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"Things are so boring now!" I told Sakura as we walked around the village looking through shops.

"I know but at least Sasuke-kun is back." Sakura told me as she examined a beaded necklace.

"I wouldn't consider being in a high security prison "back". I wasn't exactly pleased about the whole situation but it was better than what I had anticipated. We had killed off Madara Uchiha and the Akatsuki no longer existed. It had taken us many long years but the village of Konoha was now safe for that threat.

On the down side, Kyuubi was bugging me now more than ever. Promising me that I would become the Hokage of the village and rule over everything if I would just let him take over and finish what he came to do in the first place. His promises were tempting I'm ashamed to admit and I have considered them.

"Naruto!" Sakura yelled at me. "You look like you have your head in the clouds again. So do you want anything?" She asked pointing to the numerous food stands.

"Uh. No. I'm good." My stomach rumbled.

"…I'll get you some ramen." She then walked off to Ichiraku ramen.

"Here ya go." She said placing a large bowl of ramen in my hands.

"Thanks." I said. I slurped the broth and ate every little bit of my favourite food.

"So Naruto, what's bothering you? You seem down lately. We got Sasuke back. Aren't you happy? This isn't like you at all. You should be happy on your 18th birthday!"

"I am happy. I should be heading home." I had forgotten about my birthday. So that was why Sakura was so nice and bought me ramen. I should have thanked her more.

"Hey Naruto." The Kyuubi was talking to me again. I tried to shut him out. "Don't you want to become Hokage? That woman is too old to run this village efficiently. You should let me help you, help the village. We could destroy her and take the village for ourselves. You could be great and powerful." His words pierced my scull. He was smooth as honey. His voice rang through my head. It was hypnotic.

"Get out of my head!" I yelled at him. I started to run towards my apartment.

I start to sweat as the Kyuubi continues to put images in my mind of power and glory and peace. I unlock my front door and throw the door open.

"BAMB" The door almost breaks off its hinges when I slam in shut, but I pay it no mind. Collapsing on the floor I start to pant. I have to stay awake, I have to calm down, and I have to fight the Kyuubi. The seal that my father put on me was weakening. The Kyuubi could tell this as well. He had been pushing against the seal ever since he had noticed. I have spent countless hours pushing him back in his prison. I have to protect the people of this village, the people I care about. If the Kyuubi was released horror would run the land, killing everyone and destroying everything.

I writhed in pain as his claws raked across my insides.

"Let me out Naruto. You know you want to." My body twitched on the ground and I grabbed the orange ramen stained rug off the floor. I ripped it apart and Kyuubi's charkra started to leak out. Fangs grew, and claws formed.

"DAMN IT!" I yelled angrily. The seal was almost broken, just hanging by a thread I forced him back inside.

I dared not sleep when night finally fell. I sat there with the lights turned on and a lamp shining in my face.

Coffee had become my best friend.

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