ok well this is my first attempt at a Merlin & Arthur story. OMG am I obsessed with that show right now... I haven't finished watching the full second season, so if I write something that contradicts what may or may not have happened later in the searies. Just let me know.

Well here it is :p


chp.1 'Punishment'

"MERLIN!" I heard the familiar yell of my Master and Prince Arthur Pendragon. I sighed heavily as put down the un-eaten sandwich that I'd had half-way to my mouth. Looks like my lunch-break was over. Too soon, as per usual. I wrapped it back into the brown paper sack and pulled myself to my feet off the plinth I'd been seated on, and slouched my way up the corridor to my Masters chambers. "MER.." The Prince stopped short of his yell as I entered the room. I could guess from one look at the Prince's face that I was in trouble. Again.

"Sire, what seems to be the problem?" I asked almost timidly. The Prince seemed to be in one of his rages. "The problem Merlin? What seems to be the blasted problem did you say? Are you realy, seriously just that incompetently stupid? No, honestly! Please tell me Merlin, how is it that someone so impossibly, so mind boggling stupid. Has even managed to live this long? It's a wonder that you simply haven't just been stupid enough to drown yourself in the bath or walk straight of a cliff, it's a sure sign that miracles exist for the fact that you are still breathing! Honestly Merlin I can't believe...."

I started to tune out right about here. And started to think on what I could possibly have done this time, to have Arthur so overly angry at me. I was used to the constant belittlement of my intelligence, but this was going a little overboard with the antagonism over something I couldn't for the life of me remember what I could have done. I opened my mouth to speak, but shut it quickly as Arthur shot me a look that plainly told me that he would run me through with his sword if I even dared to utter the question on what have I done.

I bowed, "I'm sorry, Sire. I am truly, honestly sorry and whatever it is that has up-set you so. If you would be so kind as to tell me what I have done this time and I will be sure not to let you down again in the future" I said all this with as much tact and respect as I could. Arthur opened his mouth then closed it, he pinched the bridge of his nose, closing his eyes and turning his head towards the ceiling. His eyes slid open as he removed his hand and locked me in his icy stare. I could see nothing but wordless fury and incredulity in his blue piercing eyes.

I felt the familiar tingle in my stomach whenever Arthur locked me into those blue eyes of his. I gulped, dismissing those un-welcome thoughts and waiting for him to speak as the silence became increasingly uncomfortable. Arthur finally let out a huge breath that I hadn't noticed he'd been holding in and laughed humorlessly to himself shaking his head slowly looking away from me. I raised an eyebrow as Arthur's forced smile disappeared and he curled his lip in anger. "Merlin." The Prince said in a repressed and oddly calm voice. "Sire" I managed to squeak out. Arthur sighed again taking a deep breath and holding it for a second longer than was necessary before letting it out in a whoosh.

I waited for him to continue. Arthur just looked me square in the face with an expression that made me feel instantly nervous. I forced my mouth to speak, "Sire. Please won't you just tell me what I have done that has displeased you so?" My voice sounded oddly croaky, and I cleared my throat with a self-conscious little cough as Arthur's light blue eyes became as dark as indigo. The Prince's lip suddenly curled up at the side into a forced smirk. He raised his hand with it's back facing me and moved two fingers, clearly indicating for me to come closer.

I hesitated where I stood. I didn't trust the suddenly intense look he was now giving me, nor the smirk that was starting to twist into something that was oddly more intimidating than his previous fury. The Prince indicated more forcefully, but still wordlessly for me to move closer. I took in a deep breath of air of my own, and holding my breath I took two tentative steps forward. "Sire?" I breathed out slightly breathlessly. "Merlin" Arthur said in a calm, but disconcerting voice.

"Sire, please tell me what I..." I began but Arthur raised a hand to silence me. "Merlin" he said again, this time the same fury as before was evident under the controlled restraint. I didn't say anything and waited for him to continue. "Merlin, may I ask you, what do you think is the problem?" The Prince asked slowly. I hesitated and racked my brain for anything, but I was coming up short. "I.... I honestly have no idea, my Lord" I blurted out nervously and apologetic.

