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Chapter Two: Aubrey

Riddick watched silently as Jack shifted in her sleep; she had woken up about an hour ago, and he had let her re-stitch his wound. He figured that probably was selfish, but he didn't trust the "doctor" and he figured everyone else on the shop could go to hell. They probably couldn't wait to dump him some where. Jack stirred again and rolled onto her side, her back facing him. Now that she was wearing significantly less clothes, he could see the scar that ran from the base of her neck down her shoulder. He didn't like them—scars on Jack.

"Well damn, Richard B. Riddick in the flesh."

Riddick almost didn't bother turning his chair around to stare at Jayne Cobb. The mercenary was slightly bigger than him and Riddick had heard the man coming. He could tell that Jayne was the type of guy who only did something if it benefitted him: turning Riddick in would most likely have the Alliance on their asses again, so he decided against it. things would probably be much more interesting with him on board.

"You're holy man is doing fine. Dropping him at New Mecca soon. After we pass through Reaver territory."

"That won't be a problem with this ship looking like a piece of shit anyway."

Riddick shrugged. To him Jayne Cobb was a fucking coward. He didn't like anything about the merc and he damn sure didn't like how the man was hugging his gun all the time. It made him nervous—which hardly ever happened anymore. But he had learnt a lesson from those damn monsters: sometimes some battles aren't meant to be won.

"We lost one when we passed through before. Hopefully some of the ships cleared out."

Jayne shuddered. Riddick could see that the man had an obvious dislike of Reavers. Riddick couldn't imagine that the Reavers were as bad as those things he had fought on T2, but they were made by the Alliance, so they all must be fucked up.

Riddick glared at him. He figured mercs were all the same, fucking pansy-ass cowards looking for a quick buck. Johns had been a fucking coward and a hype from the start of his pathetic-ass life. Riddick couldn't think of anyone he enjoyed killing more than Johns and there probably wouldn't be anyone in the future either.

Riddick looked down at Jack, there was fuzz growing on her head now and he figured the holy man wouldn't let her shave it again. he could remember her emotions clearly when she did it: excitement, fear and trust. Even then she had trusted him and he planned on keeping it that way.

"Fucking shitheads…monsters…kill 'em all!"

Jack mumbled in her sleep and shifted again. Jayne cleared his throat nervously and Riddick laughed silently. He couldn't think of Jack as a girl—not yet anyway—she acted too tough. He figured being a girl was probably shitty anyway

"What she mumbling about?"

"The planet we were on. Monsters there that were starving. They looked like those flying dinosaurs from Earth-That-Was."

"How come you three were the only survivors?"

Jayne looked skeptical, as if Riddick could be making shit up.

"They survived because they knew how to stick with me. Is revived because I wasn't about to go out like that. Sucky ass way to die if you ask me."

Riddick turned back to Jack and Jayne left. He knew that she wasn't as strong as she pretended to be, but she could be—she wasn't as weak as she looked. And she definitely wasn't stupid, Riddick couldn't even think of leaving her behind now that Carolyn had him promise to take care of her. Even dead Fry was going to haunt him.

She was waking up now, which was good, being that they were just a few orbits from New Mecca; he knew she'd be upset that she had missed all the action. In some ways, he knew that Jack wasn't a kid, but he liked to think she was—then he wouldn't have to worry about how much of the world she had already seen. A croak and sputter pulled Riddick from his thoughts, and he watched as Jack's eyes popped open. She'd been flirting with consciousness for the last half hour, and he was glad that she was awake. The holy man was starting to become more than annoying.

And he didn't like the way she was dressed. She didn't seem like Jack without her piles of clothes.

"Hey, Riddick?"

Her voice sounded like shit, he mused. But at least she was awake.

"Yeah, kid."

He answered her, and surprisingly she smiled. She still looked sick. Without all the baggage she'd been wearing on the planet she was a lot skinner than he first thought, and of course she hadn't eaten in nearly two weeks. Of course, he was used to hunger, he didn't know if Jack was.

"Where are we? And where is the holy man?"

"We're on a ship obviously, and the holy man is somewhere praying as usual."

Riddick shrugged and turned his attention to the door. He knew that the doctor would be coming in here soon. He didn't know why he didn't like the doctor much, he just didn't like bad liars—and for being a bearer of bad news the doctor sucked at lying.

"Oh, so are they gonna turn you in? Do they even know who you are?"

"Nah…I'm sure they do, but there's a merc on this ship. I think he likes me."

Riddick laughed; not a real laugh, but one of those thick deep intimidating laughs that scared the rats out of their holes. He noticed the way Jack's eyes widened at the mention of a merc—they had had enough experiences with fucked up mercs to make anyone just a little cautious.

"A merc, huh? I bet he's big and stupid. I don't think he likes you, he's probably just impressed. He should be groveling at your feet and pray you don't kill him. Are you gonna kill him?"

Jack shrugged, trying to play it cool, as if she wasn't bothered by it, but he knew different. Riddick knew her and he could tell that she was. He couldn't find much fault with Jack beside the fact that she was like an open book.

"Nah, let him squirm a little. But your right on the mark kid, he's big and stupid."

The swoosh of the door grabbed Riddick's attention away from the Jack, and he glared through his goggles at Simon Tam. He could be very intimidating when he removed his goggles, but just standing up seem to put the doctor in a state of paralysis for a few moments. It was rather comical the way the doctor flinched away from him when he got near Jack's bed.

And he thought Simon Tam was a pansy ass who wouldn't be worth shit saving, unless someone needed medical attention. Riddick didn't like the man, but he did save Jack's life, that earned him a minimal amount of respect.

