Slow Dancing in a Burning Room

Chapter 1

Scene: The Rack in Hell

Dean cries out in agony he can feel and see the flesh of his body sizzling. His arms and legs have hooks in them and are paralyzed. There are shadows all around him and very little light, just the burning flames that surround his torment.

Dean looks out into the shadows, blood stains cover his face, his once beautiful green eyes are swollen and black, they have no light, no more beauty all that is left is pain.

The shadows move closer and surround him on all sides.

Dean yells at them: "FUCK YOU!!"

He stares angrily at the tallest shadow among the group as it approaches closer to him.

Dean: "This isn't real, this is all just a nightmare meant to torment me, I will wake up in my bed soon and this will all be over, but you will never wake up, you will always be here in hell you son of a bitch!"

Dean has no spit left in his mouth, but he tries to spit at the shadows anyway releasing nothing but blood and air.

The tallest shadow speaks

The Shadow: "You can wake up anytime, but you can never leave Dean. You will always find me here, and I will always fuck you up here. That will never change as the years go by, as you and your brother hunt me down, things will never change. I will always haunt you forever you will always cry and scream for me here in this place. I am not just torturing you for fun, this is my job. This is what I am made for, what I live and died for. Wake up Dean, and be with the ones you love, but you will remember me. You will always remember me. Now Wake up!"

Dean screams at the shadow: "Shut up!"

The Shadow laughs

The Shadow "Wake up and remember!"

Dean: "FUCK YOU!"

Jo: "Wake up! Dean, Wake up!'

Dean twists and turns on the ground his body is naked and having fits.

Jo holds his arms and shakes him fiercely, she shakes him awake.

Dean opens his eyes wide and groans painfully.

Jo holds him up and holds him in her arms trying to soothe him and calm him down.

Dean blinks twice.

Jo: "Baby, please its ok, its ok. It's me Jo. You are safe now, you are safe, you are back now, and I'm here with you its ok."

Jo rubs his arms and tries to get him to focus

Dean: "That son of a bitch!"

Jo: "You had another nightmare."

Dean looks at Jo his face says it all, he's so tired, he hasn't had a good night sleep in so long he feels weak and his head pounds from inside aching badly to the point of almost bring tears to his eyes.

Dean sighs

Dean: "Where is Sam?"

Jo: "Outside, he went to get all of us some food and then he came back and he's outside talking with my mom and Bobby"

Dean: "Ellen is here too? But how?"

Jo: "Shhhh. its ok. Yes, we're here, Bobby is here, Sam is here."

Jo pauses for a second preparing to reveal something.

Jo: "Also, your parents we're all here Dean."

Jo smiles trying to reassure him

Dean blinks his eyes with confusion etched on his face.

Dean: "My parents??"

Jo: "They're alive Dean, they've been resurrected. We all have!"

Dean can't believe it he can believe what he is hearing, can it be, can his parents really be back, this can't be real. Dean tries to get up, but finds his legs are still too weak.

Jo helps him up off the floor.

Dean hates feeling so weak around her, and he finally realizes he's not wearing any clothes which further distracts him causing him to feel even more awkward and exposed.

Jo however doesn't mind his state of undress and is much more concerned with his health at the moment, though she does notice the fine physique of his and relishes touching it.

Dean: "I'm sorry Jo I don't understand?"

Jo: "It's ok Dean. You need my help right now. I know you can't say that, but you do, just let me take care of you this time ok. I promise to be gentle."

Dean smiles at her

Dean feels the urge to kiss her, but he can't because he isn't sure this is real yet, if his parents are alive as Jo is saying then this must be some alternate reality. Dean figures the angels are screwing with me again, FUCK THEM, they make me so mad, I want to push their heads into the trunk of my car and beat their heads off with it.

Dean can feel his body getting hot with rage.

Jo feels the heat too and assumes he must have a fever.

Jo: 'Sit your ass down here and let me get you something to cool off with."

