above Average (x5) -_-_-_-_- Average (x2)

Speed: Above Average (x4) -_-_-_-_- Above Average (x3)

Energy: Above Average (x4) -_-_-_-_- Above Average (3x)

Agility: Above Average (x4) -_-_-_-_- Average (x2)

Endurance: Above Average (x3) - Average

Stamina: Above Average (x3) -_-_-_-_- Average

Pain Tolerance: Average (x2) -_-_-_-_- Above Average (5x)

Recovery: Average (x2) -_-_-_-_- Above Average (x4)

Stealth: Average -_-_-_-_- Low

Flexibility: Average -_-_-_-_- Extremely Low

Flight: [O] None -_-_-_-_- [F] Extremely Low


Fragility (Tolerance to Violence): Extremely High

Dominating: High

Intuition: High

Strategy: Average

Following Orders: Average

Intelligence: Average

Patience: Average

Deception: Low

Independence: Extremely Low


Loyalty: Extremely High

Ambition: High

Perseverance: Above Average

Dedication: Above Average

Diligence: Above Average

Productivity: Average

Dependability: Average

Cooperation: Average

Leadership: Average

Seduction: Extremely Low

(Note: Stubborn, Antagonistic, Difficult, Irritable, Over-Protective)


Hearing: High (8x)

Sight: High (8x)

Olfactory Senses: High (8x)


Human Form:

[1] Aura of Cute - (DEF) All non-berserk Pokégirls and humans cannot attack the Pokégirl using this technique for every turn the Aura of Cute is active.

[2] Punch - (ATK) The Pokégirl's fist begins to glow as she releases a devastating punch to opponents face.

[3] Kick - (ATK) The Pokégirl uses energy to kick her opponent with extra damage.

[4] Quick Attack - (ATK) The Pokégirl strikes first, unless her opponent does a Quick Attack as well, then whoever has the higher agility goes first.

*New* [5] Tree-Walking

*New* [6] Water-Walking

*New* [7] Leaf-Floating

Dragon Form:

[8] Slash - (ATK) With a sword the Pokégirl gives a standard slash.

[9] Roar - (ATK) A powerful roar that sends the opponent back twenty feet, so loud that it temporarily deafens the opponent.

[10] Tail Slap - (EFT) The Pokégirl uses energy to make her tail glow to strike her opponent, lowering their defense.

[11] Dragon Rage - (ATK 40) The Pokégirl begins to have an outline glow This strikes all opponents for 40 points of damage, regardless of any and all defenses. She becomes focused on pounding her opponent into unconsciousness. Any damage inflicted on the Pokégirl increases the damage she deals back.

[12] Hyper Beam - (ATK) The second most prized attack in the entire Pokégirl world, this techniques is quite devastating and is said to go through defenses as if they were halved. Only other Dragons and Widows have been known to be able to resist this technique.

*New* [13] Sonic Break - (ATK/Status Effect) By flapping her wings together (or summoning her elemental power of wind) a Pokégirl can create a gust of wind powerful enough to create a Sonic Boom. This doesn't deal much damage, but deafens her opponent for a few minutes.


Yue - ShadowCat: The Fickle Feline Pokégirl

Overall Skill Rank: [C+]

Lvl: 22

Age: 16

Date of Birth: June 3rd

Height: 5"9 ft.

Weight: 165lbs

Goals: Protect and Serve Naruto and Hinata; Collect all Evolution Stones

Likes: Hinata and Naruto; Her Harem Sisters; Being Confident; Being Silly; Teasing Kiya, Tashira, and Myrel; Cuddling; Teleporting

Dislikes: Water; Disobeying Naruto and Hinata; Being scolded; Wasting Time; Uselessness

Captured: Second Arc [ARC II - More Than One]

Harem: Hinata Hyuuga

Type: Near Human (Feline Animorph)

Element: Dark/Psychic

Frequency: Very Rare

Diet: Human Style Foods

Role: Spy, Espionage

Libido: Average to High

Strong Vs: Fighting, Poison, Psychic

Weak Vs: Bug

Enhancements: Teleport, Psychic Talents, Dark Vision, Flexibility


- Purple Ninjato

- Evolution Items: Ice Crystal, Fire Stone, Water Stone, Diamond Stone, Angel Stone, Dark Stone, Thunder Stone


