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"What class have you get next, Zee-vah?" Tony asked Ziva, as they were packing up from Spanish.

"Mechanics," Ziva replied. Tony raised his eyebrows in surprise.

"Really?" he asked. "I never took you for a meccy."

"A… what?" Ziva questioned, looking confused.

"Mechanic," Kate replied from behind her. "Jethro's in that class too."

Tony grinned. "Oh, Ziva's going to meet Gibbs."

"Who are Jethro and Gibbs?" Ziva asked, as they exited the classroom together. Kate laughed.

"Same person," she corrected Ziva. "Leroy Jethro Gibbs. The guys generally call each other by their surnames."

"Why?" Ziva asked, looking around.

"No idea," Kate shrugged. "It's a guy thing."

Tony hit her lightly in the arm and Kate punched him back, except not quite so softly. Tony yelped and Ziva smothered a laugh.

"Wimp," Kate told him. Ziva smirked: the pair really was like brother and sister.

"Have you two dated?" she asked and Kate looked shocked.

"No!" she laughed.

"Me and Kate? Never," Tony shook his head. "She's not my type."

"Female? Legs? Really, Tony?" Kate raised her eyebrows. "I thought all women were your type."

"Not all women, Kate. I do have standards," he answered haughtily. Kate raised an eyebrow sceptically.

"Oh yes," she pretended to realize something. "They have to be easy to get into bed too."

Ten minutes and much banter later, Ziva arrived at her mechanics class, escorted by Tony and Kate. She glanced at who was going to be in her class. They were all boys.

"Do you do mechanics too?" Ziva asked Kate and Tony. Kate shook her head while Tony nodded.

"I took economics," Kate replied ruefully. "I'll catch up with you guys later. Say hello to Jethro for me, please."

"Will do," Tony nodded and Kate waved to Ziva as she walked away back into the school building.

Tony and Ziva walked towards the rest of the class. As they did, most of the boys sitting on the benches around a wooden table turned and stared. One boy wolf whistled and Ziva grinned. A man in around his early twenties stood up, cleaning his hands on a rag. He walked forward and proffered his hand to Ziva.

"You must be Ziva David," he said, mispronouncing her name.

"Dah-veed," she correctly, with an awkward smile.

"Sorry," he answered. "I'm Mr. Brennan, although most of my students call me Ryan."

She nodded and smiled.

"Hey, Mr. B?" he turned back to one of his students. Ziva's mouth curved into a smile as she recognised the boy who had spoken.

"Yes, Damon?" Mr. Brennan said, returning to the table and gesturing for Ziva to sit down. She did, and Tony sat next to her.

"What are we doing today?" Damon asked, grinning.

"Introductions, to begin with," the teacher replied. "Since we have a new student in the class."

He turned to Ziva, and gestured for her to begin.

"I'm Ziva David and I am fifteen. I am an exchange student from Israel and I am staying with Abby Sciuto," she told everyone.

"Hobbies? Family?" Mr. Brennan hinted and Ziva shrugged.

"I like to do martial arts," she conceded, "and I love reading. My father… works in Mossad."

She decided not to say anything else. She didn't want to go through her whole 'sob story' of Tali and her mom, and mentioning that her father was actually the director of Mossad seemed a little inappropriate, seeing as links between Israel and America weren't perfect at the moment.

"What sort of martial arts?" one boy asked, grinning.

"Karate, tae kwon do, jiu-jitsu, capoeira, kickboxing and muay lao," Ziva answered, and watched as the boys' collective eyebrows all rose higher about three centimetres.

"And a black belt in all?" Tony joked but Ziva shrugged.

"Except muay lao and capoeira," she answered. "I only just started them."

She mistook the boys' amazed faces for confusion. "Did I say something wrong?" she asked worriedly.

"No, I think what you said was just right," Mr. Brennan said, looking around at the transfixed expressions. "Are you boys going to introduce yourselves? Tony, you start??"

Tony looked up. "Oh. Oh yeah. I'm Tony DiNozzo and I'm sixteen next month. I speak Italian because my father taught it to me… uh, I play football and soccer."