Jo places Dean on the bed and he grabs one of the pillows and places it in his lap as a false attempt at being somewhat modest.

Jo goes over to the sink in the bathroom and gets a washcloth to fill with cold water. She brings a cup from the bathroom filled with cold water too and hands it to him so he can drink it and cool off.

Dean smiles then takes a sip, the cool water feels so good he starts gulping it down letting some of it run down his freckled chin.

Jo takes the washcloth and proceeds to run it across his shoulders, his neck and back.

Dean moans a slight purr feeling her hand and the cool cloth on his body it's the complete opposite of hell, it's so relaxing and refreshing he doesn't want her to ever stop.

Dean: "Mmmm that feels so good Jo."

Jo smiles pleased he is finally able to relax a little.

Jo: "You don't have to talk about it Dean, we can just sit here and I can massage your back till its time to go okay."

Dean looks at her surprised and intrigued by her words.

Dean wants nothing more than to take her up on her offer, he isn't use to be pampered by anyone and the thought warms his heart a little. Even more so that she is alive and looking well again, but he can't let go of the thought that this isn't real and that his parents must be dead. This just can't be real he thinks to himself.

Dean: "Where are my parents Jo? I need to see them."

Jo smiles and keeps rubbing moving lower down his back.

Jo: "I knew you'd say that, they are not here right now, your Dad took your Mom for a walk. I guess they have a lot of catching up to do."

Dean is still confused and she can tell by the look on his face.

Jo grabs his hand and places it on her own heart.

Jo: "Feel this Dean, do you feel this?"

Dean just looks at her with surprise and confusion.

Jo: "It's my heartbeat, its real, I'm real and I'm not going anywhere. Now lay back and relax."

Dean is so tired and though a part of him thinks he should protest and get up immediately to find his parents and discover this must be false, he can't really move much yet so he does as she says and lays back on the bed.

Jo scoots closer to him and rubs the cloth against his stomach feeling his hot abs that break and fall with the movement of his breathing.

Dean loves feeling her touch there and can feel himself getting an erection already under the pillow.

Dean thinks to himself I can't believe this is happening, the nightmare felt so real and now so does this, how can this be? I was in hell, I was in so much pain, those shadows tormented me, the tallest one is the devil it must be him. He wants me to succumb again to give in and let him control me. I am nobody's bitch, I am not about to let that ever happen again. Oh God I wish I could just stay here forever. Jo looks so beautiful, I think she cut her hair a little, it's pretty. I wish I could touch it, I wish I could feel her body more, but no this is too good to ruin, if I say or do the wrong thing she might stop touching me altogether or I might wake up again and I don't want to, Damn it feels so good.

Jo runs the washcloth across his shoulders reaching up her body leans over his to get more water from the cup to clean his cuts and bruises.

Dean shivers now, the water is getting colder than the room temperature and since it is winter from the snow he can see outside through the window he knows soon it will be freezing. Dean doesn't want Jo to stop, but he needs to get warm and take a shower to wipe the dirt and stench he still feels from hell on his body.

Jo speaks almost as if she is reading his mind.

Jo: "You need a shower."

Dean nods.

Jo helps him up.

Jo walks with him towards the bathroom and inside.

Jo leans him against the wall and turns on the shower.

Dean watches her with amazement.

Man she is so damn fine, when did little Jo Harvelle get so fine? I use to think she was sort of cute when I first met her, but now man I can see she is all woman I wonder if I can convince her I'm too weak to wash myself in the shower and maybe she'll join me."

Dean: "Jo I."

Jo interrupts looks back at him and smirks.

Jo: "Oh no you don't, don't even try it Dean. I know what your thinking, you get in this shower and I'll hand you the cloth, but then I'm waiting outside, don't think you can pull a fast one."

Dean gives her a sheepish look both disappointed and pretending as though he had innocent thoughts all along

Dean: "I was just going to ask you to leave so I can put this pillow down actually."

Jo laughs as if she knows that's a lie.

Jo walks over and grabs the pillow.

