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My first, second, and third (all of which I am also currently writing, so please bear with me on updating) are called The Malfoy's Servant, Mysterious Last Name, and Caught Between Worlds.


Silvana Snape.

Severus Snape's sister.

Friend to Lily Evans.

Member of the Order of the Phoenix.

Living in Spinner's End in Muggle London.

Described personality wise as fair, kind, and proud.

Looks: long, wavy – straight black hair, slightly greasy, (considerably less than her brother's,) pale skinned, and crystal bluish – silver eyes that shimmered when she was happy or amused, and turned coal black, (like her brother's regularly were) when she was angry. When she was extremely upset, a flame of red would show up every now and then.

Unknown to most of the world, besides those who knew her well. Defiantly unknown to the present – day students of Hogwarts. But that was all to change…soon. Very soon indeed.

Yes, I know it's short. Sorry about that, but hey, it's just the Prologue, right?

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