Okay…one day I was bored and then a poem came to me…and soon others did as well…so I typed them down...
They are not really long…but I still wanted to post them…hope you all enjoy them.
If you have a pairing (friendship, romance, random crack…) tell me, and maybe I might be able to think up of something…

Disclaimer: I don't own Transformers…wishing on the wishing star ever so much that I did, but the wishing star doesn't like me at all…

They stood there, side-by-side. Like the earth, and like the sky.
They were brothers, through it all.
Through thick and thin.
Through good and bad.
They were together.
No force on earth or any other planet could separate them.
Death was no exception.
They lived together and died together.
Like the last beat of a heart, like the last wave of energy in a spark.
What they are meant nothing, who they are meant everything.
Who they were, was everything.
They were brothers.
And so they left the world of the living.
Side-by-side, hand-to-hand.
Together and Always.
Sunny and Sides.

Okay…so this was about the Twins…sorry if it was sad-ish…it just came to me and I decided to type it!

Next chapter will be a poem about Prowl and Jazz!