Dean cups his privates from her view in a bit of shock.

Jo gets close to his face and says

Jo: "You don't have to hide anything from me Dean, I know you too well now."

Jo looks down his body for a second like she is enjoying the view then she looks back up at him like she is about to kiss him and Dean's loins badly wish that she will. But, she doesn't she just puts the cloth on his shoulder, backs away and walks out of the bathroom closing the door behind her.

Dean to himself and I thought hell was torture, being around her like this wanting her so badly this sucks!!

Dean steps into the shower and feels the wonderful pounding warm water against his flesh, this mixed with his lustful thoughts of Jo require him to do nothing, but alleviate the mounting pressure in his cock stroking it until he can find release. He thinks of her in there with him, touching him, kissing him. His body shakes. He aches for her, but he manages not to make a sound not wanting her to hear him from outside the door and start laughing. He imagines all the things he wants to do to her, with her. He comes. He washes up and finishes with his shower.

Scene: Outside next to the trunk of the Impala, the trunk is open and Bobby and Sam are starring down into it.

Sam: "Its gone Dean is going to be so pissed."

Sam frowns

Bobby "How could you loose the Colt again Sam? What the hell is the matter with you?'

Sam sighs sadly

Sam: "I just don't know what happened, I was walking back to the car and I had just killed a nest of vampires. I came to the trunk to put the stakes back inside and someone or thing came up and hit me from behind. My head still hurts. I fell out unconscious and when I came too the Colt was gone."

Bobby: "Idjiot! You must have let one escape?!"

Sam: "No I checked Bobby, all of them were dead, I even buried the bodies out in the woods before I came back to the car no one was there. I think something other than a vampire did this."

Bobby: "Crowley or some demon, more than likely then."

Sam nods in reply

Ellen walks over to them with a shotgun in hand.

Ellen "You men need to track down a demon again, well I'm in."

Jo appears near her and smiles both very happy to be alive again.

Jo: "Yeah me too."

Sam smiles glad that these ladies are so eager to help him and even happier they are back somehow, though he's still in shock about it.

Sam sighs knowing he now must attend to Dean and then he looks at Jo.

Sam: "So is he up yet?"

Jo: "Yeah, he's taking a shower, he was asking about ya."

Sam: "Did you tell him?"

Jo: "Only that your parents are alive again I didn't tell him everything, I'll leave that to you Sam."

Sam sighs and nods he knows this is going to be difficult to talk to Dean about, but he has to. Sam goes into the room.

Scene: Inside Winchesters' Hotel Room

Dean is already getting dressed, his jeans are on and his boots, he's just re-buttoning his shirt and frowning that one of the buttons is missing on top.

Dean: "Damn it, this was my favorite shirt!"

Sam already can tell he is not in a good mood which makes him more nervous to speak too him.

Sam: "I uh brought you some breakfast it's in the fridge"

Dean: "Yeah okay, I'm not really that hungry. Hey Sam, Jo told me our parents are alive what is going on?

Sam knows this is bad, whenever Dean isn't hungry he's really upset or concerned about something. I know I have to tell him the truth, but boy he is so not going to like what I have to say now.

Sam takes off his jacket.

Sam: "They were resurrected by Michael."

Dean sits down the shock of this news is too much.

Dean stares into space as if he's just unaware of where he is now.

Dean looks at Sam.

Sam walks over and sits on the bed across from Dean who is sitting in a chair.

Dean: "Michael are you sure?"

Sam: "Oh yeah, Castiel told us it was him. Bobby also checked many times in his books, it was Michael alright, even Mom and Dad said so, he's finally here Dean"

Dean stands up in fear.

Dean: "Oh my God he's here now!"

Sam stands up to calm him down.

Sam: "I don't mean here Here, I mean on earth. He is back, but he doesn't have a vessel yet I haven't seen him, but Mom and Dad have they say he's gorgeous whatever the hell that means."

Dean stares at him with disbelief in his face.

