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He was in darkness, everyone was gone already. They left him to suffer for the deeds he has done. The hollow-shinigami boy had given the final blow and left with the rest of the members of Seireitei. There was no one by his side, at least, no one real. He didn't breathe, he didn't hold his breath. He was calm, relaxed, as if there isn't a gruesome hole in stomach to his chest. Then he saw a figure coming out of the darkness, smiling at him. He couldn't tell if it was sadistic or gentle, not that it mattered. The figure was the shape of a woman in a long kimono, meant for people of royalty. She kneeled next to him, her hands on her lap. He smiled back up at her, his eyes void of emotion, "Aizen-sama," she gentle, royal voice began, "did I not tell you?" He chuckled, hearing a squishing like sound come out from it. She caressed his face, her soft finger tips lingering every inch she felt on his cold skin.

"You did." She smiled again.

"You're a hated man, Aizen-sama," her smile didn't falter, and neither did his, "I hate you, Aizen-sama," Her smile still did not falter.

"I know." He told her clearly as her hands wiped the blood coming out from his mouth as he said it.

"You'll never be forgiven," She scooted closer to him, kissing his cold, hard lips, whispering, "I'll make sure of that," He fell into darkness.

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