Author's Note: I've had the idea for this floating around in my head for a while. This explores I think would have happened in chapter 39 of the first season of Rosario + Vampire had Tsukune's & Moka's intimate moment NOT been interrupted by the rest of the gang showing up. Anyway the start of this could be considered a novelization of the first few pages of chapter 39 so it will be a little slow starting out.

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Love Less Interrupted

Chapter 1: The Return Home

October 31, Halloween. An eerie looking monk looked out upon the destruction caused by his charges with an odd sense of amusement.

"Fuu… They were really thorough with the destruction of the academy. Let's see what'll be done next…"

A notice had been placed throughout the school to ensure that everyone would see it:

"Notification of Closure: Due to the excessive damages the academy has suffered the school will be temporarily closed for renovation."

When he saw this, Tsukune Aono was a bit surprised, "A temporary closure?!! Youkai Academy is suspending classes?!!" Tsukune continued reading the notice. " Please note: During the period of closure, all students are to return to their respective homes. You are not allowed to run riot…"

When Tsukune mentioned that they had to return home, Kurumu Korono, who was listening, started to freak out a little bit, "What…? Return home…? That means… Tsukune will be returning to the human world?!"

She then proceeded to attempt to thoroughly smother Tsukune in a hug, visibly irking Moka. "If that's the case won't it mean that I won't be able to see Tsukune? I don't want this…"

After things had calmed down a little bit, Tsukune had some time to think about the situation. "Return home… It's been half a year since I was last home." He then had a slightly nervous look on his face, "Anyway, it's a good opportunity for me to take a trip back home. I guess my parents are quite worried about me."

When he said this Moka and the rest had concerned looks on their faces. Recognizing this, he thought of something that might help to dispel their possible concerns, "Don't worry. I'll give you my contact number. That way everyone will be able to stay in contact through the phone."

Kurumu seemed to perk up immediately, "Oh… Since you said it, I guess there's no helping it… fufufufufufufu…" Ruby seemed a little confused as to Kurumu's sudden seemingly new-found enthusiasm. Moka, on the other hand, still seemed quite sad that Tsukune would be returning to the human world.

Later that day, all the students were boarding the buses to return to their homes. As Tsukune boarded his bus, he waved goodbye to Moka. She was still holding on tightly to the piece of paper with Tsukune's phone number and address on it. While riding the bus home, Tsukune took the time to reflect on what he thought was turning into an impossible dream, his return to the human world. 'Before, I would dream everyday… and envision an impossible scenario… I never knew that this scenario would come true today… that I would be able to make it back to the human world, alive… It seems too simple and absurd…'

When he got off the bus he checked his watch, 'Hmm… one O'clock. Dad is still at work right now. So that means it's just Mom at home then.'

He then made the hour's walk from the graveyard where he was dropped of by the bus to his home. When he made it to the gate of the Aono residence, he had a warm smile on his face.

'It's only been little over half a year since I've been home and yet it feels like a lifetime.'

Tsukune went up and rang the doorbell. He heard his mother come to the door and when she opened it, he just said what came naturally, "Mom, I'm home."

End of chapter note: I ended this chapter here because it felt like a good spot to stop while I was writing it. Also after uploading, it appears to be much shorter. The second chapter should be up shortly.