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Chapter 38:

Defensive Protection


"Draco, you can do it. I have full faith in you. It's only for today."

"Why? Why would you trust me?"

"I've seen you the past few weekends with Evelyn. You know defensive magic. I trust you, Draco."

"But – I – I'm not qualified! What do I know about – "

"Draco. You have a good heart. I doubt anything will happen, but if it does, I have no doubt in my mind that you will be able to handle the situation. You're a good person."

He heaved a sigh. "Fine."

"Thank you, Draco." Silvana said, coming to hug him quickly.

"I'll be back later," she said, leaving.

Draco stared at the now closed door. He still couldn't believe she had left him alone with Evelyn. Severus had gone back to Hogwarts, and Sirius had to return to the "safe house" for him. Personally, between the Snape siblings, Draco didn't see how this wasn't a safe house, but he kept his mouth shut. Even he had learned by now not to provoke the prankster…especially since he was Silvana's husband.

Sighing, he went to sit down in the kitchen, finishing off his brunch. His guard was up, higher than usual. It was very quiet, and he didn't like it.

"Da – co!" a voice cried out, causing him to jump. Taking a calming breath, he headed towards his godsister's room.

"Da – co!" she cried again upon seeing him, holding out her small arms. Despite himself, Draco smiled, coming over and giving her his non–dominant hand.

"Da – co, up!" she ordered hapilly. Draco obliged, carefully picking up his sister, making sure he could still reach his wand if need be.

Evelyn reached up to a longer piece of his hair, tugging on it, laughing as Draco made a face. I should probably get a haircut if she's going to keep doing that, he thought briefly.

Suddenly, her violet eyes widened, and Draco felt her mood shift. Her little arms wrapped around his neck, and he had to loosen her grip just so he could breathe. Confused, his arm tightened on her as his free hand pulled out his wand, turning as he went. He immediately tensed.

"Why, if it isn't young Malfoy? Is this what you're been resorted to doing? Babysitting?"

"Hello Amyscus, Alecto," he replied coolly.

"So who's the kid?'

"Severus' niece," he replied, hoping this might at least prevent them from harming her. At least it sounded better that Sirius Black's daughter. That would get her (and him too for that matter) killed within seconds. Their eyes widened, and they stopped for a moment, just as Draco had predicted, as the brother and sister looked the child over.

"Come now, we simply wish to find out where you really belong. Which side you are on."

"I'm with you. I have the Dark Mark, do I not?" he replied, not quite sure if he was lying or not.

"You could be a filthy traitor."

"I am not a traitor," he spat, his voice cold. Beneath his grip, he could feel Evelyn shaking, pressing into him. She was looking for him to protection. She was just a child and yet she knew they weren't nice people.

"No, just a coward," another voice said, and Draco tensed even more as his Aunt Bellatrix and Fenrir Greyback entered. It was the astronomy tower all over again, he realized.

"Aw, look at little Draco. Isn't this cute," his aunt said, and Draco held back a shudder at her sickly sweet voice.

Then, and he wasn't quite sure how, Greyback was behind him, running a dirty figure up Evelyn's arm. He felt her shivering beneath him, clutching him close, whimpering.

As if on a hidden, unseen cue, spells began flying. Draco ducked, trying to cover Evelyn and defend them both at the same time. Breathing deeply, he tried, desperately to think of where Silvana had said the "safe house" was located. He wracked his brain, but he couldn't come up with anything. Then, out of nowhere, he remembered Potter once saying something about a burrow.

Hoping that was right, he held Evelyn close, apparating them to the placed called the Burrow. But just as they left, he felt a spell graze them. Turning as quickly as he could, he could only hope it hadn't touched his godsister.

As he fell, a result of the apparating, the first thing he did was role with it, before realizing there were multiple wands trained on him.


"What's he doing here?"

"Someone contact Silvana. That's the only explanation."

Draco groaned. Bloody Hell. So the Burrow was home to the Weasleys. Well wasn't this just peachy. Still…it had to be better than the Snapes, at least at the moment.

"What happened?"

"Death Eaters attacked the Snape house. I – I apparated here. It was the first place I could think of."

"Da – co, Daddy!" Evelyn suddenly said from his arms, pointing happily to Sirius, who had just come into the room, having been called upon by George, who had seen Evenlyn. It was only then that the others noticed that Evelyn was with him.

Yet, as Sirius went to pick her up, Evelyn clung to Draco.

"Da – co hurt," she said, hugging him as she pointed to his right arm and side. What had been a slowly numbing pain quickly turned into a growing burn. Both men looked down to see blood seeping through his shirt.

Sucking up his pride, Sirius gave the younger man his hand, helping him up. "Let's get you cleaned up. I'm just going to send Silvana a message letting her know where you are," he said, uncharacteristically serious.

"Already done, Sirius," Mrs. Weasley said. The others looked surprised to see how the young child clung to the teenage Death Eater.

As he helped the Malfoy heir to the couch, Sirius noticed how Evelyn refused to let go of the Slytherin.

"Why is she with you?"

"Is there a problem? Silvana left me with her," he replied, hating that he sounded weak.

"Take this," Ginny Weasley said suddenly, thrusting a vial into his face. She watched him eye it suspiciously and she rolled her eyes. "It's a pain potion, will you drink it already? We're not going to poison you."

Draco had his doubts, but recognized the color and substance within the vial. Making a face as he downed it, he leaned back against the couch, adjusting Evelyn almost naturally now. Feeling the effects of the potion, he could only hope that no one would play any sort of games or pranks on him. He didn't trust the Weasleys…especially the twins.

The last thing he heard as Evelyn saying "Da – co seepy," before the potion took full effect and he closed his eyes, falling asleep.

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