Harem Doujutsu

Ch 13: Crying Eyes, Pt 2

By: MikeJV37


===Feb 14, 9:22 PM, The Island, With Naruto===

Next to the house-sized crater Tenten left where she ripped up the ground to find Seko, unfortunately that was all she'd done, but at the moment it was enough, Tenten had found her in time... almost. Naruto was kneeling over Seko, and while no med-nin, he was using every trick he knew to keep her alive, and all he could manage was keeping her on the edge of death.


Naruto and Tenten turned suddenly when a figure crashed through the boulders surrounding the clearing. "She's dying, you have to save her!" Naruto pleaded.

Tsunade ran to them, stopping next to an obviously half demon girl, Kyuubi's influence she knew from the fox features, but there was no evil intent, which was the only reason she hadn't attacked. "What the hell is going on here, who's the kitsune girl and why is that girl dying?" Tsunade said strongly but calmly, fists clenched tightly. "Wait a second, you're from the boat and she's the girl from the hotel room."

"Please Tsunade, you have to save her... I promised her a better life, don't let her die! I'll tell you everything later, I'll pay you any amount you want if you'll save her... she's my friend." Naruto pleaded.

Tsunade looked down at the girl, she was a little bloody, as were his hands, and it was getting to her. She knew the girl was the whore from the hotel room and she was Hisame's now, and while part of her wanted to help, the blood was bringing back a lot of very bad memories.

"I found you Tsunade..." Shizune said then gasped in horror at what she saw and ran to their side, dropping ncxt to the girl she activated a healing jutsu. "What happened to her Naruto-kun, she's barely alive!"

"Naruto? I thought his name was... wait, Naruto... Naruto, I know that name..." Tsunade said then took a good look at the blonde boy.

"Dear Kami..." Shizune said to herself, not even looking at Tsunade. "He's their son Tsunade-sensei, I found out on the boat... before we made love." Shizune said nervously, biting her bottom lip as she continued trying to save the girl.

"Their son..." Tsunade said blankly, her face showed a torrent of powerful emotions.

"Please help me save her Tsunade... if she dies I'll..." Shizune said and paused as the words caught in her throat. "I'll leave you and return to Konoha with Naruto-kun."

Tsunade collapsed, legs folded under her to her left, hands down to support her, head down. "I... I, can't, I'm sorry." Tsunade said weakly, tears starting down her cheeks.

"She's dying, I'm not strong enough... please Tsunade, don't let her die, he doesn't deserve to go through this... please, don't do this to their son!" Shizune said strongly, then had a thought. "Naruto, I need a chakra boost, give me as much of your chakra as you can spare! It'll probably destroy my chakra coils, but I'll make that sacrifice to save her!" Shizune commanded.

Tenten stood there, watching the scene unfold, as much as she hated what had been done to her, she knew all about Shizune and Tsunade. She clenched her fists tightly. "You were my idol, how can you sit there and let her die? Or let your apprentice end her career because you won't help save this girl... grrrr, YOU DISGUST ME YOU WORTHLESS OLD BITCH!" Tenten screamed then slapped Tsunade HARD across the face, sending her flying down to the bottom of the crater. "I can save her by making her like me. I hate that this was forced on me, but as a Konoha kunoichi, and what ever I am now to Naruto... his girlfirend, his slave, what ever it is I know in my heart he still loves me and I won't let someone he cares about die, if she cares about Naruto, and I think she does, she'll accept this like I am, as long as Naruto-kun loves me... I can live with anything." Tenten said then stepped up to them and kneeled by the girl's head, opposite Naruto.

"Tenten I..." Naruto said.

"Please Naruto-kun..." Tenten interrupted. "I know... and I'm not mad at you, this wasn't anything you did." Tenten said, waved him and Shizune back, ripped open the girl's shirt exposing her breasts, tranformed to her full kitsune form then slapped her right hand down on her chest over her heart which glowed with red chakra as she pumped it into the girl's body. "I'm sorry I have to do this to you, I hope you'll forgive me." Tenten whispered.

