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Preview for Next Story

Narrator: You saw them in Alamos Town….

Black and white flashes showing scenes from the first story are seen.

1. Ash, Dawn, and Brock competing with the Pokemon Trainers in the streets of Alamos Town.

2. Sora's trio exiting the gummi ship in the garden.

3. Timmy Turner and his fairies poofing into an alley.

4. Danny wandering the garden and fighting Darkrai.

5. Joshua bying a map from a shop.

6. Team Rocket deceiving Alberto into thinking their reporters.

7. Ash, Dawn, Brock conversing in the garden with Allis, Tonio, and Alberto.

Narrator: How they helped to defend Alamos Town…

1. Ash, Dawn and some of the Pokemon rushing up the long winding starircase of the Space-Time towers to the instrumental player at the top.

2. The scene where Tonio saves Allis on the bridge whereas Alberto, accompanied by Lickylick seethes in jealously.

3. Brock and Nurse Joy escorting people to safety.

4. Sora pressing against a Draco Meteor bullet with his Keyblade.

5. Donald casting gravity to pin Palkia down to the ground.

6. Goofy blocking a Hyper Beam with his shield.

7. Team Rocket running for their lives as the street behind them disintegrates.

8. Timmy socking Dialga with his metal fist appendage.

9. Joshua blasting Dialga off him with an electrical-infused energy beam.

10. Danny springing up from within the ground, intangibly of course, and delivers an uppercut to Palkia's chin.

11: Ash and Dawn watching their Pokemon activate the music player with their electrical abilites, causing the song to be played.

Narrator: You saw them in the Reverse World….

Black and white flashes showing scenes from the second story is seen.

1. Ash, Dawn (Holding Shaymin), and their Pokemon following Newton inside a building as a familiar diety pokes its eye in after them.

2. Danny floating around in the reverse world.

3. Timmy and his faires standing on a platform in the reverse world.

4. Joshua using an energy sword to slow his descent down the mountain.

5. Sonic and Shadow displaying amazing acrobatics as they travel through the reverse world.

6. Kirby being sucked up into a green vortex-like hole.

Narrator: How they brought Shaymin back to the Flower Garden while dealing with many perilous threats along the way.

1. Ash, his Pokemon, and Sora, attacking Zero's ship with everything they got.

2. Shadow socking Axel in the face.

3. Joshua launching a Laser Ball at Giratina.

4. Sonic plowing into Giratina's head.

5. Kirby slamming its hammer down upon Zero's ship.

6. Timmy launching many rockets at the Magnemite while a crazed Wanda blasted them with bazookas. Cosmo just floated there like an idiot.

7. Shaymin blasting Magnezone with an Energy Ball.

8. Danny watching on in horror as Joshua absorbed the energy from Giratina's electrical cage.

9. Nathan's Aura Fist bouncing off of the diamond shield around Giratina.

10: Team Rocket screamin as there are ripped from the ground by some air current.

11: Shadow blasting Zero out of the reverse world.

12: The entire group watching Shaymin migrating with its fellow brethren.

Narrator: But now…

We are taken to a mysterious realm housing a monstrous vortex of yellow energy as we are taken to the heart of it where a black sphere lies. In it, we see a mysterious Pokemon resting.

Narrator: Something has awoken…

The eyes of the Pokemon snap open to reveal glowing eyes of hate and aggression as a burst of energy erupts from it, rocking the entire dimension.

Narrator: The Pokemon said to have created entire worlds…

We see our group of heroes inside a chamber as two figures introduced them to this strange contraption.

Ash: Is it a…Pokemon?

Sheena: Right, the legendary Pokemon said to have created its entire world.

The group looked stunned.

Timmy: Not, another one!

Narrator: Even The Dragon Trio alone will not be enough to subdue its anger.

