Harem Doujutsu

Ch 01: A Good Day

By: MikeJV37


Author's Note: First let's get the 'legal stuff' out of the way, I don't own Naruto or any of the characters.... if I did he would of hooked up with Hinata in the Manga by now. Don't own the characters, only the story and plot, which was originally suggested to me by gamarasengan16 so I wanted to give him due credit for it. This will be a short fic, for me anyway, only 10-15 chapters, and full of little lemons and hopefully humor, I might even have a few fights.... and very likely some Sasuke bashing. Probably some other guys will get bashed too, or at least made fun of, but all of it in a humorous way.... I hope. (no promises on Sasuke tho, LOL!) Hope ya enjoy, and reviews are appreciated.


----Oct 21, 6:37 AM, Naruto's Apartment, Age 10----

It'd started 2 weeks ago on my least favorite day of the year, my birthday.... cringes.... this tall woman with bright red hair down to her knees, huge boobs and a black trimmed red kimono started appearing in my dreams, and any dream she was in I'd remember perfectly, like it really happened, it was weird. Unfortunately that was when the headaches started too, it felt like I had 2 kunai in my head stabbing me behind my eyes, but it would only last about 5 minutes after I woke up. That's where today started. As you can see I'm thrashing in my bed, but not because of a nightmare, see.... that woman I mentioned that appears in my dreams....I know it sounds weird, but it's like I have someone else in my head, and she's the biggest pervert I've ever met... even if she isn't real. I gotta say though, she kinda grows on you.... and she's been teaching me things about women, girls in particular. It was really weird at first becase I didn't know any of it, so how I teach myself things I don't know? I never was big on thinking about stuff so I just went with it.... hey, training is training, but I have to say I didn't see how any of this made me a stronger ninja, but I never turn down a chance to learn something new, even if I don't think its useful at the time, you never know what you'll have to do on a mission. There was 1 other thing I hated about waking up lately, and it as a real pain.... literally..

Naruto flipped over from his back onto his stomach, and woke up with a scream, quickly flipping onto his back he flung the sheets away, sighed, adjusted himself, got out of bed yanked his pajama bottoms down and kicked'em off, then threw off the top. "I don't care what the dream lady says.... a fourteen inch hard dick is not a blessing, its a damn curse." Naruto grumbled, shuffled to the bathroom, did his business, showered brushed his teeth fixed his hair with his hands, it was naturally spikey, then got dressed and fixed a bowl of instant ramen for breakfast. "Ramen, nature's perfect food." Naruto exclaimed happily as he ate it..

----7:37 AM, Street----

Naruto was walking toward the academy when he suddenly stopped and smiled. He just realized that he didn't have a headache that moring, in fact he'd felt really good, he'd just been too tired to notice since he'd gotten use to it..Now with a little more spring in his step than usual he contnued walking what he didn't notice was regardless of where he was looking his eyes picked up, and his brain memorized, the location, outfit and build of every female in view that morning, he knew what they looked like right down to their measurements.... well, everything he could without actually seeing them naked. Had he actually thought about it he'd know that, but thinking wasn't something he normally did a lot of, he preferred to go with the flow and just improvise as he went, which was something he did better than anyone else, but he could make a good plan if he wanted to, usually for a prank though.

----8:00 AM, Academy, Homeroom----

As usual when he walked in he practically yelled 'good morning' to the whole class and waved before heading to his seat. He didn't realize it until he sat down, but he'd clearly seen everyone's reaction. Shikamaru sighed and mumbled 'troublesome', Chouji smiled, Kiba laughed, Ino and Sakura gave him a brief annoyed glare then went back to staring at Sasuke, he saw everyone.... including a fairly new face he hadn't really noticed before, she smiled as her eyes lit up with happiness, then she blushed and put her head down. 'She was the only girl in class that was happy to see me... why haven't I ever noticed her before? Besides Ayame-chan she's the only girl in Konoha that likes me.... how the hell did I not see her before?' Naruto thought, confused and annoyed at himself for missing someone that could be his friend, and it was a girl. 'Hmm, she's kinda cute too.' Naruto thought.

"Hinata Hyuuga...." Iruka said as he called off names.

'Hinata Hyuuga.... she sure isn't like the other Hyuuga's I've met, they wouldn't smile to save their life, but she only seems to smile when she looks at me....' Naruto thought, then realized something he never would of before and smiled. 'She has a crush on me! Now I have to be her friend, maybe even her boyfriend.... as mich as most adults hate me, Hiashi would flip if I started dating his oldest daughter, that'd be the best prank EVER!' Naruto thought and got a big foxy grin on his face. Naruto turned his head slightly so he could just see her, and waited. He only had to wait 10 minutes before he saw her staring at him again, a dreamy look in her white eyes. He 'accidently' dropped his pencil on the floor on her side, after leaning down and picking it up he decided to gave her a big 'I like you' smile looking right in her eyes. When he did he was so focused on being charming he missed the subtle warm feeling in his eyes from his chakra, only seeing the stunned look on her face and little twinkle in her eyes. "Hi." He said in his nicest voice, then turned back toward Iruka.


