Chapter 7: Gravity

*This story began for me before the season ended and the finale so now that its over I needed to find a way to wrap it up so that the boys could continue on their journey to stop Michael and Lucifer like they do on the show. Therefore, the tragedy within this final chapter is not part of my original ending, but one that I felt would allow things to end the way we all know they do in Swan Song, so with that in mind I hope you can understand why I chose this particular ending to my story and remember the song this chapter is based on.

Scene: Dean's hotel room

Dean is so tired of these awful nightmares he feels his heart violently pounding away in his chest.

Dean thinks to himself, I can't let those bastards win. I can't let them destroy me. I'm not going to just throw my life away just so they can use me like some pawn in their stupid bitch fight.

Dean picks up the phone and immediately calls Sam's cell to check on him.

He gets up and goes into the bathroom quietly so he doesn't wake Jo.

Dean: "Sam, come on pick up."

Sam: "Dean?"

Dean: "Sam! What's going on, are ya 'll alright?"

Sam pauses for a moment to switch the phone to the ear.

Sam: "Uh, well sort of yeah for now. Why what's wrong?

Dean: "I had another nightmare I thought maybe."

Sam interrupts him

Sam: "Another one, was it about Lucifer again?

Dean nods and frowns while rubbing his forehead with his hand trying to relieve the ache.

Dean: "Yeah you said yes to him in my dream and I said yes to Michael. Sam they are trying to double cross us I think they are both in on this together somehow."

Sam sighs into the phone.

Sam: "I hate to say it, but you're probably right. We just ran into Lucifer again ourselves."

Dean: What! Why the hell didn't you say something! What happened!

Sam: "Well he saved my life after Bela shot me."

Dean: "You mean to tell me Satan resurrected you?"

Sam nods at the phone and replies

Sam: "Yeah, but not till after Lucifer killed an entire gas station worth of people. Dean it was bad real bad, but dad showed up he and mom are in the car now."

Dean: "Are Bobby and Ellen okay?

Sam: "Well they're alive, he didn't hurt them. He just wants me. Dad shot Lucifer with the Colt and we escaped. We're on the way back to the hotel now. But, um Dean okay are you sitting down.

Dean: "What? Uh yeah why?"

Dean frowns already worried about what Sam is about to say.

Sam: "Bela stole the Impala again."

Dean: "What? That bitch! I swear to God I'm going to shoot her this time"

Dean stands up from the toilet seat furious to hear this horrible news. Dean slams his fist against the sink.

Sam: It's too dangerous for us to try and make it to Bobby's now, or go after her so we are on our way back to the hotel, we will see you in a couple of hours.

Dean: "Well, hurry up get here as fast as you can Sam. I'll wake Jo and will be waiting."

Sam: "Alright, see ya soon."

Sam hangs up.

Dean closes his cell phone then opens up the bathroom door for some more air and takes a deep breath as he stares at his reflection in the mirror trying to process all of this.

Jo stirs a bit from her sleep.

Dean: "Jo, oh good your awake now."

Jo opens her eyes and smiles at him.

Jo: "Hey come back to bed baby."

Dean: "Sorry, sweetheart, but we can't sleep anymore. It's almost time to leave; Sam will be back soon. The Impala is gone!"

Jo sits up in bed looking very worried. .

Dean walks back over and grabs his clothes so he can start getting redressed

Jo: "Why? What happened to them?"

Dean: "Lucifer is coming after Sam. Michael is coming for me so we have to get out of here before its too late. Sam was shot I thought it was all a dream, but its real Jo. It's all too real! He's okay for now, but they're coming back here so we can figure this all out. Jo, can you pass me some more aspirin my head is killing me."

Jo reaches into the nightstand drawer on the other side of Dean's bed and takes out a bottle of aspirin.

Dean sits down on the bed and Jo hands him the bottle and starts to rub his shoulders

Dean leans into her touch and tries to get the horrible images from his nightmares out of his head.

Jo: "Dean, it's going to be okay we'll find away to stop them and protect Sam."

Jo flashes a reassuring smile and continues to rub his shoulders trying to calm Dean down.

Dean: "I can't stand it anymore Jo. This nightmares, I feel like I'm suffocating, but I can't die I just keep dreaming."

Jo frowns

Jo: "You need to get some fresh air, I'll get dressed and we can take a walk until they get here.

Dean nods and turns his head slightly to kiss her lips gently.

Jo smiles then gets out of bed and goes into the bathroom to shower and get dressed.

