Two years went by and both Luffy and Zoro are still together as Luffy is in college and living with Zoro, who works at a zoo caring for the large cats.

Ace didn't know what to think of Zoro at first, but after a few months he started to be okay with the man to a certain degree and often called to see if Luffy had any problems or any change he could pick up. So far the relationship was still as far as he was concerned.

The rest of the group varied their opinion of the stranger from a day to a year.

Usopp and Chopper were the quickest to trust the man for the only reason that Luffy seemed to know a lot about the man than he did about them.

Vivi took about a few weeks to get over the frightful exterior before realizing that he's just as gentle as a lion to a lamb.

Nami took about a month and a half before seeing the advantage she had on him on finances, and she's safe knowing that the man wouldn't harm if it meant hurting Luffy as well.

Sanji took the longest to even tolerate the man and was okay with the man's presence to a certain degree. That is until he saw the fun of getting into a small argument with the man over a stupid insulting nickname.

Within those two years the two met other people in college such as the talented musician, Brooke, a young and mysterious archeologist, Robin, and her odd, fun-loving boyfriend, Franky, who despite dressing like a pervert he was the out of the box engineer, architect, and mechanic.

But on Chinese New Year, as both agreed, they took a trip back to Tokyo to visit D for that night only. Both can't see the secrets of the petshop anymore, but they know that once you enter there the first time, expect the unexpected.

Especially when it come to one's new companion, because D knows exactly what fate will fall once his customers exit his shop.

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Yes I'm going to be using the word 'keyblade' for the weapon because it wouldn't be a crossfic without the actual weapon.

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