Heroes Vs. Pokemon (Part 2): The Dimensional Guardians!

Here it is folks! The sequel to When Time and Space Collide!. This story is just like it's prequel because this story resolves around the second pokemon movie of the Diamond and Pearl Trilogy called Garintina and the Sky Warrior! so the plot is not original. I'm just adding stuff to it just like I did with it's prequel.

Review Replies:

Batthan: Thanks for the tip!

Kinghy: I'm thinking about it.

WereDragon EX: Yeah, I know it was weird with that the newcomers left without even seeing if Darkrai survived or not. However they will learn of Darkrai's survival in this story. Also thanks for pointing out all the flaws in that story, and naming the attacks I couldn't, that was the VERY FIRST story that I published, so I'm a rookie. Interesting thoughts about Dialga rewinding and stopping time and Dialga warping space and avoiding attacks, I should've used that in the story, but oh well. I really don't know much about pokemon anyway.

Alisha Blank: Sorry, didn't know that Dawn loses the contest. And I disagree on only Dialga, Palkia, Girantina and Arceus being the only beings capable of shattering Dialga's and Palkia's crystals. I think that as long as it is a powerful attack, anyone could crack it. But hey, that's my opinion.

Disclaimer: I Don't own the plot of the story, and I don't own Pokemon, Danny Phantom, Fairly Odd Parents, Sonic the Hedgehog and their respective characters. The only thing I can take credit for are my OC's that are in this story.

Summary: When most of our favorite heroes make a return trip to the pokemon world (along with some new friends) they soon become involved in another adventure which will take them into the mysterious reverse world. And while some of our separated heroes fight off against Girantina in multiple battles in the reverse world. Ash and his friends find a Shaymin who insist that he needs to be taken to the flower garden right away and so they begin a journey to get Shaymin to the flower garden in time for the flower bearing which is basically a Shaymin migration. Meanwhile Joshua also must figure out how to control his new out-of-control electricity powers. But when a new foe arises everyone (including Garintina) will have to band together defeat this new foe with the others …..But just like before…… can they do it?

Note: Sora, Donald, and Goofy from Kingdom Hearts will probably not be making an appearance in this story because they are going to have to enter Castle Oblivion in about 1-3 weeks. Because I don't' want to goof up the Kingdom Hearts story too much. So even if they do make an appearance it will be brief. they might, keyword 'MIGHT' appear in brief multiple cameos.

(Suddenly the scene changes to that of the reverse world and as words form at the bottom of the screen out of nothingness, mysterious music begins to play)



Sonic the Hedgehog

Fairly Odd Parents

Danny Phantom

A bit of Kingdom Hearts


One more, surprise crossover.


The Sequel to: When Time and Space Collide!

The Dimension Guardians!


(I know introductions were short…but oh well.)

Prologue (Enjoy the first part of the story! Chapters will begin to be update sometime in late spring or early summer.)

Somewhere in a forest, with swamp-like fog in every direction you look, a tiny white hedgehog-like pokemon with grass on it's back walks cautiously through the forest floor. In fact this creature is so cautious and nervous that even the quite sweet noises of honeycomb pokemon flying over head frighten it to no end.

Well anyway after walking for a few feet this pokemon comes into a clearing of the forest where it sees a clear glassy lake, the pokemon sighs in relief and joy. The strange pokemon then begins to drink the water from the lake, when suddenly a blue ball of light forms on the other side of the lake catching the hedgehog-like pokemon's attention. This blue ball of light, with a flash, fades away to reveal the four legged steel reptilian-like pokemon of time…Dialga, standing there looking up into the sky for a brief second before bringing it's head down to drink the water as well.

Meanwhile in a very strange alien-like world a mysterious gray pokemon, with 6 black tentacles coming out from the back of it's neck with red at the tips, begins to fly upwards to see a water-like reflection of Dialga that is seemingly floating in mid-air. But the reflection is more like a view portal into the real world where Dialga is drinking from the lake.

In the real world a small swirling of purple energy begins to form on the water's surface near to where Dialga is drinking as a result of this mysterious pokemon closing in on Dialga's location in it's abyss-like world.