Dean takes his pills and pulls out his dad's journal to see if he can find anything inside that might help them.

Scene: The playground near the hotel an hour later

Lucifer appears behind Michael, both are in temporary vessels. Without even turning around Michael speaks.

Michael: "Hello, little brother."

Lucifer: "Michael, you don't want do this now do you?"

Michael: "It's not the time yet, but soon it will be. You know that."

Michael turns around to face Lucifer

Lucifer smiles

Lucifer: "Yes, I know they can't hide from us forever."

Michael: "No, they can't. I can enter Dean's dreams anytime I want to make him see things, real and unreal. He's confused now, but soon he will see there is no other alternative and he will leave Sam and come say yes to me."

Lucifer: "Don't be so sure about that one you know there are three brothers not two."

Michael: "Dean is the one I want."

Lucifer nonchalantly shrugs

Lucifer: "Fine, take him doesn't matter one way or another I will win in the end."

Michael shakes his head in annoyance and scoffs.

Michael: "You are still so arrogant!"

Lucifer: "And you are still so bossy, but you're still my brother no matter what Michael."

Michael: "That doesn't matter anymore I am going to kill you one day on the battlefield. It will come one day soon."

Lucifer obnoxiously smiles again not the least bit worried.

Lucifer: "But, not today."

Michael frowns

Lucifer: "Yeah that's what I thought always following daddy's orders. You just remember one thing he created us both so he must have wanted us both to live. I don't want to kill you, but I will if I must. Nothing is going to stop me, not God, no one will this time especially not Dean."

Lucifer disappears from the playground leaving Michael before he decides to start the fight early.

Michael: "We shall see little brother; we shall see who wins this war."

Joshua the angel appears on earth for the first time and Michael stares at him puzzled that he has come down.

Michael: "What are you doing here?"

Joshua: "God gave me an important message to give you Michael?"

Michael: "Yes, well what is it?"

Joshua: "You're a fool."

Michael stares at him confused and shocked.

Michael: "Is that it?" That's the message?"

Joshua: "Yep, he just thought you should know."

Joshua disappears again leaving Michael to think about God's words.

Michael stands alone contemplating what God's message could possibly mean, but he can't figure it out or at least he doesn't want to. All he knows it he must get a vessel from the Winchester line and he must kill his brother Lucifer for what he's done.

Scene: On the road in the Impala

Sam is driving and his dad is riding shotgun while everyone else is resting in the backseat. John stares at the window he can't understand the overwhelming fear that keeps lingering inside his mind making him question the past.

John: "Sam, why you?"

Sam: "Why me what?"

John: "I just didn't want to believe it Sam. I'm sorry it shouldn't have been you, you were just a baby. I should have realized it from the start. You know when you were about three months old I took you out to the park and I held you in my arms. I played with you and fed you a bottle of milk you were so happy until it started to rain so I was going to take you back inside. You started crying I mean having the biggest fit ever and I couldn't figure out what the hell was wrong with you it scared me because you never cried that loud or that much before. I started walking as fast as I could to get home and I mean it was pouring, the rain just hit fast and there was lightening all around us. It was the freakiest thing."

Sam listens to his father's story, and continues to drive.

John: "A flash of lightening hit a tree in the park then split the tree so fast it fell over and then you just suddenly stopped crying. It grew totally silent and still; the rain stopped and by time I got you back to the house the sun was shining again like nothing had ever happened. I always thought you and Dean were gifts from God, but Sam nothing like that ever happened when Dean was a baby, only around you."

John pauses and sadly sighs.

John: "Whenever you would get scared or cry something would break in the house or fall down in the garage or the car horn would suddenly start blowing, and when you were happy it was like we all were happy. I thought back then it was just some weird coincidence. But, I remember this one day you're brother accidently threw a baseball too far and it hit the neighbor's tail light out. I took you and Dean over there to pay the guy for the damage and I let him hold you just so I could get out some money. He held you for less than a minute just looked at you and suddenly he didn't want the money anymore. He told me he didn't want anything just smiled and pinched your cheek then gave you back to me, told us to have a nice day. That kind of thing happened all the time around you I just thought we got lucky, until well until that November."

John frowns then looks over at Sam

John: "And well you know the rest."

Sam glances over and John then back at the road

Sam: "You never told me this?"

