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This story follows Karen Bernetta-Castillon in a dramatic and romantic telling of her life.

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This takes place sixteen years after Karen is born. Enjoy!

The entire summer without seeing Chandler killed me. Okay, maybe not literally, but it sucked. Horribly. He had gone on a boat and camping trip for three whole months with his girlfriend Skyla. I shudder every time I hear her name or see her. I wouldn't be surprised if she ruined her achingly gorgeous figure by getting pregnant. I nibbled my lip angrily. It was a habit I had learned from Mom.

I sat in front of my mirror, staring into my pale reflection. My family were all vampires -save for me and my mother, Alexa. She had vampire and shape shifter blood in her, though she didn't need blood, and she couldn't shape shift. I was only half vampire. Disappointing, right? Totally.

I had acquired my second cousins' black hair, but my fathers golden-brown eyes. I was always complimented on them at school. I had my mom's facial structure and body type. The human boys at school were stupid and continued to ask me out frequently. They just couldn't take a hint, could they?

Obviously not. Though I couldn't kill them, because I didn't have super strength, nor did I have a craving for blood. My only powers from being half vampire were slightly heightened senses, pale skin and beauty, and of course -immortality at a certain age. Chandler had stopped aging at eighteen.

There was a knock at my door, and then I heard Liam's voice. "Your mom wants you downstairs." he called through the door. He was my second cousin -like Lucas. He was extremely hot, though I felt awkward thinking that way of him. He was my family of course.

I walked to the door and opened it, seeing Liam standing there. He smiled down at me. I was the only person he ever really had emotions around, because I liked him the best out of my family. Well, other then my mom and dad.

I replied with a smile and then walked past him. My hair was cropped just a centimeter beneath my chin, and was always straightened, thanks to Autumn. She was awesome. Somehow she new exactly what I liked, and always went shopping with me. My attire consisted of usually dark clothes -dark blue or black jeans, skulls and fishnets- that kind of stuff. "The gothic/emo stuff".

Skyla was the complete opposite. She was daylight compared to me. Maybe that was why Chandler chose her instead of me. But then again, Chandler thought of me as a little sister -which I despised so much. I never told him how I really felt about him. I couldn't. I was an outsider compared to him and Skyla.

They were the hottest couple at our school.

My only friends consisted of my childhood friends Emery and his little sister Nydia. They were both shape shifters, son and daughter of Calixto and Jelani. Their parents were pretty cool.

"Mom?" I asked as I walked down the stairs. Her and dad were sitting at the table. They both looked up at the same time and smiled at me. "What's up?" I sat down between them.

"Are you ready for your first day of junior year tomorrow?" Mom asked me, flipping through a small stack of papers.

"Of course. Aren't I always?" I mentally rolled my eyes. I hated school.

She pulled out an envelope and handed it to me. "This has your schedule in it, and your ID card from picture day the other day."

I sliced open the envelope quickly to see my schedule. Oh no, I hoped I had good classes this year! I pulled the sheet of folded paper out and hurriedly unfolded it. Liam walked down the stairs then, and leaned over the railing to watch me.

I read my schedule and sighed heavily. "Gym first thing in the morning? These humans are trying to kill me." I complained. Dad snorted beside me and ruffled my hair up. I glared up at him from my paper, then read the rest of my classes out loud. "Calculus, English, History and -Natural Science?!"

I sneered at the paper. Science was my worst subject. Math was my best, so I was basically a nerd at school. Mom took the paper from my hand and studied them with a silent smirk on her face.

"My Karen is growing up so fast." she faked enthusiasm, and then gave me a side hug with a laugh. I chuckled and hugged her back. She was an awesome mother.

Suddenly the front door opened, and I heard a familiar voice. "Oh Karrreeennn!" It was Tayte. I groaned and leaned back in my chair. Said vampire appeared in the room then, and smiled the toothiest smile at me. His blue eyes shined brightly, and every time I saw them I instantly thought of Chandler. Ugh.

"Tayte, you're here early." my mom said, and glanced at the clock.

He shrugged and walked over to me and I knew what was coming. Without a single word, he plucked me up from my chair and in his arms bridal style. "Don't break her." my dad said, before Tayte carried me out of the house with Liam right behind us.

