Booth walked quickly into Brennan's office. She was sitting on her couch pretending to be reading a file, but even though he couldn't see her face, he knew by the slump of her shoulders that she was fighting tears.

"Bones" he said gently. She didn't respond. Booth walked over and sat down on her coffee table facing her. She continued to pretend to read the file until he closed it and forced her to look at him by placing a finger under her chin and tilting her head up.

"Hey, look at me. I'm right here, I'm ok" He whispered gently. Brennan looked into his eyes then jumped up and began pacing her office. The squints watched concerned from outside the office.

"It's a good thing you called him Angela, I was starting to get really worried about her." Cam said folding her arms across her chest.

"What set her off?" Max asked as he joined their silent vigil. Booth seemed to be contemplating his next move as he watched her reorganizing her office.

"We were listening to the radio in my office and Girls Just Wanna Have Fun came on" Angela said sadly. Max looked at her confused.

"It was the song she was singing when Booth got shot" Cam explained, not taking her eyes off of the partners.

"Oh" Max replied softly, remembering yet another time he had been incapable of being there for his daughter. The squint squad looked stricken as they remembered what had transpired that night.

They watched as Booth seemed to come to a decision. He removed his jacket and tie, much to the squint squad's confusion. They continued to watch as he began to unbutton his shirt.

"Um…not that I don't enjoy watching Booth strip, but what is he doing?" Angela asked with a raised eyebrow.

"No idea" Sweets commented.

Booth, shirt unbuttoned walked over to Brennan; gently he took her by the shoulders and turned her around. He let his hands slide down her arms until he was holding her hands. He brought one of her hands up to his chest, right over his heart and held it there.

"He's showing her that he's there. Physical evidence" Hodgins couldn't help but smile a little.

"So sweet" Angela commented, smiling. They continued to watch as Booth talked to her. He had let go of her other hand and was pointing to her head, his arm moved slowly down until he was pointing at her heart.

"I wish we could hear what he was saying" Angela said, the others nodded in agreement. Booth finally let Brennan's hand drop from his chest, but a moment later he had enveloped her in a hug, her arms around his waist, face buried in his shoulder. He gently caressed her back and they could tell that he was whispering something to her as he held her close. After what seemed like an eternity, Booth pulled back a little. He moved a strand of hair out of her face and then gently bent his head. They all gasped when his lips met hers in a tender kiss. It didn't last long but Brennan looked like a sense of serenity had taken over her. It contrasted to the shocked but pleased faces of the squint squad and Max.

Booth buttoned his shirt up again and put on his jacket before helping Brennan into hers. She put an arm around his waist and he put an arm around her shoulders as they made their way of her office. They stopped short in front of the squints,

"I think they saw us Bones" Booth said with a slight chuckle, Brennan shook her head.

"Guess we can't keep it a secret now" She said

"Why would you want to keep it a secret?" Angela asked jokingly. "Oh never mind, I am so happy for you guys right now!!"

"Calm down please Ange" Brennan asked softly.

"You ok sweetheart?" Max asked concerned

"Yes Max, I am fine. If you guys don't mind, Booth and I are going to leave now" She began to walk towards the exit, Booth's arm still around her.

"Details tomorrow Bren!" Angela shouted after her.