E/O Drabble Challenge

Challenge word: fold

Length: 100 words

Happy Birthday Shinaria! Here's some Wee!chester for you! Hope you enjoy!

Pastor Jim sat with folded hands and bowed head, his bible open in his lap. After saying a silent amen, he glanced up to find a pair of dark, wondering eyes studying him intently.

"Whatcha doing, Pastor Jim?"

Jim smiled at the precocious five year old. "I was talking to God, Sam."

"Does he ever talk back?"

"In his own way, yes."

"Dean says there isn't a God."

Jim sighed. "Yes, I'm very aware of how your brother feels."

"Can you teach me?"

"To pray?"

Sam nodded his tousled head. "I want to ask God to keep my family safe."

A/N: Luke 18:16 "Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of God." I'm not preaching! This verse just jumped into my head when I wrote this so I wanted to share. :)