"How are you feeling, Jack?"

"I'm hungry. What's your name?"

Riddick smiled slightly. Jack really was rather outgoing when it came to strangers, but she didn't trust them—not the way she had trusted Imam and Fry, and maybe him. Life-threatening situations tended to bond people.

"I'm Simon Tam, I'm a doctor. You were really sick, but you're fine now."

Riddick grimaced at the lie; only someone who looked like Simon Tam could tell a lie like that. He looked like a doctor—skeeze. He didn't want to admit that Jack had almost died from whatever virus she had, but he wasn't going to be the one to tell her that. It was in the past, and she obviously wasn't dead, so he figured it should just be left alone.

"Riddick? Is your—"

"My leg is fine now."

Riddick made no emotion on his face—he didn't want Jack worrying about him. Riddick felt his leg sting a little. He knew that it wasn't healed all the way, it wasn't going to get infected, but the pain in his leg was starting to aggravate him. He could ignore it for a little while, but it still bothered him.

"Yeah, okay. What is this ship?"

He wondered if Jack didn't believe him. Was there something that gave it away?

"It is the Serenity. There is a whole crew of us on here, and we…"

Riddick ignored Simon's rundown of the crew members, and his personal affiliation with them, partially because he didn't give a damn, but mostly because Simon was boring as hell and hardly dangerous.

He knew that the holy man would be coming in next, and the man wanted to speak to him. He could always sense that the holy man wanted to treat him like a misbehaving child, but he was too polite to actually do something like that. And, he still thought that Riddick might actually kill him—Riddick only wished that he was still that ruthless.

Sooner rather than later Imam entered, seeming a bit flustered as he fretted over Jack.

"Can I talk with you Jack?"

Jack could see that Imam was nervous, but about what she wasn't sure—imam always seemed nervous. She remembered when he used to be calm and collected; it had been that he was in control…before the monsters attack. Jack shuddered at the thought and nodded. She figured the faster she talked to Imam the faster she could get out of bed and back into some…clothes.

"Let us take a walk."

He extended his hand to her and Jack took it without hesitation. Imam would never hurt her, she had to trust him because he had been through the same ordeal that she had. She looked up to Imam and he had lost so much on that planet, she respected Imam like a father.

Jack did, however, hate how weak she felt. The doctor must have been lying when he said she was just a little sick. She had been a little sick before and it never resulted in her having a hard time walking before, and she'd be damned if she ever had to lean on someone for support; it was outright embarrassing. And now she knew that she couldn't trust the doctor, he was a liar.

Imam took her out of the med ward and walked her down the hall toward a set of stairs.

She struggled to pay attention to Imam and take in her surroundings at the same time. She knew that Riddick could do it with ease, so she had to make it her mission to be able to do it too. The hall was lighted and everything was metal, dark blue in color, the floor was grated and so was the ceiling and the stairs, the walls were steel and stone gray. There wasn't a window in sight and Jack felt as though she were in prison.

"We're going to be arriving at New Mecca soon Jacqueline. You know I would never force you to do something that would make you unhappy, but I only have your best interest at heart. You could go to the best school, become an aviator—"

"I can't work for the Alliance Imam. All aviator programs are controlled by the Alliance. I couldn't do that. Not after this."

She was thinking about Riddick. She couldn't just become one of the people that would quickly put him in prison or worse. Tell lies about him to make the public see him as a monster. The Alliance was a bunch of liars, they only had their own objectives in mind; they didn't care who or what they destroyed as long as they got what they wanted. She couldn't be one of them.

"There are things that you do not have to be exposed to yet, Jacqueline! You can have a simple life, it doesn't have to be hard and we can just forget all of this."

Jack wanted to cry. She could feel her eyes watering and she was torn in between saying yes to Imam, taking the easy way out, but she couldn't. If she left Riddick now she would feel like she was abandoning him. Imam had always planned to go back to New Mecca, he had a wife and a little daughter there, he had a family to go back to, but she and Riddick they didn't have anyone; they only had each other.

"I don't want it to be liked this, Imam. Do you have to leave us?"

"Do you have to stay with Riddick?"

Jack didn't answer, there was no need— they both already knew the answer. Jack wouldn't leave Riddick and Imam wanted to go back home, he wanted to go back to peace.

"We will see each other again, right Imam, I will be able to visit you?"

"Of course Jacqueline, I won't forgive you if you don't."

Awkwardly, Jack moved to hug Imam, she never hugged people, but she figured that this was an acceptable exception. She didn't know how long it would be before she saw Imam again, but she knew it would be a long time. She figured if this ship was willing to house a criminal like Riddick, they were probably criminals themselves and they were probably on the run. She had to promise herself that she would see Imam again, even if she had to leave Riddick for a little while—she would see him again.

She rubbed at her eyes, getting rid of any hint of tears that may have been present. She didn't want Riddick to think less of her for crying; it wasn't like she could change it anyway.

"My name isn't really Jacqueline, its Aubrey, but don't call me that. I hate that name."

Jack gave him a small smile and Imam returned it.

"I don't like that name at all, Jacqueline."

Jack started forward a bit, but paused as Imam turned his back to her and began to walk away. She didn't want him to leave her, but he had to have known that she would always choose to stay with Riddick. She felt as though she was making a selfish decision, but it was her decision nonetheless, and there was nothing that could be done to change her mind.

With a deep breath she turned and headed back to her room, slowly. Her body still wasn't healed up all the way, she felt tired and she was even more aggravated that the "doctor" had lied to her.