Naruto walked out into the courtyard to the big tree to eat his lunch, a fresh box of shrimp ramen from Ichiraku's dropped off by Ayame, they were the best! It cost him a little extra of his allowance from the old man to have them deliver to the Academy everyday for lunch, but it was so worth it. He sat in the shade under the big tree and smiled. "Wanna join me Hinata?" He asked, not looking at anyone. He didn't know why, but she'd followed him around since homeroom like some puppy, even from class to class and he knew she wasn't in some of them, but what really amazed him was that no one seemed to notice her.... it was like she was invisible. He was sneaky, but her stealth was incredible, she didn't make a sound, even in the grass, and how she could just blend into the background was like some high level jutsu, he wished he could do that.

Hinata stepped out from behind the tree, the same big smile on her face from homeroom, she bave him a small bow and sat next to him. "Thank you Naruto... how'd you know I was there?" She asked calmly.

Naruto chuckled. "You've been following me around like a puppy since homeroom.... no one else seemed to notice you though. Does that happen a lot?"

Hinata nodded immediately.

"Do yu like me Hinata?" Naruto asked as he opened his box of hot ramen.

Hinata blushed brightly but nodded immediately. "Hai, I love you Naruto, I have since I was little and first saw you in the park."

Naruto froze, even he knew someone as shy as she obviously was NEVER could of just said that so easily, he looked in her big white eyes and saw something almost familiar about that twinkle. "Why did you tell me that?"

"Because you asked me, I'll do anything you want me to Naruto.... may I call -kun?" Hinata asked, still blushing slightly.

"Sure." Naruto said. 'This is weird, she's acting like.... like she's in a Genjutsu, but no student could do a Genjutsu like this, we aren't even Genin yet...." Naruto suddenly sat straight up as it hit him. 'Did I do that to her? But if I did, how.... I don't know any Genjutsu.' Naruto thought.

"Is something wrong Naruto-kun, you're usually half done with your ramen by now." Hinata asked gently.

"Oh, I was just thiking.... do you know where I live" Naruto asked, then she nodded. "Would you meet me there about.... four o'clock?"

"Hai, I'd love to." Hinata said happily.

"Good. I don't want you getting in trouble, so would you not follow me around to my classes?"

Hinata pouted for a moment. "Okay Naruto-kun, if that's what you want. Do.... you still like me?"

"Of course I do, we're friends right.".Naruto said, and saw her face lit up with joy. "We better eat , there's nothing worse than cold ramen." Naruto said, then laughed, broke out his shop sticks and stared to eat.

Hinata sat out and opened a sushi plate.

----3:54 PM, Naruto's Apartment----

He'd raced home as fast as he could, cleaned up the apartment so it at least looked decent, nothing he could do about the old, worn furniture or the stains, but they waere basically clean now. He'd just finished a quick shower and was getting dressed. He'd been thinking about it since lunch, and had a small headache to prove it, but there was no other reason she was acting like that, she had to be under some kind of Genjutsu. Naruto sat in the side of his bed to put his socks on when everyting went black and he suddenly found himself in a sewer, but it was strangely a lot cleaner than you'd expect a sewer to be. Hoping he wasn't possessed by a ghost, the only thing he was really afraid of, he followd the sewer down 2 long tunnels and around 2 corners ending up in a huge room the size of his apartment building, on the far wall was a cage door that went wall-to-wall and from the floor to the cieling, it was very intimidating.

"Hello Naruto, we need to talk." A female voice said.

Naruto recognized the voice immediately, it was the redhead from his dreams, looked aroiund and saw her step out of the shadows on the other side of the cage, her red eyes glowing for a moment as she appeared. "Am I dreaming?"

"You aren't dreaming, well not in the way you mean. This is your mindscape, all shinobi can do this. I can enter your drams, but I can't leave this cage without your permission, but I promise I won't leave this room.... may I leave my cage and explain what's going on?" She asked, and smiled when he nodded then stepped out between the huge bars. "Thank you, I can't tell you my real name yet, so for now just call me Ky-chan. You know that seal on your stomach.... that's what keeps me locked up inside you, but I won't hurt you I promise. I was sealed inside you to.... help you. You're right about Hinata, she is under a kind of Genjutsu, but it isn't dangerous. I awakened your Bloodline-Limit You inheireted this ability from your father, but his didn't fully awaken. That's what those headaches were the last two weeks, I was doing that, I'm sorry it hurt so much but that's a side effect and there was nothing I could do about it. Please wait until I'm finished before asking questions.... thank you Naruto. Your ability is a Genjutsu-type Doujutsu unlike any other. Its main purpose is to charm women and bend them to your will, and though it will work on men at the basic level, I don't reccomend doing that until you can control the effect it has, otherwise it could have an effect I know you won't like. With my help it can be developed to do many other things, but it will take you four or five years at least to master it, if you'll let me train you. Once you master it, what ever other abilities it may give you is up to you to develop, as I only know so much about it." Ky said.