And as the swirling continues to grow and intensify the screen for a brief moment changes to a white haired man watching all of this from his 3-d radar…thing. (I don't know what to call it).

Anyway the purple swirling on a part of the water's surface near Dialga forms into a purple hole-like thing before a giant force of wind shoots out of it and heads straight for Dialga, who let's out a surprised cry from this. The force of the wind quickly catches Dialga in it's sucking current and begins to try and drag the temporal deity through the purple portal. However Dialga, somehow is able to fight this suction current rather well, though he was struggling.

The scene, again for a brief second changes back to that white haired man watching all of this on his 3-d radar as the feminine computer voice says "Currently making contact with Dialga."

The scene then changes back to reveal the strange pokemon charging out of the purple hole and tackling Dialga, but as it does this it's body for a few seconds turns purple as it's serpent like body transforms into a more brontosaurus dinosaur (Ya know those long necked dinosaur's) except the pokemon didn't have a long neck, but the body structure was similar with the exception of this pokemon having six legs formed instead of four. The pokemon's six tentacles had also changed into two black wings with red spikes on the front side of them.

This strange pokemon then grabs Dialga by one of it's front legs with it's yellow claw like things around it's neck and begins to pull Dialga slowly but surely into the purple hole-like portal as said pokemon struggles to break free.

Meanwhile that poor hedgehog-like pokemon that had been watching all of this was caught up in the wind draft of these two giants and was thrown onto one of Dialga's metal spikes on it's back. Luckily though Dialga or this strange pokemon didn't notice.

The scene, for the third time changes back to the white haired man watching all of this as the computer voice reveals the name of this strange pokemon and the strange multi-color abyss like world it was in by saying "Girantina has captured Dialga and is returning to the reverse world." The white man after hearing this says "They won't make it. Find the next point of appearance." The computer then replies with "As you wish Zero."

The scene then changes back to Dialga, Girantina, and the hedgehog-like pokemon as Girantina drags Dialga back into it's abyss like world known as the reverse world and it's body reverts back into its previous serpent-like form. Dialga is then tackled into one of the floating islands by Girantina, creating a lot of smoke.

Meanwhile a man with a Sheldon pokemon who was hopping from floating island to floating island stops to see all of this.

The man then says curiously as a metal thin antenna comes out of his big black backpack and puts a device in front of one of his eyes "Has Girantina captured Dialga?"

He then catches sight of something small and begins to click the zoom button on the device in front of his left eye to zoom in on a small green spot on the tip of one of Dialga's metal spikes. And upon seeing that this green spot is a pokemon the man says in confusion "What's it doing here?"

Suddenly Dialga who is wrapped up by Girantina's serpent-like body lets out a cry of anger and frustration, before shaking Girantina off of itself and flying right back up to the purple portal that he was dragged in through which was slowly beginning to close.

And as it does this the hedgehog-like pokemon loses it's balance and falls down onto one of the nearby floating islands.

Girantina, as you can imagine instantly began pursuing Dialga as it made it's way to the purple portal. And just as Dialga begins to climb out of the portal and back into the real world, Girantina once again uses it's golden claw like things around it's neck to grab one of Dialga's rear legs, before yanking the temporal pokemon back into the reverse world. The portal then closes after wards.

Girantina then lets go of Dialga's leg seeing as how it is now trapped in this world and that it would just be a waste of energy now. But Dialga still tries to run and as he flies past the floating island where the hedgehog-like pokemon he causes a bit of the purple smoke that is seen floating around in patches all across the reverse world over to the pokemon. And Girantina passing by in it's pursuit of Dilaga only helps push this sinister smoke closer to the terrified pokemon.

But as it is surrounded by this dark purple smoke the little pokemon suddenly begins to absorb it, as it's pink leafs on each side of it's head turn black. Which efficiently absorbs all the purple smoke around the little pokemon.

Meanwhile as Dialga continues to fly away Girantina suddenly swoops in front of the Time deity and forms a blue ball of fire at it's mouth, before launching it at Dialga. The attack makes direct contact and Dialga is sent flying backwards. But Dialga manages to recover and begins to try and run again as the dimensional deity charges up a fireball at it's mouth and fires it at Dialga.