We see Palkia firing an Aura Sphere at the Legendary while Dialga lets loose a Hyper Beam, both of which are blocked by some sort of strange energy. Both are then blasted by a twin Twisters as they cry out in pain. Giratina is then seen attacking with Will-O-Wisp but that is also blocked as the Legendary responds with a howling blizzard.

Shadow: No way!

Sora: Yeah! That's impossible!

Timmy: So it's invincible!

Narrator: Old Heroes….

Ash, Dawn, Brock and the Pokemon are seen playing in and hanging around a river. Ash had just splashed Dawn.

Dawn: Oh, you think your funny?

Ash: I'm Ash and this is my partner Pikachu!

Brock: Hey the guidebook talks about them as well.

We see Sonic in a field and looking up at something.

Sonic Come on, don't tell me you don't know who I am!

Shadow: Don't get used to it.

Tails: It doesn't look like that to me!

We see Joshua and Danny dueling one another in the Elemental Plane as the latter dodges a laser sent by the latter.

Danny: Ha, you missed!

Joshua: Oh, yeah?

We see Joshua talking with Nathan near the ruins.

Nathan: I quickly decided to come and help you.

Joshua: He paused the wrestling match until you returned, didn't he?

Nathan: Well…..yeah.

We see Sora's trio, along with three new figures, catching up to Ash's group on the trail.

Ash: Hey, Sora! Where did you come from?

Sora: You know me, I always seem to pop out of nowhere.

Goofy: It sure is great to see you guys again!

We then see the FOP crew appearing in a field of tall bushes with red juicy berries hanging from them.

Timmy: So, what does that have to do with anything!

Wanda: I don't know, sport.

Cosmo: What?

We see Kirby flying through the air on his trusty Warp Star.

Kirby: Hi!

Narrator: New Friends….

We see the group at a lake, chatting with two strangely-dressed individuals.

Sheena: Hi, my name is Sheena, and I'm guardian of these ruins.

Kevin: Same here too, my names Kevin.

We see a small boy with a large cranium, accomplained by a metallic pooch, as he introduced himself to Sora's group.

Jimmy: I'm Jimmy Neutron, boy genius, and this is my dog Goddard!

Goddard: BARK BARK!

We are taken to the Mushroom Kingdom as we see Mario following after a panicked Yoshi, while glaring at his lazy brother.

Mario: Luigi, let's-a-go!

Luigi: Oh, no!

We see Dawn shaking hands with a certain red-haired girl.

Dawn: Hi, I'm Dawn!

Kairi: Nice to meet you, I'm Kairi.

Not too far away from them we see Ash taking to a teen of silver hair.

Ash: Hi, I'm Ash!

Riku: Riku. Who's that on your shoulder?

Ash: Oh, this is my partner and buddy: Pikachu!

Pikachu: Pika!

We see a certain king standing on gray stones inside a bleak chamber, with Ash, Pikachu, Goddard, and Jimmy nearby, as they looked up to something.

King Mickey: I'm Mickey Mouse!

We see Silver floating in midair thanks to his pyschokensis as he glared at something.

Silver: My name is Silver!

We then see five blonds as they walk along the streets of a futuristic city.

Damian: Oh, a wise guy, eh?

Steven: Whoa, calm down.

Ethan: Seriously? When will these two ever learn that they can't win?

Narrator: Will join forces with the Dragon Trio….

We see three flashbacks of each member of said trio.

Donald: WHAT!

Ethan: How is this even happening!

Narrator: As some try to solve the riddle to Arceus' anger….

We see the group traveling through some kind of blue wormhole.

Dawn: What's going on?

Wanda: Sorry sport. As much as I hate to admit it, I'm just as clueless as Cosmo is right now.

Tails: Dialga must've sent us through that wormhole and into the past!

We see a few a few members of the group standing on a stone platform in the middle of a cloudy day.

Kevin: Dialga has taken them back to the time of Arceus' betrayal!

Sonic: If Tails and the others can stop that Damos guy from betraying Arceus…

Joshua: None of this will ever happen!