Energy Control: [A-] High

Psychic Prowess: [A] High

Energy Attacks: [B+] Above Average

Energy Reserve: [B] Above Average

Offensive: [B-] Above Average

Taijutsu: [C-] Average

Defensive: [C-] Average

Fighting Experience: [D] Low

Psychic Experience: [F] Extremely Low


Speed: Above Average (x5)

Agility: Above Average (x4)

Reflex: Above Average (x4)

Strength: Above Average (x4)

Stealth: Above Average (x3)

Flexibility: Above Average (x3)

Balance: Above Average (x3)

Recovery: Above Average (x3)

Reflex: Above Average (x3)

Toughness: Above Average (x3)

Endurance: Above Average (x3)

Durability: Average (x2)

Coordination: Average (x2)

Precision: Average (x2)

Energy: Average

Accuracy: Average

Dexterity (Hand Skill-Weapons): Average

Power: Average

Stamina: Average

Pain Tolerance: Low


Following Orders: High

Awareness/Alert: Above Average

Dominating: Above Average

Strategy: Above Average

Intuition: Above Average

Intelligence: Average

Patience: Average

Deception: Average

Fragility (Tolerance to Violence): Average

Independence: Extremely Low


Loyalty: Extremely High

Cooperation: Extremely High

Dependability: High

Dedication: High

Diligence: Above Average

Perseverance: Above Average

Seduction: Above Average

Ambition: Average

Leadership: Low

(Note: Over-Confident, Taunting, Teasing, Caring, Sensible)


Hearing: Above Average (x5)

Sight: Above Average (x4)

Olfactory Senses: Average (x2)


[1] Fade - (EFT) The Pokégirl uses psychic energy to distort her image, making her hard to see and even harder to properly aim at by one relying on visual perception.

[2] Teleport - (EFT) The Pokégirl can teleport to any place she or any bond-partner has been to or any place she can visualize.

[3] Fury Swipes - (ATK) The Pokégirl gives a set of vicious swipes at their opponent.

[4] Lick - (ATK + EFT) This technique deals some light damage, but has a chance of paralyzing her opponent.

[5] Disable - (DEF) The Pokégirl disarms or disables her opponent when attacked for one round.

[6] Confusion - (ATK + EFT) The target is struck by a psychic wave. This has a 10% chance of causing confusion.

[7] Double Team - (EFT) The Pokégirl can trick opponents into seeing multiple versions of itself. Psinin are immune to this.

[8] Dream Time - (EFT) This technique can be used to disrupt or negate the effects of brainwashing or Domina-esque 'training'. The user speaks to another in their dreams, allowing both parties to act as they would without outside stimulus or training. The two must then spend time inside the victim's mind rebuilding their mental fortitude. Note: Time means nothing in the Dream Time, as it moves as fast the minds of the two (i.e. close to the speed of light). Megami can also learn this technique. This is also available as a Psychic technique.

*New*[9] Tree-Walking

*New* [10] Water-Walking

*New* [11] Leaf-Floating

*New* [12] Spank - ( + EFT) This technique, if used properly, can excite the target Pokégirl and lower her pleasure threshold slightly.

*New* [13] Go Down - ( ) The user, usually with excessive lead-in, performs oral sex on her partner.

*New* [14] Sabre Claw - (ATK 60) By focusing a pokégirl's Chi/Ki on her claws, a user's slashing attack can even injure a Steel-type Pokégirl.

*New* [15] Sand Attack - (EFT) The Pokégirl scrapes up sand or other loose debris and throws it at her opponent's face, usually attempting to impair her opponent's accuracy.

*New* [16] Night Shade - (ATK 60) By calling forth the power of Darkness, the Pokégirl unleashes a wave of energy that strikes her opponent.

*New* [17] Agility- (EFT) By relaxing the body and relieving tension, the Pokégirl increased her speed and agility.

*New* [18] Backstab - (ATK 20) The Pokégirl teleports behind her opponent and strikes with a psychic dagger.

*New*[19] Shell Shield - (DEF 50) This technique creates a shell-like shield of energy to protect the target. The shell negates all damage from direct attacks with an attack power less than its defense rating. Any Pokégirl can learn this technique.

*New* [20] Psychic Illusion - (EFT) This technique allows the Pokégirl to bend the light around her to make her opponent see her standing in one spot while she is in another location.

*New* [21] Psy-Charge - Allows her to tap into her mental capabilities to enable her next psychic-powered technique to increase two-fold.


Hinata Hyuuga: B-

Naruto Uzumaki: B-


Tashira - Dracass: C

Kiya - Myobu: C+


Yue - ShadowCat: C+

Myrel - Dracona: F