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Yuki looked out the window of the car as it pulled up to the great Mansion. She saw her friends crowed around the car happily screaming for joy as the Limo driver came to open the door. Her face peeved as her eyes stayed blank and straight ahead of her. Her friends were too stupid to realize that the girl didn't really want to go through this. Someone lifted the tail of her gown, she looked behind her seeing that it was her best friend Wakaba Sayori smiling at her with an apologetic look. Yuki Cross was going to get married…. Did she like the idea? Not one bit. How did she get in the marriage the story will explain… From the very beginning:

Yuki ran into the living room to catch the latest Bad Girls Club episode. She slid down the handle of the stairs until she got to the very bottom, she then bolted to the living room. She was almost near the couch reaching for the remote until her mother took it and smiled sweetly. "Yuki my dear, your father and I have some excellent news to tell you" Yuki looked up at her mother. 47 year old, Vampire Shizuka Hio- Cross. When ever she had good news its really a disaster, she would want Yuki to deal with some off the wall crap like wearing thoughts annoying big puffy dresses or being in beauty pageants when she had no real talent. But this.. This was going to be the worse one yet, her 18th birthday was less than a week away.

"What is it?" Yuki asked in a faint voice as the look of agony begin to spread across her face.

"Well Sweet heart you're growing up to be a Very Beautiful Young Woman and- Oh my I'm to excited to tell her" Yuki's father said in excitement. Kane Cross, the 50 year old human man who fell in love with my mother 20 years ago….. You do the math. This can not possibly be good if he's this excited.

My mother came towards me smiling her huge happily after smile kneeling in front of me as she tucked the stray hair behind me ear. "You're getting married sweet heart"

Horror struck me right then and there Married!!!!!!!! I'm getting married?! Then I couldn't hold it in anymore I had to ask who & why. Did I mention I had a Boyfriend?! "Who, Why?!"

"He's perfect very Polite, Handsome and Wealthy. It would be very good if you two married and you'd have an excellent life style. Look at what your dad gave me, a huge house, Diamond rings and not only that a heart of gold, the love of my life My Mercedes Benz"

Yuki jumped up "No, No, No, No. who Am I marrying Mother?" That's when the side of her lips curled up and my father begin to look around as if he were innocent. Horror struck "Is it someone I know?! Idol will not be happy. Mother what will I tell him?!"

"Well his parents already put him in an arranged marriage, His status is lower than yours anyway." her mother said shrugging as she smiled even more flashing her teeth.

"He's a full Vampire mother we are fully capable of having a decent marriage and we will make ends meet. You Married dad and he's a HUMAN!!!!!!!!!" Yuki screamed outraged. Everyone looked towards the door as the bell rang.

"He also owns most of Paris and Tokyo Compare that to what the Aido's have. Plus they're just Aristocrats, not pure blood royalty" her mother said sweetly as she walked to the door. "Oh Brilliant you're here"

"Why are you guys making me do this dad?" Yuki asked as her mother chatted excitedly in the background.

"Because we know you'll be taken care of my dear-"

They were cut off by her mother walking in with they're visitor. That's when Yuki's whole world shattered. "Kuran? You're making me marry Kuran of all people?!"

Pureblood Vampire prince Kaname Kuran, a 21 year old student who currently goes to some private yuppy college that I could care less about. Let me explain the History between Kuran and I, its no where near pleasant… he wanted to have me alone in a room with him, he wanted me to be his girlfriend and he also wanted to turn me into a full fledged blood sucker. Not happening,. I would have loved being a complete human but what can I say my father had weird taste.

Kuran smiled his marvelous shining smile which affected any girl except me of course. He walked over to me with such grace taking my hand and bending down while he brushed his lips against my hand. He looked up at me and I could feel the sneer spread across my face in disgust. "Yuki, my dear you look stunning as usual" he said smiling.

I pulled my hand away completely pissed that he actually touched me. "Don't touch me you slob, I'll kill you"

My mother clapped her hands in delight "Now, now Yuki be nice you don't want to treat your fiancé." as she pushed her daughter away from him.

"I'm not Marrying him!"

"You Are!" Shizuka growled demonically as she made everyone except Kuran jump. "You are to break it off with Aido tomorrow and you will be marrying Kaname next month. Now if you excuse me, I'll be making some tea IN THE KITCHEN" Shizuka said as she put emphasis on the two words so Kane would follow her.

Yuki stared at Kuran with daggers in her eyes as he smiled his most charming, angelic smile. "Now Yuki-"

"Cross to you" She said though gritted teeth as she looked away running her finger through her hair.

"Yuki" he continued smoothly "you're not being very lady like" he chuckled as strode to her side and stroked her cheek. She winced at his touch and her blood begin to boil as he touched her. She bought up her hand ready to strike him but he caught her hand before she could do any damage. "I will not tolerate such behavior. Just know this once we're married I will not let this slide. Do you understand me?"

I stayed silent staring intently he let me go quickly as my mother walked in happily with tea and biscuits in her hands. "Tea and Biscuits anyone?" She asked charmingly.

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