We see the group locked in a cell as they confront a certain man.

Sora: You must be…

Ash: Damos!

Damos: Wait, you say you know me?

Kairi: Why are you setting up a trap for Arceus!

Jimmy: Your betrayal is going to jeopardize many innocent lives in the future!

We see the FOP in an alley of the town of Michina.

Wanda: And from seeing how powerful Arceus really is, I'm pretty sure he could do it. We can't afford to let Arceus get angry.

We see the group the group standing inside the coliseum-like walls inside a cave as they looked down with horrified expression.

Ethan: Why that no good son of a weasel…

We see Team Rocket behind a couple of pillars as James pushes an angry Jessie in front of him.

James: I insist, ladies first!

Jessie: Meowth' first!

Meowth: No, James!

Narrator: While others contend with Arceus in the future…

We see Joshua being blasted into the lake by Arceus.

Joshua: That hurt.

We see Sonic dodging Arceus' Flamethrowers.

Sonic: Your too slow!

We see Danny flying towards Arceus while charging a ball of ecto-energy in his hands.

Danny: Hey, Arkbutt! Catch.

However the attack dissipates into thin air before it could reach Arceus' whose life plates had changed to black.

Danny: What!

Nathan: Need some help?

Nathan throws an Aura Fist that crashes into Arceus' form, sending it flying back.

We then see Arceus bursting out of something as Joshua, Danny, and Palkia go flying back into the side of a hill.

Danny: Ow.

Narrator: Will they succeed?

We see Mario striking the top of Arceus' head with his trusty hammer.

Mario: Eee….YA!

Inside the walls of the underground shrine, we see Ash gaining a determined expression as he, Pikachu, and Sora's trio rushed up a nearby stairway, earning him confused stares from the others.

Ash: We're going to go and get the Jewel of Life back from Marcus!

Ethan: Not without backup you aren't!

We see Riku slashing Arceus' side as the dark wielder came down from above.

Arceus: AGH!

Riku: What's the matter, Arceus? I thought you were going to teach me a lesson about my inexcusable actions.

Arceus: DIE!

Goofy: Gawrsh!

We see the group facing a strange robed man who was guarded by his two Pokemon: Brozong and Heatran.

?: I'm certain that one day you all will thank me.

Ash: What for!

?: I am changing history!

Mickey: Doesn't matter, what your doing here is wrong!

We see Joshua unloading a payload of lasers on Arceus.

Joshua: Eat this, Arkdoofus!

We see Timmy and his fairies among the walls of the underground shrine.

Timmy: I wish that those Pokemon were free of their armor!

Cosmo: One armor-stripping wish, coming up!

Poof: (Giggles)

Wanda: (Groans)

Narrator: Or will they fail?

First we see Sora flying back into the ground in front of the group's worried, stunned expressions before another flashback shows Goddard getting blown back by a beam attack.

All: SORA!

Jimmy: Goddard!

We see Danny, Mario, and Sonic getting blasted into the ground by twisters.


Shadow: Same to you!

Sonic: Don't bet on it.

?: Now, the silver water!

We see Arceus falling down into a chamber as a torrent of 'silver water' fell down upon him. Up above, those like Ash and Sora watched on in horror.

Ash: Maybe we're too late.

Kairi: Oh, I can't stand to watch this again!

(Sheena glancing up at someone): You, how could you do this!

The scene then changes to Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Yoshi, and Tails exiting a cell filled with sleeping Pokemon. The two guards immediately pointed their blunt U-tipped spears at them.

Donald: Hey, what's the big idea!

We see Giratina trying to tackle Arceus, only to end up crashing into a charging Silver as Arceus maneuvers out the way with incredible energy. The Alpha then spins around and opens fire upon them with a searing flamethrower.

(Ash wincing): I felt that.

We are then taking to the underground shrine where we see a whole group of heroes screaming as the balcony gives underneath them.