Ziva chuckled and he looked at her. "What?"

"Nothing," she answered. "What do you play in football?"

"Quarterback," Tony answered and Ziva smiled. Mr. Brennan gestured for the next boy to continue.

"I'm Jimmy Palmer and I'm fifteen. I like science and reading," Ziva ignored the fact that some of the boys were laughing.

"What's your favourite book?" she asked.

"I like War and Peace, although it's a little… heavy. I like Persuasion though," he replied, blushing slightly.

"So do I," Ziva grinned and he smiled nervously back.

"I'm Leroy Jethro Gibbs. I'm almost seventeen and I like sailing and building boats. I often go down to the shooting range with my dad," he grinned at Ziva and she couldn't help but smile back. "Apparently I'm destined to be a sniper."

"Remind me never to get in your bad books!" Ziva exclaimed and he laughed.

"I'm Damon Werth and I'm sixteen," the boy Ziva had met earlier smiled at her again. She quite liked Damon, although he seemed like a bit of a player. "I love drama and acting and I'm on the football team. Running back."

The introductions continued until Ziva had a mental list of names to remember. Tony, Jimmy, Jethro, Damon, Roy, Kevin, Chris, Nathan, Adrian, Jon and Alex. She committed their faces to her memory.

"Get into groups of three," Ryan instructed his class. "Then we're going to have a little competition to see which group's the quickest at changing a tyre."

Ziva grimaced. She didn't know much about mechanics at all. She raised her hand. "Is it not better for the tyre to be changed well rather than quickly?" she piped up. The teacher chuckled.

"True, but raging competitiveness is always a good way to start the semester," he grinned at her before turning to the class. "So, which group is going to go first?"

Gibbs gestured at Ziva for her and Tony to go in a group with him.

"We will," Damon grinned, pointing to his group of Roy, Nathan and himself. Ziva guessed they were considered the 'hotshots.' Apparently, all three were seniors like Gibbs.

They all headed over to stand around the three. Mr. Brennan held up a stopwatch. "Three, two, one…" he hit the start button, "and go!"

The three got to work and after eight minutes and twenty three seconds, the tyre was replace, the car lowered, the wheel nuts tightened and the hubcap attached once again.

"Not bad, not bad," Mr. Brennan conceded. "Next?"

The next two groups took relative times of fifteen minutes and forty two second and nine minutes and twelve seconds.

"Ziva, DiNozzo and Gibbs. Think you can beat them?" Mr. Brennan turned to the little group.

"Sure we can," Tony grinned and leaned to whisper to Ziva. "We'll tell you what to do."

"Excellent!" Ziva exclaimed. "Because I have no idea!"

Gibbs and Tony called out instructions for Ziva. "Can you pass me the flathead screwdriver?" "Pass me the jack handle!" "Socket spanner, please!"

"Finished!" Tony exclaimed, and promptly fell over the removed tyre and sat on the ground. Ziva stifled a laugh.

"Not bad, not bad," Mr. Brennan conceded, reading the time.

"Who won?" Nathan asked cockily, grinning at his group before smirking at Ziva.

"Well, with a time of… SEVEN minutes and twenty one second, the final group win!" Mr. Brennan grinned and Tony and Gibbs high-fived each other before high-fiving Ziva also. Nathan, Damon and Roy gaped at the group.

"But…" Nathan protested and groaned.

"Beaten by a girl!" Tony taunted and Ziva stood on his foot. "Ow!"

"You others want to know WHY they won?" Ryan Brennan asked the other groups. Some shrugged. "Because they worked as a team."

"Exactly," Tony nodded and Ziva smirked.

"Unlike some of you, they worked together and didn't try to 'one-up' each other," Mr. Brennan informed them. Gibbs smiled at his group.

"But you were still beaten by a girl," Tony reminded them and was rewarded for his taunting efforts with a discreet kick in the shin from Ziva.

"And now, I think I'm going to try some teaching before I find you lot have killed each other," Mr. Brennan interrupted before anyone could say anything. "Or before you all kill DiNozzo."

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