Chapter Seven

Your hills and valleys are mapped by my intrepid fingers

As Magnus stilled Alec's trembling hand he realised how much more it meant to hear Alec say these things sober. It wasn't that he hadn't believed him the night before. He knew that Alec had meant the things he'd said as much as he'd been able to. He'd been worried, though, that the arrival of the morning light would change things as it so often does in matters of the heart.

He really loves me.

Alec was uncharacteristically confident this time around and it was he who took the initiative to vanish the distance between them. Impatient and demanding, he urged Magnus's mouth open and as their tongues met, Magnus knew that he could not remember ever being as turned on as he was in that moment.

We're still sitting at the kitchen table.

The realisation hit him out of nowhere and the sheer bizarreness of made him burst into laughter with Alec's tongue still inside his mouth.

Alec stilled and Magnus saw his features mask themselves in righteous indignation.

He thinks I'm laughing at him.

"I'm sorry," he chuckled, "but doesn't this strike you as a somewhat inappropriate locale for our first real amorous reunion?"

Alec blinked and took in their surroundings.

"Ah, I see. Yes, yes it does," his mouth widening into an amused grin.

Magnus flicked his wrist and watched as all of the dishes vanished.

"All done, let's go!" he chirped, eagerly, grabbing Alec's hand and pulling him out of the kitchen behind him.

Though he'd intended to take Alec into the sitting room, he only made it a few steps into the hallway before he was roughly slammed against the wood panelled walls and felt Alec pressing into him insistently, their mouths fused together passionately.

Dominant Alec? Hot.

Magnus couldn't help but be disappointed when he felt Alec's mouth vacate its position on top of his own – until it moved southward and began lavishing attention along his jaw.

That's odd. I never told him about the spot under my –

Alec's fevered lips connected with the underside of his jaw where his pulse skipped beneath his skin, burning at the place of contact. Fire raced along his nerves and hit him squarely in the stomach with enough force to make him gasp Alec's name aloud. He knotted his hands through his hair and tried to pull him closer. His attempts were useless – they couldn't have gotten any closer if they'd tried. It was almost as if Alec was trying to break through the barrier of his skin to fuse the two of them together. No, they couldn't have gotten any closer, but that didn't stop them from trying. Magnus lifted his leg and wrapped it around Alec's calf, trapping him. Alec met Magnus's lips again as his hands tugged his shirt loose from the waistband of his pants and were everywhere. They moved up Magnus's sides and across the toned muscles of his back and shoulders, eliciting another heated moan from Magnus's lips – and then they went lower – kneading the muscles on either side of his coccyx. Normally Magnus would be shrieking with laughter at this point – his lower back was unbearably ticklish – but he was finding nothing amusing in it at all at the moment.

When Alec's hands cupped Magnus's firm ass and pulled his hips to his own, Magnus could have screamed (A/N: By 'screamed' here I really mean 'came in his pants'). There could be no mistaking how turned on they both were, how badly they wanted this. Alec had never been so forward – usually Magnus felt like a scheming villain, twirling his moustache and trying to rob a reluctant young girl of her virtue – and Magnus was finding it unbelievably difficult to stay in control.

"Not here," he panted, dragging his lips away from Alec's only long enough to get the words out. The stumbled into the living room, still entangled. Alec tried to steer them towards the couch but must have forgotten about the low settee next to the couch, because the next thing he knew, they were both sailing through the air –

– until they landed in a pile of tangled limbs on a mattress that Magnus had fortunately had the insight to conjure on the way down. Magnus felt all of the air rush out of his chest as Alec's full weight hit him and his vision blurred as their skulls smashed together with a loud crack.

Oh, dear Christ.

Alec rolled off to the side, clutching his forehead in his hands. "Oh, fuck," he moaned, screwing up his face.

"Can't...breathe..." Magnus wheezed, fighting the urge to vomit. "Concussed..."

The moment was ruined.

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