Chapter 12

The wait for Renee to come and give us her decision was excruciating. Alice had told us she would be arriving at noon to to tell us what she desided. Alice also told us she was giving nothing away, there wasnt even a smile or sadness in her eyes. I couldn't believe my best friend wouldn't tell me what i needed to know.

" Bella all in good time, your going to support her decision either way so just relax and wait" i looked at Carlisle and smiled

" I know what would take my mind off this situation Dr Cullen" i said i threw my arms around him

" Babe as much as your driving me mad and i could take you right here i have plans for tonight and everything is going to be perfect" he said a ran his hands down the side of my body. I let out a tremble and replied

" Fine im going for a shower care to join me?" i asked. With that Carlisle scooped me up bridal style and ran me to out room.

He gave me a preview of tonight as he stripped me down and laid kisses over ever inch of my body that wasnt covered with material we call cloths. Being that he was able to undress in vampire speed we were in the shower in no time. As i hot water poured over my body i couldn't stop my hands from exploring every itch of his granite body, i must say looking down upon him i could help but get a little nervous about tonght. Lets just say my future fiance was well, how do i put this, well hung very well hung. KI was the only one exploring body parts. Carlisle fingers slipped pass my navel and found there way down to my hot wet folds. He started out rubbing my fold slowly and gently as i let out a moan this seemed to encourage him further more. As he picked up the speed he quickly shoved his finger deep into my warm sex as his cold fingers hit the spot i could contain myself much longer

" OH Carlisle im so close dont STOP'

" Baby this is nothing just you wait for tonight im going to make you think you died and went to heaven" he whispered into my ear sending me over the top.

" Now its my turn Honey to make you scream my name" i said as i grabbed his hard member. With that Carlisle grabbed my hand forcing me to stop

" Babe im just here to ease some tention tonight you can make it up to me by making me the happiest Dr around" he said as he stepped out of the shower. Thats when i heard Rose tap on the door

" Now if your finshed calling out Dads name mom,I thought you might like to know Alice said Renee has decided to come early she will be arriving in 5 minutes so you best get yourselves dressed and presentable she still is your Mom after all and i dont thin she needs to know what you two have been up to, oh Alice said to tell you Dad everything is set for tonight and that shes going to head over to the hotel and get the final preparations ready for tonight, she said she was going to be too busy laer to do it? I dont know what she ment but" just then Alice called out


We were dressed and walking down the steps as Renees car arrived at our house. Carlisle grabbed my hand as he could sense my nervousness about our conversation. Renee wasnt one to beat around the bush so to speak and i knew we would know her answer as soon as she was comfortable. Renee got out of her car and walked up the steps. We opened the door for her and the first thing wasnt " hi Bella, Hi carilisle", she didnt kiss me cheek and walk in no the first words out of her hair brained mothers mouth was

' Call the Danali sisters looks like there going to have a visitor for a while, your going to do it arnt you Carlisle, i take that your going to make my daughter like you and i want to be changed by the same person, where is this going to happen, can we do it know" she said as she walked straight passed me and Carlisle. We stood there with our jaws dropped

" Are you sure you want to do this" i asked

" Am i sure i want to be with my Daughter for eternity, YES, am i sure i want to be apart of this family for ever YES, am i affaid about being uncontrollable YES am i sure i want to be super fast and super strong HELL YES" she said as she grabbed me in her arms

" Am i a little sad i wont be able to see you for year deffinatly but i ready to start over, im ready to find my soul mate and be in as much love as you both are i have one request and a few questions" she asked

" Sure Renee anything" Carlisle replied

" One i want to be able to speak to Isabella as oftern as i want. Now for my questions you have said that as a newborn i will be terribly thirsty are you sure this Eleazar will be able to control me and when we start the 'change' is there anything that can stop the pain?" she asked sounding a little scared

" One of course you can call anytime and because we dont sleep i laterally mean anytime, Yes Eleazer is quite equipt to deal with new borns, he lived with the volturi and helped with newborns helping them suss out any new vampire with powers they may need on there side and as for the pain i plan on using Morphine on Bella so i will be good to see if it help, i cant be sure if u wont feel any pain but i will do anything i can to help it" he replied laying a reasurring hand on on her shoulder

" Is there more questions you need answered before i go and prepare for your big step into being starting your process on joining our family forever" he asked and she timidly shook her head

" And your 100% sure this is what you want" i asked

" Yes Bella im 150% sure this is what i want" she retorted

"Well i better get things ready and call The Denali sisters and let them know in 2 days they will have a visitor soon, i take it this is why Alice has gone to do what she has to knowing that they will be taking you to the danalis as soon as the process has begun,unfortunatly you cant stay her because due to the fact that Bella has a heart beat you will want her when you wake so its best if you arrive there before you awake, Bella would you mind going to my study and fetching my phone: he asked as i got up i pulled my Mom into a tight hug and whispered

" Im glad im going to have you as my Mom forever" i said with i smile. I turned leaving my Mother and my soul mate there to discuss her change further


I asked Bella to leave so i could ask her a question that i wish i could have asked her father but due to the fact he was no longer around she was the next person for me to ask this request.

" Renee as you know i love Bella with everything that i am and there is a question i need to ask you before i change you" she said with a look of complete seriousness

" Carlisle before you say another word you have my complete blessing to ask her to marry you, i know you know my views on marrage but can i just say i have NEVER seen a lpove like the one love you have for my daughter, when do you plan on doing it? she asked as i sat there gob smacked

" Firstly your blessing means the world to me and i was going to ask her tonight only im putting it onhold until tomorrow now but i promise it will be prefect and Alice can fill you in on the details once you wake up after your change"

" Well thats great but now i have something i would like to give you, i figured you would purpose one day and i wanted to giv e this too you regardless of the choice i made today" thats when She pulled out a box from her bag

" This was my mothers ring and it would be my honor if you used it, you dont have to But Bella has always loved this ring and i know she will love it" she said. It was a simply eligant ring. I could see why Bella loved it it was stunning and totally perfect. It had a simple cluster of diamonds surrounded by beatiful saffires. Just then Alice walked in

" Well that ring just makes everything perfect and Carlisle we have everything set for tonight so you arnt waiting for tomorrow but i have arranged a late cheakin, youll get there at 9, have dinner and the scenic view Restaurant followed by a romantic night in the hotel room, dont worry about Renee she will be fine, wont you Renee. Now Bella will be coming down the stairs in 1 minute so if you want tonight to be a surprise i suggest you put it away now." she said and we did as we were told. No one has ever crossed Alice and we werent about to start now. Bella came down th stairs and handed me the phone and i got up and made i may to the kitchen to make my important call. Tanya was excited to be having a new woman going to say shes hopeing to teach her how just like her, which i was a little scared. I walked back into the lounge room and told them that everything was ok and asked Renee if she was ready. Renee turned to Bella and told her she loved her and was excited about there new life and to have fun tonight.

We headed up the stairs where i was about to make her apart of our family for the rest of our life and this made my soon to be fiance happy which in turn made me happy.

She laid on the bed and i asked her one final time if she was prepared she again reassured my that this was her choose. I injected her with Morphine and bite all her major arteries. I hoped and praid that she wasn't in pain, I had to admit i was a little selfish my mind kept going to my plains for tonight

Tonight i will make every fantasy come true. Tonight would be tender and soft and everything a first time should be.

Tonight my love would know how i truly felt for her

Tonight will be the best night EVER'

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