Harem Doujutsu

Ch 17: Future Sight

By: MikeJV37


A/N: This picks up 2 years after chapter 16, at graduation, so everyone has grown, both physically and in power.


===July 4, 4:26 PM, The Sanctuary===

From his seat in the Lobby of Tsunade's special women only resort, The Sanctuary, Naruto looked at the door to the changing room and smiled as Anko walked out wearing her trenchcoat... and nothing else, her twin cocks swinging between her legs, the scroll in her left hand had her clothes sealed in it, she dropped it in her pocket as she got close, smiling pervertedly as she looked past him.

"What happened?" Anko asked, motioning at Tsunade sitting on the couch, nude, legs wide, kneeling on the floor between her legs was Shizune, her head bobbing up and down.

Naruto laughed softly. "Shizune got Tsunade to run the obstacle course without chakra... but on the balance beam crossing over the water, she threw a Senbon into the backs of her knees, Tsunade fell into the water."

Anko smirked, then looked slightly confused. "That's funny, but not enough to make Shizune swallow that horse cock of hers, we know Shizune doesn't like to do it. There has to be something else."

"There is... when Tsunade slipped, she didn't fall off... she fell straight down... straddling the beam." Naruto said with a big smirk.

Anko's eyes opened wide, that beam was only 4" wide. "You mean Tsunade..."

"Busted on her balls... yes, I was there, you could almost hear it... she literally landed on her balls... The look on her face was priceless, then she just slide off the side and fell in. When she came out of the water she was holding the senbon in her left hand, and she was pissed... Shizune is lucky I was there or..." Naruto said

"She'd be in the hospital getting Tsunade's sandal removed from her ass." Anko interrupted.

Naruto nodded then laughed a few moments. "You here to cause trouble?"

"Not today Naruto-kun, meeting Guren and Yuugao by the pool for a little sunbathing... can't let our all over tans fade... we have images to uphold."

"Yeah, as bitches... it has to be the purple hair... you know Ami looks up to you 3." Naruto said.

"You broke her years ago, you know she wouldn't do anything to upset you, and none of us will break any rules either Naruto... you've had every female in Konoha by the clit for years and you know it, so don't even act like this is a new talk." Anko said firmly, but politely.

"Just having a little fun with you... tomorrow is graduation after all." Naruto said.

"And the party is gonna be legendary." Anko said as a huge smile crossed her face.

Naruto chuckled. "Go on you crazy bitch, don't keep them waiting."

Anko nodded, leaned in and kissed him, then headed for the back door.

===July 5, 9:02 AM, Academy, Homeroom===

Iruka walked out of the testing room with Naruto... who was wearing his new hitai-ite, and they both stopped in front of Iruka's desk when they noticed a certain girl's seat appeared to be empty and she was nowhere to be seen.

Naruto glanced at Hinata who silently activated her Byakuugan a moment, smiled, nodded and de-activated it.

"How could you fail me Iruka-sensei?" Naruto exclaimed.

A muffled scream was heard from the empty spot, then muffled sounds... a moment later Ino sat up. "How could you fail Naruto-kun... and I bit my..." Ino said angrily, then glanced around, noticing that everyone was smiling at her, saw Naruto had a new hitai-ite on his forehead and swallowed nervously.

Iruka sighed as he slowly shook his head. "Everyone."

"Ino... don't suck your dick in class!" The class said in unison.

"Ino, is it bleeding?" Naruto asked.

"No... but it hurts... can't believe I fell for that... and bit myself. I'm so embarrassed." Ino said.

"Sakura, do the honors." Naruto said.

Sakura smiled, stood, moved next to Ino and used a healing jutsu on her.

Iruka waited a few moments for Sakura to finish. "Now if you're ready Ino, it's your turn."

"I didn't even get to cum..." Ino grumbled quietly to herself. "I'm ready Iruka-sensei." Ino exclaimed.

Sakura giggled quietly, she'd heard Ino. As Ino moved she giggled. "Ino." Sakura said and pointed down.

