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I: The Boy Named Luffy

Within the midst of Tokyo's red light district is a large building where it can be a town itself. This building has come to be known as Neo Chinatown where everything from toys, clothing, and restaurants are all based on Chinese culture.

Within this building, on the thirteenth floor, lies a pet shop that is widely rumored to be the place where dreams and desires are fulfilled, and it is run by a man known as Count D.


"D!" Called out a man in a black business suit, black hair gelled back, and not much older than in his mid thirties, as he watched what appeared to be a woman in ornate silk clothing skips out of the shop.

"Oh, hello Taizuu." Said the said person, which if one takes a closer look this person is male, but often mistaken as a female by his feminine looks, straight shoulder length black blue hair and two mysterious almond shaped eyes of blue and gold.

"Where do you think you're going?"

D looked a tad confused, much like an innocent child. "I'm heading down to the sweet shop. Surely you know that."

"And how many times have I told you that you can't close your shop unless otherwise!"

"Too many to count I'm afraid."

"If I catch you doing this once more, I will close your shop and have all those animals handed to animal control!"

"What do you want me to do? This is the only time I could get sweets."

"Either find a new diet or hire someone to watch your shop when you go out!"

"Uh… excuse me."

The two men looked to see a young man, slightly dirty but showed the slight tan skin, ebony hair that poked out from under the worn straw hat, brown eyes, and a small scar under his left eye, holding something furry in his arms.

"Do you know where I can find a vet?"

The man known as Taizuu was about to snap at the teen when D gasped.

"What happened to her?"

'Her?' Taizuu thought.

"I was walking out in one of the alleys near here and I found her like this."

"Come! We have to at least save her kittens!"

"Kittens!?" The teen exclaimed as he rushed in the shop with D.

"Hand her to me, she needs to be in a quiet room."

The teen nodded as he handed the cat to him.

"Would you mind watching my shop?"

"No problem." He said as D entered through the door in the back and all was still.

"And he usually says this isn't an animal clinic." Taizuu said as he sat down on a plush arm chair.

The teen took a better look at the shop and there were stars in his eyes. "Sugoui!" He said as he saw the ornate furnishings that only Chinese royals could've pocessed.

The animals in the shop were on top of the cages, the couch, practically everywhere, as if they had the most freedom of all.

"Boy, who are you?" He asked which grabbed the said person's attention.

The teen's response, however, was sticking out his tongue. "I don't give out my name to someone so rude."

'Brat.' He thought as he noticed the animals were watching the teen.

"Hi!" The teen said as he went up to a raccoon. "I'm Monkey D. Luffy. It's nice to meet you." He held out his hand, which the creature and some other animals came up and nuzzled him, making him laugh.

The atmosphere seemed to change suddenly when he laughed and the remaining on looking animals noticed this.


When Count D came out from the back room he also noticed the slight intoxicating atmosphere and looked at the teen, laughing as the animals seemed to crawl and nuzzle him everywhere. "How interesting." He said.

"Those animals like the kid. So what?" Taizuu said.

"They're usually so picky…"

"Oh! Petshop-ossan! How is she?"

"She did very well."

"And her kittens?"

"All healthy and well."

The teen smiled that nearly split his face. "That's good to hear. I thought she was going to die, but I'm glad she isn't." He said just before collapsing.

D caught him as the animals started to have a fit.

"What the hell?" Taizuu said.

"They're confused. This boy put on a great act of not showing how tired he must've been."

"We better get him to a hospital."


The two men looked at the teen as he slowly got up.

"I'll be okay. Really. It's just the excitement that got me is all."

"It's late." Taizuu said as he checked his watch. "We should at least call your parents that you're here."

"I don't have parents and my brother is missing."

"How old is your brother?"


"Are you here by yourself?"


Taizuu sighed. "I'll call the police depart-"

"Don't call them either!"

Both men looked at the young man.

"Don't' call them… or they will…" He wavered a bit. "…die…"

D caught the boy once more and this time he was asleep.

"The hell? The kid on drugs?"

"No… this child is too healthy… a bit malnourished though. Must've been running away from something."

"Running away? You can't be serious D. This kid is obviously in need of medical attention!"

"He just needs to rest for now. I'll let you know when he wakes."

"You're going to tend to him?"

"He went out of his way and saved a very important cat that belonged to one of the Japanese bosses."

"Nani!? That ratty thing?"

"Hush! You'll upset the animals."

Taizuu sighed as he pinched the bridge of his nose. "Fine, but once that kid wakes up, he's going straight to the police." With that he walked out of the shop with a final note. "And I didn't forget about what we were talking about. One more time and that'll be the end!" With that he exited the shop.

D sighed as he laid the teen down on the ornate couch. "Everyone, I'm going to make a call, if you just watch him for a minute."

"Sure thing Count!" Said a boy with bright red hair, ram horns on his head, and dressed like an Arabian commoner.

D smiled as he went up to an old fashioned phone, dialed in the number, and brought the phone up to his ear as he heard the ring.

"This had better be important." Said a gruff man, who sounded tired.

"Oh dear, I'm sorry. This is Count D."

"Count D!? Well then I should be the one apologizing for snapping at you. What brings you to call this late?"

"I believe your precious Makino has been found."

"Makino!? Is she okay? Is she harmed?"

"No, no. She is quite well. In fact she has just delivered her kittens as of half an hour ago."

"Thank Kami! I owe you one D!"

"Do not thank me, it was a young man who had found her and came to my shop to look for a vet."

"When will I see her? I would like to see that she is well and congratulate the man who made a difference."

"She needs to rest now, but you can come by and see her tomorrow, but I'm afraid you have to wait about two weeks to take all of them home."

"That's fine. I trust you to take care of her than anyone else."

"I'll see you tomorrow then." He said as he placed the phone down and looked to see, not animals like a moment ago, but people of various types from innocent children to rebellious teen to sophisticated adults, surrounding the sleeping boy.

"He smells kinda funny for a human." Said a little girl.

"Smells a bit like garbage. He must've been in the alley for some time." Said an adult woman in a leather outfit, cat ears and tail.

"Alright everyone, give our sleeping guest some air." He said and everyone dwindled out as he placed a blanket over the young man.

"D, what are you gonna do?" Asked the red haired, ram horned boy.

He smiled. "I think we're going to see how he does with the shop."

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"Not now, it's far too late in the evening to discuss this further." He said as he flipped the sign to close. "Tomorrow is a new day."

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