Shizune sat there still stunned that girl had slapped Tsunade down like she was nothing and sent her flying, almost as shocking was watching this half-demon girl force red chakra into the dying girl's body to force a transformation. From what she knew about them it had to be similar to being a jinchuriki, and they generaly had greater healing than normal humans, she knew Naruto did from what had happened on the boat. Though thinking about that, and him, arroused her... she surpressed it because this wasn't the time or place for that.

Tenten removed her hand as the girl suddenly screamed and arched up on her hands, feet and back of her head for a few moments, then collapsed, breathing hard and shaking slightly. "She should be alright now... she'll sleep a while then will transform into the hybrid form." Tenten said then reverted to her hybrid form. "Like this."

"I'm sorry... I deserved that."

Everyone turned and saw Tsunade standing there, looking rather humble.

"I'd like to check her, if I'm still wanted here." Tsunade said, looking at Shizune.

"Hands?" Shizune said, hopefully.

Tsunade held both out with a small smile. "Steady. What's your name?"

"Tenten, Eleven, Konoha kunoichi in-training... one of Naruto-kun's elite girlfriends, and apparently his bodyguard." Tenten said.

"Tsunade, over thirty, Sannin, top Med-nin in the world... and former drunken bitch with a paralyzing fear of blood." Tsunade said and rubbed her cheek where she'd been slapped. "That's quite a backhand you have there, felt like I was hit by my own punch." Tsunade said and laughed a moment. "I want to thank you for pulling my head out of my ass... you too Shizune-chan, I'm sorry about everything you've been through because of me. Can we start over, I'd like to help if I can." Tsunade said sincerely.

===Feb 15, 8:32 AM, Hisame's Hotel Room===

His head locked under her right arm, his face pressed into her huge breast through her green jacket, Tsunade gave Naruto a noogie. "Hell of a girl you have there brat, don't screw it up by treating like some slave, got it?" Tsunade said and released him. "Either of them, I've lost two people just like that... trust me, you don't want to go through it. We're still going to talk about what you and Shizune did, but for now that can wait. So, if this mission is done, I assume we're all headed back to Konoha? Not that I'm looking forward to it, but you and fox girl there helped me get my shit together... and I hate to admit it, but I owe you both, and Shizune deserves a real life and home, so how are we doing this?" Tsunade said and sighed.

"Actually, we still have four or five days before we have to leave, so here's what we're doing and I don't want an argument from anyone or you'll regret it... even you Tsunade, as strong as you are it won't protect you from me, ask Shizune. First... Tsunade, you and Shizune are going to go gamble, see some movies, enjoy the Spa, have a good time and relax, forget about everything else. Tenten, I'm assuming you can get back to Konoha the same way you got here, so take Seko back with you, tell Hokage-sama what happened then introduce Seko to the family, I'd like her to stay with you or Kurenai and Anko, but either way she'll need you to help her with her new ablities until i get back... and give everyone a kiss for me, tell'em I miss'em and wil see them soon." Naruto said then paused a few moments.

"You're a pushy little brat, but I'll go along for now since I could use it, and so can Shizune. Just don't get use to leading me around on some sexual leash like you do Shizune and the others, this bitch isn't broken yet." Tsunade said.

Naruto subtley smirked.

"Thank you Naruto-kun!" Seko said happily now that she knew the truth, not that it mattered as she was charmed.

"Okay Naruto-kun, don't stay away too long, we miss you." Tenten said, fully transformed, grabbed Seko's shoulder and with a howl vanished in red smoke.

Tsunade whistled, then left with Shizune.

Once alone, Hisame turned to Naruto who was obviously waiting for something. "What about me Naruto?" Hisame said nervously, almost submissively.

Naruto sighed as if dissappointed. "You really are just tits and ass aren't you Hisame?" Naruto said emotionlessly, saw her flinch slightly then nod slowly, obviously ashamed. "There's only one thing to do to you then..." Naruto said as he stepped up to Hisame, who he could tell was becoming a little afraid. "I'm gonna fuck you." Naruto said with a huge smile, unable to hold it in any longer.