John: "I didn't want to scare you. You were too young to remember anyway. And once I realized you really had supernatural abilities well I figured it only make things worse if you knew. I thought they would all just go away once Azazel was out of the picture"

Sam: "Dad, my entire life has been one freaky weird ass event after another! Now the devil wants me as his vessel and I don't know how to stop all these awful things from happening. So with all due respect I don't really need to hear that even as a baby I was some freak of nature."

John: "Listen to me. You're not a freak Sam, that's what I'm trying to tell you. This stuff only happened when you were with me or when you were with Dean. You're mom never had any trouble like that with you. It has something to do with the men in this family Sam. You are just a part of it. I started noticing it when you were a baby, but this kind of phenomenon is a part of what makes us who we are, what makes us a family. I know its hard son and God knows I wish it didn't have to be our family, but it is happening to all of us Sam. You have always been special and stronger than I ever was, but what makes you special is this family. You will always be one of us so whatever happens we're in this together son. Don't ever forget that okay?"

Sam: "Yes, sir."

John: "When you ran away I would get so scared something so awful would happen to you because we're weren't there to protect you."

Sam: "I'm sorry dad I didn't"

John interrupts him

John: "I know you didn't. You wanted a normal life; I can't blame you for that it's what your mother wanted too, what I wanted for you. I wanted to watch you graduate college and get married. I wanted to see my grandchildren someday, but none of that was possible not for any of us. But, Sam it is possible for you to stop the devil, I know it. You're sharpest one in the family. Dean use to get so mad that I'd make him take you to the library instead of the arcade growing up. I wanted you to be smart Sam. I wanted you to grow up and be better than all of us."

Sam frowns and looks out the window

Sam: "I know I've disappointed you. I've ruined everything and.

John interrupts Sam

John: "No one's perfect son. You may have started the apocalypse but you can end it too. I can't do it for you, no one can. I know you and Dean like to do everything together. You want to save the world together, well son you can't. Not this time."

Sam: "Why not?"

John: "Because I told him already and now I'm telling you that he's either going to save you or kill you, but what I didn't say was that I knew he'd find some way to save you so you could save all of us. I know you'll figure out away until then look out for each other."

Sam sees their exit off the highway. He takes the exit and follows the road leading back to Dean's hotel room.

Sam realizes how much faith his dad still has in him. Sam knows he's going to have to find some way to make his dad proud and stop this apocalypse before it's too late.

Scene: Dean's hotel room three hours later

Castiel appears behind Dean.

Castiel: "Dean we need to talk."

Dean turns around quickly then rolls his eyes

Dean: "Dude, I'm not your girlfriend what is it?"

Castiel: "I'm sorry I have to tell you this, but Sam's been shot and it gets worse I'm afraid."

Dean holds up his hand at Castiel

Dean: "Stop right there partner, you're late. I already know all about it. I talked to Sam. My damn car is gone Bela took it!"

Castiel stares a bit surprised that Dean knows this.

Castiel: "Well actually that contraption you drive is outside I got it back for you. But, you know Lucifer will be coming for your brother shortly so there really isn't much time. We need to get out of here."

Dean immediately rushes to look out the window and is happy to see his baby is there in one piece.

Dean sighs a sigh of a relief

Dean: "We will once they get here."

Castiel: "No we cant wait any longer it's not safe Dean, let me take you and Jo out of here now then they can meet up with us later."

Dean: "No freaking way! I'm not going go run and hide under a rock, not until I know my family is safe hiding with me. They will be here soon Sam's a fast driver when he needs to be so we can wait awhile we got time."

Castiel frowns

Castiel: "No, you don't! I spoke with Michael, he is not happy with you either of us I'm afraid. He will be coming too."

Dean: "Yeah we'll you tell Michael he can kiss my ass actually he can shove a pineapple up his maybe that'll make the douche happy."

Castiel: "No, that won't work. I'm afraid that won't make him happy."

Dean stares and Castiel for a moment then shakes his head irritated that his angel friend still doesn't get his sarcasm.

Jo comes out of the bathroom fully dressed

Jo: "Castiel, hey what are you doing here?"

Castiel: "I am trying to convince Dean that it is smart idea to remain here any longer."

Jo: "Good luck, I've been trying to get him out of here for days so far nada!"

Castiel: "That is most regrettable." He is being a fool."

Jo: "Yep, well like I said I've been working on him, but he's very stubborn so I may have to try a new approach"

Dean: "Damn it will you two stop talking about me like I'm not standing right here! I'm not your pet project okay!"