They made it sure from the day I was born to make my life living hell -in a playful way. Pretty much every other day in the summer Tayte came to pick me up with Liam and they both took me to some form of restaurant, movie theaters, stores or whatnot to keep my social life with males in tune. Tayte always admitted he loved me, and Liam teased me all the time.

It was cute, really. But annoying.

I think they did it to take my mind off of Chandler. I was pretty sure Chandler was the only one who wasn't aware of my unrequited love for him.

"This time, we're going to see Chandler!" Tayte said in a sing-song voice. My head snapped up from looking out the cars window, and focused on Tayte who was driving.

"What? He's back?!" I asked in an eager voice. Liam, in the passengers seat, looked at me from the car mirror with a smirk on his pretty face.

"Yep. As of this morning." he supplied. I took a deep breath and looked back out the window. I kind of wished Emery was there with me, because he would reassure me to stay calm during times like these.

Three months without seeing the one I love really did something. Finally, we drove into Tayte's garage and stopped the car. They had quite the large house too. My heart was panicking and fluttering against my chest like a butterfly.

Tayte looked back at me from the drivers seat with serious face. "Calm down your heart or else I'll bite you. I bet your blood tastes just as good as your moms." he said. I froze, and looked at him.

"You've tasted my moms blood?!" I cried out, and Tayte burst out laughing.

"Yeah, that was a long time ago though. Long story as well." he mused, and then we all climbed out of the car. When Tayte walked beside Liam and I, I self-consciously covered my neck and eyed him from the corner of my eye.

He smirked at me and then patted my shoulder. "Don't worry, I won't bite unless you ask for it." those words may have sounded innocent to Tayte, but they made my cheeks heat up.

I took a deep breath as we walked into the sweet smelling house. "Are Autumn and Lucas here?" I asked as we made our way through the living room.

"Nope. They went to a movie a little bit before I left home to get you. Chandler should be upstairs, probably working out or playing video games." Tayte told me, and him and Liam left me to go to the kitchen.

Yeah, they had a weight room. Not. Even. Kidding. A game room, weight room, den and living room, and three beautiful bathrooms that I loved. I trotted up the stairs, taking my time. I knew if Chandler was paying attention he'd sense my arrival. I went to the weight room first, and was disappointed that he wasn't there.

So instead, I went to his bedroom, two rooms down. I knocked twice. Seconds afterwards, the door opened, revealing a half naked Chandler wearing only black boxers with tousled hair. My breath caught in my throat. His gorgeous blue eyes widened slightly when he saw me.

"Oh -I thought you were Autumn or Lucas. Uh… Hold on a minute." he shut the door again, and I heard giggling on the other side. Ah, I know why he was so distraught now. Skyla was in there with him. I bit my cheek to keep hot tears from forming, and instead put a weak smile on my face.

The door opened again, and this time he was wearing knee-length plaid Ezekiel shorts and an unbuttoned shirt that flashed off his beautifully smooth stomach and chest. Behind him, Skyla was just slipping on a shirt.

"Do you want to come in?" he asked. I forced my fake smile bigger and then walked in. Skyla smiled at me.

She was really nice, and was also completely unaware of my love for her boyfriend. "Hey girly. What are you up to?" she asked in her soft voice, her ringlets of red hair bouncing slightly as she kissed my cheek. It was a friendly thing to do, but it only made me want to slap her.

"Tayte brought me here against my will to see Chandler… and you." I quickly added so nothing sounded selfish.

"Against your will?" Chandler asked me, and turned on his TV. It was 50 inches by something, and flat screen. He looked back at me with his eyebrows raised just above the hairline of his messy bangs.

"Well, you know Tayte." I said, rolling my eyes. Chandler laughed and patted me on the head, messing up my straightened hair.

"It's all cool. I'm glad to see you again, Shorty."

There it was. That name. That was who I was. I don't think I had really ever heard him say my name for a long time. It was always Shorty, Dork, or Hun. He used to call me Karen when we were younger, but since he's been with Skyla -for three years- he had always called me one of those nicknames.

"Want to play some video games? We should play that one gun game!" Skyla said to me excitedly.

"Sure." Though I sucked at video games, of course. Anything to pretend to shoot you, Skyla dear.