Ino paused, saw Sakura point, looked down and gave an 'oops, I forgot' smile. "Just a sec Iruka-sensei." Ino said then tucked her long, soft cock back into her panty pouch and adjusted her big balls to be comfortable.

"Much better Ino-chan, you can finish later... I'll help." Sakura said and winked.

Ino smiled, gave Sakura a kiss then dashed down the stairs to take her final test.

===9:15 AM===

Iruka collected the last group of forms, thumbed through them as he walked back to his desk, then smiled briefly as he put them in a folder then tucked it under his arm before he turned toward the class. "You've all passed your Finals and signed the forms... congratulations, you're all now Genin. I'll read your team assignments, then you'll have until 10:00 to get... better acquainted." Iruka said then laughed briefly.

"We're already very acquainted with each other!" Ino said after hopping up onto her chair, then did a brief 'air hump'.

Everyone laughed.

"Ino sit down or the next thing that touches your crotch will be my foot." Iruka said and Ino paled. "And before you tell me I can't do that because you're just 12... you're a Genin now, an adult. I could bring you down here, strip you, bust your balls and carry you to Hokage-sama by that 2 foot cock you're so proud of."

Ino couldn't get back into her seat fast enough, both hands over her crotch. "I'm sorry." Ino said meekly. While she'd been ballbusted a few times since her transformation, unlike some futa girls, she didn't enjoy it.

Naruto laughed... no one else made a sound.

"Now, the Team assignments are..." Iruka said

Naruto glanced around at his classmates, it was graduation... he was finally, officially, a Genin and about to be put on a team. The last 2 years had been awesome. He'd been on 8 secret missions for the old man, who was actually back in his prime physically. He'd met and charmed many women, brought some new kunoichi to Konoha, like Guren from Rain, and to the Raikage's annoyance, won Samui, Karui and Mabui from him in a great bet, and while she stayed in Lightning, he unofficially owned Yugito, he didn't have to charm her to have her, but did anyway.

Then there were the various Princesses he'd charmed, and for most, saved their country from various plots that would of caused a lot of trouble for them in a few years. Haruna of Vegetable Country, Koyuki of Snow Country, who as also a movie star and had connections he could use in the future... plus she was a great lay. Then there was one of his favorite Princesses, Shion of Demon Country, who was his age and naturally almost as busty as Hinata.

"His last secret mission was one of his favorites. Word had spread about him, well among the kunoichi of the Nations, which is how he got the mission to Mist to help replace the 4th Mizukage with his newest lover, the 5th Mizukage, Mei Terumii... talk about hot pussy! Plus, his training, all the jutsu he'd learned, and the missions, had unlocked a 2nd Level 3 ability He was brought of his thoughts when his name was called.

"Team 7 is Naruto Uzumaki... Hinata Hyuuga... and Tenten." Iruka announced, then subtly smirked.

All but the 2 named girls pouted sadly... they were cheering.

"Your Sensei is Kakeashi Hatake." Iruka said then motioned to quiet down. "Team 8 is Kiba Inuzuka, Ino Yamanaka and Sakura Haruno. Your Sensei is Kurenai Yuuhi."

The 3 girls cheered happily for a few moments..

"Team 9 is Shikamaru Nara, Chouji Akimichi and Sasuke Uchiha. Your Sensei is..." Iruka said, then noticed the subtle expression on Shikamaru's face. "Asuka Sarutobi."

Shikamaru sighed with relief. "Thank Kami." He said tiredly, but with, mostly, restrained excitement.

Everyone laughed, they knew which Sensei he didn't want... the exercise freak.

Sasuke smiled, briefly, he had an all male team, and they were skilled as well. "We'll be top team."

"Dream on Sasuke." Naruto said.

Iruka shook his head in amusement. "Team 10 is Rock Lita, Neji Hyuuga and Shino Aburame. Your Sensei..."

"Is the great Might Mai!" Lita interrupted proudly, standing, right fist in the air.

"Hai... and Lita... remember what I told Ino." Iruka said with gave her a, rare for him, sadistic smile.