Jo: "You are a project Dean, whether you like it or not. The question is do you want work with us to keep your ass alive or do you want take your chances with the angels who want ride you and your brother till judgment day?"

Dean: "I just want to wait for Sam, that's all!"

Castiel: "What is it with you two? I just don't get it."

Dean stares at Castiel confused

Dean: "What do you mean you don't get it?"

Castiel: "I mean why do you two have to do everything together its strange. I've noticed you eat together, work together, even say the same words together it's like you share one brain."

Jo: "Yeah, a stupid one."

Castiel nods in agreement with Jo.

Dean glares at them both and is about to make another smart ass comment when a loud siren begins howling. The hotel starts to shake and the television turns on as screeching white noise fills the room.

Castiel looks up at the ceiling which is started to crack from the shaking

Castiel: "They're coming!"

Castiel reaches over to touch Dean and Jo to whisk them away, but he finds he can't move closer.

Castiel feels stuck to the floor unable to even flinch.

Jo feels it too.

Jo: "What is happening? I can't move my legs!"

Dean tries to move and he is able too so he looks at them very confused by what's happening.

Dean: "What do I do?"

Castiel: "You need to get out of here Dean go get help."

The windows to the room shatter and Dean jumps in front of Jo to protect her from the broken glass everywhere. The hotel room door swings open as cold wintery air blows through the curtains.

Sam pulls up in front of the hotel with his dad, mom, Bobby and Ellen.

Sam hurries out of the car.

John gets out and yells at Dean

John: "Get out of there now!"

Dean: "I can't! Jo and Castiel are stuck inside they can't move or leave!"

Castiel: "Go Dean! Just leave us!"

Dean: "No!"

Jo: "You have too! Go now!"

Dean: "But, I. don't want to leave you Jo"

Dean frowns at her terrified for them he tries to pull at her and even pick her up, but she still won't budge.

A bright light shines through the doorway illuminating the parking lot like lights on a helicopter only there was no helicopter in sight

Jo: "Do it! Just go before it's too late I'll be alright."

Dean: "I'll be right back I promise."

Dean kisses her quickly then reluctantly grabs his jacket and runs out of the room towards the Impala.

Sam grabs Dean by the arm as the building shakes.

Lucifer appears on the sidewalk and Michael appears in the luminous light shining from above They look at each other sideways then turn their attention towards the boys.

Dean: "Okay, you got what you wanted I'm out! Now let them go!"

Lucifer: "Why? I don't need them or you. I just want Sam."

Dean stands in front of Sam to protect him from Lucifer.

Dean: "You just stay the hell away! Stay back!"

Sam: "Dean!"

John quickly moves over and stands in front of Dean to protect them both.

John: "Look, you angels can't have them, they are my sons."

Ellen: "And let my daughter out of there you asshole!"

Lucifer turns his head to look back at the room at Jo and Castiel who are still attached to the floor unable to move their bodies from the spot they are in as a strong supernatural force keeps them weighted down.

Lucifer smirks at them and gives Castiel a little wave.

Castiel frowns at Lucifer and tries to summon all his strength to combat this force. These archangels are stronger than him and won't let him take back control.

Michael: "Castiel, I told you there would be a punishment for your disobedience. You can't keep Dean from me any longer."

Lucifer: "Enough of this!"

Lucifer blinks his eyes and the roof caves in on them leaving nothing, but rumble and dust in sight.

Dean yells: "No!"

Sam grabs Dean's shoulders from behind to stop him from trying to run in and get killed

Ellen tries to rush towards the door, but Bobby grabs on to her. He stops her from getting close because he knows it's too late to save them now.

Ellen screams out and cries out

Ellen: "Jo! My baby!"

Lucifer turns to look at Sam and Dean again.

Lucifer: "Now are you ready to go with me Sam?"

Ellen wrangles free from Bobby's grip and pulls out the Colt from the backseat of the Impala.

Ellen: "You bring her back right now you son of a bitch!"

Lucifer rolls his eyes

Lucifer: "Oh what? Ya'll shoot me again? Please when will you humans learn you can't win might as well stop fighting it?"

Bobby: Ellen! Are you insane? Stop!

Bobby stares in total shock at her

Mary cries out terrified for her children's safety.

Mary: "Stop this! Oh God somebody please stop this!"

John: "Ellen put the gun down now! Don't shoot him the Colt won't kill him!"

Ellen: "I want my daughter back! Bring her back now!"

