Hello Everyone,

Exciting things are happening behind the scenes with Team Impact and as promised, I wanted to share with each of you.

My website and social media pages are full of fun things and if you haven't visited them yet, I'd love for you to stop by. There is currently a Rafflecopter contest running where readers can win an Impact themed prize pack full of goodies purchased from 3ELove—an organization whose mission it is to spread disability awareness and promote empowerment through education. We've also got teasers and pic bios posted on the Facebook Community with likenesses that Team Impact envisions as the new characters, but I'd love your input, too. Who did you see as you read the story? If you do photo manips and you have something in mind, send it to me, we'll post it on the website as fan art.

As a special holiday gift for my readers, I'm posting the first, edited chapter of Impact, in its entirety on July 4 at 12pm EST on my website.

Until then, here's a little teaser...

The shrill ringing of the phone interrupted Logan and Sophie Chandler as they stumbled through the front door, laughing and kissing like newlyweds. Both busy professionals, they didn't often get moments to simply enjoy one another's company, but for a change they'd enjoyed a wealth of time with one another. First, in the company of family and friends to commemorate their nephew's eighteenth birthday and later, in quiet conversation during the long ride home from the city. Sophie slipped her hand out of Logan's as she rushed to grab the phone and he watched in horror as the smile drained off her face, she cried out in agony and crumpled to the floor.

His mind was pulled a million different directions in that split second; the need to tend to his wife superseding anything the caller had to say. With Sophie safely ensconced in his arms, he snatched the phone receiver from where it still dangled in mid-air. His guts twisting a little more with each of Maddie Eastman's stuttered words. A horrific accident…Oliver's new yellow Pathfinder…Jaws of Life…the coroner's van…