Arthur suddenly barked out a laugh that made me jump. Arthur laughed for a moment longer before cutting it short and focusing his serious gaze back to my face. "Oh, I don't know? Maybe, just maybe. It has something to do with the fact that I told you to inform my Father last night, that I was setting out first thing this morning to kill that giant bear that has been causing a problem in the forests of Camelot. And I couldn't make his breakfast with the Duke of Hasheem this morning. And to tell them both of my great regret that I couldn't attend, but the bear problem was getting out of hand. Does any of this ring a bell Merlin?!!" Arthur's voice was rising again with his anger.

"Oops." I said taking a step back. "Oops? Oops Merlin? That's all you have to say for the embarrassment and disrespect that you have inflicted on the Duke, on my behalf? You are aware aren't you, that thanks to your idiocy Merlin. That my Father and the Duke, the highest guest of my Father, and this castle. Thinks that I skived off the breakfast to go out hunting for my own pleasure. Are you, really, honestly aware on how that shines on not just me as the Prince, but also my Father the King, and the whole of Camelot! And not just that no, are you even, remotely aware of just how furious and disappointed my Father is in me? Do you Merlin!" The Prince barked at me taking a step closer as I took another step back.

"I err.... Well... No...But I... I am sorry, Sire. I had... I didn't mean... I..." - "STOP!" Arthur barked again stopping my incoherent ramblings. The Prince rubbed his hands over his face and laughing again, but this time there was something dark and sinister in the laugh that made me feel that he had something bad, something very, very bad he had in store for me as my punishment for this. And I honestly couldn't remember Arthur ever asking me to inform the King that because he was setting out this morning to kill that nuisance giant bear that he couldn't attend the very important breakfast with the Duke of Hasheem.

I did remember though Arthur telling me to wake up extra early to fix up the horses and arrange what he needed for the hunting party. Which I must admit was all that was on my mind. I couldn't believe that I had messed up so badly, I really wasn't looking forward to this punishment as I was sure it was going to be beyond horrible. I looked up at Arthur's face and his smirk seem to mirror his agreement with what I was thinking.


I winced with every step I took as I made my way down to my living quarters. I was still in no shorter than agony. At the punishment that Arthur had subjected me too. The punishment I knew was going to be bad, but I had absolutely know idea on just how bad. The King, Uther. Had heard that it had been all my fault, and the Kings fury had taken over what punishment that Arthur was going to give me. Arthur had been ordered to give me thirty lashings. I could see that even how mad Arthur had been with me, that he felt apposed to the severity of the Kings punishment. But obliged his Father's wishes with a cool and gracious manner. It was clear that he was still feeling guilty over the embarrassment he had subjected on his Father and Camelot, even though it wasn't completely his fault.

Arthur had showed me some mercy, not much. But some mercy. He had only subjected me to only ten lashings, before saying that I had learned my lesson and that he doubted whither that I could have handled any more. Which was precisely right, I couldn't even handle one lashing let alone the ten or the ordered thirty! I think I would have surly passed out from the pain or my body would have gone into to shock by then. And I thought I felt a chipped tooth, as Arthur had graciously giving me a block of wood to bite down on. As if that made any difference to me screaming my lungs out.

I pushed the door open when I reached mine and Gaius, the physician and my mentor's, living quarters. Gaius rose out of his chair and hurried over to me instantly. The moment however I made it through the door I collapsed on to the ground. I couldn't even comprehend at this point how I'd even made it back to my basement home in the state I was in. Gaius pulled me to my feet and I sagged heavily as he put my arm over his shoulder and led me over to the bed in the corner so he could asses at how bad my wounds were and for him to treat them accordingly.

I let out a muffled scream into the pillow as I laid on my stomach and let Gaius dab some sort of burning, stinging and pungent smelling liquid to my wounds. Gaius stated that my wounds were severe, something that I had no trouble in agreeing with. It felt like my back had not just been skinned, but also ripped raw and pored lemon juice into the injuries to make them worse after Gaius was finished with painful tonic. I felt the hot tears on my cheeks as Gaius patched my back with bandaging. He told me that the pungent serum will help with most of the infection, he said that there will still be an awful lot of swelling and pus as my wounds would begin to weep.