Dean sits back down and so does Sam.

Dean: "I was having a nightmare in hell and I come back to this, this is just nuts!"

Sam: "Yeah well there's more."

Dean rolls his eyes and pounds his hand on the table in deep frustration.

Dean: "Oh now what is it!?"

Sam gulps and takes a deep breath.

Sam: "The Colt is missing!"

Dean stands back up furious.

Dean: "Missing Again!?"

Sam: "Look, don't freak out okay, we will find it"

Dean walks around the room trying to process all this news.

Dean: This can't be real, first I find out our parents are alive again, Jo and Ellen are alive, then you tell me that Michael is here and now you tell me that the damn Colt is gone and we have to find it all over again. Sam, I'm sick of this crap, I don't want to do this anymore."

Sam looks at Dean with sad confusion

Sam: "Uh well none of us want to do it Dean, but."

Dean interrupts Sam

Dean: "No, I mean I not going to do this shit anymore, I am tired, too tired, I have been having nightmares of hell for over a year, and they keep getting worse. Michael wants to wear me as his skin, and now the gun is gone. I can't deal with anymore bullshit, either this is fake just another bunch of crap reality, cooked up by the angels to screw with me again, or I'm still dreaming, either way you can just count me out cause I am not doing a damn thing else, but staying put right here in this room and listening to my music and watching bad TV."

Sam looks at Dean with even more confusion he hasn't seen Dean act like this since the time he had yellow fever, only this time Dean seemed even more afraid and angrier.

Sam stands up nervously and walks closer to Dean.

Sam: "I can't do this by myself Dean please."

Dean: "You won't you have to. Bobby, Jo, Ellen, Cas, Hell you even got Mom and Dad now that's more than we've ever had going for us, you're all great hunters. I'm sure you can find the Colt without me."

Dean sits back on the bed puts his feet up and relaxes finally, then he turns on the TV.

Sam looks down at him like he's not sure whether he should pull out the puppy eyes or get mad and start yelling, but either way he thinks this is absolutely ridiculous.

Sam: "You are really just going to lie there and do nothing, when God knows who has the Colt or what they plan to do with it and Lucifer is out there still and the angel of death, now Michael too. I mean really this is your plan?"

Dean keeps his eyes on the television not wanting to see Sam's eyes right now or argue any further he's made up his mind.

Dean: Yep!

Sam sighs totally annoyed.

Sam grabs his own jacket and sees Dean's gun on the table.

Sam "Well can I at least take your gun?"

Dean: "Do whatever you want I'm done with it, I'm not going to be shooting anyone ever again unless they try to make me leave this room here."

Sam shakes his head like he knows his brother's just needs time to get over his nightmare.

Sam: "Okay I'm leaving and I'm taking the Impala with me!"

Dean doesn't even look over at him he just keeps watching TV like Sam didn't speak.

Sam walks out and slams the door. Then Sam breathes deeply to calm himself back down.

I knew he'd take it hard, but for heaven's sake, this sucks!!

Bobby walks over to Sam.

Bobby: "Where's Dean?"

Sam frowns

Sam: "Uh yeah Dean, he's not coming"

Bobby frowns

Bobby: "The hell he isn't he can't give up now!"

Sam holds his arms out at Bobby not wanting to let Bobby yell at Dean right now.

Sam: "Lets just leave him be for now, we can do some initial research and try to find out where the Colt is, then come back and tell Dean. I'm sure he just needs time to himself right now he's got a lot of things to work out in his head that's all, he just found out Mom and Dad are alive."

Bobby: "Well ya'll think they are, but I'm still not convinced Sam."

Sam rolls his eyes

Sam: "You saw them Bobby, we all saw it!"

Bobby: "We think we saw two people that look like your parents come out from behind those gates over there, walk up to us and tell us Michael is here and has resurrected them."

Sam "Yeah, and you even threw holy water at them and I stabbed dad with a silver knife and they are humans. They are real Bobby, its true."