"I apologize Iruka-sensei, forgive me." Lita said, bowed and sat down, doing her best to cover the big bulge in her tight green spandex that was her big balls and thick, foot long, futa cock.

Naruto, and several girls, quietly laughed.

"Now...your Sensei should be here between 10:00 and 10:30 to get you, feel free to move around and sit with your new teammates and get better acquainted if you aren't already..." Iruka said then hardened his expression. "I mean talk, nothing more... at least until after your Sensei has dismissed you for the day. understood."

Everyone nodded.

"Good... I'd hate to have to castrate someone for breaking the rules." Iruka smiled very Anko-like, grabbed his papers and left the room, internally laughing at their shocked expressions. He couldn't actually castrate anyone, but they didn't need to know that.

===10:00 AM===

"Kurenai Yuuhi, Sensei of Team 8...Please come with me." Kurenai said from the doorway.

"How'd you know she's be first Naruto-kun?" Kiba asked.

Naruto briefly laughed. "You only know Kurenai as a woman... I know her as a Kunoichi, and when Kurenai Yuuhi is on duty.. she's never late. Kurenai is very anal..."The girls interrupted Naruto with giggling., until he glared at them "About rules."

"You should of said strict, Naruto-kun." Kurenai said with a slight smirk, since that was true, sexually.

Naruto kissed Kiba, Ino and Sakura. "Get out of here... horny little bitches."

"And damn proud of it." Ino said then lead the other 2 across the room and followed Kurenai out.

A moment later they heard Kurenai yelling from down the hall. "Pull up your panties... you stop encouraging her and act like a Jonin!"

Lita leapt to her feet.. "She's here!" Lita exclaimed excitedly.

"Where are my youthful students?" Might Mai exclaimed from the doorway, the bulge in the right leg of her green spandex tights told everyone her thick, 14 inch futa cock was semi-erect.

"Mai... you're showing." Naruto called out.

Mai looked down and slightly blushed from embarrassment. She focused a few moments and pushed down her arousal... which wasn't easy with her powerful libido. "Forgive me, Ino is a very... youthful girl."

Lita grabbed her teammates and almost dragged them out of the room, Neji had a smirk on her face, Shino just glanced back at the class and shrugged his shoulders.

"Shino is so doomed. I almost feel bad for him... almost." Naruto said with a smile.

"We got lucky, the only woman we have to deal with is Asuka-sensei." Shikamaru said.

"Then it looks like Chouji will be balls deep in some hot, young, kunoichi pussy before either of you." Tenten said.

Chouji face planted on his desk, out cold.

Naruto laughed, Hinata giggled. They found it funny that even after everything he'd seen and heard in the last 2 years, Chouji still fainted at some things.

"That's fine with me." Shikamaru said tiredly.

"I'm not dating until I'm a Jonin and find a woman that will strengthen our Bloodline." Sasuke said.

"Oh there's a shock." Naruto said dryly.

"Pervert." Sasuke replied with a smirk.

"Virgin." Naruto shot back, then smiled when every girl in class laughed..

Shikamaru just sighed and laid his head down on his arms.

===12:10 PM, Academy Roof===

"I knew you'd make it on time. Now, lets..." Kakeashi said, leaning against the wall.

"Shut up." Naruto interrupted. "We all know each other and you know what we can do. Hinata, Tenten, I'm sorry I kept this from you, but I also know there's a final test before you make us official. You can skip that because you know we'll pass. You're going to make us official... or I'll yank that mask off your face and make you suck my dick... not that you'd mind." Naruto commanded calmly.

"But Naruto... you said I wouldn't have to show anyone else my face until you..." Kakeashi said and froze when Naruto stood and stepped up to her, as she was only one stride away from him. She saw his right hand start moving up towards her big futa balls. "Please no Naruto-sama... not in front of them. I'm your Sensei now and..."

Naruto smiled up at her. "I never promised not to." He said, his hand almost to the bulge in her pants.

Kakeashi hated to admit it, but despite her age, experience and rank, one of her fetishes, known only to Naruto, was she truly loved getting her balls busted... literally, by Naruto. If he grabbed her balls, her 14 inch futa cock would be steel hard in a second and she'd be too horny to resist. "OKAY!" Kakeashi exclaimed then hung her head..

