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I'm starting Impact at an earlier time in Steven's life, so there is tons of new material for you to read. This week, I've started something new. As I write the new material, I'll be posting on my Facebook community page an exclusive—not available anywhere else— teaser from each chapter, however, in exchange for these special teasers, I want your thoughts. Just a few words on the direction I'm going, from just a few of you…

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Sleep had come quickly for Steven and he had submitted without a fight—there was nothing left to fight for. She'd stripped him bare and abandoned him in his most vulnerable moment, and he wanted nothing more than to crawl inside himself and disappear. He didn't want to be around to answer the questions he knew would come, to hear the accusations that would fill the air, this was no one's fault but his own. His fault for allowing himself to hope—for allowing himself to believe-that he was worthy of more than the dismal life he'd somehow come to accept after his parents died.