"Hai Naruto-san, I'm sorry I... WHAT?" Hisame said sadly, then what he said fully registered in her mind and hope filled her being. "You mean it... I earned your trust?"

"First tell me something... I know you love Snow Country and you have plans for it I probably won't like, but would you give up everything to move to Konoha and be one of my girls, but never be a kunoichi again?" Naruto said, testing her.

"I wouldn't be a kunoichi of Snow or Konoha, but I'd have you, friends and lovers, right?" Hisame said.

"Right, you'd basically be retired." Naruto said.

Hisame stood there and ran everything thru her mind, she had plans to find the missing Princess, get the treasure, kill her, and with Dosou dead she'd rule Snow, but now she was conflicted by her growing love of this blonde brat that had somehow done what no one ever had, breached all her emotional defenses, touched her heart and earned her respect, trust, and despite everything, her love. She couldn't deny it, he had her by the heart and pussy and could destroy her with a few words. "Hai, I hate admitting it... but you tamed the Snow Dragon and melted her frozen pussy." Hisame said and bowed her head in submission.

Naruto looked at her with a subtle smile, he'd been right, and as much fun as it would be to fully tear her down first, he knew she'd been suffering since that night she met Kychan and he told her about his girls.

"Go on Naruto, charm her and make her happy. You hate making her suffer, regardless of what she's done or her reasons for hiring you for this mission, she wants to change for you." Kyuubi said.

'Yeah, I know... you don't mind spending the day in the closet do you? I'll give you a whole box for lunch to make it up to you, but you know why I can't let you run around here.' Naruto thought.

"It reminds me of my old cave... but when we get back to Konoha we're going to make some changes. The apartment is great, but I need some natural surroundings... that means grass, trees and a small pond with fish." Kyuubi said.

Naruto agreed then stepped up to Hisame and lifted her face up so she was looking at him and smiled. "Strip." Naruto said..

Hisame smiled happily. "Hai, and thank you Naruto-kun. I'll do my best to please you... um, I know you like big tits like mine, but how do feel about... clits?"

"Why... is yours bigger than normal, because if you think its too big and I won't like you because of it you're wrong, a few of my women back in Konoha are well endowed down there." Naruto said.

Hisame looked down at the floor. "No... I'm... I have a tiny clit!" Hisame exclaimed sadly.

"Please Hisame, don't be ashamed... please, show me." Naruto said calmly, to reassure her.

Hisame nodded then stripped, shirt, sports bra, boots, pants, panties, revealing a large, thick but trimmed, white bush, then went to the bed, sat on the side and after a few breaths, slowly spread her legs, then used her fingers to expose her clit. "I'm fully arroused... and I'm barely an inch, I'm half this size normally. I'm fully developed sexually, just... under-sized. I've been this small since I hit puberty and started masturbating." Hisame said, mostly hiding how ashamed she felt.

Naruto looked at Hisame, he could tell how bad she felt and she thought she was inadequate sexually, he was trying to figure out how he could help her without charming her, he wanted to see what she could do on her own first.

"Use the Kyoshougan on her!" Kyuubi suddenly said in Naruto's mind, almost yelling.

'Ahh, don't yell you hairy cunt! I'm sorry, you surprised me. I don't want to charm her yet, you know that.' Naruto thought.

"I'm sorry Naruto, what I meant was now that you unlocked it, I know what level three does... some of it." Kyuubi said.

'Explain... how can it help Hisame-chan?' Naruto thought.

Hisame noticed Naruto wasn't looking at her, but had zoned out, as if he was in a Genjutsu. "Is something wrong Naruto?"

Naruto didn't react.

Hisame watched Naruto for just over a minute before he blinked a few times. "What happened, is something wrong?" Hisame said.

Naruto smiled. "I'll tell you how when we get back to Konoha, but I think I can help your... little, problem."

"What do you mean? There's no jutsu of any kind that can permanently alter my body, I've checked." Hisame said.

