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Inugo Kurosaki

Kushina's Love, Naruto's Hate

Hatred is something we all feel; whether it be to a person, an object, or an ideal…Uzumaki Naruto knows hatred better than anyone. His whole life he was hated…but he never showed hatred…until that day, when the person he hated above all others…entered his sight…

Uzumaki Naruto was currently carrying the crazed Cat Tora, he was severely starting to hate that stupid cat, and that was surprising. Naruto had a very short list of things that he hated. The only person who knew who Naruto hated was the Sandaime…and he refused to tell anyone. All Sarutobi said was that Naruto has good reasons to hate those whom he hates. The Sandaime was surprised that Naruto hated so few people with how much the village tortured and abused him…but it didn't surprise him that Naruto was beginning to hate Tora. Hell the cat was thought to be Kyuubi's reincarnation by the villagers who didn't see Naruto as Kyuubi, same thing with most of the ninja populace…minus a few Jounin.

Naruto and his squad, led by Hatake Kakashi, was made up of Haruno Sakura, the kunoichi of the year, Uchiha Sasuke, the rookie of the year, and Uzumaki Naruto…the dobe of the year. The squad had been assigned o capture Tora for the fifth time…in the last three days. Naruto was carrying the cat through the doors, both eyes twitching at random, with tick marks appearing every ten seconds.

"Ojiji-san…if I have to capture this cat one more time I swear I am going to kill it…not that anyone would mind" He said the last part under his breath as the daimyos wife came running into the room and grabbed the cat.

"Oh my wittle Tora-chan, momma is here" she began crushing the cat to her chest as it began turning a blue color. Naruto just stared at the cat in pity.

"(Maybe I should kill the cat to put it out of its misery…I doubt that it would mind)" Naruto shook that thought out of his head. He turned towards the Sandaime, he had an inexplicable urge to demand a higher ranked mission…but he felt like giving the Sandaime a break, hell the old man was more like family rather than Hokage.

Naruto looked down for a second at the thought of family, he then began to grit his teeth and clench his fist…unaware of the other's watching him.

Sakura was looking at the dobe with concerned curiosity, "(I have never seen him like this…what happened to the blond baka?)" She banished these thoughts and went back to staring at Sasuke, who was having similar thoughts.

Sasuke stared at the clenched fist before it began to relax, "(What's with the dobe…ahh doesn't matter)" Sasuke then went back to brooding.

Kakashi looked at his blond student, with a barely noticeable amount of grief in his eyes, "(I failed you sensei…again)" Kakashi went back to reading his book, hoping it would drown out his pained thoughts.

Sarutobi was watching the blond…thinking through what he was about to do, Team 7 had completed enough missions to qualify for a C-rank…but he also had to deal with what he was about to do to Naruto, "(Maybe this isn't the best idea)" Sarutobi began to think to the conversation he had last night.


Sarutobi Hiruzen was talking to a woman in the middle of a rainstorm, she had asked to meet him here for a favor. It was no problem to meet her there…the problem was the favor.

"Kushina…I know how badly you want this but…"

"PLEASE, I beg you Sarutobi; I just want to make it up to him for what I did." Sarutobi shook his head.

"Kushina…even if I am capable of doing this it would have to be under strict terms, even after those terms are met there is no guarantee he will listen." Kushina lowered her head.

"I know…but I can still try…please…I have never asked you for anything else…please…just give me this one chance." Sarutobi looked at Kushina…she was absolutely pitiful…she was begging on her hands and knees in the middle of a rainstorm…she truly wanted this.

Sarutobi grabbed his face and began to massage his temples, he was left with two choices…do as she asks and possibly give her a chance to redeem herself, or say no and have her go into a depression. Most leaders would choose the first option in a heartbeat…if they had no knowledge of the past the two held, "Sigh" Sarutobi looked at the begging redhead, "(I am getting too old for this shit)".

"Very well Kushina…but you know the terms you have to follow in our agreement." Kushina smiled a massive smile and nodded her head.

"Thank you Sandaime-sama." She stood up and ran back to her home…preparing for the next day.

Sarutobi took out his pipe and placed a small amount of tobacco in it before lighting it up with a Katon jutsu, "I wonder if I made the right decision…Naruto…" Sarutobi turned around and began to walk towards the Hokage tower…preparing for the next day.

End Flashback

Since then he has been dreading the moment he dropped the bomb on the young blond…especially after what happened…but he couldn't pull out of the deal at the last minute…he had no other choice, a deal is a deal. "Okay, team 7" Said team stopped what they were doing and turned towards the Hokage. "I am happy to announce that you have completed the required amount of missions to qualify for a C-rank."

"YATTA, Finally a C-rank, time for me to finally show my awesome skills." Sarutobi watched as Naruto cheered for his team finally going on a C-rank…it was now or never.

"Actually…Naruto, you won't be going on the C-rank."

"WHAT! Are you serious Ojiji?" Naruto was seriously depressed that he couldn't go on a C-rank with his team.

"Ha, yeah, there is no way Naruto could ever be ready for a C-rank…right Sasuke-kun?" Sakura looked towards her crush, who was actually smirking.

