Author's Note: I would like to offer my sincerest apologies for not updating in such a long while. Many of you may have thought that this story was dead. To quote Kakashi Hatake, "I got lost on the path of life". College has kept me busy. I was also waiting for the most recent chapters of Season 2 to address some issues I was going to have with planning the plot.

I made a small reference to chapter 26 of Season II as to what Moka's personalities refer to each other as.

'Ura' = Inner Moka

'Omote'= Outer Moka

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At the end of chapter 3:

Kasumi proceeded to leave the room but just before she closed the door she said, "Oh … One last thing Tsukune… When your father gets home we're going to need to have a little chat with you and your girlfriend."

Chapter 4: We Need To Talk

As they heard Kasumi's footsteps lessen in volume going down the stairs, Tsukune and Moka both let out a sigh of relief and fell back onto the bed. Moka was the first to speak, "Tsukune… Um, was what your mother said true…? You know about you telling her about me." Tsukune laughed sheepishly while rubbing the back of his head and said, "Well, yeah… It should be pretty clear by now that I love everything about you." Moka was biting her lip, trying to decide whether or not to ask this question, "I hope you don't mind me asking but like what?" "Well, you're intelligent, friendly, & kind. You stand up for your friends … and you're also very beautiful. Those are just some of the things I can think of from off the top of my head."

After hearing Tsukune compliment her like this, she started to get butterflies in her stomach. She wanted to kiss him again but then her rosario started glowing, indicating that her inner personality wished to speak with her. Moka then found herself within her mind-scape. 'Omote, I wish to speak to Tsukune. Could you ask him to remove the rosario?' Omote was a bit hesitant about this, 'Um… You're not going to hurt him, are you?' Ura shook her head and said, 'No, I do not intend to harm him. I only wish to speak with him. Also I believe he is calling you.'

Tsukune was waving a hand in front of her face and saying "Moka, earth to Moka…" "Oh I'm sorry, Tsukune. I kind of spaced out for a moment." Tsukune seemed a bit unsure about her reaction, "Are you sure? Your rosario started glowing before you spaced out. It doesn't have something to do with your other self does it?" Realizing he'd hit the nail on the head, Moka decided to just get it over with, "Well, she wants to speak with you about something. I don't know what it is but she didn't seem angry. So if you would…" and she lifted up her rosario so Tsukune could remove it.

Tsukune was a little startled by this. 'Moka's other self wants to talk to me.' "Well, okay. Hopefully I'll be able to take it off." Tsukune then proceeded to gather up the strength he thought he would need to pull the rosario off. When he finally pulled on it, it came off so easily that the unnecessary force Tsukune had applied caused him to almost fall of the bed.

When Tsukune got back up he saw that Moka had already transformed but what surprised him the most was that other her physical appearance changing there was very little to no youki filling the room. He then quickly looked at the rosario in his hand while thinking, 'I don't think I'm ever going to figure this thing out.' Tsukune then decided to speak to Moka, keeping his tone respectful "So Moka-sa-" Just as he was about to ask her why she wanted to talk, Moka did something he never expected her, the inner Moka at least, to do. She pulled him into a forceful kiss. After she released his mouth, Moka grabbed his tie, pulled his face closely up to her own and looked him in the eyes with a deadly serious look. She then said, "Before this goes any further, there are some things I need to know," while pointing towards herself.

Tsukune nervously gulped and proceeded to answer her, "Uh… well, like what?" Moka then cocked her head, smiled and spoke in a dangerously sweet tone, "For example, you said I was 'beautiful'. Were you referring only to my other self or to me as well?"

Tsukune smiled a little bit, 'So this is what she's worried about?' "Moka-san, I have said it before. You are you and that won't change, regardless of your personality. I know part of the reason you sealed this part of you away was because others found your power frightening but that power is also a part of who you are. I've learned to not be frightened by it when I see it, only … awestruck. However, you've had a hard time until recently of letting your guard down and learning to trust people because you don't let others push you around. Though considering what you've told me of your past, I don't blame you for acting the way you have."

For a second, Moka was left speechless but after she found her words she spoke again, "That's… a very … astute observation, Tsukune." She was very pleased with his initial response, so much so, that she had almost,"almost" being the keyword here, forgot to ask one other important question that had been gnawing at the back of her mind. "…Oh and Tsukune, there's one other question that I've been wondering about. Do you also find our friends 'beautiful'?"

When she said this Tsukune's mind ground to a halt, 'Uh oh… How I can word this without making her mad?' "Well, I'd be lying if I said I didn't find them physically attractive…" As he said this, Moka started to tighten her grip on his tie but he continued speaking in addition to placing one of his hands softly on her own, "I also consider them to be very dear friends… but… that being said, you are the only woman I've ever felt this way about."

Moka was having her own personal little victory party in her head due to this piece of information, though she would never admit it to Tsukune of course, at least not this side of her. "Well, that still leaves us with to how to deal with this situation with your mother & father. I'm assuming this 'chat' will involve them telling us we need to be 'responsible young adults'," rolling her eyes and making air quotes as she said this. Tsukune nodded his head in agreement, "Knowing my mom that's likely what she wants to talk to us about."

Kasumi Aono was sitting in the living room with a small grin on her face. She just had to shake her head & and laugh at what she had caught her son in the middle of, "He's grown up so fast. It seems like just yesterday that he was still in kindergarten and now he's finally brought a girl home." Kasumi then went to pick up the phone to call her husband.

Akio Aono was just your average Japanese "salary-man". He worked in an office building full of cubicles for an accounting firm. "Somebody has to keep the books straight. It might as well be me," is what he told people when asked about his career. He'd always been good with math and kept his own finances in very good order, talents that lent themselves very handily to his profession. However, at the moment Akio wasn't focusing on that at the moment as he was heading home for the evening. He usually took the train to from work to a parking garage and then drove the rest of the way home.

Just before he got to the parking garage his cell phone rang. 'Hmm, oh it's Kasumi. It must be something important.' "Hi, honey. What's going on? …. Tsukune is home from school. Well, that's a bit odd. Hmm…, He brought a girl home, did he ... And you walked in on them with her on his lap. Well, he is getting to be that age… Yeah, we'll sit down and talk to them once I get in. See you soon, honey."

End of chapter notes: Once again I wish to apologize for this being extremely late in updating but I've been busy. I just wanted to get something, anything, out before year's end.

Youki = demonic energy

Akio was just a name I picked at random because I liked the way it sounded and the apparent listed meaning was pretty neat too:

From Japanese 昭 (aki) "bright" combined with 夫 (o) "husband, man", 男 (o) "male" or 雄 (o) "hero, manly" Bright man/husband.