"There is now. remember I mentioned I have special abilities... one of them is a unique Doujutsu. At the clearing I activated what I call level three of my ability. With it I can manipulate your body... I've never done this before though and I'm pretty sure it'll drain a lot of my chakra, so I may not be able to fuck you today, at least this morning, this evening at the earliest, I really don't know how much chakra it'll take." Naruto said.

Hisame sat there a moment, stunned, letting it sink in. "You mean, this... new level of your Doujutsu lets you transform my body however you want?" Hisame said, and saw him nod. "I don't care if I have to wait until we get back to Konoha, if you can really do this, without hurting yourself, then please try... Naruto-sama." Hisame said and bowed her head.

"According to... my research, it won't hurt me, just use a lot of my chakra, which for me is saying something because I have a lot, several times more than most Jounin in fact. I'll do my best, and promise that if I mess up I'll fix whatever I did wrong. before I try, do you know how big you want to be... length? Girth?" Naruto said.

'Should I tell Naruto about... that? No, he might think I'm a freak or something, I'll wait until I know for sure. For now I'll tell him what I'd like to have and see how he reacts.' Hisame thought the swallowed nervously, took a breath and sighed. "I hope you don't think I'm a freak or something... but I'd really love to have what I guess you could call the female version of a horse cock."

Naruto raised his eyebrows and smirked. "Well... I'm actually kinda curious now... how big?"

"Um... about a six inch girth and..." Hisame said and stopped nervously.

Naruto waited a few moments then signaled her to continue.

"Twenty-four inches long." Hisame said, watching his face.

"I honestly don't know how this works, or if that's even possible, but I'll try. Hey, if it works my other girls will want enhancements too. I can think of a few right now that would love bigger tits. Give me a few minutes to get ready." Naruto said, backed up a few steps, sat on the floor cross-legged and closed his eyes.

===5 Minutes Later===

His eyes showing the level 3 starburst pattern, the blue almost shining, he focused like Kyuubi showed him in his mindscape, a clear picture in his head of how he wanted Hisame to look, he pushed enough chakra into his eyes to do what he wanted, trying not to waste any. Hisame's moans and other sounds didn't register in his mind as he did it. He watched her already arroused clit lengthen quickly and thicken slowly, reaching the desired size in 58 seconds, the moment he was done and shut off his chakra and Doujutsu, he staggered a moment and fell to 1 knee, hands down to catch himself. Breathing heavy a couple times he caught his breath and stood. Hisame was sitting there with an ear-to-ear smile at what was standing proud from between her legs. "You like it?" Naruto said, the answer obvious from her expression.

"Give me one night to enjoy this, and you can kill me for all I care, put a ring in the end, leash it and walk me around by it naked... I'm your most loyal whore forever as long as I get one night with you to enjoy this, then I'll happily be your slave." Hisame said.

"I saw it when I activated my Doujutsu, I wonder want she's hiding... the way it looked I'd say it was something sexual. Doesn't matter right now, I'll find out when we get back to Konoha.' Naruto thought. "In that case, I'm overdressed." Naruto said and quickly stripped, he smiled at her reaction when she saw his partially arroused foot long cock flop out. When he got hard a few moments later he almost laughed when she wiped the drool from her mouth at the sight of his thick, 14" cock. "You're just a horny old bitch aren't you Hisame-chan, tell me the truth... you just wanted to rule Snow Country so you could get laid any time you wanted, isn't that right?" Naruto said firmly grabbed her throbbing clit.

Hisame bit her bottom lip. "I..." Hisame said, then moaned in ecstasy when he starting to slide his hand up and down her super sensitive giant clit. "OH DEAR KAMI YES! Please, m,make love to me before I explode." Hisame said, the last part begging.

"Please what?" Naruto casually asked.

"Please, Naruto-sama... I give myself to you, whatever you want from me is yours... just please stop teasing me. Beat me to death for my past crimes, I don't care, just fuck me while you do it." Hisame said.

