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Naruto cursed as he looked at the test in front of him...there was no way in hell he could answer these, not by a long shot. He would be lucky if he managed to get one of them right...or even come up with an answer that didn't sound like he pulled it out of his ass. Come on...how the hell was he supposed to know the trajectory of a kunai launched twelve feet in the air towards a pine tree with a northeasterly wind?

This was stuff he knew even Sakura would have trouble with...it was fucking ludicrous!

Naruto looked up at the clock...and felt his heart nearly stop. How the hell was time going by so fast. He only had fifteen minutes left to go of the exam before the tenth question would be handed out.

He inwardly prayed that somebody...somewhere could help him...

With Kushina

Kushina sat down on her chair in front of the mural of Naruto she had constructed, and on her lap, the scroll which Orochimaru's servant had given her, lay rolled out.

She held it up in the candlelight of the dark chambers as she examined the writings...and she was shocked when she came upon something...

'...see through the eyes of the one bearing the matching seal, whether they know it or not...'

Kushina read through the scroll, reading through the directions...

'...charge a minuscule amount of chakra directly into the seal to allow you to access the seals hidden eye. This will allow you to see through the eyes of the one who wears the matching seal.'

Kushina needed no more invitation than that, she quickly charged the set amount of chakra into the seal...and collapsed as she felt a pull on her mind.

It felt as if she was being pulled through a tornado, and thrown about as she focused on the chakra she was inputting into the seal. The world spun around her as if she were in the center of a eye of a tornado...

And then suddenly...it stopped. She slowly opened her eyes, to find a blurry scene, but it slowly began to clear, and she could see what was before her.

She grinned inwardly as she realized where she was, 'I am looking through my Sochi's eyes...YAY!' Kushina wanted to jump around for joy, but stopped when she saw what her child was looking at...and was immediately filled with rage, 'How DARE they present MY SON with a test he has no chance to pass...' she was already thinking of the horrible ways she would murder the proctors and all those who dare to try and stunt her child's growth through the ranks...when she remembered another portion on the scroll..

'...while viewing through the eyes of the one whom bares the matching seal, just think of what you want to have the bearer know...'

Kushina smirked and looked over the questions. They were hard...extremely hard. It would be impossible for anyone with an abnormally high IQ rating to answer them...

Luckily...Kushina had just that...

Naruto POV

Naruto cursed as he looked up at the clock...only ten minutes left to go. There was no way in hell he was going to figure out enough of the problems to get through this...

'Third pine branch to the southern edge with a 45' tilt to the blade...'

Naruto practically jumped out of his skin when he heard somebody speak in his head, 'What the...' he looked at the question...

The voice in his head had just given him the damn answer...but...how...

Naruto shook his head of those thoughts, 'Don't question it, just be thankful you have the damn answer...' Naruto quickly went about writing the answer, inwardly thanking the voice in his head.

Naruto then looked at the second question, 'You are surrounded on all sides by enemy Shinobi, you are depleted of chakra and...'

'Use Kawarimi with one of the enemy Shinobi and throw a smoke bomb in the confusion to make your escape.'

Naruto knew that somehow, listening to voices in your head was bad...but then again, they DID have good ideas. He quickly wrote down the answers as the voice in his head gave them away.

He would have to find someway to repay the voice in his head someday...

Kushina POV

Kushina felt her heart skip a beat at Naruto's thought, 'Oh my Sochi...thank you so much.' she inwardly hugged herself, thinking of having her son repay her, 'A hug...a kiss...a night where we are together as a mother and child...' Kushina was thinking happily to herself as she thought of all the possibilities.

'Finally, at long last, my sochi and I can be together...oh, how I have longed for this, ever since...' Kushina stopped her train of thought and sneered, 'Curse you Minato...YOU took my chance of being a mother from me! You worthless bastard!' she shook in rage, 'How dare you try to use MY sochi for your own sick ideals!'

She spent several moments ranting inwardly...until finally she took a deep breath, and sighed, 'Calm down Kushina, the past is the past...Minato is out of your life now. But your child needs your help...' she looked out of Naruto's eyes...and she felt immense terror...

The tenth question had come...

General POV

Ibiki snapped, "Alright you maggots, put your pencils down and listen up!" as he watched all the contestants put down their pencils, he smirked, before replacing it with his usual scowl, "Now before I give out the tenth question, I am going to let you know a few more rules."

Temari stood up and shouted, "What more rules? Are you fucking kidding me?"

Ibiki snapped his head towards Temari, "No I am not kidding you...now sit your ass down! Or so help me I'll boot you out of the Chunin exams faster than you can say Bunshin!"

Temari swallowed the lump in her throat and sat down...she had no desire to piss off this man.