Chandler smirked at his girlfriend and then plugged in his x-box. He handed each of us a wireless controller, and then put in the game. I couldn't remember the name of it for the life of me.

"Can we go all out on each other?" Skyla asked him, and I watched as she ran her hand up his thigh. It was so intimate that I had look away. I heard Chandler give a sultry chuckle.

Oh God. What was I thinking?! "Um, actually, I don't feel very good. I think I'm going to go home." I suddenly said, before I could control my voice.

It went quiet then, and I looked back over at the couple. They were both looking at me. Chandler had a frown on his face, and Skyla was worried for me. "Okay. Feel better before tomorrow! Can't wait to see you at school!" Skyla said, smiling and giving me a side hug. I nodded in reply and then waved bye to Chandler.

Chandler stared after me, I could feel his eyes on my backside. Was he staring at my ass or back? I wasn't sure. I quickly shut his door behind me and took a deep, shaky breath. I then walked down the stairs to see Liam flipping through the channels on the TV in boredom.

"Where is Tayte? I want to go home." I said. Liam looked up at me.

"Couldn't take anymore of the lovebirds?" he asked nonchalantly. I grimaced and nodded.

Liam pointed a thumb behind him, towards the kitchen. "He's making sex on the beach."

I gave him a look as I passed him and went to the kitchen. Sure enough, Tayte was mixing a drink with alcohol. He noticed my arrival and looked up. He also noticed my mood, because he quickly set the bottle down.

"Don't tell me," he started dryly, "Skyla is here?"

I nodded and sunk into a chair next to the dining table. Tayte sighed and walked over to me. He leaned over me, causing me to tip my chair back, as I stared at his sudden bold move.

"How many times have I told you that I love you?" he asked me in a voice just above a whisper. I stared into his eyes and saw Chandler. I closed my eyes quickly, not wanting to see him.

Tayte's hand rested on my cheek, and I felt his power zap through me. He was reading into my mind. "You see me as Chandler?!" he asked, shocked. He pulled back slightly to get a better look at me.

"I-it's not like that…" I stated feebly. "…It's your eyes."

Tayte went quiet, and I didn't dare open my eyes. How could I? Tayte was Chandler's older brother; he was years older then me, though he didn't look it at all. He could be twenty, just four years older then me. But who knows. He's a vampire.

Then I felt his soft, cool lips touch my cheek, just millimeters from my lips. My eyes shot open and he slid his mouth towards mine. "No!" I shouted, before he got to my lips. I slammed my hand right in the middle of his face to shove him away from me. At the same time, my chair fell backwards, and I went with it.

"Ow…" Tayte muttered, and tenderly touched his nose. I stared up at him from my spot on the floor. He raised an eyebrow at me. "You sure like to play hard to get."

I scowled at him, and then rolled off the fallen chair to stand up. "Can you take me home, please?" I asked him. Before he answered, the kitchen door opened, and Chandler came in.

"What was that scream for?" he asked me, and looked from Tayte, to me, to the chair that was currently laying comfortably on the ground.

I saw Tayte open his mouth to answer, and I became horrified with what his answer would be. I quickly slapped him across the face. He let out a low hiss. "Oh, um, just -uh, practicing for my karate class this year." I laughed nervously, and then punched Tayte in the stomach as hard as I could. He growled at me and leaned slightly over the table, clutching his stomach. It didn't hurt him much, but it was enough to shut him up.

I smiled back at Chandler, who looked completely confused. "They have karate?" he asked, and then shook his head. "Never mind. Don't want to know. Well, I'll see you tomorrow, okay?" he said to me, and then hugged me. His chest was still bare, and I nearly sunk against him weakly, had he not let go so fast. He left the kitchen without a second glance.

Tayte took a handful of my hair and gently pulled my head back so he could look down at me. I was only five-foot-three, after all. Vampires towered over me. He scowled down at me. "You are so going to pay for that." he threatened. I smirked and pulled my head away from him. He let go of my hair, not wishing to hurt me.

"Want to take me home now?" I asked. Tayte pulled his keys from his pocket and yelled through the kitchen door.

"Liam, if you want your sex on the beach, come make it yourself. I'm taking your pain-in-the-ass second cousin home!"

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