I must have fallen asleep or past out, either one but when I came around I heard voices, I recognised Gaius as the speaker and the second as Arthur's. I felt my stomach contract, and I swallowed down the feelings that his firm and assertive voice did to. I moved slightly on the bed and held in the whimper as the tiniest movement was agony. The voices became silent as it was obvious that they'd heard my pitiful attempt at holding back my cry of pain. I kept my eyes shut as I heard someone approach the bed on which I was lying.

There was silence for a second before Arthur spoke, "Merlin?" His voice was sharp and brisk. I just moaned into the pillow as an answer. "Merlin" He repeated, I groaned this time. I heard Arthur make a tutting sigh. "Merlin, this is ridiculous. I understand that your punishment was... severe" Arthur's voice faulted slightly on the word and went on more cutting to compensate for that. "But this is just ridiculous! You could at least look at me when I am talking to you and make more of a comprehensive answer that a grunt or a moan. After all Merlin, I let you off easy. You should be grateful that I was feeling merciful!" Arthur's voice was becoming more and more annoyed as I continued to make no attempt to move or answer him.

Arthur let out a exasperated and annoyed sound before barking my name, "Merlin! I command you to answer and look at me!" His voice was harsh. I forced my head to the side and opened my eyes blearily to look at him. My eyes were level with his belt which I blankly stared at, not trying to even muster the strength to move my eyes any further up to look at his face. Arthur made another annoyed sound, "Seriously, Merlin. Maybe this will in the future help you to remember and listen to things I order you to do!" His voice was harsh.

I made a low 'mmmph' sound in the back of my throat as my eyes drifted down to the point just under his belt. Arthur suddenly leaned down so we were semi-eye level. He raised his eyebrows expectantly, I just continued to stare at him glassily and tried to force the burn on my cheeks away at possibly being caught staring at his... No, I wasn't staring at his anything. I forced myself to believe my pitiful lie.

Arthur made a 'teh' sound before straightening back up and putting his hands to his hips. "Merlin" his voice was suddenly full of command. "I'm not going to deny that you aren't in pain right now. And I know that you aren't used to such punishment, so I'm not going to be as heartless as to order you to serve after me today. You can have this day off to recover. But I want you up bright and early as any other day tomorrow, do you understand me?" His voice then sounding like he was giving me some great treat.

I managed with all my might to say a raspy, "Thank you, Sire." Arthur made a disgusted and annoyed sound in the back of his throat before he turned his back on me and addressed Gaius again, "Merlin is behaving far worse than I expected of him. Don't look at me like that Gaius, Merlin deserved what he got. He made a terrible blunder and he was punished accordingly" Arthur's voice became a warning. "Of course, my Lord. I mean no disrespect. I am glad that you were indeed merciful to Merlin, he is a delicate boy." Gaius finished with a small bow.

Arthur snorted a laugh, as I felt a pang of annoyance in-spite of my pain at the words delicate boy. Arthur voice sounded amused now, "yes, Gaius I quite agree, Merlin is a cry baby. So I wouldn't indulge him any further with your doting, Merlin isn't a child and he needs a good kick up the backside to stop him wallowing and sulking on that bed." I couldn't help but feel even more annoyed, It annoyed me the way they seemed to be talking about me as if I wasn't here, I was in pain yes. But I could still easily hear and understand them.

"Yes, Sire. Of course" Gaius said as Arthur swept across the room to the door. "Good day Gaius" Arthur nodded towards his Father's oldest friend who nodded back. Arthur then barked at me, "And you Merlin. Stop sulking around and being even more useless than you usually are. Your back may hurt, but that's no excuse to lay about all day feeling sorry for yourself. Suck it up and be a man" were Arthur's parting words before he swept from the room closing the door with a loud bang after him making me flinch.

I tried to roll over but the pain was agonizing, even worse than I could imagine and I cried out in pain. Gaius came over and pressed a cool hand to my clammy forehead, "hmmm" he said, "you have a fever. The infection. Merlin you've been bleeding and weeping, I'm going to have to change your bandages. This won't be pleasant, but it has to be done" Gaius' voice was sympathetic. I just bit hard into the pillow and scrunched my eyes as Gaius peeled the ruined bandaging off my back feeling like he was ripping the skin off with them. I screamed into the pillow and cried un-ashamedly. All Arthur's words of 'Suck it up and be a man' meant nothing to me in my moment of agony as Gaius started to bathe my wounds in something that stung worse than just warm water.

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