"I think you learned your lesson... lay back, spread'em wide and hang on!" Naruto said, Hisame smiled and obeyed immediately, so with no further warning, or hesitation, he moved forward and buried his cock in her dripping pussy to the balls, making her scream in pleasure. He leaned forward, roughly grabbing her big nipples and pulled them close to his face, stretching her tits but she obviously didn't mind, backed up slightly and started slowly sliding most of his cock in and out of her as he licked her nipples.

Hisame's hands shot down her body, under her stretched tits and grabbed her now painfully hard clit and started stroking it, her hands squeezing painfully hard and moving fast up and down her red shaft like a cock. After what felt like hours, but was actually about 2 minutes, she matched his strokes, that really got the orgasm building inside her growing faster and stronger, but 1 of her few thoughts was to hold it back until he was ready, when he blew his load in her she wanted to have hers at the same time, just in case he did decide to kill her, or worse, she wanted this memory burned into her soul forever. "OH YES NARUTO-SAMA, BITE MY NIPPLES HARD, CHEW'EM BLOODY, DON'T NIBBLE THEM!" Hisame yelled, then screamed in pleasure when he bit her right nipple hard, she could feel he released her left breast, so she moved her left hand from her clit to her tit and put her hard nipple in her mouth to suck and chew on. She tightened her pussy as best she could, but no matter how hard she squeezed, his strokes continued to get faster and harder as she was nearing the greatest orgasm of her life... so far any way... then he slowed down so much she thought he'd stopped. "No please. don't stop I'm... I'm so close..." Hisame said, panting hard, her sweat soaked body shaking.

Smiling, Naruto easily pulled her shaking hand from her cilt, and he grabbed it with both hands. "Who said I stopped, I just slowed down to let you simmer a minute or two, your first time with me won't be a quickie, oh no... I'll bring you to the edge, but you won't jump off that cliff into bliss until I want you to... I thought you understood Hisame-chan. I'm going to... break... your... pussy." Naruto commanded powerfully.

Hisame whimpered, she was terrified and excited at the same time, he was literally going to tame her like some wild horse... and when he did, she knew she'd belong to him totally, even more than she was now. Honestly though... she was looking forward to it, just letting everything else go, her only purpose in life would be to please him, fuck Snow Country and fuck her plans.

===11:28 AM===

She just layed there, spread-eagled, limp, drenched in sweat head-to-toe, not enough energy left to even lift her head. At the moment she had no thoughts, her entire being was focused between her legs where all her energy and most of her chakra was literally focused now. "Please... let me.. cum." Hisame repeated on reflex, as she had for the last hour, her eyes glazed over. He'd been fucking her for almost 3 hours and she hadn't been allowed to climax yet, something seemed to literally be holding her back.

His eyes in Level 3, Naruto was using 1 of the new abilities this level gave him to manipulate her emotions, and though draining he'd been mentally blocking her for a little over 2 hours now, and glancing at her face he knew she was ready... and as tired and sweaty as he was, and despite his experience and healing, his balls were swollen and were throbbing like they were in a hot vice, and honestly he didn't want to hold back any longer either... and didn't, releasing himself and Hisame, they both locked up, head-to-toe and he exploded inside her, filling her up.

Naruto had been ready for it, and had done it before. Hisame wasn't, when it hit her, it literally blew her mind, every thought, every limit she ever had, everything that made that Hisame who she was... was blown out with her orgasm, though she'd remember this as the greatest moment of her life, for all intents and purposes, the old Hisame was literally just fucked to death, she was Naruto's now. That was her only thought as her mind and body shut down.

When he finished, Naruto pulled out, staggered to the side and fell on the bed next to her, and though he didn't have to, fell asleep.


End Chapter 13


Author's Note: This chapter was originally planned to be about half lemon scene with Natuto/Hisame, but last mnute I decided this was a good place to introcuse 2 of his Level 3 abilities. So you know, I curerently have no plans for this ability to be used to the extent naruto's jutsu in my fic 'Lady Luck's Blessing' does, there will be a little changing, but not alot, at the moment any way. I may get a little pervier though, how much can be influenced by you, so please let me know, more perviness or pervy enough, and please review.