Title Cagney and Lacey go on a road trip to the United Kingdom.

I do not own Cagney and Lacey or The Bill characters I have written this story for other fans to enjoy

Please feel free to let me know what you think of my story. I'm not that good at spelling and there may be some spell mistakes because I have dyslexia and this is my first time writing a fiction story.

Both Lieutenant Christine Cagney and Captain Mary Beth Lacey are in their sixes now and have retried form police force after serving many years.

They haven't worked since 1996 and now they have been brought out of retirement to help solve a case.

Superintendent Jack Meadows had emailed Lieutenant Christine Cagney to ask for her and Captain Mary Beth Lacey's help. He had booked the tickets and the hotel for them.

They fly on the 17th of January 2010 at 5pm.

17th of January 2010.

Chris and Mary Beth were making their way to Sun Hill.

They have been travelling for hours now not long to they land at Gatwick airport in London.


"Hey! Mary Beth I wonder why our good old friends from the other side of the pound need our help for?"


"I don't know Chris maybe they need help with a case that they can't solve or something?"

"Chris was you listening to me?"

"Hey! Cagney you listening to me?"


(Christine was sat back in her set and was fast asleep)

"What! Mary Beth you OK? Sorry I must have dropped off to sleep."


"Sorry Chris I didn't release you was fast asleep."


"That's alright Mary Beth try and get some sleep we soon will in the UK."


"4 more hours and we will be there good night Christine."


"Sweet dreams Mary Beth sweet dreams."

Both women are a sleep now and the other passengers are talking away or watching the on flight movie.

Time has passed and it is now 11.45pm.

Both Mary Beth and Chris had been woken up by the co-pilot announcing that they will be landing shortly over the radio.


"Chris look out your window at the beautiful sky out there?"


"It must be 12am and the sun is coming up and the colours are lovely pinks and reds."


"We must been getting ready to land now."

"Do you know who is picking us up Chris?"


"I don't know Mary Beth I just don't know all I know it is a young Police officer Called Alice that's all I know."

Before Mary Beth could answer Chris they had landed.