John turns to beg Michael for help who up until now has been silent simply watching waiting for his moment to get at Dean.

John: "Do it please! Bring Jo back and take me instead just do it!"

Sam: "Dad No!"

John: "Shut up Sam!"

Michael sighs annoyed with the situation

Michael: "She's not really my concern. I brought her back once; I see no reason to do it again. None of you are all that important to me except Dean."

Dean pushes Sam's arms away and moves a bit closer to the angels

Dean: "Then bring her back and you can have me!"

Sam: "No, Dean! Dad! Come on this isn't right you can't keep sacrificing yourselves like this!"

John and Dean at the same time say "Shut up Sam!"

Ellen shoots Michael with the colt angry he won't help, but it barely leaves a scratch

Michael looks down at the bullet hole in his chest cavity and frowns. He looks up at her then snaps his fingers and Ellen falls down dead as her neck snaps in three places.

Bobby grabs her and holds her as her body goes limp.

Bobby: "Ellen? No Ellen!"

Dean whips his head around in shock then back at Michael

Dean: "You son of a bitch! I'll kill you!"

Dean charges Michael with all his strength.

Michael touches Dean's skin and burns his hand into the flesh of Dean's chest.

Dean groans out in severe pain as he clutches onto Michael's arm trying to get free.

Sam: "Dean!"

Sam races towards Dean to help

John grabs the Colt off the ground and immediately shoots at the angels.

They both disappear at the same time as bullet misses Michael and hits the broken hotel wall going right through it.

Sam grabs Dean as Dean falls to his knees clutching his chest in pain.

Sam: "Dean! Dean, let me see!"

Sam rips open Dean's shirt to see the damage done and sees the red charred skin imprint of Michael's hand on Dean's chest as blood drips down his stomach.

Sam cradles his brother and tries to stop the bleeding.

Mary rushes to help him, but feels a hand on her back.

Michael: "You're turn."

Mary screams as Michael flays her skin completely off until she's totally turns to ash right in front of them.

Lucifer snaps John's neck before he even has a chance to scream over Mary's death.

Broken and dead the bodies of Ellen and John lay on the ground as ashes of Mary immediately start blowing off into the wind.

Tears stream down Sam's face as he stares at the angels prepared for his own death next.

Lucifer looks at Michael and smirks at him.

Lucifer: "Well I see you haven't lost your touch Michael."

Michael: "No, I haven't. They didn't belong here anyway. God giveth and he taketh away."

Lucifer: "God? Now look who is the arrogant one"

A bleeding Castiel appears behind Michael, he stabs Michael through the chest with his sword.

Michael groans as the sword pieces the skin of his vessel and the tip of the blade covered in blood reaches all the way through the body.

Lucifer: "Brother!"

Michael whips around and smacks Castiel backwards with the back of his hand.

Castiel falls to the ground in pain.

Lucifer grabs onto Michael before he begins to fall.

Lucifer holds Michael in his arms and stares at him terrified

Lucifer: "Michael, No, its not suppose to be like this! You can't die, not now."

Michael looks up into the eyes of his little brother and smiles slightly up at him

Michael: "If its God's will for me to die then so be it. But, I will return to finish this."

Michael bleeds from the mouth as the light within disappears leaving nothing but an empty dead vessel.

Lucifer sheds a tear for the first time since he was banished from heaven.

Lucifer looks up and glares at Castiel.

Lucifer gets up and pulls the angel off the ground by the neck holding him up

Lucifer: "You killed my brother who the hell do you think you are? Me!"

Sam grabs the sword off the ground and plunges it into Lucifer's back.

Lucifer vessel explodes into thousands of pieces leaving nothing but Sam standing there with the sword in his hand feeling nothing but the cold air.

Castiel falls to his knees gasping for air.

Sam still has tears running down his face

Sam looks around at all of them.

Bobby stares up at Sam in shock still holding Ellen's broken body.

Dean crawls over to John grabbing onto his dad's collar and starts crying into his shoulder.

Castiel finally begins to feel like he can breathe again so he stands up and takes the sword from Sam.

Sam: "Is it over?"

Castiel looks at the bloody sword then back at Sam.

Castiel: "No, Sam, I'm afraid it's never over. You can't kill the devil not like this you're not an angel even I'm not powerful enough to do it. I sent Michael back to heaven, but he can come back once his strengthen returns and he finds another vessel to use though I doubt he will as long as Dean doesn't give in."