"Hnn, the dobe will probably be stuck with a D-rank mission he can't screw up with." Sasuke continued to smirk at the blond's misfortune. Kakashi was trying to calm Naruto down.

"Now Naruto, I'm sure that the Hokage has a good reason for pulling you from the mission." Kakashi was about to continue reasoning with the blond…

"Yeah, he probably thinks the dead last can't handle anything above C-rank." Team 7 turned around to see Inuzuka Kiba enter with his teammates and Sensei. Hyuuga Hinata, Aburame Shino, and his sensei Yuhi Kurenai. Naruto snarled at the Inuzuka heir. Kakashi tried to get the blond to calm down when the door opened to reveal Shikamaru and his squad.

"Ugh, this is so troublesome; can't you two go one day without trying to rip each others heads off?" Naruto just did his usual face pout while Kiba just scoffed. Hinata tried to play peace maker…

"N-now Kiba-kun, w-we don't n-need t-t-to get ev-v-veryone upset." Kiba just looked at his long time friend and sighed, she always knew which buttons to push, hell they have been friends since before the Academy, and he had tried numerous times to get her confidence up so she can ask out Naruto…Kiba looked at the blond, wondering how he could possibly be so clueless.

"Hinata-san raises valid points Kiba, should we attempt to further instigate our comrades it would only heighten our current amounts of stress between our groups." Everyone just looked confused until Iruka, who was looking at Naruto's file…wondering why he couldn't do the C-rank with his team.

"Shino means that we need to be kinder to our comrades, so they in turn will be kind to you." Everyone nodded at Iruka's explanation…not noticing the stress showing in Iruka's eyes.

"(Why can't Naruto be allowed to do a simple C-rank mission, Naruto may be the dead last, but there have been worse students to come out of the Academy…what are you thinking Sarutobi)" His musings were cut off by the Sandaime speaking up…

"Actually, Naruto will have higher than a D-rank mission." Everyone looked confused for a moment, but Naruto immediately was excited.

"Awesome, I get to do a C-rank mission all by myself." Naruto began jumping around like an idiot, while everyone had different reactions going through their heads.

"(Naruto-kun…I'm so happy for you)"

"(Man, lucky guy, and I have to deal with just D-ranks with my pack…oh well, at least I have good pack mates)"

"(Hmm, intriguing)"

"(Uhhh, troublesome blond)"

"(Munch, Munch, Munch, wow)"

"(That blond baka, a C–rank all his own, I have got to work harder to impress Sasuke-kun)"

"(The dobe…no way, he shouldn't be getting a mission all his own)"

"(That baka shouldn't get a mission all his own, Sasuke-kun should be getting that mission "cha shannaro")"

"(Kakashi's student…no way. I would expect Sasuke but not Naruto)"

"(Hmm, what are you up to dad.)"

"(Naruto…something tells me things are going to go bad…and fast…oh well, back to Icha Icha…ooh Suzira you naughty girl)"

Iruka was looking at the Sandaime in shock, "Sandaime-sama, I understand Naruto has decent skills, but I doubt he could complete a C-rank on his own." Sarutobi turned his head towards Iruka.

"Naruto was specially selected by the client…and it's A-rank."

"WHAT?! Sandaime-sama, Naruto is just a genin; I doubt he could handle a mission of that caliber on his own." Naruto simply kept on jumping around when he heard he was going on an A-rank before he stopped.

"Awesome, I am going on an A-rank, I'll go pack." Naruto was about to run towards the door when Sarutobi stopped him.

"Actually Naruto, the mission is in the village." Naruto turned towards Sarutobi and walked back up.

"So…when do I meet the client…Sandaime-sama" Naruto decided to be respectful to the old man…not knowing what he was about to pull.

Sarutobi was about to call to send the client in…"Sandaime-sama." Everyone turned their heads to the door to see Anko Mitarashi. "Some girl with red hair is arguing with a drunk" "GASP" everyone turned their heads to see a wide eyed Naruto with a considerable amount of hateful fear in his eyes.

"(It can't be her…no it can't be, Ojiji wouldn't…so that's the game your playing)" Naruto gritted his teeth and slowly turned his head towards Sarutobi…realizing what he was trying to pull…again.

"Who…is…the Client?" Naruto asked the question with barely contained aggression and a small amount of KI being released; everyone was startled by the new aggression held in the blond.

Sarutobi sighed before he yelled, "Send them in." Naruto was about to ask the question again when he heard the door open, he turned his head to see an old man enter with a bottle of Sake, he looked at them in a disappointed manner…but he didn't care about that…what he cared about was the next person to enter the room…

Everyone was wide eyed at the next person who entered. The one who entered was Namikaze Kushina, widow of the Yondaime. She was the most wanted bachelorette in all of Konoha. She was also the most dangerous kunoichi in fire country…and most of the elemental nations. They looked to see that no one else was coming, so they assumed that this was the client, especially since she was the only person who had enough money to pay for an A-rank mission.


