His Way

By Musedepandora

Disclaimer: Star Trek belongs to various persons and corporations that are not me or associated with me. This piece of fanfiction is written with the admiration and respect for the original work. I claim no ownership of Star Trek creations. No profit is made from this material, now or in the future.

Summary: No one tells Kirk what to do. Spock doesn't have to. Drabble (100 words) Could be Kirk & Spock friendshipper or Kirk/Spock slash. However you want to see it.

Rating: K, suitable for most ages.


Kirk was his own man.

There was your way and there was his way. His might not have been cleaner, but it was better, brighter, and probably flashier. He'd given a ten-minute speech in the middle of a battle and the enemy was so moved, they made him an honorary prince. That's how it worked. He was Kirk. He'd always do things his way.

Except with Spock.

"I don't need your permission to join a landing party, Spock."

Silence. An eyebrow.

"Fine." Dammit. "Have it your way."

"Thank you for being logical, captain."

Kirk grumbled to himself.

Only for Spock.