Sam: "I don't understand why they were working together? I thought Lucifer and Michael hated each other?

Castiel: "But, they are still brothers their bond is stronger than this blade, stronger than gravity, stronger than hate even. They will come back and when they do they're going to be sincerely pissed off!"

Sam: "They killed our parents."

Sam looks down at John's dead body and falls to his knees in tears

Sam looks over at Bobby holding Ellen's dead body. Bobby's eyes are also full of tears.

Sam: "They killed Ellen and Jo. Why? Why does this keep happening to us?"

Castiel sadly frowns as he looks down at Sam and Dean crouched over their father.

Castiel: "I wish I had all the answers for you, but I don't. Michael wanted to teach Dean a lesson try to show him why he needs to say Yes. I tried to convince Michael not to do this, but he's convinced it's the will of God. Lucifer found a way to use this to his advantage as well resurrected you the way he did gives him power over you Sam. Power he will try to use when he returns. Now more than ever you and your brother must find a way to stop this."

Sam: "I will. Dean shot him, I stabbed him and we still can't kill that son of a bitch! Well I will find away to stop him I swear to God!"

Sam looks at Dean then goes to help Dean up

Sam frowns and looks into Dean's eyes trying to gauge how he's feeling.

Sam: "Dean, are you okay?"

Dean: "No, Sam. I'm not okay. I'm never going to be okay so just stop asking stupid questions alright!"

Sam looks down at the ground embarrassed and sad.

Sam: "I'm sorry I."

Dean interrupts him as he wipes the snot and moisture from his grief stricken face.

Dean: "Just get the damn lighter fluid out the trunk; we've got bodies to burn!"

Castiel looks at Dean.

Castiel: "I want you to know I will do everything I can to help Dean."

Dean: "Can you kill me, and spread me in pieces so that douche Michael can't get to me ever again?

Castiel frowns and sighs

Castiel: "You know I can't do that Dean. Even if I could I wouldn't want to."

Dean: "Then you're not much good to me are you?"

Castiel stares at Dean he knows he's angry and in pain, but he wishes Dean wouldn't lash out so much.

Dean: "I knew I shouldn't have left that room. I fucking knew it!"

Bobby: "You couldn't have stayed in there forever boy!"

Dean: "Yeah, well if I had Jo would still be alive right now! Mom, dad they'd all still be alive."

Bobby: "They were never meant to be alive again anyway. We knew this would come, Michael only brought them back to get you to say yes."

Dean: "So what are you saying that it's all my fault Bobby?"

Bobby frowns heartbroken over it all too. Bobby tries to stand up but can't as he realizes his legs no longer work. He starts to yell at Dean.

Bobby: "You think I wanted this? Damn them! Damn them all to hell! I loved her too you know! Ellen she made me feel alive again, I could walk again and now she's gone! It's all gone! But, don't you dare act like this is all about you! We all lost them! So stop bitching and get me my damn wheelchair out of the truck!"

Dean tears up again and looks away not wanting to speak or even see them right now.

Sam gets Bobby's wheelchair for him. .

Scene: The playground four hours later

Ellen and John's bodies' burn on a bonfire as Sam, Dean and Bobby watch without saying a word.

Castiel stands near the Impala watching them then he looks up at the stars.

Castiel: "God! How could you do this to them! How could you let them take them away like that? What are you doing to these people? You're supposed to be good! You're supposed to be righteous! How can you let this happen? Why? Why! Answer me you son of a bitch!"

Castiel looks up at the heavens waiting for an answer, but he hears nothing.

Castiel sheds his first human tear as he looks up at the Winchester brothers loading up their car preparing to leave this place for good.

A broken streetlamp quietly light flickers to life nearby illuminating the angel's face.

Castiel stares up into the light and is surprised to feel a small measure of peace wash over him.

The End.

Gravity by John Mayer

Gravity is working against me
And gravity wants to bring me down

Oh I'll never know what makes this man
With all the love that his heart can stand
Dream of ways to throw it all away

Oh Gravity is working against me
And gravity wants to bring me down

Oh twice as much ain't twice as good
And can't sustain like a one half could
It's wanting more
That's gonna send me to my knees
That's gonna send me to my knees

Oh gravity, stay the hell away from me
And gravity has taken better men than me (now how can that be?)

Just keep me where the light is
Just keep me where the light is
Just keep me where the light is
C'mon keep me where the light is
C'mon keep me where the light is
Oh... where the light is; where the light is!