Ibiki turned towards the contestants, "Now, before I was so rudely interrupted" he sent a glare towards Temari, who shook with fright, "I was going to explain the rules..." he cast a glance at everyone, judging their reactions, "Now...before I explain the rules, I wish to let you all know that you have the choice to take the question, or not..."

Kiba stood up, "What, then what the hell is the point of giving the tenth question?"

Ibiki snarled at Kiba, "Maybe if you would shut up and let me finish, you would find out!" Kiba grumbled as he sat down while Ibiki looked back at the assembled genin, "As I was saying...you have the choice to take the next question or not...but if you don't take it, then you automatically fail."

One of the students shouted, "Then of course we'll take it...what kind of a dumb rule is that?"

Ibiki smirked, "But if you do take it, and you get it wrong, you are forbidden from ever taking the Chunin exams ever again."

The room was so quiet...you could hear a feather hit the floor...

Kushina POV

Kushina was absolutely livid as she glared at Ibiki...this man had the gall to try and deny her child a chance to become a Chunin. How dare that loathsome little runt?

She swore to make him suffer...

Naruto POV

Naruto shook at Ibiki's statement...forbidden from ever entering the Chunin exams ever again? He had to be bluffing. There was no way this guy had that kind of power...to bar them from the Chunin exams, never to be promoted to Chunin?

It was downright ludicrous!

Naruto sat still as team after team left the room, not wanting to be barred from the Chunin exams, thinking that they could take it next time. Finally, only half of the original amount still remained.

Ibiki watched over them, waiting until there was no sign that anybody else was going to leave. He inwardly smirked, 'Seems I scared quite a few of them off...a shame that only six teams from Konoha made it this far.'

Out of all the contestants, it seemed as though Konoha...the strongest of the hidden villages, produced the most amount of failures this time around. It was a shame really...

Then again...the academy standards had been rather lax lately...

After a few more minutes, Ibiki smirked, "Now...before I give the final question...I wish to let all of you know...that each and every one of you..."

Kushina POV

Kushina snarled inwardly, 'I can't take this anymore! No way am I letting this bastard impede what I have worked so hard to set in motion!' she applied more chakra to the seal as she remembered another part of the seal...

'...with enough chakra, the bearer of the master seal can take brief control over the wearer of the servant seal...'

She applied the chakra...and inwardly thought, 'Forgive me my sochi...'

General POV

"Fa-" Ibiki was suddenly cut off by Naruto slamming his fist on his desk and shouting...

"For the love of Kami would you just give us the damn question already, I am so sick and tired of waiting! Cause I no for sure that my enemies aren't going to be merciful enough to talk before they give me their damn ultimatums!"

Ibiki gave Naruto a hard look, "You have some guts kid, you do realize that if you take the question and fail you-"

Naruto shouted again, "And just how the fuck is that different from everyday shinobi life...if you take a mission and you fail to succeed in the mission, people might die, if you succeed however, you are all the stronger for it. The difference is that there is no take it now and deal with it later option in real life...so just give us the question or just shut the fuck up already you stupid bastard!

Everyone stared at Naruto as he stared down the bear-like Jonin interrogator...everyone had the same thought on their mind...

'Is he insane?'

"Kuku..." everybody turned their heads towards Ibiki who was...chuckling?

"Kuku...KuKu...hahahaa...HahaHa...Hahahaaa...HAHAAAHAHAAA! Finally, a snot nosed brat who isn't a moron! It's about damn time...I was getting real sick and tired of failing so many worthless Chunin Candidates." he walked up to Naruto...and slapped him on the back, "You're alright in my book kid..." he looks at everybody, "He thankful this kid is here...I was about ready to fail every last one of you." he walked back down to the desk...and smirked as he held up his hand, "Three...two...one..."

"CRASH!" the window to the room shattered as a black blur shot out, and revealed a large banner that said...

'Mitarashi Anko, proctor of exam 2'

And in front of the banner, was the same scantily clad woman he met before he went on his first C-rank...

Anko grinned widely, "Alright Maggots, quit your celebrating because now your in hell...MY HELL...BWAAHAHAAHAHAAAA!

Time-Skip...Forest of Death

(essentially the same thing happens as in Canon, but Kiba is the one who gets his cheek sliced, not Naruto's)

Naruto walks out of the tent, clutching his head in pain, 'Kami damn it...what the hell happened to me...why the fuck did I say that?' he shook his head, 'Oh well, no use dwelling on it...I'm here, so I can't really complain all that much.'

He walked over to his team...but stopped when he felt a hand on his shoulder...he quickly snapped around, and found himself staring at the kunoichi from Kusagakure that got behind the proctor earlier when she sliced Kiba's cheek.