Bobby scoffs

Bobby: "This is too much, people coming back from the dead, it isn't right. I mean I know there your parents, but what's dead should stay dead!"

Sam bristles at that statement as if Bobby has forgotten that Dean also was resurrected.

Sam: "Well Dean died too and he's back, and so did I. What you want us all to stay dead?"

Bobby sighs sadly not knowing what to say, he doesn't want to hurt Sam, but he can't get rid of this feeling like there is something totally off about all of this. But, then Bobby reasons I always feel like things are totally off especially when Winchesters are involved.

Bobby: "Lets just be careful about this Sam, I don't want you to go anywhere with your parents alone promise me you won't!"

Sam can't believe what he is hearing, Bobby is actually telling him to ignore his parents it must be an alternate universe he thinks to himself, and yet he knows Bobby is just trying to protect him.

Sam gives him a small reassuring smile.

Sam: "Bobby I'm going to be okay so is Dean. We've had worse thing happen to us then this, so don't worry okay."

Bobby just stares at Sam, he decides not to argue, best let the boy find out the truth on his own Bobby thinks to himself.

Ellen: "Well ya'll ready or what?"

Jo: "Where is Dean, isn't he ready yet?"

Bobby grabs his musket out of his truck.

Bobby: "No! He's not coming! Let's go!"

Sam looks down at the ladies sadly.

Ellen stares back.

Jo gets mad immediately

Jo: "I'm going to kill him. He's being a big fat baby isn't he?"

Sam: "He's just tired that's all, he's been through a lot and it is hard."

Jo: SO! We all have, I just died too remember, so did my mom we've all been dead, and now we're alive and Bobby is walking again this is huge we need his help! We are all still in danger we need to stick together to work this out find out what's happening to us. Your brother is insufferable. I don't see how you stand it Sam?"

Sam sighs as if he doesn't know how to answer that.

Jo: "I am staying put, you all go find Castiel, find the Colt I'm going to stay here with Dean and try to reason with him."

Ellen kisses her forehead still so happy that her daughter is alive and well again.

Ellen: "You be safe, call us if anything I mean anything happens"

Bobby is already in his truck, Ellen joins him.

Sam goes over to the Impala and opens the doo

Sam: "Just watch out for him Jo, he likes you, he'll listen to you, but don't push him too hard okay he's still broken inside right now."

Jo nods in reply

Sam gets in the car, turns it on and drives off, Bobby follows with his truck as they exit the parking lot.

Jo thinks to herself: Great now I'm stuck here with the cry baby and I got to get him to see this is not just about hell, this is not just about Michael, we are all in this together and he is going to help us rather he wants to or not.

Jo smiles at herself as she thinks

Perhaps, I should give him a little nookie that be the right encouragement for him, but I want him to earn that, he's not going to get in my pants till I get him to let me in, all the way in. I'm not going to be another notch in his bedpost, if he wants me; he is going to have to give me it all, that's how it was with my Mom and Dad before he died. Well now Dean and I have both died, I don't remember hell, hell I don't remember anything except the pain from my wound, it must be hard for him though.

Jo frowns sadly as she looks back at him through the window of the hotel room.

I hate that he is suffering like this, I want him to be ok actually I just want him. I need him. I need him to let me in to tell me what's wrong, and how I can help. I don't want to die again, but I really don't' want to be with out him again. God I hate this, why do I feel this way about such a jerk.

Mom always said hunters make the worst boyfriends, and she's right. Dean will try to use me if I let him. Well he's in for a surprise because the moment he tries I'm going to get him good; he is messing with the wrong Harvelle. Actually, we Harvelles all aren't to be messed with, we know where are allegiances lie, we know what's at stake, its Dean that needs to get his priorities straight and I will fuck him up if he doesn't do it soon.

Jo enters the room again, shuts the door and locks it.

Dean stares at her from his position still lying on the bed watching TV.

Jo folds her arms and stands like a Diva in charge.

Jo: "It's just you and me dude."

Dean smirks.