Naruto was really excited at this news, but for once was restraining himself, he knew very little about Genjutsu, and he sure didn't want to risk hurting anyone. After a few minutes of thinking he composed himself and had a few questions. "So I have to look them in the eyes to use it?" He asked, and she nodded. "Okay, that'll be easy. So any girl I use this on will do anything I want?" He asked and again she nodded, which made him smile. "Does it matter how strong they are? Would it work on someone stronger than me, like a Jounin?"

"Hai, how strong or skilled she is doesn't matter because of how it works. Remember what you were thinking and how you felt when you looked at Hinata after picking up your pencil.... that's basically how you activate it, it'll get easier with practice." Ky said.

Naruto nodded, smiled deviously and vanished.

"I may regret what I was forced to do ten years ago and help him be the the next Hokage.... that doesnt mean I can't turn him into the biggest pervert in the last thousand years, the Queen of the tailed beasts has to have some fun.... besides, I haven't had sex in thousands years.... I'd be his slave forever if he'd just let me out and fuck me." Ky said with a big smile and returned to her cage laughing.

----3:59 PM, The Real World----

Naruto blinked a few times, finding himself sitting on his bed, he quickly finished getting dressed and just as he left his bedroom there was a knock on the door. "Play time!" Naruto said excitedly, fast walked to the door, composed himself, and opened it with a smile..

"Hello Naruto-kun, it's four o'clock. May I come in?" Hinata said politely.

Naruto let her in, closed the door and lead her to the couch where they sat, Hinata on his right. "So you really love me Hinata?"

Hinata blushed and smiled. "Hai,with all my heart.... I could never even talk to you until today, then you talked to me in class and I felt different, stronger.I usually faint when I get close to you, but I'm not anymore."

Naruto smiled a little bigger, he knew why.... now. He really wanted to have her do some of the things Ky-chan had showed him in his dreams, and if that was any other girl he would of, especially Sakura who he had a small crush on, he didn't want to force Hinata. He just couldn't do that to a girl that really liked him, for face and hair she was as cute as Sakura, something about different colored hair he found really exciting. Sakura's pink hair was the rarest, Hinata's blue hair was almost as beautiful, though she was from a big Clan so it was normal for them. The other thing he'd really started to notice no girl in class had yet, well not like the older girls and women he spied on recently. "Since we're alone now.... is there anything you want to do or ask me?"

A thousand thoughts ran through Hinata's mind at once, inside she was dancing wildly at being able to talk ALONE with Naruto, and now he was asking her what she wanted. "There's a few things I want to ask you.... I've watched you spying on other girls in class and women on the street, and you look at certain ones differently, I've wondered what do you like about them that's different from the rest that makes you like them, and is it something I have or can do so you'd look at me that way?"

"Well.... yes there is. I like long hair, especially if its a different color than normal, like Sakura's... but I do kinda like your hair because its blue." Naruto said.

Hinata touched her short hair with her right hand, it barely reached her neck, it wasnt long like Naruto-kun liked. That made her a little sad, but she smiled when he said he lked her blue hair. "Would you like me to grow it long Naruto-kun?"

"That'd be great, I'd love to see how you looked with long hair.... but if you did the other guys would notice you, and you'd get really popular like Ino and forget all about me just like everyone else." Naruto said and gave her a small sad pout.

"I'd never forget about you Naruto-kun, you're the only boy I ever want to be with!"" Hinata exclaimed after her initial shock at his statement, then remembered something. "What else do you like about them?" Hinata asked, almost demanding.

'This is too easy.' Naruto thought. "There is, but you'll think I'm a pervert." Naruto said.

"No I won't, whatever it is just tell me, is it their clothes, something special you like, how they walk.... please, tell me what it is." Hinata said.

'I.... like....big breasts." Naruto said genuinely a little nervous, this was the one thing she couldn't change or do for him. Every girls in his class was either flat or small, Ino was the boggest girl in any of his classes and she was only a big B cup as best he could figure from looking at her, and she wore tight clothes. If not for Ky-chan he wouldn't even know about bra cup sizes.

"Really? So you wouldn't think that a girl our age with big breasts was weird, or a freak or something and make fun of her?" Hinata asked.

Naruto's eye brows went up in surprise, he hadn't expected this. "No, I wouldn't. If there was a girl like that at the Academy I'd do anything to be her boyfriend, and keep all the other boys away from her."

Hinata suddenly stood up, still facing him, and in a single, fast, fluid move unzipped her oversized jack and held it wide open.

Naruto's eyes got as big as saucers, his jaw dropped, his nose bled from both nostrils, then his eyes rolled back in his head and he fainted.


End Chapter 1


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