She had ebony black hair, tan skin with a beautiful feminine figure, a slight bust. She wore a form fitting outfit...but Naruto could sense the power rolling off of her...

She grinned lightly, "So...is it true, are you Uzumaki Naruto?"

Naruto shook her hand off his shoulder, "Who wants to know?"

The woman chuckled, "Oh, I would like to know...Naruto-kun..." she started walking around him, as if examining a fine piece of artwork, "I heard about your exploits in Nami no Kuni...how you mercilessly butchered an army of thugs...took down a missing-nin that could challenge an ANBU black ops...and ended the mighty Momochi Zabuza himself." she placed her hand on Naruto's chin, "I would like to know so much more about such a strong..." she grinned a bit as she ran her fingers along his skin, "And...handsome...Shinobi..."

Naruto snorted and batted her hand away, "Not interested..."

The kunoichi frowned...but smiled, 'Soon enough Naruto-kun...' a mark on the back of her neck glowed, 'Soon enough...' she walked away with a saunter to her steps towards her teammates...who seemed to be standing there lifeless until she passed by them, and then followed her like obedient dogs.

Naruto arrived at the gate where his two teammates were waiting, and rested his back against the wall as Sasuke glared holes in him...

'Alright everyone, be ready, because once those gates open, you are on your own...remember, do not lose your teammates...do not lose your scroll...and stay alive...'

The lights on the door shifted red...

Team eight settled themselves into their stances...Kiba was angrily looking in the direction of Naruto's gate, 'I am going to show him just where he stands...'

The lights shifted orange...

The Kusagakure kunoichi licked her lips, 'Here I come...Na-ru-to-kun...'

The lights turned green and a loud beep went over the intercom as the gates swung open, and the teams launched themselves inside...

The Second portion of the Chunin exams had begun...

With Kushina

Kushina was pacing in her room as she looked over the scroll that Orochimaru had provided to her, 'How...how did Orochimaru come up with this...' she examined the seals, ;This is so much like the the curse seals he makes, but it's far more advanced...'

"Hello Kushina..." Kushina snapped her head around to find Orochimaru standing right behind her, "So, I see you have already progressed in studying the seals capabilities."

Kushina watched Orochimaru as he walked over to the scroll, and ran his fingers along the ink...

"You know Kushina, you and I are so very much alike..." he turned towards Kushina, who had a look of confusion on her face, "Both of us have goals that all others believe are unattainable...yet despite that, we go to the greatest of lengths to see to it that our desires become reality." he grinned, "Even selling out our own homes..."

Kushina sneered, "How dare you vile snake compare me to..." Orochimaru raised his hand, cutting her off...

"Don't try and deny it Kushina, it will make life so much easier."

Kushina took a deep breath, "Why are you here?"

Orochimaru grinned, "Straight to the point...I like that." he turned completely towards her, "I thought I should let you know that I am having one of my subordinates follow your son in the exams...just to make certain he is safe."

Kushina raised an eyebrow, "Why is that so important...if they are there to protect him than..."

"However...the subordinate I sent is a bit...unstable." he grinned and looked at Kushina, who got a look of panic on her face, "I was previously unaware of her instability...until I found this..." he placed a folder on her bed, "Sadly, the exams have tighter security than I thought this year, so I can't go in and take care of her myself...so, I thought perhaps you...would be able to do something...hm?" he smirked lightly before he melted into the floor...and vanished

"W-what do you mean unstable...?" Kushina asked, her voice cracking in fright at the possible implications...

Orochimaru smiled, and pulled out a folder, "Perhaps this...will enlighten you..." he placed it on her bed, before he vanished into the floor.

Kushina walked over to the folder and quickly opened it...and her eyes widened in terror and fury, 'Oh Kami no!' she dropped the folder and ran out of the room...towards the forest of death...

Unknown Location

Orochimaru stalked down the halls of his hidden base, a dark chuckle escaping his lips, 'I guess that was a bit cruel...but unless she learns to access the curse seal, then it will not matter how well she learns to use that scroll.' his smile contorted into a grin, 'And what better way...than to make her want to kill a convicted rapist...who is after her child?'

Cliffhanger no Jutsu...I know, you hate me for it...tough, I am having writers block!

I know, I know...a woman is trying to rape Naruto, a bit cliche, but I assure you, the only point the girl serves is a small plot builder...then she is out for good...okay, there is a method to my madness.

Orochimaru will be the primary villain in this story, unlike other stories where Madara is the primary villain or some other stuff like that...why, BECAUSE I HAVE YET TO SEE ANY NEW NARUTO FICS WHERE OROCHIMARU S THE PRIMARY VILLAIN INSTEAD OF A SECONDARY BACKGROUND VILLAIN!

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