What do u want to be when u grow up?

Most of us aren't sure yet, but some of us do know. You could be a doctor a teacher, nurse, dentist, hairstylist, anything in the world, but meet Haley a 17 year old, senior at Jamestown High School in Georgia. Straight A student, has so many friends, great family, great life, everything you could ask for. The thing is Haley wants a job that is 1 in a million. Haley wants to be in the WNBA. Why you may ask? Her father was in the NBA and her mother was in the WNBA, her sister is getting ready to play with the WNBA, and her brother just started the NBA. Her whole family has been or is still in the NBA, or WNBA. Haley has played basketball sence she could walk. Her father made sure she was an amazing basketball player. At the age of 8 she started playing basketball in the 3rd grade. Of course she was a starter. She was amazing. Every shot she took went in and made a swishing sound. Man how all of the girls were jealous. She led her team to the championships every year. Now that she is a senior she has to train and train hard so that when the scouts come to watch their final game that she and only she will be noticed. Haley was super popular she had a boyfriend named Haden, but he didn't like it when she blew off their dates for basketball training. It annoyed the heck out of Haley. If he truly liked me he would be happy for me, right? Haley thought. The thing is Haley will be so busy with homework, basketball, etc. that she wont have time for friends, or her boyfriend. This is when Haley finally realizes what is more important to her. She loves her friends but, she also loves Basketball. She likes her boyfriend but he just doesn't understand how important basketball is to her. Will he ever. That ran through her mind so many times. The one thing that she does have time for other than basketball, is her family. story full of drama, happiness, shockers, confusion, and love.

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