Yay! Last chapter! Hope you enjoy!"Yes!" Kyuubi and I hissed together. I could remember everything once more and I could feel our chakra returning as whatever Tsunade put inside me to control it, broke.

"Shit!" Kakashi was blown back by the mere force of it. He skidded to a stop and came charging back at me. I jumped high into a tree and glared down at them. Iruka had caught up to Kakashi and was standing beside him.

"I'm back! Now let's finish this old man!" Kyuubi roared in anticipation.

"I agree. He wanted my death to be painful so we'll make his painful!" I glared down at the white haired man beside my father like figure. "But… Iruka's will be swift. He never wanted me to suffer." I could feel my hatred start to cool off and Kyuubi seemed to notice this too.

"You must kill Kakashi!" And my anger came boiling back.

"Hyaaaa!" I jumped down and swung my fist at Kakashi but he dodged and jumped farther away leaving Iruka behind. Iruka had ducked and attempted to trip me. His leg grazed against my red chakra and he yelled. The chakra had burnt him. I looked at him apologetically. I didn't want to give him pain.

Kakashi came through the air when I was distracted with Iruka and used his kunai laced with chakra. It was strong enough to slice through my chakra and scratch my skin but I laughed and threw him aside. That wasn't enough to defeat me. Tsunade was crazy if she thought such a simple ninja like Kakashi could lay a finger on me!

He was much too weak to even think about hurting me.

"Ahgn!" Kakashi clutched his shoulder and popped it back in place. It must have popped out when he hit the tree after he tried to attack me! Stupid idiot!

"Kakashi! Are you okay?" Iruka yelled at him.

"I'm fine." He replied but didn't take his eyes off of me. "I'm going to kill you!" He charged again. "Chidori!" His chidori hit me straight on in the chest and I could feel his chakra breaking through my own. It grazed my chest and I screamed before I managed to push him away.

Chidori couldn't be used a lot so Kakashi would have to be careful about when he uses it. My shirt had been destroyed and my wound was slowly healing.

"It should be healing faster than this!"

"He's using sharing an you idiot! Chidori is a powerful jutsu if you didn't remember. It's practically pure chakra! Watch out for it or we'll be in trouble. His jutsu is a problem…"

"Now you tell me!"

"I didn't think you were that much of an idiot to think that pure chakra can not weasel it's way through! How do you think I was sealed!" Kyuubi fumed at my idiocy.

"ha." I let out my breath that I had been holding in. I could probably use what I had planned for Tsunade. Restraining my chakra would be dangerous, it'll leave numerous openings for him to get me…

"Do it! You can easily run from him until it's time!" Kyuubi encouraged me. I smiled.

"I'm not going to die here Kakashi but you will!" He watched in amazement, horror and curiosity as my red cloak of chakra started to disappear.

"Kakashi! Don't let him do that! Are you an idiot!" Iruka yelled and tried to get up but the burn seemed to have been pretty bad as he winced and fell back down. I should have know that Iruka would understand what I was doing.

Kakashi waited a few moments dumbfounded before attacking again. I knew I had to watch it. If I got hit like before, it would probably actually kill me. Kakashi seemed to realise this too.

He kicked, he punched, he threw kunai but he never used chidori again.

"Why?" I asked Kyuubi.

"Probably waiting for an opening. Using other tactics to make you fall or something before going for the kill. Look out!" Kakashi came down hard and I stumbled back. My back hit a tree and Kakashi stood there with a kunai against my throat.

We were both breathing hard.

"Any last words?" Kakashi said through gritted teeth.

"Kid! You can release it anytime now!" Kyuubi yelled to me excitedly.

"Just a few." I smiled and Kakashi's eyes widened in suspicion. "I'm sorry Iruka. Now die!" I suddenly released the chakra and Kakashi was blown back. Iruka put his arms over his head just before the chakra hit him. I watched as the chakra spread like a storm. Then I heard screams.

"You've finally killed them all!"

I guess the chakra reached the village as well. I could feel numerous chakras and lives being taken. My chakra continued to deplete.

"Hey kid." Kyuubi chuckled. "You can stop anytime now."

The chakra continued.

"No really! Stop before you kill us!"

"I… can't" The chakra wouldn't stop flooding and I could feel myself growing weak. I crumpled to my knees and tried to yank the chakra back.

I pulled with all my force. It seemed to stop for a moment and then it was all thrust in my face.

I felt the shock. The chakra hitting my body. I could feel my arms and legs start to disintegrate. The searing pain, but I couldn't scream. I started to burn from the inside. Kyuubi was screaming along with me. Our body was being destroyed. My chakra was being wrenched from Kyuubi's. I could feel the braid that had been made during our creation being yanked apart. The heat of the chakra.

Then I could feel the pain of all those I'd killed. Their screams filled my head. It hurt, it bounced off the inside of my skull. Their chakra was eating away at my soul. I was being ripped to shreds. I could no long feel Kyuubi's presence. He had disappeared completely. His chakra was no longer there. Only pain was surrounding me. My body was gone and I knew I'd been sent to hell.

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