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Heart filled with Joy

As if the Angles are singing.

Feel blessed by God,

Baby born in a stable.

Mysteries in life,

Things that cannot be explained.

How much I love you.

How much I love her.

We are a family.

Booth watches carefully as his newborn baby girl is passed around their group of friends. He wants to take her in his arms and never let her go. She is their little miracle, and he would die if anything happened to her. Brennan leans into him, and rests her head on his shoulder. She whispers, "I love you " in his ear and he feels his heart swell even more. It is almost painful how full his heart feels at the moment, as if it is about to burst with all the joy. "She's perfect" he whispers back. And he truly thinks she is. How could she not be, she is the product of their love.

Finally he can't stand it anymore, he needs his baby in his arms, needs to feel her insubstantial weight to know that she is safe. Cam hands her over with a knowing smile. He doesn't see it, his concentration is on his baby girl, his and Bones' baby girl, their baby girl. The thought makes him so giddy, but he doesn't realize that there is a huge smile on his face as he gently rocks their baby girl. Brennan is still close. She is exhausted, and wants to sleep, but she also wants to take in this moment. This and every other moment like it.

Their friends say their goodbyes, Booth is barely conscious of their leaving. But the baby begins to cry, she is hungry. Brennan is getting ready to feed her and Booth feels a little tug at his heart. Brennan hands Christine back to him when she is done feeding. As much as she wants to hold onto her baby [illogically] forever, there is something in his eyes, so she hands their little girl over to her partner.

"I am going to take a shower." She tells him. He nods his okay and carries the baby up to her room. Brennan finds them on the rocking chair. Booth is looking at the baby as if he is having trouble believing she is really in his arms.

"Can I take her?" Brennan asks. Booth looks up, almost startled. He knew she was there, he can sense her presence, but he wasn't paying full attention.

"Of course" He says, but hesitates before getting up. She is so tiny, so perfect. All he can think about his how much he wants to protect her from everything, from all the bad things in life. He does not want to let go of his precious little stapes. Brennan moved further into the room and he gets up so that she can have the chair. Gently, he places their daughter into his partner's arms.

Booth takes a step back. There are rarely perfect moments in life. He has been lucky enough to have a few. Holding Parker for the first time, the first time Bones told him she loved him, and this moment. He is almost overwhelmed with emotion. His Bones and their daughter.