The attack misses and instead slams into the same floating island the strange hedgehog-like pokemon is on, causing a pretty good sized explosion as the hedgehog-like pokemon is knocked back up into the air from the explosion, right between the two battling titans.

And as the pokemon floats in the air, Girantina begins to fly towards Dialga, and the terrified little pokemon was in it's path. Just as Girantina sees this little pokemon, said pokemon cries out in terror as it's leaf petals on each side of it's head begin to glow brightly, before letting out a huge green blast of dust and particles that catches both titan's attention's.

The force from this blinding green explosion causes both legendaries, the human, and the Sheldon pokmeon, to struggle to hold their ground against it. But as the green explosion dies down a greenish-blue portal forms in midair where the hedgehog-like pokemon had created that green explosion.

This new portal then instantly sucks the little pokemon into it's light rainbow-like color tunnel before ejecting it out into the real world, and into a river, which sweeps the little pokemon away.

Zero who was watching all of this from his headquarters says with curiosity "What was that?" the computer replies to him with "That was not the work of Girantina."

Suddenly Zero's screen monitor shows the little pokemon begin dragged away by a rushing river as the computer continues to say "it seems to be because of that pokemon."

Meanwhile Dialga rushes through this same portal that the little pokemon had created, but just as it reached the end of this light tunnel Girantina, once again drags Dialga back into the reverse world. However this time Dialga doesn't run and instead turns around to face Girantina and as it's diamond-like jewel on it's chest glows blue it fires off a purple lighting-like ball of energy at Girantina, making direct contact with said pokemon.

Sparks fly off of Girantina as it recovers from this attack, Dialga takes advantage of the situation and flies back into the portal, through the rainbow tunnel and out into the real world and flying up into the sky.

But as Girantina fully recovers and tries to chase Dialga through this portal, it closes up. Girantina is un-phased by this and instead shoots a column of swirling air from it's mouth creating another purple portal in mid air. But just as Girantina tries to fly out, it's body rewinds that movement, placing Girantina back to his starting position. Girantina tries to go through his portal again, but is met with the same thing again.

Girantina, now realizing Dialga is behind this cries out in rage and frustration with eyes glowing red. The man on the floating island who saw all of this says with slight shock as he sees this last event "It's trapped. Dialga must've done something to it."

A bubble of Dialga floating in the real world sky can be seen hovering in the reverse world. Girantina who sees this destroys it in rage with it's body causing a white energy shockwave to occur right where Dialga is in the real world. But all this gets from Dialga is a shrug of slight pain from this and confusion before it flies high into the sky and disappears behind the clouds. Also the portal that Girantina made closes up as well.

Meanwhile in these same skies a humongous airship can be seen flying through the clouds as the screen takes us inside and back to where this screen loves to take us so much.

Zero upon seeing all of this in from his airship says with a sigh "We've come to late."

Suddenly the computer says something as it shows Girantina being rewound in time as it tries to go through it's portal on Zero's screen "It seems after coming in contact with Dialga, Girantina is unable to leave the reverse world. Time is now running in a infinite loop around Girantina."

The screen for the final time in this prologue changes for a brief moment to see the little pokemon still being dragged by the stream it is struggling in, when it suddenly encounters a waterfall and is swept over into the calm river below. The screen then fades.

Prologue End

Sorry for the grammar mistakes in this prologue. It is just tough to really describe the things in the reverse world, if you catch my drift. Well anyway the next chapter is when all of your favorite heroes arrive!…well most of them anyway. But, just like you saw in the disclaimer, two certain blue and black hedgehogs will appear in this story as well. Also my OC characters won't make an appearance until the end of chapter 2. And even then they won't officially arrive in the pokemon world until a few more chapter on. So now that I've had gotten all of that off my chest….I hope you stay tuned for the first chapter of this sequel to When Time and Space Collide! See ya!

Also do you guys like it that my character Joshua has a bunch of powers. Or do you think he has too much or too little. He's still going to acquire a new power or two but I'm just curious. So please review.