Narrator: Pokemon…..

We see Ash and Dawn getting ready to start a tag-team battle with the twin blue-haired siblings by the river for the rights of the recently-found watermelons.

Ash: Okay, I guess that's fair.

Dawn: Fair and square!

Narrator: Kingdom Hearts….

We see Mickey slamming his Keyblade onto Heatran's head.

Mickey: Even doing something as horrible as this with a good intention is still wrong!

Are attention then focus on Sora who nods to Goofy as a ball of hexagons surrounds the former. Sora's clothes begin to change as Goofy disappears.

Sora: Light!

(Donald casting a Thundaga spell): I got it!

Kairi: That little cutie sure is brave.

Riku: How much longer do you need?

Narrator: Laserstorm…..

We see Joshua narrowly avoiding a Twister, of Arceus' making, by flying on his side.

Joshua: Yikes!

Nathan: Whew, close one, eh?

Narrator: Danny Phantom….

We see Danny gasping in shock as he eyes a female ghost standing before him with a smirk plastered on her lips.

Danny: What are you doing here, Danielle?

Danielle: I'm not letting you get all the action.

Narrator: Sonic the Hedgehog….

We Sonic in midair right in front of Arceus' face as a ball of blue wind gathers in the former's hand. He unleashes it at near-point blank range.

Sonic: Sonic Wind!

We see Shadow floating in mid-air, with a chaotic aura flaring around him, as he fires a Chaos Ray at something off-screen

Shadow: Prepare to die!

We see Silver holding his glowing palm out to Arceus.

Silver: My friends…..(sniffle)…..have been killed by that monster!

Tails: Your were only doing what had to be done.

Narrator: Mario Bros…..

We see Cape Mario floating in midair as a ball of flame grew in his hand. Sounding off his famous grunt, he fires the ball at Arceus, only for it to splash against his Life Plate defense. Mario looked stunned before we see him plummeting down into the ground.

Suddenly, the scene takes a jump into the future to see Luigi slamming into Arceus' side with his trademark head charge, for lack of better term. Arceus' goes flying back from the force of the attack.

Yoshi (Cheerfully): Yoshi!

Narrator: Metal-Man

We see Ethan as he puts his B3 at somebody's head.

Ethan: I would stop taking if I were you, unless you don't care if there is a round of bullets in your head.

Narrator: Fairly Odd Parents…..

We see the FOP group spying on Sheena's conversation with the man in a random chamber of a random building. The two had just finished their 'chat' cand were getting ready to leave.

Timmy: C'mon, we've got to follow them!

Wanda: Right, sport!

Cosmo: Bu-but, what about the food!

Narrator: Jimmy Neutron…..

We see Jimmy, along with a big group, confront a Heatran and a Brozong, as he turns to his dog.

Jimmy: Goddard, Ion Cannon!

Goddard: Bark, Bark!

A highly technological ray-like gun comes out of Goddard's mechanical body, surprising everyone there.

Narrator: Kirby….

We see Kirby as he slams his hammer into Brozong, hard, sending the metallic Pokemon stumbling back in the air.

Kirby: Hi!

Narrator: And one more surprise crossover….

We see a blue koala watching the heroes, standing on a ledge proudly looking up into the sky, from a hill. It then turns to the camera and gives out an insane-like cackle to the camera.

Narrator: Will all come together in…

(Flashes of the characters' faces are seen)

Narrator: Transcending Time and Space!

Danny: I'm going to enjoy this!

Ash: Me too!

Sora: Alright!

Ethan: Thanks for sharing that visual.

Joshua: You could say that.

Mario: Let's-a-go!

Jimmy: I concur

Timmy: Oh, this is just too awesome!

Wanda: You see plenty of action everyday thinks to my dunce of a husband over here.

Cosmo: She knows me so well!

Poof: (giggles)

Riku: I'm going to need a whole lot of therapy once this is over.

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