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The next day was a terrible mess. Once again, dad threw me into the cold shower. My shoulder had healed already, but it still felt a bit sore at the joint. Dad had to make it worse by targeting me with the shower head, where the bullets of water splashed against my face.

I managed to scramble out of the way and then push the shower head back against him, making him soaked through the shirt.

Then he left the bathroom, threatening that if I didn't hurry and take a shower and get to school that he would get mom to bathe me. And so, I hurriedly took a shower. Then I dressed in my black, cargo Capri's and my red and black t-shirt that laced up the front and flowed down my arms in billowy sleeves. Then I slipped on my boots and brushed my hair, before flying down the stairs.

"Okay! I'm done! Who's driving me?" I shouted when I got to the bottom. The day before, when I had said my last words to Tayte, Emery and Chandler, I left to my room and didn't come down for the rest of the day.

I wasn't crying. I was thinking over my actions of the past couple days. It was hard to believe our lives would be normal again. Err, at least semi-normal considering we were all supernaturals.

Dad looked up at me from leaning over my mom on the table, formerly kissing her neck. I made a face and turned away from them. "Careful, dad, you might end up with another me." I teased, and dad snorted.

Mom laughed and pushed him off of her so she could point to the living room. "T-Tayte is in the… living room." she told me a bit breathless. I grimaced, not wanting to think they had just been intensely making out. I thanked her before walking past the dining table and leaving the kitchen.

At last thought, I threw over my shoulder a last comment, "Take it to your bedroom! We eat on that table!" I yelled. I heard my mom gasp in response and my dad chuckle.

I laughed and looked forward and ran straight into Tayte. He smiled and his hands went out to keep me from falling. His cold hands on my shoulders sent shivers down my spine.

"Jeez, yesterday I thought you died." he told me, referring to when I left to my room. I blushed.

"Sorry…" I murmured, as we walked out to his car. He didn't say anything else, and I was grateful. Emery and Nydia soon joined us -they were a bit late, I guessed.

"Where is Chandler?" I casually asked. Tayte grimaced.

"He's already at school. Said he had some projects to catch up on." he answered, as we drove out of our driveway. I nodded in understanding and stared out the window. I saw Emery look at me from the mirror just outside my window. He was sitting behind me, and his gaze made my stomach flutter.

The rest of the ride was silent, and when we got to school, Tayte pulled me into a tight hug before letting me go. "I'll pick you guys up after school." he then kissed my cheek -dangerously close to my mouth, and I climbed out of the car faster then possible.

I walked to first period, not trusting my voice to say anything to Emery, so I hugged him as we parted. Chandler was already in the gym, running extra laps while everybody else sat down and chatted. Ah, I see. Getting his frustration out.

I entered the locker rooms and changed, and then walked into the gym. The teacher called me over. "Yes?" I asked her, irritated… She had an annoying voice.

"You need to run a few laps with Chandler since you guys have been absent."

I nodded, and took off to catch up with the male vampire. "Hey." I greeted, running at an even pace with him. He glanced over at me in surprise. Then he smiled.

"Nice to see you up so early."

"Dad threw me into-"

"The shower? Man, I'm sorry." he laughed, and I joined him. It felt awkward though. Everything seemed to be returning back to normal. We ran the rest of the laps in silence, and then the bell rang and we sat next to each other on the bench as the teacher took roll.

Chandler leaned over my lap and tapped one of his friends on the shoulder. His closeness made me feel dizzy, and reminded me of the time he bombarded me on my bed. My brain suddenly rotated and shifted uneasily, but his scent smelled delicious, and I ached to touch him again.

Oh God. I pulled away from him and looked away. I wanted to touch all of them. But that wouldn't be fair. Chandler and Emery both have jealousy issues, and I'm not so sure about Tayte.

Gym ended quicker then I expected, and I went through my other classes. Emery and I sat next to each other, and every time I looked at him, those annoying butterflies tickled my stomach.

Lunchtime came around, and I sat at the usual with Emery, Nydia and their friends. Surprisingly, I saw Chandler come around and sit next to me. He smiled at Emery, and Emery returned the smile. I looked between the two weirdly.

Did they make some sort of pact or something? I sighed and dug into my food as Chandler and Emery chatted like they had been best friends for years. I was really getting a headache.


It's been a few months since the day Chandler, Tayte and Emery all began acting normal around each other again. We never mentioned anything about my choice to not choose any of them.

"Merry Christmas!" Nydia shouted as she jumped onto my bed. I gasped in shock and flung up on my bed, nearly hitting her in the process.

"It's Christmas?!" I screamed in happiness. Nydia nodded with a grin on her face, and we held hands as we leapt down the stairs to see the piles of gifts underneath the tree.

Dad, mom, and… Okay, everyone we knew was in the living room, and they all went quiet when Nydia and I ran into the room. The look on my face must have been priceless, because instantly dad stood up and the next thing I knew there was a blinding flash before my eyes.

"Aw, so cute. My daughter in her bright, pink underwear and her mommy's t-shirt." Dad sighed sarcastically, and I froze in shock.

I looked down at myself, then up at Tayte, Emery and Chandler who were all staring wide-eyed at me. I cried out angrily.

Instantly my dad turned to the boys with a death look on his face. "Continue gaping and I castrate each of you."

Immediately they looked away, and I chose that moment to turn hind and run back upstairs. After I had dressed into a pair of sweatpants and a bra with a tank top, I raced back down the stairs again.

Dad ordered that I sit down, and then he whispered something to Talon so quietly, even I couldn't hear it. "Alright, normally we would do this for you on your birthday, but we've decided to trust you enough to give this ultra-awesome gift for you." Tayte told me, and then Talon tossed him a small box of something.

I raised my eyebrows, and then Tayte handed me the gift box. I cautiously opened it, and stared down at the car key in shock. My mouth hung open and I looked up at dad. He shook his head and motioned to Tayte.

"Tayte, Emery and Chandler all saved up for it." he told me. Instantly, I was on my feet.

"Where is it?!" I gasped in joy.

All three boys smirked and turned to walk out to the garage. I literally ran after, and nearly tripped on my face when I saw the beautiful car sitting in the center of the garage in all its sleek glory.

It was a red and black Bugatti Veyron -the most expensive car in the world that I used to drool over on the internet.

The key in my hand slid from my grasp and clattered to the floor. My hands slowly went up to cover my mouth. The boys glanced back unsurely at me. "Are you okay?" Emery asked cautiously.

And then I burst into happy tears. I started jumping up and down and squealing incoherent thank-you's. They started laughing as the tears spilled over my cheeks. I ran over to each of them and tackled them into big, bear hugs.

"This is the best ever! I really do love you guys so much! Thank-" I paused and pulled back, shocked at my own words. They each stared at me. Emery bent down and picked up the fallen key and handed it to me.

"Wanna take it for a ride?" Chandler asked, and I smiled at him.

"Let me get everybody!" I said happily, before turning. Emery grabbed my right hand, Chandler grabbed my left, and Tayte put an arm around my waist as we walked through the garage door. At first, I was shocked by their sudden touchiness, but I figured ah, hell, they were just as happy as I was!

It wasn't until dad stopped us from going any further into the house that I became worried. We stood underneath the doorframe, all four of us, and my dad had the largest grin on his usual sarcastic face. He held up a camera, and took a couple pictures.

Mom suddenly started laughing and pointed above our heads.

I looked up and my jaw dropped.


Ah, well, it didn't matter who I chose. Hell, I loved each of them. But that didn't matter either. I gave each of them a large kiss on the cheek and smiled.

Nothing mattered anymore, because each of our souls were forever entwined.

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