Naruto's hand stopped a quarter inch from her package. "We're official?" Naruto asked, Kakeashi nodded. "Girls, this didn't happen... understood?"

"Hai, Naruto-kun." Hinata and Tenten said together.

"Thank you for protecting my image Naruto-kun... everyone knows I'm yours anytime you want me... as is every other Leaf kunoichi, but you let us maintain our public images so outsiders respect us." Kakeashi said.

Naruto cupped Kakeashi's balls, she let out a whimpering moan of fear and pleasure. "Don't worry ,I won't squeeze, I know what it does to you. Now, how about we go back to my apartment and you can get and close to Hinata and Tenten as you are to me and enjoy your body anyway they want. That means they get to see you face and abuse your endowments like I do... agree to be their subbie whore for today, and I'll upgrade you first."

Kakeashi's visible right eye opened wide. "Tits, balls and cock?" She asked excitedly, and Naruto nodded. "Any modification from the Body Book, up to A-Rank, and I'll do anything they want without restriction... for a week."

"The normal limit is B-Rank, and you know how Mai and Anko will react, but for a week... Deal." Naruto said.

"Thank you Naruto-kun. Shall we go... my temporary Mistresses." Kakeashi said and gave them a bow.

The girls stood, then all 3 followed Kakeashi to Naruto's apartment.

===12:30 PM, Naruto's Apartment, Playroom===

Naruto stood between his 2 best girls, his alpha Hinata, proudly showing off her all natural H cup breasts, and to his left was his other teammate and bodyguard, Tenten, showing off her massive black bush she'd decided to stop shaving off, and her full, firm, all natural D cups, her almost 2 inch long nipples fully erect. in her hybrid or full Kitsune form they were H cups. Tenten had her hair down for Naruto, which was currently to mid-calf.

Kakeashi walked out of the locker room only wearing her mask, which covered her face from just under her eyes... the left being closed, to her body was lean and sleek, her skin highlighted, but didn't outline, the hard muscle beneath like it did her friendly rival Might Mai. Her E cup breasts were plump, her 14 inch cock gently bounced with her lemon-size balls as she walked.. She stopped about 8 feet from Naruto.

"You decided what you want?" Naruto asked.

"Hai...increase my tits a cup size, my balls a full level, add 8 inches to my cock..." Kakeashi sighed. "I want to be the best Sensei I can so... I accept your offer to fix the control problem with my Sharingan eye."

Hinata and Tenten gasped, Naruto smiled. "Are you sure, you know it'll mss up your control and you'll need to train a few weeks to get it back."

"I know, but you'll be doing D-Rank missions for the first month at least, so that'll give me the time I need. You know what a drain it is on my chakra because it's always on, being able to turn it off like the Uchiha do will help me greatly. Not being an Uchiha I'll have a few disadvantages, but I'll still be better than I am now, and I won't have to keep it covered all the time."

"Okay. After we're done I'll arrange an appointment for you tomorrow with Shizune, Tsunade and Mikoto, and you will follow their instructions exactly and that's an order." Naruto said, powerfully during the last part.

Kakeashi nodded immediately, not that she'd disobey him, but he'd made it an order, something he rarely did, so she had no choice.

"Sorry I had to do that, but you understand why I did. Now stand straight, and don't move too much... this could take me a few minutes." Naruto said then activated his Doujutsu and advanced it to Level 3 as he called up all the memories to his training and lessons with Tsunade, Shizune and Mikoto.

Kakeashi opened her left eye and focused on Naruto. She didn't show it, but she'd never been more nervous in her life... she'd had her sharingan eye basically as long as she'd had E cup breasts. She knew Naruto would never dishonor her former teammate's dying gift to her, but as much as she loved Naruto, she wished she could find her other teammate, and almost girlfriend, Rin. She'd intentionally kept out of that loop in case Rin was dead.

A moment after he activated Level 3 he saw Kakeashi open her left eye. "Brace yourself, this could hurt."


End Chapter 17