"(Man, lucky dog, he gets to spend a long amount of time with a slamming hot redhead…damn)"

"(How curious)"

"(Man, this is so troublesome)"

"(Munch, munch, munch, geez Naruto, you will have enough money working with her to buy Ichiraku's)"

"(That blond dobe…hired by the Namikaze Kushina…damn)"

"(What is with the dobe…he was happy a moment ago, but when the red haired women was mentioned…hmmm)"

"(That baka gets to do an A-rank for Namikaze Kushina…no way…Sasuke-kun should have been the one asked to do that/ CHA SHANNARO)"

"(Oh boy…what are you doing dad/Sandaime-sama)"

"(What's with the tension…I wonder)"

Sarutobi began to speak, "Team 7, minus Naruto will be escorting Tazuna to the land of waves, and Uzumaki Naruto will be doing an A-rank mission for Namikaze Kushina…now I…" Sarutobi was immediately shut up when he felt a massive burst of Killing Intent radiating from the blond. Said blond snapped his head towards Sarutobi, anger evident in his eyes…

"What the fuck Sarutobi, I made it clear years ago I want nothing to do with that woman!" Sarutobi wanted to speak. "Don't you interrupt me old man, I made it very clear that I am never going near her again, and here you are, assigning me a mission that I will have to be near her…I remember our agreement Sarutobi…I doubt you have forgotten it." Everyone was confused while Kushina began to tear up.

"(Please…please Naruto)" Kushina was letting more tears fall with every second that passed.

"I will not take the mission Sarutobi…I will do D-rank missions for the rest of my life…I will hand in my shinobi license…I will kiss Sasuke again…before I ever, and I mean EVER" He snapped his head towards Kushina, "DO ANYTHING FOR HER!" The Killing intent slowly began to drop. Naruto then turned his head back to Sarutobi. "Where are we to meet for the C-rank?" Sarutobi sighed before speaking…

"Naruto, I assigned this mission to you, you are going to…" "I-am not-doing-anything-for-her…is there any part of that you do not seem to get?" Sarutobi sighed…knowing there was no convincing the blond otherwise.

"Team 7…including Naruto will meet at the front gate tomorrow at noon. Dismissed." Naruto turned around and walked past the genin…all of them wondering the same thing…

"(What could she have done to merit this amount of hatred?)" They watched as the blond walked past Kushina…they watched as Kushina grabbed his shoulder…

Kushina POV

Kushina was having various thoughts run through her head, "(No…please Naruto. I beg you don't…please, take the mission)" She watched as Sarutobi resigned himself…and pulled the mission. "(No…please don't…please)" Kushina watched as Naruto walked through the genins, "(Do you truly hate me that much?)" Naruto was walking past her. "(I can't let it end like this.)" She grabbed Naruto's shoulder…

General POV

Naruto stopped in his tracks and snarled out, "Let go of me Namikaze." She didn't let go, Naruto reached for his kunai pouch, surprising everyone but the Sandaime in the room. Naruto was about to grab a kunai when Kushina fell to the floor.

"Naruto…please I beg you. I know what I did to you was wrong and you have every right to hate me." Kushina looked to Naruto, "BUT PLEASE…MY SOCHI I BEG YOU…GIVE ME ONE CHANCE TO REDEEM MYSELF!" She sobbed out the last sentence…and everyone was shocked by this.

Hinata was wide eyed, Kiba was shocked beyond belief, Shino actually showed some emotion, Ino stopped talking, Choji stopped eating, Shikamaru's jaw dropped, Sasuke and Sakura were stuttering…all of them had the same thought, "(He's her son?!)"

Naruto looked at the begging Kushina…he closed his eyes and let out a sigh. Kushina smiled and was about to wrap her son in a hug…but she was shocked when his eyes opened to show sheer and utter hatred running through them…but she was even more shocked by what came next, "SMACK" She fell to the floor clutching her cheek. She then looked up into her sons hate filled eyes as he ground his teeth together.

"You lost the right to call me your Sochi LONG AGO!" Naruto turned straight towards the door and kicked it open…unaware of the shocked expressions that followed him.

Kushina meanwhile was sobbing to herself while she clutched her cheek, "(I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry)" She kept repeating that phrase in her head as she walked out of the missions office…

Meanwhile the genins were shocked…Naruto just slapped the Namikaze head…and to top it all off the woman was his mother…what the hell happened.

Kiba was gritting his teeth, "(That's his mother damn-it…a son doesn't hit their mother, especially when they are so vulnerable.)"

Hinata was shivering, "(Naruto-kun…what did your mother do to you to make you hate her so much?)"

Shino couldn't even comprehend what was going on, "(That was his mother…she was begging on her knees…and he slapped her?)"

Ino and Sakura had the same thought, "(N-Naruto-baka…why?)"

Choji was having the same thought as his best friend, "(More than just troublesome)"

Sasuke was gritting his teeth, "(He still has his mother…and he treats her like that…that bastard.)"

No one looked to see the Sandaime looking at the portrait of the Yondaime…Naruto's father, "(Forgive me my friend for failing your son.)" He went back to his paperwork

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