I looked down into the beautiful face of my daughter amazed that she was something that I had created. I could look at her forever. She had the same hair color as me and many similar features to me but I could also see subtle facial expressions that she got from her father. I looked over at Severus who was holding our son. He looked a lot like his father with the same hair, forehead, eyebrows, mouth, and chin. To most people if they looked at Severus at he watched his son they would see him as being guarded in that moment but I could see the emotion running through him as he held our son. Tears filled my eyes as I looked at my family.

"Do you want to hold Emily?" I asked.

Severus nodded as he stood slowly making sure he held the baby's head and back. He carefully placed the baby in my right arm before taking the sleeping Emily from me. I stared into the face of my son as he opened his eyes for the first time.

"Hello Jack," I whispered, "I'm your mummy."

He stared into my eyes as if he could understand what I was saying or maybe he knew my voice. He blinked several times before a small cry came from Emily.

"I think your sister is hungry," I said as Severus and I traded babies again.

After both of the babies were fed and in their basinet with the promise of the Healer's watching them for the night Severus sat by my side as we talked about the marvels of parenthood.

"You did wonderful," Severus said stroking my hair while his other hand held mine.

"Thank you for giving me such beautiful children," I said smiling.

"I love you," Severus he said.

"I love you too," I said my eye's drooping.

"Sleep well," he said kissing my forehead.

11 Years later….

Severus and I stood with our children at Platform 9 ¾ as we waited the train to leave. We spotted many of the Potter/Weasley clan talk with each other and said their goodbyes.

"Do you have everything?" I asked turning to my children.

"Mum we told you we have everything," Emily said as Jack rolled his eyes.

"There fine dear, if they need anything we can owl it to them," Severus said, "It's not abnormal for parents to do that."

"But still," I said to Severus, "I just want to make sure they have everything they need."

"Mum we're fine," Emily said hugging me.

"You're sure," I said looking into her face.

"Yes," she said sighing.

"Make sure you owl me," I said turning to Jack giving him a hug.

"Yes mum," he said as Emily hugged Severus.

We watched as our kids boarded the train to Hogwarts as Severus held my hand. I felt tears fill my eyes as we saw the train depart. We waved as we saw Emily and Jack through the window of the train. After we watched the train depart and apparated home. The house felt oddly empty to me. Severus went to the shop and went to our own potions lab that we had added on to the house when I wanted to work creating potions for the shops but still stay home with the kids.

The hours slowly crept by as I worked waiting for the owl that I knew would not come for many hours. Severus came home we ate dinner together, which reminded me of the times before we had the twins. After we sat with wine and read. I went to bed at my normal time and I found that I could not sleep. Sighing I stood and went out to the living area where Severus was still reading. I sat next to him as he put his book down and cuddled to his side.

"I think I can live with the children being away if this is how you are going to act," he said as he kissed my head.

"I couldn't sleep," I told him.

He kissed me deeply as I pulled myself towards him. A tapping noise broke our kiss.

"Oh finally," I said jumping up, going to the window, and let the owl in.

I quickly grabbed the letter and opened it recognizing Rose's hand writing.

Mum and Dad,

I got sorted into Hufflepuff with Rose Weasley.

We were both pretty excited to be sharing a dorm

together. Well Jack wants to write to you, I'll write

again soon!



I quickly handed Severus Rose's letter as I read Jack's letter.

Mum and Dad,

I got sorted into Ravenclaw. The feast was

amazing. Dad my first class tomorrow is

potions, I'll write you to tell you how that



I handed Severus Jack's letter feeling relieved in the house's they got sorted into. Placing the letters on the kitchen table he wrapped his arms around me.

"Feeling better love," he asked.

"Yes," I said, "I'm going to miss them like crazy but feeling happy."

He moved in for another kiss glad that I had answered the add Severus had placed all those years ago.

Alright that is end of the story, but there will be a sequel so keep your eye out for that. As always please leave feedback!